Sunday, 8 February 2015

Déjà vu!

Photo 01 - Yesterday calm as a millpond!
Déjà vu!

Engaged in some creative thinking pondering if it was to be a fish supper or a haggis one I caught something in the corner of my eye. It was a canoeist and he was heading directly over my baits which is not good but not the end of the world! I have often caught shortly after such incidents in the past so I kept mum and just watched!

Unless he was blind he saw my van and saw me and I am sure he must have seen my pod standing upright on the bank with rods atop. Well what happened next saw my jaw drop to the floor! He paddled about 10 metres below me, turned into the bank and paddled back about 3 metres from the bank right over the top of my lines and pulled off one of the indicator bobbins and paddled quickly onwards!

I tried to confront the fellow but he just kept paddling off at speed and yes I was slow to act. I was completely dumbfounded by his actions! Now this was not the first time I am afraid to say it is a fairly regular occurrence actually it happened last week to another angler! The loch is huge there is enough room for all of us to enjoy our respective sports so then why do these people paddle close to the bank?

I don’t know why they do this but it’s infuriating and has the potential to curtail and ruin an anglers sport and his equipment! Longstanding readers will know that in the past I had 2 complete lines ruined along with terminal tackle by a cloth eared paddler who showed no remorse whatsoever for his actions! This is and has been a longstanding problem with the difficulty being that there is no central point of contact where problems may be resolved. Anglers are getting shirty and with good reason they pay to enjoy their sport canoeists do not!

Taking this situation into the future I shudder to think of the chaos that could ensue if the proposed public launch point was implemented! Canoeists should keep to open water and not skirt around the margins where anglers carry out their sport, now how difficult is that! It's sad but I get the feeling I've been here before!

On the loss of our tackle dealer!

Going about my business last week I bumped into a few old friends who were also brothers of the angle! Naturally the subject of the loss of our tackle dealer was high on the agenda. Some were unsure what to do, some were already heading towards the Border Gunroom and some thought it most likely they would use the internet. The loss of the shop hurts anglers for it was more than a tackle shop. It was a speakeasy much like our boathouse where anglers would congregate to discuss last week’s expedition or the one coming up at the weekend or indeed any topical subject.

The shop was the place to pop into if you needed to get that edge that would present your fly more delicately or if you wanted to hear the lowdown on what fly is doing damage with the spring Salmon. With Tom being a longstanding Tweed commissioner there was always a titbit of things to come. Spending a good sum of money always resulted in a significant discount and I know there is a significant mark up on fishing tackle but the discount was always welcome. Our recommended dealer in Penicuick also operates in this manner.

The shop was also a great meeting place where new friendships were made and old ones rekindled. Best of all however, a visit to the shop was an opportunity to try and pick the brain of a respected and more than competent angler who had accomplished much in the angling scene. if Tom hadn’t done it the most likely it wasn’t doable!

It was also an opportunity to hear some recollections of past times to while away some time in a pleasing fashion. Now all this has gone and we will need to seek another point of congregation, a large number of people are looking somewhat lost. Most have chosen to migrate to the Border Gunroom with a few being content with internet buying, alas whatever anglers decide a part of local angling scene has gone and we are the poorer for it!

Photo 02 - The track laying setup!
The freeze!

I noticed this week many of the local ponds are frozen solid making fishing impossible. Up here we have not been affected with the bottom of the Lowes having a thin covering of ice but one that was broken easily by a small pebble. The big loch is completely unaffected with no ice seen at all. The 5 pounder caught last week in great condition, shows that the Trout in the loch have recovered well from the rigors of spawning. Roll on the 15th of March!

The wider world in my view!

The choice on May 7th 2015

The day looms ever closer when we will have to make a choice as to who will govern over us for the next 5 years. It looks to be very close which in the most part is due to the Labour party’s incompetence rather than the Tories record in government! Yes a Labour party in a fit state would wipe the floor with the ever bungling Tories! Here is a snapshot of the relevant party’s vying for our support.

The Tories!

 Their record is clear for all to see, stuttering and stumbling from one failed policy to another they really do not have a clue! Indeed the economy has improved but no thanks to them. Everybody knows that when things reach rock bottom there is only one way things can go and that is up. So in spite of their bungling ideological policies the economy partially recovers! It is clear that here we have a group of posh boys reliving their Bullingdon club days with time on their hands who fill up their days tinkering with our lives!

