Sunday, 14 December 2014

The net tightens!

Photo 01 - illegal dumping from earlier in the year!
The net tightens!

We heard this week from the officer at SEPA who was looking into the illegal dumping of hazardous and general waste into the Megget water on a regular basis! We had earlier given him serial numbers from various containers to see if they could be tracked. Well he has traced a few containers back to a borders company who we cannot name at this time and is a significant step forward for us in our efforts to track these idiots down.

The company will be tightening up on its waste container storage and now we have given this information to the police we have an immediate lead should further incidents take place! I can’t envisage the type of twisted fool that would carry out such crimes but it looks as though we are a step nearer to finding out!

Photo 02 - High and dry the runaway boat secured!
Runaway boat!

I was taken aback to see one of our old “blue boats” tied up on the south bank of the loch next to Arrabella’s field. This was a boat that belonged to the club previously and now is in the hands of Mike Critchley one of our bailiffs who has been a great help to the club. Mike is currently working abroad so contact is not easy.

The shepherdess at Bowerhope had seen the boat floating in the big water on Wednesday and had managed to wade out and pull it in to the shore and getting some rope securely tying it up to prevent other water adventures. She must have broken free from her mounting at the village hall in Wednesday’s terrible weather and travelled down the loch. Just as well Jenny got to it lest it have been smashed to smithereens on the rocks. We will try and make some arrangements to recover it today weather permitting although it is quite safe on dry land in its present position. That's the good thing about the loch there's always someone willing to help out!


Photo 03 - Twas a wild day yesterday!
The wider world in my view!

It’s panto time!

Yes as we enter the festive season proper pantomines are popping up everywhere to entertain us with tales of woe, happy events and the occasional jaw dropping unexpected ending. One of these unusual pantomines which is scheduled to finish in May but may well finish early is the Con-Dem production “Perpetual bungling & punishing weak & vulnerable people”, which is the story as the title suggests of their uncanny ability to blunder and stumble through 5 years of government and still have time to bring the poor & infirm of the country to their knees! When they seized power 21,000 people had occasion to use the few food banks that existed that figure is now 480,000 and the number of food banks increase daily, no it’s not a misprint just a fact! Now that sure is one way of cutting back on spending!

Sarcasm aside it’s a damned poor example of an attempt at government with try it and see policies, outright bungling and the occasional thing that has come out half right but in spite of their efforts not because of them! They have successfully increased the national debt, increased the numbers of working and non working poor and massively increased the number of people living on charity handouts as the numbers of food banks continue to rocket skyward! They have decimated our public services with massive cuts still to come. You think we are short of council services, police public amenities & a struggling health service just now believe you me you aint seen nothing yet!

Of course we had to endure a coalition of clueless blue nosed posh boys and power at any cost yellow bellied puppets rather than a majority government! However looking at the policies they were Tory policy, the puppets were simply there to rubber stamp their partner’s policies. They made no difference, a group of weak individuals crazed with the hunger for power at any cost indeed selling out thousands of students at the outset who were relying on them to abolish tuition fees and they sold them out!

Puppet Clegg now realises that he has sold his soul to the Tories but it’s too late! The people of the country are rightly furious at the cowardly antics of the puppets as they prop up an administration bereft of thought out policy and compassion. The price they will pay for this indiscretion will be great. It means oblivion for a once proud party, one that could be trusted before the arrival of Puppet Clegg! Total wipe out is what awaits these yellow bellied traitors!

It’s amusing then to see the desperate machinations of senior puppets as they try and distance themselves from their earlier policies like the universally hated and completely ill conceived “bed tax”. They must think us complete fools if we were to be taken in by these futile attempts at brainwashing. Puppet Clegg, Puppet Alexander and Puppet Cable and their minions stand accused of treachery against the people of this country. Guilty of hobbling the poor, guilty of giving away public assets and most importantly guilty of propping up an administration intent on destroying the very fabric of our society. I have no doubt the people will find them guilty as charged! Acting in the manner of Adolf Hitler’s henchmen their remaining time in government will be spent furtively trying to cover up people damaging policies and major gaffes whilst crying out “it wasnae me mate”!

