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Bang out of order!

Image 01 - The hooligans are back!
Bang out of order!

On Thursday Les and I attended the funeral service for Tom Hardy a highly respected tackle dealer and ace angler. It was great to see such a good turnout of honest anglers respectfully saying their last farewells. All the mourners were well turned out in suitable attire bar one, although the manner of one’s dress is not important this was after all not a fashion show.

This chap complete with baseball hat which he did not remove throughout the service made himself heard as soon as he neared the body of the gathering waiting to enter the chapel. He called a local shopkeeper up hill and down dale to whoever would listen. He did not leave the shopkeeper a leg to stand on and when everyone ignored him he continued speaking to no one in particular still rattling on about the shopkeeper!

At this point the funeral director noted him and had a quiet word in his ear as did some of the mourners while a few of us just grimaced and bit our tongues! During the ceremony he made repeated attempts to speak but was skilfully rebuffed by the funeral director and the minister, for god knows what rubbish would have emanated! Les and I were offered a seat next to the fellow but we declined as others had done. Strange how the pew occupied by the chap remained empty and 10 people were standing at the back unwilling to fill the pew occupied by the chap!

A splendid send off for a worthy angler with a humorous and true to life oration by Huntley Wells the Associations vice chairman somewhat spoiled and almost ruined by a crazed fool unleashing his shopkeeper woes on an unsuspecting audience! Despicable behaviour, probably acceptable in the midst of a bar room brawl but completely out of order at a funeral service, looking around I could see the mourners were seething, completely aghast and embarrassed by his antics! A fool, who yet again chose the wrong place and the wrong time to vent his fury regarding the shopkeeper. It is interesting to note the errant loudmouth and the shopkeeper he was raving at are both currently banned from fishing at the lochs for other transgressions!

It was desperately sad that this sombre occasion where reverence is the norm was almost ruined by this dimwit and his inappropriate and shocking behaviour, the ordinary, the great and the good in local angling turned out to pay their last respects to a highly respected angler! Many anglers present may have held similar views to the miscreant; they however kept their own counsel and behaved in an appropriate fashion! Never in all my years have I encountered such bizarre and despicable behaviour! Unfortunately the actions of the fool may be remembered more than the passing of a good man! There can be no mitigating excuse for his behaviour, in short he was yet again an embarrassment to the angling fraternity and more to the point bang out of order!

R.I.P Tom Hardy.


We are getting there, winter is soon to become but a memory and in truth it has been a good one when compared to some in the recent past. Very few hard frosts only the occasional flurry of snow and some damned good days! Brown Trout caught and returned out of season look to be in very good condition indeed and with an expected rise in water temperature should hopefully begin the search for food to fully recover from the rigors of spawning.

On the banks proud Snowdrops are appearing here and there adding a much needed influx of colour in what is currently a monochrome landscape. The rustling of mice in the undergrowth can now be heard as they search for scarce food and in conjunction with them birds of prey scan the landscape. You could almost guarantee a visit from a Robin eager for a few titbits and we always oblige!

In the air an old friend returns signalling that winter day’s are at an end. Yes it’s the Oystercatcher or as we call them "Hooligans" given the amount of noise they make. We look forward every year to their arrival it gives us some much needed reinforcement that spring is almost here! The black Headed Gulls will be next adding to the noise and taking over the banks of Megget reservoir.

It’s a time of great anticipation when green shoots appear along with buds on the trees prompting our thoughts towards warmer times! It’s now 3 weeks until the Brown Trout season begins and most will now have prepared the armoury in readiness for the big day. But as you can see the season’s start does not take place in isolation, before our eyes Mother Nature unveils her new production, a new year, and all we can do is watch in absolute wonderment - priceless!

Some good news!

Chatting away before and after the funeral service mentioned above I heard some very good news, that there is interest in taking over Turnbull’s shop lock, stock and barrel, to reopen as a hunting shooting and fishing outlet! Details are scant at present but as soon as we learn more you will read it here! It seems a small number of anglers are mildly inconvenienced by having to travel to St Boswells to the Border Gunroom, but really chaps, in these days of motorised transport it’s really no big deal! It was a real tonic to hear some really good news!

From our recommended dealer!

The deals just keep on coming great savings on top brand quality tackle like the Greys GX 500 reduced in price to only £29.99 which is a recession busting £20.00 off the RRP! Or how about the Greys GX 700 reel reduced from £99.99 RRP to a fantastic £59.99. Click the link to get the lowdown -

The wider world in my view!

Referendum update!

A recent Survation poll on people’s intentions if a referendum came up in the near future showed that 53% would now vote for independence! Of course that’s no real surprise given the increasing fortunes of the SNP! Naturally this is music to the ears of all right thinking Scots where the mistake on 18/09/2014 will be corrected! In the referendum only 25% of over 60s voted for independence last week’s poll showed this figure is now 47%! Job done methinks!

This is an immense boost to all nationalists who seek a future for those who come later and lends weight to the fact that an early referendum will give rise to the country becoming an independent nation! To the wavering SNP voters who feared voting for the SNP would let Lord Snooty back in to No 10 it will now be clear that irrespective of who lands up in Westminster the key is in the lock with regards to independence it just needs a slight turn to open the door!

The poll showed that even among Labour and Tory voters there is an acceptance that a referendum in the near future is a certainty! The heat now needs to be turned up and it is even more crucial that if the SNP are called to prop up a minority Labour government independence MUST be the price!

Fantasising puppets!

The local puppet newspaper crumpled through the letterbox this week with all manner of claims made by or on behalf of our local MP Puppet Moore! Filtering through the nonsense which admittedly is the majority of the paper I came across the phrase “only the Lib-Dems or the Tories can win in this area”!

Last gasp posturing methinks, a recent Scotland wide poll showed the only puppet retaining his seat in Scotland was Puppet Carmichael the current Scottish Secretary with the Puppets share of the vote plummeting to a desperate 5%! It was also stated that all the puppets would lose their seats to the SNP! Puppet Moore is on the road out which in a way is a shame because he would probably rank as above average in terms of work for the constituency.

The killer punch however remains – the puppets are liars devoid of integrity crazed for power and to this end they sold out their voters! Scots detest Tories, propping up a sick and rotten to the core Tory government! Comes with a price. The price to be paid is a heavy but righteous one – Electoral oblivion beckons, good riddance!
Non Event of the week!
Only one contender for this award and that's the Scottish Tories conference. More of the same old tosh punishing the poor and lining the pockets of their well heeled pals! They postulate in obscurity no one is in the slightest bit interested. A fantastic result for them at the election would be to hold on to their solitary MP. A much better one would be total wipeout!

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