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Four weeks to go!

Photo 01- Not much to see yesterday!
Four weeks to go!

Yes the 15th of March looms ever closer when the Brown Trout officialy comes into season. It’s now time to get your gear sorted if you haven’t already done so. Here is a quick rundown of how I get my gear ready. Because I use cane rods they are dried and put away laid flat on a board so as to minimise the chances of taking on a set or bend during storage.

In preparation for the new season My reel is taken apart cleaned with thinners and re greased and then rebuilt checking free and smooth movement. My fly line is stripped and cleaned with soapy water dried and then examined for any cracks nicks or rough areas. If any of the above are found the line is discarded and a new one purchased. Invariably for me it’s almost automatic a new line is required. I tend to be very hard on my tackle subjecting it to some unusual forms of torture but of course this comes at a price!

I rarely spend more than say £15.00 on a line knowing that it will almost certainly be limited to one seasons work. Now in the past I have spent what I now consider to be silly money on lines, what I have learned is that they go the same way as the lower priced ones! In other words it's money wasted!  All nylon or variants of are discarded and new lengths put in place. Because the Ferrules on my rods are Brass they are cleaned and given a coat of beeswax to stop slippage.

The rings inserts on the rods are checked for cracking (quite common) and any debris is removed and a silicon polish applied. Cracked inserts must be replaced as they will be harder on your line and shooting of the line will not be maximised. See our earlier article on how to replace these in a no fuss way. The lacquer on the blank must be examined for any cracking off and if found this must be blown in essential on cane less so with the new materials. This procedure will be detailed in a future article. The cork handle and whippings should be examined to see they remain intact and finally a nice coat of silicon polish will seal the rod.

There’s not much to do with your stock of flies other than remove rusty and blunt ones that cannot be sharpened. You should of course replenish your stock by tying more or popping into one of our recommended dealers. That done, check your waders and landing net and if they are ok you are ready to go!

Weights or measures!

I was told a story recently of an angler out and about catching some fish, not that there is anything wrong in that but what I heard next left me chuckling! He usually measures any fish he’s caught with a paper tape measure stuck to his rod shaft a fad that will not endure. For whatever reason this day he took some scales with him and weighed what he caught.

Well lo and behold to his surprise he found on weighing his catch he had caught a personal best and was suitably elated! Now this fellow I am told likes to let others know about what he catches and you have got to wonder, why on earth if you are seeking PB fish would you measure them?  Being told a fish was 25cm long to most people means nothing but if you said it was 4lbs 12oz then wheels start turning! As we said on the capture of the not 50lbs Salmon if you are seeking fame or simply a personal best you need to weigh your fish! There is no other way, you will not get a British record by sending in the length of a fish which gives an estimate of its weight it’s really that simple!

Funeral arrangements for Tom Hardy!

The details have now been confirmed regarding the funeral arrangements for well known and respected angler Tom Hardy. There will be a service at Melrose Crematorium 12noon on the 19th of this month. There will also be a gathering in the Kingsknowes hotel afterwards. To give the caterers an idea of numbers attending it has been requested that those who wish to attend at the Kingsknowes Hotel should e mail Gala Angling Association committee member Huntley Wells  It is expected there will be a significant number of anglers attending to pay their last respects to a real angler.

Flood Protection Scheme!

 Not much room left this week so here is a snapshot of upcoming works-

Riverside South wall -                                          23/02/2015-13/07/2015 – 20 weeks

Riverside Road Central Embankment-              23/02/2015- 14/07/2015 – 20 weeks

Philliphaugh – A708 Road Raising                      02/03/2015 – 18/05/2015 - 11 weeks

Philliphaugh – Old Mill farm Embankment –    02/03/2015-30/09/2015 – 31 Weeks

St Mary’s Loch – Bowerhope Road raising –     09/03/2015 – 05/05/2015 – 8 weeks

Riverside – Riverside Road North wall –             16/03/2015 – 03/09/2015 – 25 weeks

Long Philip Burn – A707 Bridge Replacement – 17/03/2015 – 16/10/2015 31 weeks


The wider world in my view!

