Sunday, 28 December 2014

Our readers & watchers 2014

 Photo 01- calm and very cold yesterday!
Our readers and watchers in 2014!

Every once in a while I have an in depth look at the stats for our news pages to see what is attracting the attention of our readers and to be honest the theme we are now seeing is the same as the trend years ago. You clearly like exposes on fish butchers, charlatans and fools evidenced by Dangerman, Mr Kens and Uranob being in the top ten read blog posts every year. These varlets however are less frequently encountered nowadays as we diligently clear them out!  You also like rundowns on the places to fish on the loch with the 5 articles written by Archangel under the title “The swims of St Mary’s Loch” all featuring in the top ten most read posts.

The series exposing the true picture of fishing guides in the area dominated our top ten lists; their unprofessional behaviour at that time left you all with jaws agape! In a long and ultimately fruitful campaign saw the conversion of unqualified types into more qualified and accountable people being less of an embarrassment to the angling fraternity!

Articles on the goings on around the loch also continue to prove popular with many expats homing in to see who is doing what. Our treatise on the Wild Fisheries Review also makes it into the top ten highlighting your interest in the wider field of angling. This article even pips some of the Scottish government’s official sites and is currently third in the Google ranks when searching the wild fisheries review which is truly astonishing and indicative of the huge readership!

Many of you are tuned into our events such as competitions and workdays with an almost predictable rise in visits when the reports appear, our reports on the annual Trout competition and Salmon day on Tweed being particularly well read! It’s a varied picture which is applauding of the wide net we cast to bring you the latest on and around the loch. We are always looking for contributors to come and pen a few lines, so if you have a burning desire to put together an article simply give me a shout and we will make it happen!

Looking at the sources sending visitors we also see some regular visitors such as Scottish Borders Council and Midlothian council, I wonder if these visits are from bored employees filling in their days! We are also being viewed approximately every two weeks by a bizarre cult going under the name of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints or Mormons!

We have visits from various police and fire agencies, various private companies, universities and military establishments. About 10% of our readership is from the United States and Canada but the majority are from the UK with 70% coming from the area termed Edinburgh which takes in the Borders as well as the city and outlying districts! The rest comprise anglers and others from all over the country!

Our visitor numbers are dropping at this time of year as they have done every year as winter comes in, as the only fishing on offer is Pike and Perch fishing, many anglers also give up their rods for the colder months. Numbers then rapidly increase to a high in 2014 of 1,438/month at the height of our series on fishing guides. Our stand alone post on “choosing a fishing guide” stands atop the Google rankings and to date has had 3,073 visits making it our most popular post of all time!

The blog will continue to be a recollection of our social history as a club as we angle our way through the years. Fools, Muppets and charlatans will continue to be exposed where we find them and our goal of having a fishery free of the above types moves a step nearer, similarly when we find true brothers of the angle we will applaud them! Well that’s it for the year; I hope Santa was good to you and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy new year and tight lines to all our anglers! See you all next year!


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