Sunday, 4 January 2015

Be careful what you wish for.....!

Photo 01 - Beautiful sunset yesterday!
Be careful what you wish for!

Now the festivities are over thoughts are once again focussed on the fishing. Now if you are anything like me you will be hoping for some increased good fortune with some aspect relating to your angling. Utopia, the perfect society that many strive for but no one attains. It’s just a dream and only that! Similarly with angling the perfect season will never occur it’s just a pipe dream. If you think back over all your angling experiences there were undoubtedly some great moments and some you would class less so!

You might wish for more prolific rises to the fly with most casts taking a fish but then it would become too easy and the challenge would be gone. You might wish for more stable weather to allow year round fishing but then the joy of arriving at the waterside after Mother Nature has imposed a break would be gone!

You might wish for bigger fish but if you did and your wish was granted then the thrill of catching the odd big fish would diminish as big fish became the mundane norm. How about divine knowledge so you knew where the fish were, what they were taking and the best way to present your bait. If you knew these things instinctively then the pre assault thinking with a flood of ideas would be no more, the thought processes in trying to work out your tactics would be nullified. You could wish for many things in the coming year but each and every thing you wished for would lessen the enjoyment of your angling!

The “plastic” pike lads intent on catching big fish at any cost know nothing of the joy in catching a wild fish in the twenty pound range for they only have to bang a bait in anywhere on their pond and the chances of hooking a soft, flabby twenty are high! They do not have to angle for their fish like the wild fish angler so dense and stupid are the fish!  A photo of a “plastic” thirty is not even the equal of a wild two pounder! In keeping with the above “plastic” fishing makes the task easier and less enjoyable, it detracts from the true meaning of angling!

All the above which we sometimes wish we had are not heighteners of enjoyment they are in fact detractors! We need all the things that do not make our outings perfect to keep our minds active to explore new ways of going about the task in hand and make accomplishment of that task a fulfilling one. We need to be constantly tested to ensure that we give the best account of ourselves to come home and say with some honesty - that was a hard days fishing! We should not wish for too much lest we get it and our fishing becomes less of a challenge and us lesser beings because of it! That which is won too easily is not worth having!

Oh and got a strong run yesterday on the Pike rods but you know what I lost it! Think I will start compiling a wish list of things that need changing!

Photo 02 - A hungry Robin!
The last pike of 2014 and the first of 2015!

The New Year has begun and only one of the above challenges remains to be completed. It looks like my fourteen was the last caught by club members but as yet no one has had a Pike in 2015. I lost one yesterday but that doesn’t count and neither Stevie nor Les managed a bite yesterday. So the race is on for the first one. Get them rods in the water!

The wider world in my view!

The Scottish position!

I was interested to read the latest “Survation” poll on the voting intentions of a cross section of the people of Scotland. There has only been a slight change in voting intentions with the SNP gaining a further 0.5% over the others making the projections in Scotland as follows in terms of seats –

SNP 47 seats, Labour 11 seats, Tories 0 seats, Lib – Dem Puppets 1 seat (Puppet Carmichael) others 0 seats. The people of Scotland are poised to reject the Tories and the Puppets - Hurrah! It now looks as though an arm breaking deal with Labour in Westminster is a real possibility with the price being Scottish independence at the end of the parliament. The sustained surge in support for the Scottish government bodes well for the Scottish people the Scottish government has been a real boon for Scotland and this is now becoming apparent to the people of Scotland! Many who made the error of voting against independence are now realising the mistake they made as the Westminster bunglers plunge us further into the abyss!

Growing inequality, more low quality "jobs", no increase in manufacturing, massive increases in poverty and the restoration of Butcher Thatcher’s "greed is good society"! It’s a desperate situation, the state which has been painstakingly built up over the years is being systematically destroyed taking away the safety net for the weak and disabled in our society! All that this says is that as a society we are failing miserably!

Things are only going to get worse as the puffed up directionless posh boys take us one way then another as we stumble onwards on the road to hell! Voting Labour is now in the same category as voting for a puppet or a Tory, a wasted vote! We must have the courage to vote for what is best for Scotland. The Scottish government is not perfect by any means, no government is or ever will be! They are at least trying to address the main issues that confront us which is more than any of the others are doing. The choice is a Dickensian society and directionless bungling or good government and a more equal society, the choice is yours!


Let the carnival begin!

We are only a few days into 2015 and already the political parties are telling the electorate why we should vote for them! Fair enough this time around as in four months we will be asked who we want to run the country such as it is! There will be exaggerations, mistruths and damned lies with some indulging in bully boy tactics to intimidate others!

The Tories are the first to wade in with a few blatant lies smothered with statements that are nothing other than flannel and mistruths! Their most obvious lie is that the defecit has now moved from the oft quoted term of a third to the apparent overnight success of the defecit reduction now being halved as initially reported by minister without a clue Gideon Osborne! Of course it is nothing like being halved it is barely staying at one third as they are borrowing more than ever, the only thing changing is the way the figure is expressed making the Tories look better than they are, a strategy employed across all of their policies!

You can rest assured they will mention the new jobs created but will neglect to mention that alongside this the numbers of working poor has exploded so poor are the quality of these jobs. They will mention how the living standards of the upper middle classes and the filthy rich have improved but fail to highlight the fate of the massively increasing numbers of poor people.

They will bang on about their welfare reforms saving the country’s resources and allowing more of the money earned by “hardworking families” to stay with them! They will neglect to mention that spending on welfare has gone up and that their “forward looking reforms” are nowhere near to being completed with the resultant massively increased bill due to hitherto unseen bungling being delayed! They will tell you how their NHS reforms have transformed health care, and they have moving from adequate to desperate but will neglect to mention the staffing and low morale crisis generated by their ill advised and pointless reforms!

They promised to cut immigration no is or buts – FAIL, they promised to wipe out the defecit in this parliament – FAIL, they promised to cut welfare spending – FAIL, they promised to help the poor - FAIL! Broken promises, lies, deception and pure unadulterated bungling that are the sum total of this government.

They started with the legendary Omnishambles budget that portrayed us as fools on the world’s stage and everyone thought things can only get better, how wrong we were! Yes and this is only a taster there is much worse to come! The worrying thing is that although the campaign has only just started already the Tories are churning out lies! It begs the question of honesty in politics or rather the lack of it! If Lord Snooty et al are already marking themselves as blatant liars what then can we expect from them in the future! Snooty has set out his stall and it is balanced on the pivot of dishonesty! The Tories are basing their campaign on dishonesty and broken promises, we should keep this in mind come voting day!



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