Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bang out of order!

Image 01 - The hooligans are back!
Bang out of order!

On Thursday Les and I attended the funeral service for Tom Hardy a highly respected tackle dealer and ace angler. It was great to see such a good turnout of honest anglers respectfully saying their last farewells. All the mourners were well turned out in suitable attire bar one, although the manner of one’s dress is not important this was after all not a fashion show.

This chap complete with baseball hat which he did not remove throughout the service made himself heard as soon as he neared the body of the gathering waiting to enter the chapel. He called a local shopkeeper up hill and down dale to whoever would listen. He did not leave the shopkeeper a leg to stand on and when everyone ignored him he continued speaking to no one in particular still rattling on about the shopkeeper!

At this point the funeral director noted him and had a quiet word in his ear as did some of the mourners while a few of us just grimaced and bit our tongues! During the ceremony he made repeated attempts to speak but was skilfully rebuffed by the funeral director and the minister, for god knows what rubbish would have emanated! Les and I were offered a seat next to the fellow but we declined as others had done. Strange how the pew occupied by the chap remained empty and 10 people were standing at the back unwilling to fill the pew occupied by the chap!

A splendid send off for a worthy angler with a humorous and true to life oration by Huntley Wells the Associations vice chairman somewhat spoiled and almost ruined by a crazed fool unleashing his shopkeeper woes on an unsuspecting audience! Despicable behaviour, probably acceptable in the midst of a bar room brawl but completely out of order at a funeral service, looking around I could see the mourners were seething, completely aghast and embarrassed by his antics! A fool, who yet again chose the wrong place and the wrong time to vent his fury regarding the shopkeeper. It is interesting to note the errant loudmouth and the shopkeeper he was raving at are both currently banned from fishing at the lochs for other transgressions!

It was desperately sad that this sombre occasion where reverence is the norm was almost ruined by this dimwit and his inappropriate and shocking behaviour, the ordinary, the great and the good in local angling turned out to pay their last respects to a highly respected angler! Many anglers present may have held similar views to the miscreant; they however kept their own counsel and behaved in an appropriate fashion! Never in all my years have I encountered such bizarre and despicable behaviour! Unfortunately the actions of the fool may be remembered more than the passing of a good man! There can be no mitigating excuse for his behaviour, in short he was yet again an embarrassment to the angling fraternity and more to the point bang out of order!

R.I.P Tom Hardy.


We are getting there, winter is soon to become but a memory and in truth it has been a good one when compared to some in the recent past. Very few hard frosts only the occasional flurry of snow and some damned good days! Brown Trout caught and returned out of season look to be in very good condition indeed and with an expected rise in water temperature should hopefully begin the search for food to fully recover from the rigors of spawning.

On the banks proud Snowdrops are appearing here and there adding a much needed influx of colour in what is currently a monochrome landscape. The rustling of mice in the undergrowth can now be heard as they search for scarce food and in conjunction with them birds of prey scan the landscape. You could almost guarantee a visit from a Robin eager for a few titbits and we always oblige!

In the air an old friend returns signalling that winter day’s are at an end. Yes it’s the Oystercatcher or as we call them "Hooligans" given the amount of noise they make. We look forward every year to their arrival it gives us some much needed reinforcement that spring is almost here! The black Headed Gulls will be next adding to the noise and taking over the banks of Megget reservoir.

It’s a time of great anticipation when green shoots appear along with buds on the trees prompting our thoughts towards warmer times! It’s now 3 weeks until the Brown Trout season begins and most will now have prepared the armoury in readiness for the big day. But as you can see the season’s start does not take place in isolation, before our eyes Mother Nature unveils her new production, a new year, and all we can do is watch in absolute wonderment - priceless!

Some good news!

Chatting away before and after the funeral service mentioned above I heard some very good news, that there is interest in taking over Turnbull’s shop lock, stock and barrel, to reopen as a hunting shooting and fishing outlet! Details are scant at present but as soon as we learn more you will read it here! It seems a small number of anglers are mildly inconvenienced by having to travel to St Boswells to the Border Gunroom, but really chaps, in these days of motorised transport it’s really no big deal! It was a real tonic to hear some really good news!