These fools are quite content indeed keen to see the wealthy prosper at the expense of the poor; their “long term economic plan” is quite simply based on that premise! They will cut the defecit (one day) using the poor as expendable pawns! The so called explosion in jobs is nothing other than a natural recovery with according to the T.U.C 40% of jobs being either dead end part time jobs or zero hours contracts of neither of which are any use to aspiring breadwinners!

Their social security reforms have turned out to be a joke! No savings made in fact millions lost by prize bungling, the project nowhere near completion and millions of genuinely poor, disabled and weak people left to live out of food banks and family loans as the system fails to give them the money needed to survive! The gap between rich and poor is ever growing under these diddy’s. Our standard of living has plummeted under their governance being around £1,600 worse off under their rule! At the same time mega companies like Amazon Google and Starbucks avoid paying hundreds of millions in tax! Without even trying they cost us billions as they implement policy after policy seeking one that at least works in part!

Only yesterday was the bill to the taxpayer revealed, the end result of the ridiculous health reforms that have achieved nothing in terms of improving health care but have left us with a bill of billions according to the BMA to achieve nothing at all other than putting the NHS into intensive care! A shocking waste of taxpayers money! The next catastrophe is the great pensions giveaway or election bribe, it seems the advisors to give pensioners advice are not to be found! Just another ill thought out policy coming back to bite them! I could go on and on the list is huge! Against the flow of their rhetoric they have blundered their way through 5 years of government with any savings made at the expense of the poor being completely outweighed by their numerous gaffes! Ask any Tory what is 11x12 if they cannot answer then they are not worth a vote! Their only achievement of note was to introduce the new word “Omnishambles” into the English dictionary, and if re elected they will take us out of Europe make no mistake!

If you are filled with greed have a bursting wallet and the desire to achieve your aims at the expense of others and have no thought whatsoever to the plight of the poor and needy then this is definitely the party you need to vote for! If however you are a normal human being facing the challenges of everyday life in keeping your head above the financial tide and have a care for those less fortunate then you need to avoid these fools like the plague! Simply a group of out of touch posh boys completely devoid of compassion!

Photo 03 - The first train (Class 66) for 45 years to enter Ladhope Tunnel!
The Puppets!

Prior to the arrival of Puppet Clegg this was once a proud honourable party with values that working class people applauded and they were always the natural place for a voter fed up of the usual Tory Labour roundabout. However under Puppet Clegg they have morphed into lying devoid of integrity Tory bedfellows and traitors to the people of Britain. Together with the Tories they have inflicted untold torture on the poor whilst lining the pockets of the rich! I am really struggling to say anything positive about this band of Tory collaborator puppets!

Perhaps the best thing is that the election will see them wiped out! Puppet Clegg will be ousted (he is currently 4 points behind the Labour candidate) and the rabble that is left will have ample time out of politics to repent their sins at leisure. Perhaps the only people who will vote for them are any unfortunate enough to have been in a coma for the last five years! Complete and utter scum, a spent force, unworthy of anybody's vote!

The Greens!

 A party growing almost as rapidly as the SNP they have a range of exciting and radical policies including the re nationalisation of the railways and utilities, removing assets from those deemed to have far too much and the abolition of the monarchy. They have overtaken the lying puppets and look to increase their share of the vote by a significant amount. Their hope of being a power broker holding up a weak administration of whatever colour is a real possibility. Nicknamed the “Watermelons” being seen as green on the outside and red inside their policies are far more to the left than Labour’s ever were.

Nevertheless this is a party in its infancy with only one MP at this time. As such it is difficult to gauge how they would perform; on paper they look very good indeed! Of course they will mature and modify policies and hopefully gain a few seats in Westminster and maybe come the next again election they will move into the void created by the demise of the Puppets!  Their policies on social justice and reducing inequality are first rate but some of their policies are too futuristic and some quite bizarre!  There is however some odd policies such as allowing people to be open members of Al-Qaida and the IRA, shooting would be banned and it would no longer be an offence to have class A and B drugs for personal use! Definitely a worthwhile vote for the disaffected English (real) Labour voter!

Next week Labour, SNP and UKIP.

Return of the train!

The photos below show the return of the trains to the Waverley line axed by Dr Beeching in 1969. The laying of the tracks was completed on Thursday afternoon to great cheers at the Tweedbank terminus. It’s a great feat of engineering and has created many good jobs and undoubtedly benefitted local businesses in the area. It is however a flawed concept! To be of benefit the railway should have linked Carlisle to Edinburgh be double tracked and most importantly have carried freight to ease the ever building congestion on our dilapidated roads. Once again we will be asked to dig deep into our pockets to subsidise what is ultimately a doomed project!

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