Puppet Alexander stands out as a hate figure all over Scotland possibly with the exception of a few pockets of unthinking voters in the Inverness area. Yes Puppet Alexander was guilty of implementing countless policies which increased the numbers of poor in the country and there was no hesitation, no pause for thought no recriminations! Puppet Alexander is to Gideon Osborne what Goebbels was to Hitler! Like many of the Bosch war criminals he pleads much that what he did, he did for the good of the country!

It’s a farce of the highest order, all the senior puppets now trying to mitigate or completely deny the effects of their incompetent policies in collaboration with the hated Tories to try and stop the obliteration of their now irrelevant and spent party! It won’t wash however, people are not stupid they know and will remember the wrongdoings of the puppets and inflict upon them the heaviest price possible and quite frankly they deserve everything the public lay at their door! This coalition government has failed miserably, as Aristotle was quoted as saying “you can judge a nation by the way they treat their most vulnerable citizens”. Verdict - Con-Dem FAIL!


Farewell old friend!

Clause IV

To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service.

Labours mission statement, it’s what drew me in to the Labour party many years ago, a proud mantra that has been the driving force for generations of the working classes but is now consigned to history  courtesy of Mr Blair!

Ever since the reign of that industry wrecker Butcher Thatcher came to a welcome end, the Tories in Scotland have been viewed as little more than the occasional dirt on our feet! Yes Scotland has no love for poor punishing Tories, Labour has always been the dominant force in Scottish politics, but how things change! The Labour leader in Westminster has always relied on certain solid support from Scotland but no longer is this the case!

Labour in Scotland is finished in spite of two new leaders in Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale who are both decent people and competent politicians. Not even this pair can save the party from electoral humiliation which now beckons for collaborating with the hated Tories in the negative referendum campaign. Most polls now estimate Labour will be left with between 4 and seven seats a fraction of what they now hold! As a lifelong Labour voter I thought this would be a quandary for me but I was wrong. As if guided by divine inspiration I without hesitation moved over to the SNP. I have kidded myself on for years, the real Labour party is dead there is no longer a socialist party in the country and it was time to wake up!

Thousands have done as I did as it became clear a real socialist political party no longer exists, just a wishy washy Labour party with more in common with the Tories than any left leaning party! A political giant has been brought to its knees by failing to listen to the masses! Weak leadership and directionless policy demonstrated by Ian Gray, Johan Lamont and crucially Ed Milliband did for the party!

The problem now though is as Jim Murphy states, every Labour MP ousted makes it more likely Lord Snooty will remain in Downing Street and he is correct! However following on from the catastrophic mistake made by those who voted no in the referendum plunging us into the mess now apparent electing a good number of SNP MPs in Westminster will hasten the move towards independence and is the only way to rid ourselves of these toffee nosed Bullingdon boys.

If there are sufficient numbers to form a supporting party to prop up a minority Labour government then independence is but a whisker away! Independence would be the foundation stone on which any coalition strategy would be based. There would of course be no deal whatsoever with the Tories and this has got to be the basis on which Scotland moves forward! SNP membership is going through the roof as more and more people realise the horrifying consequences of voting no! I do feel some sadness for the fate of Labour but the Milliband/Balls set up leads only to one destination, that with the Lib-Dems in political oblivion!

The SNP will do to Labour as David did to Goliath!

R.I.P Labour, farewell old friend!


Just a punk!

I could not help but be amused by the carry on between Nigel Farage and would be politician Russell Brand on Question Time on Thursday night. Farage made Brand look like a fool which is obviously what he is! A man with a few headlines in him, a man of straw completely out of his depth with the big boys. A punk who took delight at the expense of Andrew Sachs along with another fool Jonathan Ross! Just another insignificant two bit punk seeking the limelight!

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