Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nice one George!

Photo 01 - A very fine Brown Trout!
Nice one George!

The wee loch is often dismissed in favour of the larger deeper and more well known St Mary’s, however yesterday new member George Clark (above) reminded us all of the folly of adopting such a view! George also managed a couple of Pike on dead baits and instead of sitting down in contemplation decided to fish some lures in the vicinity of his set rods.

There was a good reason George was fishing the bottom of the Lowes. A few weeks earlier he had noted a commotion amongst some ducks and suspected a Pike attack. Since the ducks seem to be stationed there he thought a lure in the general area might be productive and so the scene was set!

After some time casting with no real sign of interest there was a bang and the rod hooped over and George thought it was one of the lochs hard fighting Pike. He was impressed by the ferocity of the runs made by the hooked fish but for the fact his clutch was properly set it would have broken him for certain! After around 5 minutes of giving and taking line the fish slid over the rim of the net.

He did not have scales but luckily loch keeper Mr Xxxxx was on hand with a set of digital scales and the fish was duly weighed and photographed. Four pounds and fifteen ounces registered on the scales and the arrival of that figure created a file in George’s mind under the favourite’s tag which will be revisited for the remainder of his life. The fish will also take its place in the history of our club as one of the super heavyweights we all strive to capture! As you can see it was in great shape-priceless!

Nice one George!

Photo 02 - White hills persist!
A formal response to the Wild Fisheries Review!

You will remember a few weeks back we brought the review to your notice. It proposes a new structure for fisheries management with the objectives of improving accountability, fishery management and widening the focus of the area fishery boards. The review seeks to expand the focus of the area boards placing more emphasis on other species of fish such as Trout and Pike.

We absolutely must put in a response to these proposals to neglect this would be a gross dereliction of duty! These proposals will shape the future of our sport in Scotland and our voice must be heard. There will be differing views that is certain but nonetheless we will collate a response based on the majority of views received from our members. The Scottish Government have given us an opportunity to greatly improve the management of our wild fisheries we must seize the opportunity with both hands!

So we are asking for your views on the review whatever they may be and from the responses we receive we will formulate our response. The main areas on which we would seek your response are on the possible introduction of a rod licence as a means of generating revenue to expand the scope of the area boards. The shifting of focus from Salmon on to other freshwater species.

However please feel free to comment on any other aspect of the review which you feel directly affects you and other anglers. We would hope to put together a club response by the end of February so please get your responses to me by then. We will acknowledge receipt of all responses and will copy the final response to each of you as well as publishing it here. This will allow any member time to submit a personal response if theirs is at variance with ours. The report can be viewed by clicking the link- 

Good Wishes!

I was saddened to hear yesterday that our recommended dealer in Galashiels has taken ill. Tom Hardy is the lynchpin of Gala Angling Association and has done more than most to further the sport of angling. Of course this means the outlet will be closed for a spell but if you are looking for some tackle you need not worry. If you need quality items in a short time you should pay a visit to the Border Gunroom in St Boswells a very well stocked shop and knowledgeable vendor awaits. Of course if your needs are less urgent why not visit- you can browse a huge amount of tackle whilst warming your feet by the fire! Naturally our good wishes go to Tom for a speedy recovery for angling in the Borders is poorer with his absence!

The wider world in my view!

A good day for Scotland!

The latest polls coming out on the voting intentions of the Scottish people show that the huge grasp of the SNP has not diminished in fact it is up by two points giving the SNP a predicted 49 seats with Labour on 9 the Tories wiped out and the Lib – Dem puppets on 1. This would be a great result for Scots and may give the SNP in Westminster led by Alex Salmond a pivotal role in government.

It is clear there is a huge resurgence in support for independence with those who made that catastrophic mistake on September the 18th now realising the massive error of their actions! Possible outcomes are at best a Labour government in minority needing the SNP to govern effectively. In such a case it is likely independence will result at the end of that parliament.

Another less palatable outcome is a minority Tory administration propped up by the Ulster Unionists or UKIP or both! The resulting government would be illegitimate in our country with no one in Scotland having voted for them! This is a classic scenario that would allow the Scottish people to dump the posh boys and take on the running of Scotland! This would leave the posh boys to govern with legitimacy over those who voted for them the English!

Now don’t get me wrong, a possible five further years of Tory rule would be cataclysmic with the poor and disabled taking an absolute battering therefore if this situation came about we would need to lobby any flagging SNP MP to make the break sooner rather than later! Alex Salmond will be instrumental in this! If a referendum on the EU led to the UK leaving would also be a further trigger point giving us the right to leave the UK!

Now let me make it clear I have no beef with the English, indeed have good friends who are English! However after the fall (Hurrah) of Butcher Thatches Scotland has no truck with Tories and it will and must remain thus! The situation is simply people will get the government they voted for and the English largely vote Tory!  Notice that I have not mentioned the Puppets, that’s because there will only be a smattering of them after the election and they will be bruised and battered as they deserve to be!

Focussing on the political scene will need to be done with steely determination if we are to achieve our aim of independence! The Scottish Labour party have been revitalised with the arrival of Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale but for them it’s too little too late! A pair of fine politicians but they are agents of a spent political party. A diluted form of Tory dogma where all the honourable aspects of previous eras are consigned to history!

Once again our future will be in our own hands, we must act with endeavour and diligence if the mistake of September the 18th is to be put right! Do not waver,vote SNP on May 9th!

Holocaust Memorial Day!

Tomorrow the 27th of January marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Red Army in 1945. One of the biggest crimes if not the biggest in the history of humanity saw the murderous Bosch sink to humanities lowest point. With the aim of wiping out a complete race they planned, set up and carried out deliberate extermination of millions of men women and children! Six million murdered and countless millions physically and psychologically destroyed!

To the deniers, Jail them! To the scoffers educate them, to all the right thinking people who acknowledge the horrific event, praise them and to all who lost their lives or underwent sadistic torture at the hand of the brutish Bosch remember them! The Bosch were the first, but there have been many atrocities since. I don’t believe that we will ever learn but for those who come later we must never forget! R.I.P

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