The choice on May 7th 2015 Part 2!

The Labour Party-

Since its inception they have been the voice of the working man a force that mitigated the excesses of the so called upper classes as they try to return the working man to the gutter! (An interesting fact is that 40% of all the new "jobs" created by the Con-Dems are with agencies ,if they call you work if they don't you don't!) Yes there have been many noble acts in the past much to be proud of like the NHS, the welfare state and allowing the trades unions to flourish and protect! This was however in the past, that Labour Party no longer exists yet again the working man has been put out to dry by Tories wearing Labour hats for that is all that the current lot are!

Only a fool would think of casting a vote Labour’s way, they are finished in Scotland after collaborating with rank no hopers the Tories in the referendum campaign! Their punishment in Scotland will be severe with only a handful left holding on to their seats which is right and fitting! There is not a single socialist policy in their manifesto, yes the one they make up as they go along! They have nothing to offer the working man other that more of the Tory nonsense!

A party made up of posh boys, buffoons and rank idiots with no direction other than following the scent of the Tories as they bungle ever onwards. The two Ed’s are just like Snooty and Osborne, clueless figureheads filling up their days tampering with our lives! British politics once the institution all would seek to follow has been reduced to the status of a joke by the bungling Tories and the two Ed’s!

No rational being would or could offer support to these fools but the bottom line is that they are all that is on offer, for the alternatives (for English voters) are truly terrifying! The choices between the two parties are continued mass bungling by the Tories or bungling albeit on a lesser scale by Labour! Mercilessly punishing the poor by the Tories or a more compassionate punishment by Labour!

On economic policy they are neck and neck both massively misguided with austerity being their only goal. On the NHS Labour have a clear lead the bungling Tories having cost us billions to no end! On defence both are on the wrong track wasting billions on the Trident replacement. On welfare the Tories are in second place by a long chalk relentlessly punishing the weak and infirm and at the same time implementing pointless reforms that cost us dear with nothing in return!

It’s not a pretty choice they are both absolute duffers but I suppose for the people of England the Labour party is the obvious choice for those who have any cares about the poor in our society!


Their obvious asset is Nigel Farage who at least has a personality unlike wooden Snooty and weak Milliband. To be honest however this party has nothing positive to offer other than taking a few seats from the Tories! They are settling down to be simply a party of protest their main policies being extremist and unsuitable for right thinking citizens!

Their day has gone, they are now past their peak, and come the election they will be lucky to retain the two seats they already have! In short a band of bigots and extremists of no interest to the population!

The Scottish National Party-

They might have lost the referendum due to the No campaign frightening older voters but boy have they bounced back! Membership has rocketed now exceeding 93,000 making them the 3rd largest party in the UK as the frightened rabbits taken in by the No campaign now put right their mistake!  Why are they doing so well, for the people of Scotland there can be no other choice!

The SNP offers the people of Scotland a chance to start afresh, to build a fairer society with a guaranteed safety net for those who come upon hard times (a common occurrence under the Con-Dems) something only the Watermelons can equal! They offer a start along a long road its not nearly radical enough for me but it is a start. They embrace the “living wage” something no other party does excepting the Watermelons of course. The repugnant "Bed Tax" has effectively been neutralised by the SNP alleviating at least a degree of punishment on the poor!

They want to use the massive amounts of money squandered on trident (estimated at over £100 billion (£30 billion estimated to come back to Scotland) ploughed back in to people policies which will benefit the ordinary working man. This move alone will give rise to considerable change in our society. On welfare they want a fair system unlike the one currently in use engineered by the Con-Dems where the aim is to punish the weak and disabled! They envisage a society where all have equal access to the welfare safety net and policies are in place towards this end!