From our recommended dealer!

The deals just keep on coming great savings on top brand quality tackle like the Greys GX 500 reduced in price to only £29.99 which is a recession busting £20.00 off the RRP! Or how about the Greys GX 700 reel reduced from £99.99 RRP to a fantastic £59.99. Click the link to get the lowdown -

The wider world in my view!

Referendum update!

A recent Survation poll on people’s intentions if a referendum came up in the near future showed that 53% would now vote for independence! Of course that’s no real surprise given the increasing fortunes of the SNP! Naturally this is music to the ears of all right thinking Scots where the mistake on 18/09/2014 will be corrected! In the referendum only 25% of over 60s voted for independence last week’s poll showed this figure is now 47%! Job done methinks!

This is an immense boost to all nationalists who seek a future for those who come later and lends weight to the fact that an early referendum will give rise to the country becoming an independent nation! To the wavering SNP voters who feared voting for the SNP would let Lord Snooty back in to No 10 it will now be clear that irrespective of who lands up in Westminster the key is in the lock with regards to independence it just needs a slight turn to open the door!

The poll showed that even among Labour and Tory voters there is an acceptance that a referendum in the near future is a certainty! The heat now needs to be turned up and it is even more crucial that if the SNP are called to prop up a minority Labour government independence MUST be the price!

Fantasising puppets!

The local puppet newspaper crumpled through the letterbox this week with all manner of claims made by or on behalf of our local MP Puppet Moore! Filtering through the nonsense which admittedly is the majority of the paper I came across the phrase “only the Lib-Dems or the Tories can win in this area”!

Last gasp posturing methinks, a recent Scotland wide poll showed the only puppet retaining his seat in Scotland was Puppet Carmichael the current Scottish Secretary with the Puppets share of the vote plummeting to a desperate 5%! It was also stated that all the puppets would lose their seats to the SNP! Puppet Moore is on the road out which in a way is a shame because he would probably rank as above average in terms of work for the constituency.

The killer punch however remains – the puppets are liars devoid of integrity crazed for power and to this end they sold out their voters! Scots detest Tories, propping up a sick and rotten to the core Tory government! Comes with a price. The price to be paid is a heavy but righteous one – Electoral oblivion beckons, good riddance!
Non Event of the week!
Only one contender for this award and that's the Scottish Tories conference. More of the same old tosh punishing the poor and lining the pockets of their well heeled pals! They postulate in obscurity no one is in the slightest bit interested. A fantastic result for them at the election would be to hold on to their solitary MP. A much better one would be total wipeout!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Four weeks to go!

Photo 01- Not much to see yesterday!
Four weeks to go!

Yes the 15th of March looms ever closer when the Brown Trout officialy comes into season. It’s now time to get your gear sorted if you haven’t already done so. Here is a quick rundown of how I get my gear ready. Because I use cane rods they are dried and put away laid flat on a board so as to minimise the chances of taking on a set or bend during storage.

In preparation for the new season My reel is taken apart cleaned with thinners and re greased and then rebuilt checking free and smooth movement. My fly line is stripped and cleaned with soapy water dried and then examined for any cracks nicks or rough areas. If any of the above are found the line is discarded and a new one purchased. Invariably for me it’s almost automatic a new line is required. I tend to be very hard on my tackle subjecting it to some unusual forms of torture but of course this comes at a price!

I rarely spend more than say £15.00 on a line knowing that it will almost certainly be limited to one seasons work. Now in the past I have spent what I now consider to be silly money on lines, what I have learned is that they go the same way as the lower priced ones! In other words it's money wasted!  All nylon or variants of are discarded and new lengths put in place. Because the Ferrules on my rods are Brass they are cleaned and given a coat of beeswax to stop slippage.

The rings inserts on the rods are checked for cracking (quite common) and any debris is removed and a silicon polish applied. Cracked inserts must be replaced as they will be harder on your line and shooting of the line will not be maximised. See our earlier article on how to replace these in a no fuss way. The lacquer on the blank must be examined for any cracking off and if found this must be blown in essential on cane less so with the new materials. This procedure will be detailed in a future article. The cork handle and whippings should be examined to see they remain intact and finally a nice coat of silicon polish will seal the rod.

