Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nice one George!

Photo 01 - A very fine Brown Trout!
Nice one George!

The wee loch is often dismissed in favour of the larger deeper and more well known St Mary’s, however yesterday new member George Clark (above) reminded us all of the folly of adopting such a view! George also managed a couple of Pike on dead baits and instead of sitting down in contemplation decided to fish some lures in the vicinity of his set rods.

There was a good reason George was fishing the bottom of the Lowes. A few weeks earlier he had noted a commotion amongst some ducks and suspected a Pike attack. Since the ducks seem to be stationed there he thought a lure in the general area might be productive and so the scene was set!

After some time casting with no real sign of interest there was a bang and the rod hooped over and George thought it was one of the lochs hard fighting Pike. He was impressed by the ferocity of the runs made by the hooked fish but for the fact his clutch was properly set it would have broken him for certain! After around 5 minutes of giving and taking line the fish slid over the rim of the net.

He did not have scales but luckily loch keeper Mr Xxxxx was on hand with a set of digital scales and the fish was duly weighed and photographed. Four pounds and fifteen ounces registered on the scales and the arrival of that figure created a file in George’s mind under the favourite’s tag which will be revisited for the remainder of his life. The fish will also take its place in the history of our club as one of the super heavyweights we all strive to capture! As you can see it was in great shape-priceless!

Nice one George!

Photo 02 - White hills persist!
A formal response to the Wild Fisheries Review!

You will remember a few weeks back we brought the review to your notice. It proposes a new structure for fisheries management with the objectives of improving accountability, fishery management and widening the focus of the area fishery boards. The review seeks to expand the focus of the area boards placing more emphasis on other species of fish such as Trout and Pike.

We absolutely must put in a response to these proposals to neglect this would be a gross dereliction of duty! These proposals will shape the future of our sport in Scotland and our voice must be heard. There will be differing views that is certain but nonetheless we will collate a response based on the majority of views received from our members. The Scottish Government have given us an opportunity to greatly improve the management of our wild fisheries we must seize the opportunity with both hands!

So we are asking for your views on the review whatever they may be and from the responses we receive we will formulate our response. The main areas on which we would seek your response are on the possible introduction of a rod licence as a means of generating revenue to expand the scope of the area boards. The shifting of focus from Salmon on to other freshwater species.

However please feel free to comment on any other aspect of the review which you feel directly affects you and other anglers. We would hope to put together a club response by the end of February so please get your responses to me by then. We will acknowledge receipt of all responses and will copy the final response to each of you as well as publishing it here. This will allow any member time to submit a personal response if theirs is at variance with ours. The report can be viewed by clicking the link- 

Good Wishes!

I was saddened to hear yesterday that our recommended dealer in Galashiels has taken ill. Tom Hardy is the lynchpin of Gala Angling Association and has done more than most to further the sport of angling. Of course this means the outlet will be closed for a spell but if you are looking for some tackle you need not worry. If you need quality items in a short time you should pay a visit to the Border Gunroom in St Boswells a very well stocked shop and knowledgeable vendor awaits. Of course if your needs are less urgent why not visit- you can browse a huge amount of tackle whilst warming your feet by the fire! Naturally our good wishes go to Tom for a speedy recovery for angling in the Borders is poorer with his absence!

The wider world in my view!

A good day for Scotland!

The latest polls coming out on the voting intentions of the Scottish people show that the huge grasp of the SNP has not diminished in fact it is up by two points giving the SNP a predicted 49 seats with Labour on 9 the Tories wiped out and the Lib – Dem puppets on 1. This would be a great result for Scots and may give the SNP in Westminster led by Alex Salmond a pivotal role in government.

It is clear there is a huge resurgence in support for independence with those who made that catastrophic mistake on September the 18th now realising the massive error of their actions! Possible outcomes are at best a Labour government in minority needing the SNP to govern effectively. In such a case it is likely independence will result at the end of that parliament.

