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Not quite true!

Photo 01 - Stevie opens his Pike account with a solid 12 pounder!

Not quite true!

I was listening to the Borders news on Radio Scotland midweek and heard Nick Yonge of the Tweed Foundation stating that all angling clubs were up in arms about the possibility of introducing a rod licence in Scotland! It was only on Tuesday night when I made clear that St Mary’s Angling Club would not be averse to the introduction of a rod licence if the money raised was ploughed back into angling and a policy developed with less of an emphasis on Salmon. This must surely be the aim of all clubs angling for species other than Salmon! We realise unlike some others that there is a limited pot of money available and if we want more then it has to be paid for! We are not content with what we have good in comparison though it is, we aspire to better!

Now we have received two written responses and one verbal one from members to be incorporated into our formal response to the Wild Fisheries Review. All are broadly similar to my own views so we are going with that. So if you have some views and you would like them included in our response you had better get them to me quick as we will be publishing our response and sending it out to the Scottish Government next week! We will be in favour of the implementation of the review!

Update on the funeral fiasco!

I never expected the incident to go by without hearing in some form from the perpetrator who rather interestingly calls himself Mr Clegg! The following is an e mail he sent if you can decipher it please let me know what it says. I also received an answer phone message that is gobbledygook, compiled of random words in no order whatsoever!

“Wots ur problem sirv.was pay in my respect to a great man was u jealous like me now in my head at curtains at a great friend I new very well and the minister introduced me the

I met the officials of Selkirk AA at a meeting midweek and the first thing they spoke of was the disgraceful behaviour of the chap in the baseball cap and this was the theme for the week from all the mourners I met!

There is a time and place for such outbursts but whichever way you look at it a funeral service is not on that list! It’s just a real shame that the memory of a good send off was marred by this fellow and his beef with a shopkeeper! I have no doubt all who were present were unanimous in this view and my hope is that he will learn from this fiasco! But will he pay heed, we will just have to wait and see!

Photo 02 - The calm before the storm yesterday!
 The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty’s legacy!

Club treasurer Elliot phoned this week which is nothing unusual, but what he had to say was somewhat depressing! After 21 years of service to his engineering employer he was made redundant along with two others, the work for his type of milling machine had dried up. The motives of the employer are dubious but on looking into challenging this decision he encountered hurdle after hurdle making the prospect of moving to an industrial tribunal ever more remote! Of course the Con-Dems have made it near impossible to take an employer to an industrial tribunal; the cost alone is near £12,000 which dissuades many which is exactly what the posh boys want! Their aim an all powerful employer and a weak workforce just like in Queen Victoria's time!

Now Elliot is no shrinking violet as any who know him will tell you, if he has something to say then he says it! Not a troublemaker, but one who stands up for himself and those less willing or able to do so themselves, you might say a Robin Hood type man of the people! There being no realistic possibility of directly challenging this decision he had no choice but to register as unemployed. He had in fact been to the jobcentre a week earlier when it became apparent redundancy was on the cards, but the people there said there was nothing they could do to assist him at this point!
Yes there was a redundancy payment but as always under the Con-Dems the working classes lose out! If Elliot was a puppet MP who will be made redundant on May 7th then he would get around £40,000 plus a portion or all of £40,000 for winding up expenses depending how much he wants to squeeze the system! All that for doing nothing other than lying through their back teeth and rubber stamping Tory policy! Let me tell you Elliot got nothing like that! Of course there are the spin offs such as after dinner speaking around £5,000 plus expenses, directorships from contacts made and a chance to move sideways into Europe now there is a money spinner just look at Tony Blair! But I digress!

He went back a week later to register as unemployed and was pointed in the direction of employment agencies offering “we will phone you contracts more commonly known as zero hours contracts”! No words of reassurance or hope just cold instructions as to what will happen! A highly skilled engineer with masses of experience and a family to support effectively binned! No specialist help that they so often bang on about just pointed in a vague direction with words that they will get him a job! This is the Con-Dem legacy zero hours contracts, low quality and part time dead end jobs! That’s what the posh boys have created, anything to get someone into a job in the loosest sense of the word just so they are able to say they have brought unemployment down! The quality of our existence has plummeted with these diddys whilst theirs has rocketed skywards with their chuck it and see policy!

The kind of future for the younger generation does indeed look grim with a job in TESCO or ASDA becoming the norm! What a waste of resources,education and skills, instead of building a solid manufacturing base their main aim is to increase the London based financial sector, lining the pockets of their rich chums and to hell with the rest!

These fools along with the greedy bankers have brought this country to its knees! Oh their clever spin doctors would have us believe otherwise but thankfully the people of Scotland see through their empty phrases! The real picture is that agencies now comprise over 40% of all new jobs created with part time retail jobs accounting for a further 30%, the future for the unemployed with skills does not look good!