There’s not much to do with your stock of flies other than remove rusty and blunt ones that cannot be sharpened. You should of course replenish your stock by tying more or popping into one of our recommended dealers. That done, check your waders and landing net and if they are ok you are ready to go!

Weights or measures!

I was told a story recently of an angler out and about catching some fish, not that there is anything wrong in that but what I heard next left me chuckling! He usually measures any fish he’s caught with a paper tape measure stuck to his rod shaft a fad that will not endure. For whatever reason this day he took some scales with him and weighed what he caught.

Well lo and behold to his surprise he found on weighing his catch he had caught a personal best and was suitably elated! Now this fellow I am told likes to let others know about what he catches and you have got to wonder, why on earth if you are seeking PB fish would you measure them?  Being told a fish was 25cm long to most people means nothing but if you said it was 4lbs 12oz then wheels start turning! As we said on the capture of the not 50lbs Salmon if you are seeking fame or simply a personal best you need to weigh your fish! There is no other way, you will not get a British record by sending in the length of a fish which gives an estimate of its weight it’s really that simple!

Funeral arrangements for Tom Hardy!

The details have now been confirmed regarding the funeral arrangements for well known and respected angler Tom Hardy. There will be a service at Melrose Crematorium 12noon on the 19th of this month. There will also be a gathering in the Kingsknowes hotel afterwards. To give the caterers an idea of numbers attending it has been requested that those who wish to attend at the Kingsknowes Hotel should e mail Gala Angling Association committee member Huntley Wells  It is expected there will be a significant number of anglers attending to pay their last respects to a real angler.

Flood Protection Scheme!

 Not much room left this week so here is a snapshot of upcoming works-

Riverside South wall -                                          23/02/2015-13/07/2015 – 20 weeks

Riverside Road Central Embankment-              23/02/2015- 14/07/2015 – 20 weeks

Philliphaugh – A708 Road Raising                      02/03/2015 – 18/05/2015 - 11 weeks

Philliphaugh – Old Mill farm Embankment –    02/03/2015-30/09/2015 – 31 Weeks

St Mary’s Loch – Bowerhope Road raising –     09/03/2015 – 05/05/2015 – 8 weeks

Riverside – Riverside Road North wall –             16/03/2015 – 03/09/2015 – 25 weeks

Long Philip Burn – A707 Bridge Replacement – 17/03/2015 – 16/10/2015 31 weeks


The wider world in my view!

The choice on May 7th 2015 Part 2!

The Labour Party-

Since its inception they have been the voice of the working man a force that mitigated the excesses of the so called upper classes as they try to return the working man to the gutter! (An interesting fact is that 40% of all the new "jobs" created by the Con-Dems are with agencies ,if they call you work if they don't you don't!) Yes there have been many noble acts in the past much to be proud of like the NHS, the welfare state and allowing the trades unions to flourish and protect! This was however in the past, that Labour Party no longer exists yet again the working man has been put out to dry by Tories wearing Labour hats for that is all that the current lot are!

Only a fool would think of casting a vote Labour’s way, they are finished in Scotland after collaborating with rank no hopers the Tories in the referendum campaign! Their punishment in Scotland will be severe with only a handful left holding on to their seats which is right and fitting! There is not a single socialist policy in their manifesto, yes the one they make up as they go along! They have nothing to offer the working man other that more of the Tory nonsense!

A party made up of posh boys, buffoons and rank idiots with no direction other than following the scent of the Tories as they bungle ever onwards. The two Ed’s are just like Snooty and Osborne, clueless figureheads filling up their days tampering with our lives! British politics once the institution all would seek to follow has been reduced to the status of a joke by the bungling Tories and the two Ed’s!

No rational being would or could offer support to these fools but the bottom line is that they are all that is on offer, for the alternatives (for English voters) are truly terrifying! The choices between the two parties are continued mass bungling by the Tories or bungling albeit on a lesser scale by Labour! Mercilessly punishing the poor by the Tories or a more compassionate punishment by Labour!