Another less palatable outcome is a minority Tory administration propped up by the Ulster Unionists or UKIP or both! The resulting government would be illegitimate in our country with no one in Scotland having voted for them! This is a classic scenario that would allow the Scottish people to dump the posh boys and take on the running of Scotland! This would leave the posh boys to govern with legitimacy over those who voted for them the English!

Now don’t get me wrong, a possible five further years of Tory rule would be cataclysmic with the poor and disabled taking an absolute battering therefore if this situation came about we would need to lobby any flagging SNP MP to make the break sooner rather than later! Alex Salmond will be instrumental in this! If a referendum on the EU led to the UK leaving would also be a further trigger point giving us the right to leave the UK!

Now let me make it clear I have no beef with the English, indeed have good friends who are English! However after the fall (Hurrah) of Butcher Thatches Scotland has no truck with Tories and it will and must remain thus! The situation is simply people will get the government they voted for and the English largely vote Tory!  Notice that I have not mentioned the Puppets, that’s because there will only be a smattering of them after the election and they will be bruised and battered as they deserve to be!

Focussing on the political scene will need to be done with steely determination if we are to achieve our aim of independence! The Scottish Labour party have been revitalised with the arrival of Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale but for them it’s too little too late! A pair of fine politicians but they are agents of a spent political party. A diluted form of Tory dogma where all the honourable aspects of previous eras are consigned to history!

Once again our future will be in our own hands, we must act with endeavour and diligence if the mistake of September the 18th is to be put right! Do not waver,vote SNP on May 9th!

Holocaust Memorial Day!

Tomorrow the 27th of January marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau by the Red Army in 1945. One of the biggest crimes if not the biggest in the history of humanity saw the murderous Bosch sink to humanities lowest point. With the aim of wiping out a complete race they planned, set up and carried out deliberate extermination of millions of men women and children! Six million murdered and countless millions physically and psychologically destroyed!

To the deniers, Jail them! To the scoffers educate them, to all the right thinking people who acknowledge the horrific event, praise them and to all who lost their lives or underwent sadistic torture at the hand of the brutish Bosch remember them! The Bosch were the first, but there have been many atrocities since. I don’t believe that we will ever learn but for those who come later we must never forget! R.I.P

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Tweed Invasives Project!

Photo 01 - The road to the loch yesterday!
The Tweed Invasives project!

Many of you will not have heard of this body but it is a sizeable outfit who work on the habitat in the tweed catchment. Their mission statement - "to promote the sustainable use of the whole of the Tweed catchment through holistic and integrated management and planning". One of their current projects concerns all angling clubs and it is specifically to manage the spread of non native introduced plant species that have established in the catchment.

Everyone will have heard of Giant Hogweed which has established itself all over the area and usually makes the headlines following people coming into contact with its leaver which can lead to a serious reaction culminating in blistering of the skin and inflammation which can persist for a time.

Another which is spreading at an alarming rate on the banks of the Tweed is the more colourful Himalayan balsam which appears later in the season and is a welcome source of food for pollinators when much of their food supply has disappeared. The plant may be known to you by the term policeman’s helmet and produces seed pods that when ripe explode with great power dispersing the seeds a considerable distance away from the plant.

These invasives as well as being dangerous in the case of giant hogweed smother out the natural flora and with that some of the natural fauna. Himalayan Balsam is nice to look at when all else is grey but it spreads very quickly and dies back completely lending the banks of the watercourse subject to erosion! There are almost a dozen invasive plants that need to be controlled and rather than list them here with photos we include a link to all the species causing concern at the end of the post.

We do not currently have any of these species around the lochs and we need to be aware of any establishment of these plants as they will have a detrimental effect on our habitat and stock of fish! Have a look at the forums deliberations on invasives and do please tell them if you come across any such plants.

Image 01 - Himalayan Balsam nice but unwanted!
ALDI bargains!

The bargains are now appearing two or three times a year so popular are they. This week the focus is on winter clothing and with the temperatures about to plummet you should nip down today to check them out. Aldi is rapidly developing a name for quality and their products in the main are absolutely first rate!