The Con-Dems need to look at creating real jobs and retraining the jobcentre staff to be welcoming and accommodating rather than aloof and detached! The way these idiots treat honest hardworking people is an absolute disgrace! The five years of unmitigated bungling that characterises the Con-Dems time in office has been a disaster coupled with spin that makes Tony Blair look like an escapee from a home for the bewildered!

I have no doubt Elliot will prevail and he will find employment commensurate with his skills but not through the state network, but by making his situation known to those in the industry who can appreciate high skills and experience! Elliot is everything that the posh boys are not in that he knows what a hard days graft is, knows the price of milk, is as honest as the day is long and is benevolent to others! In other words a man of high moral standing and integrity like so many other hardworking Scots!

I have said it many times but I feel nauseas whenever Snooty or his underlings spout forth, for they do so with a forked tongue! If I had my way they would all be Con-Demned to a life on the minimum wage then we would see what they are made of! No million pound cushion to fall back on, methinks they would be singing a different tune!

Just another real life example of the bungling Con-Dems in action and how they ruin the lives of ordinary hardworking people! Their rhetoric sounds great but the actions if indeed there are any are dire and always end up punishing the weak disabled and ever increasing numbers of poverty stricken in our society! It has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between lies and damned lies; the truth is not even in the equation! And make no mistake Labour are not much better, the only solution for the people of Scotland is to leave behind the bungling of Westminster and go our own way as an independent country, Westminster holds nothing for us Scots!

Rock bottom!

I will make no distinction here between the posh boys, Labour or the puppets! The Straw/Rifkind affair showed just how low the standard of British politics has descended! The two elder statesmen of parliament were always held as a last bastion of what was good in the country! I have no experience of Jack Straw but I have had dealings with Malcolm Rifkind on three occasions two work related and once dinner in Comiston/Morningside(never live that down!)!

I am no personal friend, but Rifkind was a friend of my then girlfriend’s father! Politics aside, I found him to be a rather pleasant dinner companion chatting about Scots history, rugby and Edinburgh life. I thought just until the story broke irrespective of his political stance here was a principled man who was honest and showed great integrity, he had my respect! A million miles in front of the current bag of posh boys!

Yes I did have respect for the two elder statesmen, how deflating then to see that they were up to the same tricks as all the others! I’ve long said that the system in this country is corrupt with our elected officials lining their own pockets! The problem is a human one inherent in us all – Greed! It was ever thus and it will be forever more as the bible states “to those who have more shall be given and to those who have not more shall be taken away”!

It will be a massive problem to solve if indeed it can be. The whole structure of our society needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the bottom up with fairness and equity as the foundation stones! That’s why I like much of the “Watermelon” policy which to a greater degree than the SNP seeks an end to the likes of Rooney earning £300,000/week which has to be a good thing!

Hell even the Royal Bank of Scotland is paying out £420 million in bonuses whilst making massive losses and they are owned by us the taxpayer! Give me a shout if they asked your permission to do this because they certainly never asked me! It has to stop we cannot go on like this. We have the buffoons above living a life of grand opulence and we have a huge amount of people scraping by day to day with no real hope for the future!

Rather than repair the fault which is massive inequality, they apply sticking plaster in the form of encouraging food banks to stop the poor from starving whilst withholding their benefits because they missed a bus or had a heart attack making them late for an appointment! These clowns are not fit to run a country they are Bullingdon automatons that cannot see past Tory ideology where the rich prosper greatly and the poor survive if they are lucky!

Borg queen Ruth Davidson promises a new brand of Tory but with the same ideology driving. Alas she is destined for oblivion (the Scots have long memories) as her policies lead to the same end result. The one thing that makes the SNP electable is the word equality and the desire to create a fairer society! Don’t think however all will be better overnight, the salient point however is that they are making a start with some fresh ideas, something none of the others promise!

Yes Straw and Rifkind have yet again awoken us to the fact that our country and more so our political system is in intensive care! Pie taxes, NHS reforms to no end costing us billions and the latest benefit reforms which already have cost us dear and are four years late should be enough for anyone! Another few months of these clowns in government could see us at war with Russia as many in the posh boy’s camp want to start arming the Ukraine! For crying out loud this is not a two bit conflict with Colonel Gadhafi where we can make things worse then bale out and watch the ensuing mayhem with no consequences!

 Russia has been stealthily building up its armed forces and hardware (it has 8,000 nuclear warheads which is more than any other country) to an extent only the USA could engage them! That of course assumes China do not step in to help the Russian bear, many commentators think they would! We do not need the likes of Lord Snooty or Bungling Bill Hague taking us into yet another conflict we could not win, and more importantly could make the last two world wars seem like a back street brawl!

The first step to putting things right is to get rid of Westminster, let’s do it on the 7th May!  

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