On economic policy they are neck and neck both massively misguided with austerity being their only goal. On the NHS Labour have a clear lead the bungling Tories having cost us billions to no end! On defence both are on the wrong track wasting billions on the Trident replacement. On welfare the Tories are in second place by a long chalk relentlessly punishing the weak and infirm and at the same time implementing pointless reforms that cost us dear with nothing in return!

It’s not a pretty choice they are both absolute duffers but I suppose for the people of England the Labour party is the obvious choice for those who have any cares about the poor in our society!


Their obvious asset is Nigel Farage who at least has a personality unlike wooden Snooty and weak Milliband. To be honest however this party has nothing positive to offer other than taking a few seats from the Tories! They are settling down to be simply a party of protest their main policies being extremist and unsuitable for right thinking citizens!

Their day has gone, they are now past their peak, and come the election they will be lucky to retain the two seats they already have! In short a band of bigots and extremists of no interest to the population!

The Scottish National Party-

They might have lost the referendum due to the No campaign frightening older voters but boy have they bounced back! Membership has rocketed now exceeding 93,000 making them the 3rd largest party in the UK as the frightened rabbits taken in by the No campaign now put right their mistake!  Why are they doing so well, for the people of Scotland there can be no other choice!

The SNP offers the people of Scotland a chance to start afresh, to build a fairer society with a guaranteed safety net for those who come upon hard times (a common occurrence under the Con-Dems) something only the Watermelons can equal! They offer a start along a long road its not nearly radical enough for me but it is a start. They embrace the “living wage” something no other party does excepting the Watermelons of course. The repugnant "Bed Tax" has effectively been neutralised by the SNP alleviating at least a degree of punishment on the poor!

They want to use the massive amounts of money squandered on trident (estimated at over £100 billion (£30 billion estimated to come back to Scotland) ploughed back in to people policies which will benefit the ordinary working man. This move alone will give rise to considerable change in our society. On welfare they want a fair system unlike the one currently in use engineered by the Con-Dems where the aim is to punish the weak and disabled! They envisage a society where all have equal access to the welfare safety net and policies are in place towards this end!

The current society favours the rich in almost every respect. If you have a pile of money you will receive a much higher rate of interest from the bank you choose Some private banks offer up to 8% providing you invest £1 million. If you need a hip joint replaced you can pay to jump the queue and have the operations sooner and in plush surroundings with pc,tv etc. Education is another example where money gets you the best, it’s wrong in every sense!  This has always been the way and unless we choose to go it alone it will continue to be the way!

All of this would be abolished and as well as equalising access for all to all the above services.  At present the Scottish government is hobbled by Westminster allowed to only partially change policies. It could be so much better if we were free to implement policies according to our wishes. Oh and let’s not forget the oil, the No lot pointing out the perceived black hole (£6 billion) in the finances had we chosen independence.

In fact there would have been no black hole whilst the revenue from oil was taken into account it was not the mainstay of the proposed economy(the savings from ditching Trident would nullify this with ease!! The revenue from oil is an adjunct to the economy and peaks and troughs have been ever present in its history and will be in the future, one of the few certainties in life is that oil prices will rise! The SNP offers Scots the best opportunity for good governance with the ability to reshape the party for the future. In time I would expect the SNP to become more radical and move away from the inequality promoting capitalist society like the watermelons but without the quirky policies that they enshrine.

Of course the outcome of the election being somewhat unpredictable we must look to our own future for no one else will! Voting SNP could well result in a coalition with Labour and if the price of co-operation is right the future will be in our hands and our dream of independence will materialise! In a worst (and I mean worst) sense a Tory government would be rendered illegitimate by the Scottish people (since they will have no MPs in Scotland) and early moves should see us going it alone! If god forbid the Tories are returned and take us out of Europe then this will also be an opportunity to ditch Westminster!
Ignore the Labour cries that a vote for SNP is a vote for the Tories, for it is not they are just trying to avoid the humiliation that is coming their way! A vote for the SNP is a vote for the future of Scotland and the future of those who come later! If you want to leave behind the endless bungling and lying of the Westminster crowd and place our future in our own hands you must vote for the SNP!

No apologies required!