Image 02-Snowberry another unwanted plant!
The wider world in my view!

Jesu is Charlie!

Last week’s post received a record amount of visits for a day with an astonishing 441 people visiting on Monday with a large number from France! Whilst the first Pike of 2015 will be a worthy feat attracting many visitors it would not attract visitors in such numbers. I had a look at the keywords used and Jesu is Charlie was at the top by a long chalk.

The events united France and brought together people all over the world with the march in Paris attracting millions of people in a demonstration of solidarity against terrorism! The goal of the terrorists thwarted completely, and waking up other countries with terror arrests in France, Belgium and Germany! It is exactly as I stated last week that there would be renewed interest in people suspected of involvement however small in terrorist activity!

There will now be a difference in how westerners view the Muslim community and whilst this is sad it is only to be expected, a similar circumstance occurred with Germans living in Britain during WW2! Still there is silence in real terms from the Muslim community and this must change if relations are to be normalised. Restitution must come from that community, not from the PC police who barge in and tell us how to believe and behave! There will be further crackdowns this week as even more are arrested and questioned as to their involvement in such activities!

There is no easy solution into what is an ever building problem, the PC brigade call for tolerance, the right wing MPs call for mass deportation and the ordinary man in the street is left bewildered! The only thing we can do is place our faith in the security services and hope that in spite of the Con-Dem cuts they have enough resources to combat the threat. I am assuming our visitors were seeking support and cohesion, if however they were terrorists then what you have just read was my valedictory speech!

Jesu is Charlie!

The big debate!

The last one drew record audiences pipping favourites like Coronation Street and Eastenders which in itself is no mean feat. The television debate between the three duds of that time control freak Gordon Brown, Lord Snooty and lying Puppet Clegg. It was on thinking back a good two hours of entertainment as each of them tied themselves in knots and eventually fell into the holes they had dug for themselves.

This year the circus is in doubt following Lord Snooty’s declaration that he will not take part if the Greens are excluded which is the situation currently. The inclusion of the greens and others is currently out to consultation and it may be that they will be included is some format. Of course Lord Snooty is correct every party should be included but instead of attracting praise for his stance it has attracted only derision!

The reason is quite simple, this is merely Lord Snooty’s attempt to get out of a potential shoot out with Nigel Farage with the likely outcome of him being humiliated in front of a huge television audience! Yes there is no moral stance here simply self preservation! Lord Snooty is clothed in yellow as all cowards should be, he is a weak blundering fool who in nearly five years has decimated our way of living giving more to the rich and less to the poor!

All the political parties should of course be involved in these debates as for the first time in a long time all are capable of gaining MPs in Westminster! Even though such a format would allow lying Puppet Clegg to spout forth another barrage of mistruths it must go ahead! Surely the TV companies have the wherewithal to come up with a format that allows all the minor parties a chance to debate their opponents and give the public a chance to see them perform.

There is nothing in these debates for Lord Snooty to gain but everything to lose and he will try anything to avoid taking part! A memo from Tory head office instructs MPs not to talk of immigration, the NHS or Europe but constantly talk about the economy! Is it any wonder Tory MPs are furious with Snooty for deflecting focus on to a debate about debates! If Lord Snooty refuses to take part then the debates should go ahead with an empty seat occupied by a tarot card specifically the one depicting the fool! It is imperative that Snooty’s policies are exposed including the economy for contrary to what he would have us believe we are nowhere near being out of the woods and worse we are hurtling at speed towards massive inequality! Lord Snooty’s latest uttering calling for companies to give their employees a rise is just typical of this “Omnishambles” "big society" government! What right thinking company would take on a fixed outgoing in the form of increased wages on the back of a volatile oil price that could rocket tomorrow! For the sake of the country these clowns need to be ousted!

More to be done!

