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Not enough hours!

Photo 01 - Mr Xxxxx presents Lisa of the Village Hall Committee our donation of £50.00!
Not enough hours!

I’m afraid I have reached a point after 8 years where what has gone before can no longer be sustained, preparing our blog each week takes time that this year is in short supply. For the last two years it has been my intention to restore to a like new condition three of my old motorcycles.

Progress has been slow due to the fact that absolutely everything needs some degree of attention from sourcing obsolete parts from distant areas on the globe to a full re chrome of a badly rusted exhaust system as Mother Nature attempts to return steel to Iron Oxide! I am surrounded by nuts, bolts plain and spring washers that need de rusting, buffing, copper plating, buffing, nickel plating, buffing and chrome plating and yet again buffing! According to the bible we are allocated three score and ten years, but we cannot be sure of our actual allocation so I feel sooner rather than later is the best way to progress.

There are a few options in that

(a) We could have a new blog with a new author giving a different perspective on the goings on around the loch.

(b) We could continue as we are with others writing articles.

(c) I will continue to write as and when I can though almost certainly this would not be weekly and the articles few with less in depth coverage.

The first option would be my first choice with someone taking the blog in their own direction but as always it depends on the willingness of others to take on a new venture!

Irrespective of what decision is reached I will continue weekly blogs until the general election the outcome of which could have a great bearing on the future wellbeing of angling clubs! The Tories with their ill thought out austerity cuts will see angling and the wider field of angling stifled and strangled with massive cutbacks to body’s such as SNH, The wildlife trust etc.

The best option of course will be a solid Scottish Government which is an administration that is aware of the need to invest in such areas. Membership of the SNP now tops 100,000 and they are on course to wipe out all the Westminster hangers on! Politics and angling are inextricably linked whether you like it or not, and we must take this into our account when compiling our musings!

It would be a shame for the social history of the club to be consigned to a few scraps of paper lodged in a book somewhere rather than being available to a worldwide audience. For we do reach some very distant parts of the world such as (in order of audience figures) the USA, Canada, Poland, Italy and Russia! The life and times of a small angling club in the Borders is of interest to others on distant shores as well as people in the Borders, Lothian’s and the UK as a whole!

Our moral values have been praised often as have the occasions when we have had to challenge the status quo and expose charlatans! When others turn away we embrace the challenge and expose the murkier underbelly of angling! That of course is not to say that we ignore those who portray the correct face of angling for we have done so often!

It’s been a bumpy journey at times akin to being on a rollercoaster and like such a ride thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable! If time allowed I would carry on happily but projects such as above and others draw heavily on my time. Monday to Friday this week on coming home from work I resumed other work from around six to nine thirty and most Sundays are so taken up!

Restoring the bikes has always been my aim and the last two years have made clear to me the time I am giving to this project falls far short of what is required! Oh indeed I could farm the parts out to others and then pay the hefty bill. That however is not my way where would be the joy in so doing? All the welding, buffing, chroming, fettling and testing will be by my own hand only then can I step back and hopefully look on the finished articles with a degree of pride! Along with a few others I have carried out my fair share of work for the club and will continue to do so. We have a core group of committed members, are in a sound financial position and have good relations with those around us; we are where we need to be!

So if you fancy a spell as a blog author drop me a line, the only qualifications are being a member of the club and fishing on a regular basis. Overtly or covertly we will continue to expose fools and root out those who make a mockery of our great sport; hopefully someone will step forward before the election. If no one is willing then we will see what can be done!
Photo 02 - Work aplenty in the stable!

Open Club Competition!

Our wild Trout competition will be held on the 25th of April with competitors meeting at the Glen Cafe from 09.15 onwards. Fishing will be from 10.00 – 16.00 with the weigh in immediately after at the Tibbie Shiels Inn. As has been the case since its inception the cost will be £16.00 per angler. As usual the prizes are

!st Prize An autumn day Salmon fishing on the Upper Pavillion on the river Tweed plus the Major Sir Neil Westbrook cup to be kept for one year.

2nd Prize will be a bottle of spirits of the anglers choice.

3rd Prize will be a selection of flies in a box suitable for fishing on the loch as compiled by our experienced fishers.