I noticed this week in the media various commentators muttering regrets and even calling for apologies to be made regarding the bombing of the city of Dresden towards the end of World War 2! I really do wonder what grasp of the horrors perpetrated by the Bosch these people actually have! Indeed there were huge numbers of civilian deaths and the city was reduced to rubble by relentless carpet bombing, this however is a manifestation of all out war.

The reason it was levelled was that this was an industrial centre where armaments for the Bosch was produced and it was also a military base. Those who suffered at the hand of the Bosch have no recriminations about the bombing. The Bosch was the most evil, brutal and sadistic force ever unleashed on the human race, just ask any Polish or Russian person from that time!

Those bravely subjugating the previously rampant Bosch knew exactly what they were up against, a compassionless, sub human, evil and brutal force! Any chance that the Bosch could regroup and again threaten the world had to be completely extinguished and this is what the allies did! Yes it’s cruel and many civilians including women and children died but it could not have been otherwise! By their horrific actions the Bosch erased the rule book and brought upon themselves, possibly retribution in excess of what was required, nevertheless it was completely justified!

The bombing of Dresden was simply the act of a force during war conditions that sadly saw many innocent people killed and the military objectives achieved in that the malevolent tyranny of the Bosch was ended! For this no apologies are required!

Off track!

It was widely reported this week that the price for the SNP propping up a weak Labour government would be a £180 billion increase in public spending, in itself it is a laudable aim as the posh boys are on the verge of ruining our country with mindless austerity driven by an ideological engine! I am sure Nicola Sturgeon is aware of the fact that Labour would do absolutely anything to get into power, why then does she not demand independence at the end of the term as a condition of support?

Labour would be much better than the Tories, but a diluted Tory party is what they have become! For the sake of the weak and the needy we must ditch Westminster as a matter of urgency, there can be no other choice! She may have some hidden strategy and I hope she does because her price for propping up a band of no hopers is way too cheap and Scotland deserves better! Could it be that Ms Sturgeon has veered off track!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Déjà vu!

Photo 01 - Yesterday calm as a millpond!
Déjà vu!

Engaged in some creative thinking pondering if it was to be a fish supper or a haggis one I caught something in the corner of my eye. It was a canoeist and he was heading directly over my baits which is not good but not the end of the world! I have often caught shortly after such incidents in the past so I kept mum and just watched!

Unless he was blind he saw my van and saw me and I am sure he must have seen my pod standing upright on the bank with rods atop. Well what happened next saw my jaw drop to the floor! He paddled about 10 metres below me, turned into the bank and paddled back about 3 metres from the bank right over the top of my lines and pulled off one of the indicator bobbins and paddled quickly onwards!

I tried to confront the fellow but he just kept paddling off at speed and yes I was slow to act. I was completely dumbfounded by his actions! Now this was not the first time I am afraid to say it is a fairly regular occurrence actually it happened last week to another angler! The loch is huge there is enough room for all of us to enjoy our respective sports so then why do these people paddle close to the bank?

I don’t know why they do this but it’s infuriating and has the potential to curtail and ruin an anglers sport and his equipment! Longstanding readers will know that in the past I had 2 complete lines ruined along with terminal tackle by a cloth eared paddler who showed no remorse whatsoever for his actions! This is and has been a longstanding problem with the difficulty being that there is no central point of contact where problems may be resolved. Anglers are getting shirty and with good reason they pay to enjoy their sport canoeists do not!

Taking this situation into the future I shudder to think of the chaos that could ensue if the proposed public launch point was implemented! Canoeists should keep to open water and not skirt around the margins where anglers carry out their sport, now how difficult is that! It's sad but I get the feeling I've been here before!

On the loss of our tackle dealer!

Going about my business last week I bumped into a few old friends who were also brothers of the angle! Naturally the subject of the loss of our tackle dealer was high on the agenda. Some were unsure what to do, some were already heading towards the Border Gunroom and some thought it most likely they would use the internet. The loss of the shop hurts anglers for it was more than a tackle shop. It was a speakeasy much like our boathouse where anglers would congregate to discuss last week’s expedition or the one coming up at the weekend or indeed any topical subject.