The cry from Lord Snooty when confronted by any occurrence in the drug scene that leads to death or serious infirmity! Compared to the rest of Europe we have double the amount of drug deaths and still they claim their policy is working. The flow of drugs into the country continues unabated with new contaminants used to "cut" the drugs being discovered regularly! Of course in more subdued tones comes the oft used phrase that ends every single Tory policy “there is still more to be done”!

Other countries seem to fare much better irrespective of their policies and it is clear the Tory policy is not working in spite of Lord Snooty's protestations! Looking at Holland where cannabis use is tolerated and indeed controlled, the situation seems much more relaxed. People go to the licenced cafes select their poison and indulge in a safe environment. It seems very civilised but I suspect not without its problems!

Those who inject hard drugs such as heroin go to booths staffed by harm reduction personnel and are given a clean area to do what they must and at that time given contact points for help should they feel they need it! One project actually supplies pharmaceutical Diamorphine.  By regulating supply they cut out the need to visit dealers and remove the harm that comes from injecting the adulterants used to cut the drug and maximise dealer profits!

I am not advocating the legalisation of all drugs simply because I do not have the expertise to do so. But what must be clear to all is that the current system is not working, people will take drugs no matter the consequences! More research is needed with more attention to the workings in other countries to see if some of those programmes may be suited to this country. The supply of illegal drugs will never be controlled under our current system, does it not then seem reasonable to formally regulate supply putting the dealers out of business and offering users a clean supply of drugs with all the counselling services in a one stop shop! As Lord Snooty is often heard to say “there is more to be done “and the message to him is stop dithering, go out and do it now!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

First Pike of 2015!


 Photo 01 - Fraser with the first of the year!

First Pike of 2015 nailed!

Last week I thought we were still looking for the first catch of 2015 and even at that time the first one had been caught and safely returned. Yes winner of the Heavy Pike competition Fraser Patterson caught and landed a nice 5 pounder on the 2nd of January. On his first expedition of the year Fraser opens his account for 2015. Fought like a Trojan and was not keen to come to the net but then that’s the way with all our Pike wild and free, their aim is to keep it that way! No “plastic Pike” fishing on these lochs!

Fish & learn!

Many years ago when I first took up angling with my 9ft split cane rod I held certain preconceived ideas about what was best to achieve the aims I held. Of course one of the aims of angling is catching a fish now and then. Of course there is much more to angling than catching fish, the sport permeates through your whole lifestyle and influences everything you do!

However specifically to the mechanics of angling it was always my belief that when facing a heavy wind it was always best to step up a couple of line sizes in order to punch through the wind the heavier line being deflected by the ind. Similarly when fishing more restricted water in terms of overgrown vegetation narrower stream of water a lighter line size would be of benefit.

Now I held these beliefs for a number of years until I bought a book by Lefty Kreh on casting in fly fishing. He postulated that the opposite of what I thought was the best way forward! In short he proposed that using a lighter flyline in windy conditions will allow a fly to be cast further due to the smaller line diameter cutting through the wind easier by less wind resistance! Naturally I tested this and using a size 8 line my normal choice for windy conditions I was not able to reach the point I attained with a size 6 my now normal choice for windy conditions.

On smaller waters after reading his words of wisdom I immediately knew he was correct as I had always struggled with a size 4 line and on testing it against a size 6 the cast with the heavier line was better presented and more accurate. These are just a couple of aspects where a little research has assisted my angling technique! Perhaps we all should use the winter months to evaluate our practice and why not get out and catch some Grayling, its easy fishing and good fun to boot if you can get near the water!


Just a quick reminder to tell you that membership subscription must be paid before the 15th of February. Failure to renew before this time will lead to the £20.00 administration fee being applied.

Top picks from Fishers Direct!

This week have a look at the Vision Keeper breathable waders with wading boots thrown in free -

Why not treat yourself to a very reasonable rod from the Shakespeare stable the 12ft Sigma Pike rod 3lbs test.

A great buy for fly anglers is the Greys fly line in your choice of size and function at only £22.99 bargain or what!

