Sunday, 1 February 2015

Gala Angling Association!

Photo 01 - Yesterday still white!
Gala Angling Associations loss!

We reported last week that long standing tackle dealer in the town Mr Tom Hardy had taken ill, he had in fact died on Friday morning but it was inappropriate to release this information until official pronouncement was made! Tom was integral to the angling scene for as long as I can remember, a member of the old school who was of great assistance to us in the expose on the shambolic situation regarding fishing guides in the area! I served on the Gala Angling committee some years back and even then Tom was a leading light on angling matters!

 A keen rugby and cricket player in his day but it was angling that became his home. The captor of many big trout and most if not all of Gala Angling’s trophies he was passionate regarding our sport! Latterly the chairman of Gala Angling he was involved throughout his years passing on knowledge and tips and a Tweed Commissioner for many years! You wouldn’t find this man in the role of an angling bully!

A gentleman with a sharp intellect he was always regarded with respect unlike some of the new age lot currently on the scene. If he could help he did and if he couldn’t he usually knew someone who could. As I said last week angling in the Borders will be the worse for his passing and Bank Street in Galashiels will never be the same again! Perhaps the greatest compliment I could pay would be to say – he was a real angler in the footsteps of old Izaak! R.I.P

It is unlikely that “Turnbull’s” will reopen, but as I stated last week we are well served in the area by the Borders Gunroom and Fishers in Penicuick


Photo 02 - The workbench yesterday!

Beyond the call of duty!

Keeping the club going would not be possible without the extra help provided by some of our officials. Its what the club runs on without this extra input we would be in a very poor state. Last week club treasurer Elliot Fraser came down to make the payments due to our locally based riparian owners. Giving up the whole day and notching up 140 miles on the odometer the payments were duly made.

Now of course the club pays expenses so that club officials are never out of pocket carrying out tasks on behalf of the club but Elliot refuses point blank to make use of this facility! Similarly yesterday Stevie Nimmo came down to reassemble our white Mariner engine with the new gear wheel refurbished by Elliot. There was some grunting, some pummelling and some silent praying which obviously worked as a couple of hours later forward and reverse gears both engaged with a defined neutral in between.

We did not have any fresh 2 stroke to do a test run on the loch so that will be carried out over the next few weeks. Of course in his usual fashion Stevie wanted nothing for his endeavours instead diving into our other Mariner to reconnect the choke cable linkage after some heavy handed individual disconnected it!

It’s not just Elliot and Stevie there are others who give freely of their time and take nothing in return. People like this have been in membership throughout the history of the club and largely have been unsung. We are eternally grateful for committed members like Elliot and Stevie for without them we would be a long way down the road to ruin! Nice work lads!

Our fishing guide site!

It just keeps gaining momentum popping up all over the place giving anglers the tools to decide if they should hire a guide. We have made another change due to the number of e mails received asking for advice. We will no longer respond to such enquiries! All the information required to make such a decision is contained within the text and the decision as to whether or not to hire such people must remain with the enquirer!

We also receive some spoof e mails outlining contrived scenarios of people seeking advice (I have a corker just now!) and hoping that we respond negatively, such mails get short shrift and are immediately consigned to the trash bin! The screenshot below shows the listings when using much wider search terms and still our site tops the lot! We are proud to have our site seen as the benchmark standard for those who may wish to hire a fishing guide!

Screenshot showing our site at the top!
The wider world in my view!

Don’t be fooled!

As the administration currently in power the Tories have a few advantages over the opposition when it comes to electioneering. You will have noticed the government ads about the pensioner’s savings bond and the help to buy scheme for people seeking to buy a home. Also of note this week was Puppet Alexander’s announcement that he wants a £300 million injection into Inverness and Aberdeen before the next election in May. He is also giving the Loch Ness area £2 million to develop tourism!

All well and good say you, the problem however is that Puppet Alexander has been asked continuously for a cash injection. It was not coming and it is only now, when it is predicted that Puppet Alexander will lose his Inverness seat to the SNP that action takes place! I don’t think the public will see through that one LOL!

The Tories are also calling on their big money chums in business that they have rewarded with tax breaks to repay that favour by publicly saying that any administration other than a Tory one would be a disaster for the country! The Tory machine is now flat out but it will be a sustained run due to the financial resources they have at their disposal!

The whole lot of course was expected along with a list of noble objectives being appended on the “to do” list and rather worryingly it will dupe some people! Those who through unmitigated greed seek more wealth, seek to see their status grow and park a new car on their drive! The same people who look away when it is announced that there has been a massive increase in the number of food banks! The same people who switch over when the latest figures on inequality are bared!

Activity in Tory central is currently frantic as they cover up all the failed, ridiculous and laughable policies that emanated over the years. Yes they will be busy hoodwinking the gullible whose support they will need if they are to be re elected! They already command the support of the wealthy and the greedy their timeless allies!

The situation in Scotland is already decided with the Tories and the lying puppets ousted! In England the situation is less clear! We must through any means possible convince the English that any reinstatement of the Tories or puppets would be a disaster for the weak and infirm in our society! If we have any leanings towards a more equal society and would like to end the incessant bungling the Tories and puppets must be dispensed with!
Why the "High Street" is doomed!
I bought an electric shaver from the ALDI in Galashiels about 6 weeks ago they're very handy for a shave in a hurry. The reason I decided to buy from ALDI was excellent previous customer service and the 3 year guarantee they offer with their special offer products. Well the foil on the shaver fractured leaving a hole that nips your face if used.
I had a look at the guarantee and it gave a number to call if any problems were experienced. I duly called them and to my surprise after taking my name and address the lady said they would send out a brand new replacement! No proof of purchase required, no hassle of returning the damaged item and it arrived yesterday as promised! With customer service such as this ALDI will go from strength to strength! Another heavy nail in the "High Street" coffin!

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