The shop was the place to pop into if you needed to get that edge that would present your fly more delicately or if you wanted to hear the lowdown on what fly is doing damage with the spring Salmon. With Tom being a longstanding Tweed commissioner there was always a titbit of things to come. Spending a good sum of money always resulted in a significant discount and I know there is a significant mark up on fishing tackle but the discount was always welcome. Our recommended dealer in Penicuick also operates in this manner.

The shop was also a great meeting place where new friendships were made and old ones rekindled. Best of all however, a visit to the shop was an opportunity to try and pick the brain of a respected and more than competent angler who had accomplished much in the angling scene. if Tom hadn’t done it the most likely it wasn’t doable!

It was also an opportunity to hear some recollections of past times to while away some time in a pleasing fashion. Now all this has gone and we will need to seek another point of congregation, a large number of people are looking somewhat lost. Most have chosen to migrate to the Border Gunroom with a few being content with internet buying, alas whatever anglers decide a part of local angling scene has gone and we are the poorer for it!

Photo 02 - The track laying setup!
The freeze!

I noticed this week many of the local ponds are frozen solid making fishing impossible. Up here we have not been affected with the bottom of the Lowes having a thin covering of ice but one that was broken easily by a small pebble. The big loch is completely unaffected with no ice seen at all. The 5 pounder caught last week in great condition, shows that the Trout in the loch have recovered well from the rigors of spawning. Roll on the 15th of March!

The wider world in my view!

The choice on May 7th 2015

The day looms ever closer when we will have to make a choice as to who will govern over us for the next 5 years. It looks to be very close which in the most part is due to the Labour party’s incompetence rather than the Tories record in government! Yes a Labour party in a fit state would wipe the floor with the ever bungling Tories! Here is a snapshot of the relevant party’s vying for our support.

The Tories!

 Their record is clear for all to see, stuttering and stumbling from one failed policy to another they really do not have a clue! Indeed the economy has improved but no thanks to them. Everybody knows that when things reach rock bottom there is only one way things can go and that is up. So in spite of their bungling ideological policies the economy partially recovers! It is clear that here we have a group of posh boys reliving their Bullingdon club days with time on their hands who fill up their days tinkering with our lives!

These fools are quite content indeed keen to see the wealthy prosper at the expense of the poor; their “long term economic plan” is quite simply based on that premise! They will cut the defecit (one day) using the poor as expendable pawns! The so called explosion in jobs is nothing other than a natural recovery with according to the T.U.C 40% of jobs being either dead end part time jobs or zero hours contracts of neither of which are any use to aspiring breadwinners!

Their social security reforms have turned out to be a joke! No savings made in fact millions lost by prize bungling, the project nowhere near completion and millions of genuinely poor, disabled and weak people left to live out of food banks and family loans as the system fails to give them the money needed to survive! The gap between rich and poor is ever growing under these diddy’s. Our standard of living has plummeted under their governance being around £1,600 worse off under their rule! At the same time mega companies like Amazon Google and Starbucks avoid paying hundreds of millions in tax! Without even trying they cost us billions as they implement policy after policy seeking one that at least works in part!

Only yesterday was the bill to the taxpayer revealed, the end result of the ridiculous health reforms that have achieved nothing in terms of improving health care but have left us with a bill of billions according to the BMA to achieve nothing at all other than putting the NHS into intensive care! A shocking waste of taxpayers money! The next catastrophe is the great pensions giveaway or election bribe, it seems the advisors to give pensioners advice are not to be found! Just another ill thought out policy coming back to bite them! I could go on and on the list is huge! Against the flow of their rhetoric they have blundered their way through 5 years of government with any savings made at the expense of the poor being completely outweighed by their numerous gaffes! Ask any Tory what is 11x12 if they cannot answer then they are not worth a vote! Their only achievement of note was to introduce the new word “Omnishambles” into the English dictionary, and if re elected they will take us out of Europe make no mistake!

If you are filled with greed have a bursting wallet and the desire to achieve your aims at the expense of others and have no thought whatsoever to the plight of the poor and needy then this is definitely the party you need to vote for! If however you are a normal human being facing the challenges of everyday life in keeping your head above the financial tide and have a care for those less fortunate then you need to avoid these fools like the plague! Simply a group of out of touch posh boys completely devoid of compassion!

Photo 03 - The first train (Class 66) for 45 years to enter Ladhope Tunnel!
The Puppets!