Remember you can pick up the items mail order and it will be with you well before the weekend!

Image 01 - One of the offending cartoons
The wider world in my view!

Je suis Charlie!

No one could have missed the absolutely horrific and tragic events that took place a few days ago in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket. The siege that took place brought Paris to a halt and captivated the world audience.  The perpetrators claimed to be acting on behalf of the Islamic state or Al Qaeda acting in the most brutal manner which may have brought about a new and less welcoming attitude to any of the Muslim religion!

Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine which pokes fun at many in the establishment and in a free country is permitted to do so! They do not target the Muslim religion in isolation, they have on many occasions run campaigns against the Roman Catholic faith indeed this is the main focus of their activities, yet did you ever see a campaign of terror being carried out by the Knights of St Columba in retribution!

The misguided and probably brainwashed four involved claimed to be fighting a war on behalf of the prophet Mohamed but what took place has no semblance to a war! These were acts of cowardice carried out on innocent people going about their daily business, the only bravery involved was that displayed by the hostages and militia!

The moment hostages were taken the lives of every single one of them were in great peril, these terrorists specialise in cold blooded killing! No matter the tactics of the militia there were going to be significant numbers of dead and injured and so it has been! They callous killers had taken offence at the cartoon shown above published in the magazine!

Now an undisputed fact is that these killers all claim to be acting in the Muslim faith and it is clear that the majority of terrorist crimes stem from this faith! I have no doubt that the vast majority of Muslims are good right thinking people but there is a significant rogue element and the problem is how to deal with this faction.

My own view is that the Muslims do not decry the activities of these killers in a voice that can be heard. Oh yes there are softly spoken rebuttals but when did you see a mass march outlawing the killers! There is now a period of time during which the world expects to see a show of force from Muslims putting their own house in order so to speak! Failure to do this will see a huge change in the relations with the Muslim community which would be a terrible step backwards!

Of course this is already happening covertly with the coming to prominence of UKIP here and the National Front in France but it will not end there. The lines between Islamism and extremism are now becoming blurred. So great was the outrage at the recent events that governments will be pushed into action. Political correctness will be consigned to the bin where it should remain. Already there is talk of anyone suspected of being involved in terrorist activity being interned in holding camps as happened to Germans during World War 2! Deportation of all convicted of terror offences sending them back to their roots is another possibility. Tomorrow will never be like yesterday!

I can do nothing but applaud the manner in which the French militia wiped out these cretins shooting them down like mad dogs it’s more than they deserved! The socialist government acted is a proper fashion quickly mobilising around 80,000 army and police personnel! Of course there is still a female terrorist at large but on the events of the last few days once found she will be neutralised on sight without further ado!

There will be of course a post mortem and mistakes will have been made but the bottom line is that even in this country automatic weaponry is readily available, evidenced by the newspaper reporter who bought a Kalashnikov with a box of ammunition for £200.00! Such attacks will continue and the worry in this country with our hacked back police force, diminished army and the dummy’s who supposedly run the country we would not fare as well as the French! Israel is watching events closely following the killings in the kosher supermarket! Irrespective of what takes place a can of worms has been opened and it is one that cannot be closed easily, Muslims are alienating themselves they need to realise this and take swift action to remedy this!

They thought to wipe out Charlie Hebdo, instead they have immortalised it and the next issue instead of being 60,000 copies will be over a million! We value our free speech, it is vital with the incompetents currently in government! Heartless cold blooded killers like those mentioned cannot be allowed to win! Je suis Charlie!

Shame on the weak British press for not reproducing the cartoon in their papers. Newspapers all over Europe had it emblazoned on front page!

Why we need to get the posh boys out!

It’s all coming to a head the interminable bungling, the oppressive policies against the poor, the dismantling of the state, the increase in inequality and the destruction of the NHS in England! Yes their policies or “long term plan” is finally unravelling leaving the country in tatters! It’s really quite simple when you start slashing the budgets of public agencies there will be deterioration in the services available and that brings us to our current position!