The day will begin with registration tea or coffee and a bacon roll and will finish with a post mortem barbeque at the Tibbie Shiels.

If you would like to enter just let me know and turn up on the day at the Glen Cafe 09.15 on the 25th of April. Some hints and tips will be published in the next few weeks.

The wider world in my view!
Good Wishes!
Club treasure Elliot Fraser was up on Saturday and he has some promising news. He has attended an interview with a precision engineering company and the signs are good! Help from the jobcentre - not a bit of it these fools serve only to push people into dead end jobs on a part time basis, a usefulness score of zero! they said to him that if required he should expect to travel up to 90 minutes to get to work! No wonder there are more working poor than ever!
From all at the club Good Luck mate!

A joke!

Yes the budget targeted at older people trying to bribe them in return for a vote! It of course was expected but the blatancy of Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne was breathtaking! The only positive thing for the less well off was the raising of the personal allowance to £11,000 in 2016! The main theme was more of the same!

More cuts to public services, more savage cuts to welfare benefits and all efforts to cutting the defecit! Yes I know it was meant to be wiped out at the end of this parliament but give the man some time! So he failed there and now he asks for a second chance. Believe you me that if this idiot gets his hands on the purse he will cut the defecit at ANY cost lest his reputation is left in tatters!

Gideon won’t disclose where the cuts will take place but unless you are a diddy then you will realise what has gone before is not a patch on what will come if they are re elected. Our now accepted way of life will be decimated with cuts to police, local authority budgets, health, welfare, defence and many others leaving a skeleton of public services!

There was nothing of substance in Osborne’s budget. Nothing that  gives hope to the poorer classes! Lord snooty has presided over the longest recovery following the anking crash since the great depression! Its not a lot to crow about! They have demonstrated incompetence in the extreme hell pension reforms recently announced are it tatters after thousands of pensioners have been unable to access the government help lines!

Anyone looking for a boost following the budget will be sorely disappointed; there were a few titbits for businesses but for those who really do need help there was nothing! In other words just a normal poor punishing Tory budget!

A farce!

I honestly thought I had seen it all but when Puppet Alexander emerged from Downing Street holding aloft a bright yellow budget briefcase my breath was taken away! Proceeding to an empty House of Commons he attempted to deliver an alternative Puppet budget speech highlighting what the Puppets would have done differently! Six Puppets were present along with a handful of curious Labour MPs! This turned out to be a serious error of judgement by a puppet who knows his days are numbered!

Before beginning the farce Puppet Alexander was warned by the speaker that no politicking should take place. What followed was a melee as the Labour members barracked the bewildered fool and not a bit of his speech was audible; he was in effect speaking to himself! Perhaps most telling was the fact that Puppet Clegg left after 10 minutes doubtless bored to tears by the droning voice of Puppet Alexander! The transcript shows that it was a party political broadcast in House of Commons time!

The Puppet was warned on several occasions and became quite irate as the Labour lads pushed the official budget statement towards the Puppet! Of course the official budget document was down in part to Puppet Alexander as he and his fellow Puppets had signed up to the statement!

A desperate man, and a savage puppet now realising that his past has come back to haunt him and his days as a Puppet dictator are numbered! His joke budget speech was in fact his valedictory speech and the good bit, no one heard it! Yes his just rewards are coming, the betrayal of the electorate has done for him and he is insignificant political history! Let’s raise a glass to that!

Maggie McVile!

It’s her aspirational name,  her wish, to be the next Butcher Thatcher! She is of course Esther McVey failed TV presenter and soon to be ex failed politician! Yes Ashcroft’s poll reported on by the Daily Record has shown she is trailing the Labour candidate by four points! Named McVile because of the glee expressed when implementing the Bed Tax (now obsolete in Scotland) punishing poor people all over the country! Not a great loss to the country and poor people all over the country will be cheering when she is dumped as they did on the death of Butcher Thatcher! No tears will be shed on the sacking of an arrogant and insensitive witch! It’s nice to get rid of rubbish and very few can match this dictator when talking of trash! TV presenter – FAIL, Politician – FAIL, third time lucky? I doubt it!

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