Prior to the arrival of Puppet Clegg this was once a proud honourable party with values that working class people applauded and they were always the natural place for a voter fed up of the usual Tory Labour roundabout. However under Puppet Clegg they have morphed into lying devoid of integrity Tory bedfellows and traitors to the people of Britain. Together with the Tories they have inflicted untold torture on the poor whilst lining the pockets of the rich! I am really struggling to say anything positive about this band of Tory collaborator puppets!

Perhaps the best thing is that the election will see them wiped out! Puppet Clegg will be ousted (he is currently 4 points behind the Labour candidate) and the rabble that is left will have ample time out of politics to repent their sins at leisure. Perhaps the only people who will vote for them are any unfortunate enough to have been in a coma for the last five years! Complete and utter scum, a spent force, unworthy of anybody's vote!

The Greens!

 A party growing almost as rapidly as the SNP they have a range of exciting and radical policies including the re nationalisation of the railways and utilities, removing assets from those deemed to have far too much and the abolition of the monarchy. They have overtaken the lying puppets and look to increase their share of the vote by a significant amount. Their hope of being a power broker holding up a weak administration of whatever colour is a real possibility. Nicknamed the “Watermelons” being seen as green on the outside and red inside their policies are far more to the left than Labour’s ever were.

Nevertheless this is a party in its infancy with only one MP at this time. As such it is difficult to gauge how they would perform; on paper they look very good indeed! Of course they will mature and modify policies and hopefully gain a few seats in Westminster and maybe come the next again election they will move into the void created by the demise of the Puppets!  Their policies on social justice and reducing inequality are first rate but some of their policies are too futuristic and some quite bizarre!  There is however some odd policies such as allowing people to be open members of Al-Qaida and the IRA, shooting would be banned and it would no longer be an offence to have class A and B drugs for personal use! Definitely a worthwhile vote for the disaffected English (real) Labour voter!

Next week Labour, SNP and UKIP.

Return of the train!

The photos below show the return of the trains to the Waverley line axed by Dr Beeching in 1969. The laying of the tracks was completed on Thursday afternoon to great cheers at the Tweedbank terminus. It’s a great feat of engineering and has created many good jobs and undoubtedly benefitted local businesses in the area. It is however a flawed concept! To be of benefit the railway should have linked Carlisle to Edinburgh be double tracked and most importantly have carried freight to ease the ever building congestion on our dilapidated roads. Once again we will be asked to dig deep into our pockets to subsidise what is ultimately a doomed project!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Gala Angling Association!

Photo 01 - Yesterday still white!
Gala Angling Associations loss!

We reported last week that long standing tackle dealer in the town Mr Tom Hardy had taken ill, he had in fact died on Friday morning but it was inappropriate to release this information until official pronouncement was made! Tom was integral to the angling scene for as long as I can remember, a member of the old school who was of great assistance to us in the expose on the shambolic situation regarding fishing guides in the area! I served on the Gala Angling committee some years back and even then Tom was a leading light on angling matters!

 A keen rugby and cricket player in his day but it was angling that became his home. The captor of many big trout and most if not all of Gala Angling’s trophies he was passionate regarding our sport! Latterly the chairman of Gala Angling he was involved throughout his years passing on knowledge and tips and a Tweed Commissioner for many years! You wouldn’t find this man in the role of an angling bully!

A gentleman with a sharp intellect he was always regarded with respect unlike some of the new age lot currently on the scene. If he could help he did and if he couldn’t he usually knew someone who could. As I said last week angling in the Borders will be the worse for his passing and Bank Street in Galashiels will never be the same again! Perhaps the greatest compliment I could pay would be to say – he was a real angler in the footsteps of old Izaak! R.I.P

It is unlikely that “Turnbull’s” will reopen, but as I stated last week we are well served in the area by the Borders Gunroom and Fishers in Penicuick


Photo 02 - The workbench yesterday!

Beyond the call of duty!

Keeping the club going would not be possible without the extra help provided by some of our officials. Its what the club runs on without this extra input we would be in a very poor state. Last week club treasurer Elliot Fraser came down to make the payments due to our locally based riparian owners. Giving up the whole day and notching up 140 miles on the odometer the payments were duly made.