The latest assault on the working classes is to make taking strike action more difficult moving the balance of power over to employers! Taking strike action is the ultimate sanction open to the working man when he loses this he loses everything. Rights are quickly being eradicated you now have to pay a significant amount of money to take an employer to an industrial tribunal and legal aid is virtually unobtainable!

We must get rid of these buffoons before we are transported back to the 1800s! It must be clear to everyone by now that this administration seeks only to line the pockets of the rich at the expense of the poor we cannot allow this to continue!

Voting for Labour would achieve the aim of rooting out the posh boys but the diddys put into power would see us little better off! A Con-Dem coalition would be an unmitigated disaster though this is unlikely as Puppet Clegg and his band of puppets are heading for planet oblivion! Staying with the UK in whatever permutation will see us in the ever worsening mess we currently endure!

We must set in motion steps that will see us break away and set up as an independent state! Quite frankly the alternative is viciously unpalatable! Already the Scottish government are lessening inequality by nullifying the bed tax giving more to the less well off via the land reform act and if more powers can be obtained in the short term will do much more! The long term goal however is to leave behind the Westminster lot to the people who voted them in the English!

For Scots who want a future for those who come later, there is only one vote and that is vote for the Scottish National Party!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Be careful what you wish for.....!

Photo 01 - Beautiful sunset yesterday!
Be careful what you wish for!

Now the festivities are over thoughts are once again focussed on the fishing. Now if you are anything like me you will be hoping for some increased good fortune with some aspect relating to your angling. Utopia, the perfect society that many strive for but no one attains. It’s just a dream and only that! Similarly with angling the perfect season will never occur it’s just a pipe dream. If you think back over all your angling experiences there were undoubtedly some great moments and some you would class less so!

You might wish for more prolific rises to the fly with most casts taking a fish but then it would become too easy and the challenge would be gone. You might wish for more stable weather to allow year round fishing but then the joy of arriving at the waterside after Mother Nature has imposed a break would be gone!

You might wish for bigger fish but if you did and your wish was granted then the thrill of catching the odd big fish would diminish as big fish became the mundane norm. How about divine knowledge so you knew where the fish were, what they were taking and the best way to present your bait. If you knew these things instinctively then the pre assault thinking with a flood of ideas would be no more, the thought processes in trying to work out your tactics would be nullified. You could wish for many things in the coming year but each and every thing you wished for would lessen the enjoyment of your angling!

The “plastic” pike lads intent on catching big fish at any cost know nothing of the joy in catching a wild fish in the twenty pound range for they only have to bang a bait in anywhere on their pond and the chances of hooking a soft, flabby twenty are high! They do not have to angle for their fish like the wild fish angler so dense and stupid are the fish!  A photo of a “plastic” thirty is not even the equal of a wild two pounder! In keeping with the above “plastic” fishing makes the task easier and less enjoyable, it detracts from the true meaning of angling!

All the above which we sometimes wish we had are not heighteners of enjoyment they are in fact detractors! We need all the things that do not make our outings perfect to keep our minds active to explore new ways of going about the task in hand and make accomplishment of that task a fulfilling one. We need to be constantly tested to ensure that we give the best account of ourselves to come home and say with some honesty - that was a hard days fishing! We should not wish for too much lest we get it and our fishing becomes less of a challenge and us lesser beings because of it! That which is won too easily is not worth having!

Oh and got a strong run yesterday on the Pike rods but you know what I lost it! Think I will start compiling a wish list of things that need changing!

Photo 02 - A hungry Robin!
The last pike of 2014 and the first of 2015!

The New Year has begun and only one of the above challenges remains to be completed. It looks like my fourteen was the last caught by club members but as yet no one has had a Pike in 2015. I lost one yesterday but that doesn’t count and neither Stevie nor Les managed a bite yesterday. So the race is on for the first one. Get them rods in the water!

The wider world in my view!