The current society favours the rich in almost every respect. If you have a pile of money you will receive a much higher rate of interest from the bank you choose Some private banks offer up to 8% providing you invest £1 million. If you need a hip joint replaced you can pay to jump the queue and have the operations sooner and in plush surroundings with pc,tv etc. Education is another example where money gets you the best, it’s wrong in every sense!  This has always been the way and unless we choose to go it alone it will continue to be the way!

All of this would be abolished and as well as equalising access for all to all the above services.  At present the Scottish government is hobbled by Westminster allowed to only partially change policies. It could be so much better if we were free to implement policies according to our wishes. Oh and let’s not forget the oil, the No lot pointing out the perceived black hole (£6 billion) in the finances had we chosen independence.

In fact there would have been no black hole whilst the revenue from oil was taken into account it was not the mainstay of the proposed economy(the savings from ditching Trident would nullify this with ease!! The revenue from oil is an adjunct to the economy and peaks and troughs have been ever present in its history and will be in the future, one of the few certainties in life is that oil prices will rise! The SNP offers Scots the best opportunity for good governance with the ability to reshape the party for the future. In time I would expect the SNP to become more radical and move away from the inequality promoting capitalist society like the watermelons but without the quirky policies that they enshrine.

Of course the outcome of the election being somewhat unpredictable we must look to our own future for no one else will! Voting SNP could well result in a coalition with Labour and if the price of co-operation is right the future will be in our hands and our dream of independence will materialise! In a worst (and I mean worst) sense a Tory government would be rendered illegitimate by the Scottish people (since they will have no MPs in Scotland) and early moves should see us going it alone! If god forbid the Tories are returned and take us out of Europe then this will also be an opportunity to ditch Westminster!
Ignore the Labour cries that a vote for SNP is a vote for the Tories, for it is not they are just trying to avoid the humiliation that is coming their way! A vote for the SNP is a vote for the future of Scotland and the future of those who come later! If you want to leave behind the endless bungling and lying of the Westminster crowd and place our future in our own hands you must vote for the SNP!

No apologies required!

I noticed this week in the media various commentators muttering regrets and even calling for apologies to be made regarding the bombing of the city of Dresden towards the end of World War 2! I really do wonder what grasp of the horrors perpetrated by the Bosch these people actually have! Indeed there were huge numbers of civilian deaths and the city was reduced to rubble by relentless carpet bombing, this however is a manifestation of all out war.

The reason it was levelled was that this was an industrial centre where armaments for the Bosch was produced and it was also a military base. Those who suffered at the hand of the Bosch have no recriminations about the bombing. The Bosch was the most evil, brutal and sadistic force ever unleashed on the human race, just ask any Polish or Russian person from that time!

Those bravely subjugating the previously rampant Bosch knew exactly what they were up against, a compassionless, sub human, evil and brutal force! Any chance that the Bosch could regroup and again threaten the world had to be completely extinguished and this is what the allies did! Yes it’s cruel and many civilians including women and children died but it could not have been otherwise! By their horrific actions the Bosch erased the rule book and brought upon themselves, possibly retribution in excess of what was required, nevertheless it was completely justified!

The bombing of Dresden was simply the act of a force during war conditions that sadly saw many innocent people killed and the military objectives achieved in that the malevolent tyranny of the Bosch was ended! For this no apologies are required!

Off track!

It was widely reported this week that the price for the SNP propping up a weak Labour government would be a £180 billion increase in public spending, in itself it is a laudable aim as the posh boys are on the verge of ruining our country with mindless austerity driven by an ideological engine! I am sure Nicola Sturgeon is aware of the fact that Labour would do absolutely anything to get into power, why then does she not demand independence at the end of the term as a condition of support?

Labour would be much better than the Tories, but a diluted Tory party is what they have become! For the sake of the weak and the needy we must ditch Westminster as a matter of urgency, there can be no other choice! She may have some hidden strategy and I hope she does because her price for propping up a band of no hopers is way too cheap and Scotland deserves better! Could it be that Ms Sturgeon has veered off track!

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