Now of course the club pays expenses so that club officials are never out of pocket carrying out tasks on behalf of the club but Elliot refuses point blank to make use of this facility! Similarly yesterday Stevie Nimmo came down to reassemble our white Mariner engine with the new gear wheel refurbished by Elliot. There was some grunting, some pummelling and some silent praying which obviously worked as a couple of hours later forward and reverse gears both engaged with a defined neutral in between.

We did not have any fresh 2 stroke to do a test run on the loch so that will be carried out over the next few weeks. Of course in his usual fashion Stevie wanted nothing for his endeavours instead diving into our other Mariner to reconnect the choke cable linkage after some heavy handed individual disconnected it!

It’s not just Elliot and Stevie there are others who give freely of their time and take nothing in return. People like this have been in membership throughout the history of the club and largely have been unsung. We are eternally grateful for committed members like Elliot and Stevie for without them we would be a long way down the road to ruin! Nice work lads!

Our fishing guide site!

It just keeps gaining momentum popping up all over the place giving anglers the tools to decide if they should hire a guide. We have made another change due to the number of e mails received asking for advice. We will no longer respond to such enquiries! All the information required to make such a decision is contained within the text and the decision as to whether or not to hire such people must remain with the enquirer!

We also receive some spoof e mails outlining contrived scenarios of people seeking advice (I have a corker just now!) and hoping that we respond negatively, such mails get short shrift and are immediately consigned to the trash bin! The screenshot below shows the listings when using much wider search terms and still our site tops the lot! We are proud to have our site seen as the benchmark standard for those who may wish to hire a fishing guide!

Screenshot showing our site at the top!
The wider world in my view!

Don’t be fooled!

As the administration currently in power the Tories have a few advantages over the opposition when it comes to electioneering. You will have noticed the government ads about the pensioner’s savings bond and the help to buy scheme for people seeking to buy a home. Also of note this week was Puppet Alexander’s announcement that he wants a £300 million injection into Inverness and Aberdeen before the next election in May. He is also giving the Loch Ness area £2 million to develop tourism!

All well and good say you, the problem however is that Puppet Alexander has been asked continuously for a cash injection. It was not coming and it is only now, when it is predicted that Puppet Alexander will lose his Inverness seat to the SNP that action takes place! I don’t think the public will see through that one LOL!

The Tories are also calling on their big money chums in business that they have rewarded with tax breaks to repay that favour by publicly saying that any administration other than a Tory one would be a disaster for the country! The Tory machine is now flat out but it will be a sustained run due to the financial resources they have at their disposal!

The whole lot of course was expected along with a list of noble objectives being appended on the “to do” list and rather worryingly it will dupe some people! Those who through unmitigated greed seek more wealth, seek to see their status grow and park a new car on their drive! The same people who look away when it is announced that there has been a massive increase in the number of food banks! The same people who switch over when the latest figures on inequality are bared!

Activity in Tory central is currently frantic as they cover up all the failed, ridiculous and laughable policies that emanated over the years. Yes they will be busy hoodwinking the gullible whose support they will need if they are to be re elected! They already command the support of the wealthy and the greedy their timeless allies!

The situation in Scotland is already decided with the Tories and the lying puppets ousted! In England the situation is less clear! We must through any means possible convince the English that any reinstatement of the Tories or puppets would be a disaster for the weak and infirm in our society! If we have any leanings towards a more equal society and would like to end the incessant bungling the Tories and puppets must be dispensed with!
Why the "High Street" is doomed!
I bought an electric shaver from the ALDI in Galashiels about 6 weeks ago they're very handy for a shave in a hurry. The reason I decided to buy from ALDI was excellent previous customer service and the 3 year guarantee they offer with their special offer products. Well the foil on the shaver fractured leaving a hole that nips your face if used.
I had a look at the guarantee and it gave a number to call if any problems were experienced. I duly called them and to my surprise after taking my name and address the lady said they would send out a brand new replacement! No proof of purchase required, no hassle of returning the damaged item and it arrived yesterday as promised! With customer service such as this ALDI will go from strength to strength! Another heavy nail in the "High Street" coffin!