The Scottish position!

I was interested to read the latest “Survation” poll on the voting intentions of a cross section of the people of Scotland. There has only been a slight change in voting intentions with the SNP gaining a further 0.5% over the others making the projections in Scotland as follows in terms of seats –

SNP 47 seats, Labour 11 seats, Tories 0 seats, Lib – Dem Puppets 1 seat (Puppet Carmichael) others 0 seats. The people of Scotland are poised to reject the Tories and the Puppets - Hurrah! It now looks as though an arm breaking deal with Labour in Westminster is a real possibility with the price being Scottish independence at the end of the parliament. The sustained surge in support for the Scottish government bodes well for the Scottish people the Scottish government has been a real boon for Scotland and this is now becoming apparent to the people of Scotland! Many who made the error of voting against independence are now realising the mistake they made as the Westminster bunglers plunge us further into the abyss!

Growing inequality, more low quality "jobs", no increase in manufacturing, massive increases in poverty and the restoration of Butcher Thatcher’s "greed is good society"! It’s a desperate situation, the state which has been painstakingly built up over the years is being systematically destroyed taking away the safety net for the weak and disabled in our society! All that this says is that as a society we are failing miserably!

Things are only going to get worse as the puffed up directionless posh boys take us one way then another as we stumble onwards on the road to hell! Voting Labour is now in the same category as voting for a puppet or a Tory, a wasted vote! We must have the courage to vote for what is best for Scotland. The Scottish government is not perfect by any means, no government is or ever will be! They are at least trying to address the main issues that confront us which is more than any of the others are doing. The choice is a Dickensian society and directionless bungling or good government and a more equal society, the choice is yours!


Let the carnival begin!

We are only a few days into 2015 and already the political parties are telling the electorate why we should vote for them! Fair enough this time around as in four months we will be asked who we want to run the country such as it is! There will be exaggerations, mistruths and damned lies with some indulging in bully boy tactics to intimidate others!

The Tories are the first to wade in with a few blatant lies smothered with statements that are nothing other than flannel and mistruths! Their most obvious lie is that the defecit has now moved from the oft quoted term of a third to the apparent overnight success of the defecit reduction now being halved as initially reported by minister without a clue Gideon Osborne! Of course it is nothing like being halved it is barely staying at one third as they are borrowing more than ever, the only thing changing is the way the figure is expressed making the Tories look better than they are, a strategy employed across all of their policies!

You can rest assured they will mention the new jobs created but will neglect to mention that alongside this the numbers of working poor has exploded so poor are the quality of these jobs. They will mention how the living standards of the upper middle classes and the filthy rich have improved but fail to highlight the fate of the massively increasing numbers of poor people.

They will bang on about their welfare reforms saving the country’s resources and allowing more of the money earned by “hardworking families” to stay with them! They will neglect to mention that spending on welfare has gone up and that their “forward looking reforms” are nowhere near to being completed with the resultant massively increased bill due to hitherto unseen bungling being delayed! They will tell you how their NHS reforms have transformed health care, and they have moving from adequate to desperate but will neglect to mention the staffing and low morale crisis generated by their ill advised and pointless reforms!

They promised to cut immigration no is or buts – FAIL, they promised to wipe out the defecit in this parliament – FAIL, they promised to cut welfare spending – FAIL, they promised to help the poor - FAIL! Broken promises, lies, deception and pure unadulterated bungling that are the sum total of this government.

They started with the legendary Omnishambles budget that portrayed us as fools on the world’s stage and everyone thought things can only get better, how wrong we were! Yes and this is only a taster there is much worse to come! The worrying thing is that although the campaign has only just started already the Tories are churning out lies! It begs the question of honesty in politics or rather the lack of it! If Lord Snooty et al are already marking themselves as blatant liars what then can we expect from them in the future! Snooty has set out his stall and it is balanced on the pivot of dishonesty! The Tories are basing their campaign on dishonesty and broken promises, we should keep this in mind come voting day!