Sunday, 11 January 2015

First Pike of 2015!


 Photo 01 - Fraser with the first of the year!

First Pike of 2015 nailed!

Last week I thought we were still looking for the first catch of 2015 and even at that time the first one had been caught and safely returned. Yes winner of the Heavy Pike competition Fraser Patterson caught and landed a nice 5 pounder on the 2nd of January. On his first expedition of the year Fraser opens his account for 2015. Fought like a Trojan and was not keen to come to the net but then that’s the way with all our Pike wild and free, their aim is to keep it that way! No “plastic Pike” fishing on these lochs!

Fish & learn!

Many years ago when I first took up angling with my 9ft split cane rod I held certain preconceived ideas about what was best to achieve the aims I held. Of course one of the aims of angling is catching a fish now and then. Of course there is much more to angling than catching fish, the sport permeates through your whole lifestyle and influences everything you do!

However specifically to the mechanics of angling it was always my belief that when facing a heavy wind it was always best to step up a couple of line sizes in order to punch through the wind the heavier line being deflected by the ind. Similarly when fishing more restricted water in terms of overgrown vegetation narrower stream of water a lighter line size would be of benefit.

Now I held these beliefs for a number of years until I bought a book by Lefty Kreh on casting in fly fishing. He postulated that the opposite of what I thought was the best way forward! In short he proposed that using a lighter flyline in windy conditions will allow a fly to be cast further due to the smaller line diameter cutting through the wind easier by less wind resistance! Naturally I tested this and using a size 8 line my normal choice for windy conditions I was not able to reach the point I attained with a size 6 my now normal choice for windy conditions.

On smaller waters after reading his words of wisdom I immediately knew he was correct as I had always struggled with a size 4 line and on testing it against a size 6 the cast with the heavier line was better presented and more accurate. These are just a couple of aspects where a little research has assisted my angling technique! Perhaps we all should use the winter months to evaluate our practice and why not get out and catch some Grayling, its easy fishing and good fun to boot if you can get near the water!


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Image 01 - One of the offending cartoons
The wider world in my view!

Je suis Charlie!

No one could have missed the absolutely horrific and tragic events that took place a few days ago in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket. The siege that took place brought Paris to a halt and captivated the world audience.  The perpetrators claimed to be acting on behalf of the Islamic state or Al Qaeda acting in the most brutal manner which may have brought about a new and less welcoming attitude to any of the Muslim religion!

Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine which pokes fun at many in the establishment and in a free country is permitted to do so! They do not target the Muslim religion in isolation, they have on many occasions run campaigns against the Roman Catholic faith indeed this is the main focus of their activities, yet did you ever see a campaign of terror being carried out by the Knights of St Columba in retribution!

The misguided and probably brainwashed four involved claimed to be fighting a war on behalf of the prophet Mohamed but what took place has no semblance to a war! These were acts of cowardice carried out on innocent people going about their daily business, the only bravery involved was that displayed by the hostages and militia!

The moment hostages were taken the lives of every single one of them were in great peril, these terrorists specialise in cold blooded killing! No matter the tactics of the militia there were going to be significant numbers of dead and injured and so it has been! They callous killers had taken offence at the cartoon shown above published in the magazine!

Now an undisputed fact is that these killers all claim to be acting in the Muslim faith and it is clear that the majority of terrorist crimes stem from this faith! I have no doubt that the vast majority of Muslims are good right thinking people but there is a significant rogue element and the problem is how to deal with this faction.

My own view is that the Muslims do not decry the activities of these killers in a voice that can be heard. Oh yes there are softly spoken rebuttals but when did you see a mass march outlawing the killers! There is now a period of time during which the world expects to see a show of force from Muslims putting their own house in order so to speak! Failure to do this will see a huge change in the relations with the Muslim community which would be a terrible step backwards!

Of course this is already happening covertly with the coming to prominence of UKIP here and the National Front in France but it will not end there. The lines between Islamism and extremism are now becoming blurred. So great was the outrage at the recent events that governments will be pushed into action. Political correctness will be consigned to the bin where it should remain. Already there is talk of anyone suspected of being involved in terrorist activity being interned in holding camps as happened to Germans during World War 2! Deportation of all convicted of terror offences sending them back to their roots is another possibility. Tomorrow will never be like yesterday!

I can do nothing but applaud the manner in which the French militia wiped out these cretins shooting them down like mad dogs it’s more than they deserved! The socialist government acted is a proper fashion quickly mobilising around 80,000 army and police personnel! Of course there is still a female terrorist at large but on the events of the last few days once found she will be neutralised on sight without further ado!

There will be of course a post mortem and mistakes will have been made but the bottom line is that even in this country automatic weaponry is readily available, evidenced by the newspaper reporter who bought a Kalashnikov with a box of ammunition for £200.00! Such attacks will continue and the worry in this country with our hacked back police force, diminished army and the dummy’s who supposedly run the country we would not fare as well as the French! Israel is watching events closely following the killings in the kosher supermarket! Irrespective of what takes place a can of worms has been opened and it is one that cannot be closed easily, Muslims are alienating themselves they need to realise this and take swift action to remedy this!

They thought to wipe out Charlie Hebdo, instead they have immortalised it and the next issue instead of being 60,000 copies will be over a million! We value our free speech, it is vital with the incompetents currently in government! Heartless cold blooded killers like those mentioned cannot be allowed to win! Je suis Charlie!

Shame on the weak British press for not reproducing the cartoon in their papers. Newspapers all over Europe had it emblazoned on front page!

Why we need to get the posh boys out!

It’s all coming to a head the interminable bungling, the oppressive policies against the poor, the dismantling of the state, the increase in inequality and the destruction of the NHS in England! Yes their policies or “long term plan” is finally unravelling leaving the country in tatters! It’s really quite simple when you start slashing the budgets of public agencies there will be deterioration in the services available and that brings us to our current position!

The latest assault on the working classes is to make taking strike action more difficult moving the balance of power over to employers! Taking strike action is the ultimate sanction open to the working man when he loses this he loses everything. Rights are quickly being eradicated you now have to pay a significant amount of money to take an employer to an industrial tribunal and legal aid is virtually unobtainable!

We must get rid of these buffoons before we are transported back to the 1800s! It must be clear to everyone by now that this administration seeks only to line the pockets of the rich at the expense of the poor we cannot allow this to continue!

Voting for Labour would achieve the aim of rooting out the posh boys but the diddys put into power would see us little better off! A Con-Dem coalition would be an unmitigated disaster though this is unlikely as Puppet Clegg and his band of puppets are heading for planet oblivion! Staying with the UK in whatever permutation will see us in the ever worsening mess we currently endure!

We must set in motion steps that will see us break away and set up as an independent state! Quite frankly the alternative is viciously unpalatable! Already the Scottish government are lessening inequality by nullifying the bed tax giving more to the less well off via the land reform act and if more powers can be obtained in the short term will do much more! The long term goal however is to leave behind the Westminster lot to the people who voted them in the English!

For Scots who want a future for those who come later, there is only one vote and that is vote for the Scottish National Party!

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