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More than an angling club!

Photo 01 - calm in the morning wild & wet later!
More than an angling club!

People come and go, most spend some time fishing on the lochs to test their skills on a most wily adversary! This indeed is our primary function in providing optimised fishing on two wild lochs, fishing which is not easy but extremely satisfying when success is obtained! The club boathouse is the centre of our operations and is where most anglers meet to hold a post mortem on the day and now where committee meetings are held.

There was a time when coming and hopefully catching fish was the only activity concerning members, no longer is that the case. We have to take an interest in the wider sphere of angling as was highlighted in our expose on the antics of fishing guides leading to a huge improvement in the standards expected of some of these people!

We have to involve ourselves in the political discussions of the day to achieve the best outcomes for our club and angling in general! We saw with our project which was guaranteed for the re introduction of Arctic Charr into St Mary’s loch that when the Con-Dems came into power our project was rubbed out completely damaging biodiversity, damaging our fishing opportunities and damaging the number of refuge populations of this highly endangered species!

We have a duty to recommend to our members good service where we find it and that is the basis of our promoting our recommended dealers. We do not wish to see our members fleeced and guarantee the best deals from our recommended dealers. Nurturing these arrangements with bona fide tackle dealers allows us to be firm in our recommendations! Similarly with cafes, hotels and bed & breakfast outlets we seek to offer our members only the best. We need to take an interest in anything that may impinge on the correct operation of our club.

Documents are sent to us regularly asking for our view on for instance the Wild Fisheries Review. To allow this to pass without sending back comment would be a dereliction of duty on our part. We must be part of the movement that shapes angling and we will be! Perhaps one of the greatest mistakes in recent times was allowing commercially orientated fishing guides on to club/association water without paying a hefty fee! This however is now on the turn as clubs are waking up to this threat late as though it may be.

We are a resource site for the local community with the assorted skills in our membership we also hold equipment that may be of use to local residents such as in the recent power cut where we loaned out our two portable generators at no cost to allow them to keep the lights on. Through our membership we are an unparalleled resource site for information on angling on the lochs for all our anglers. We are also purveyors of general information to any who seek it through our internet sites and through word of mouth.

We are a hub for angling visitors to the area with spin off trade for local businesses. By our efforts in habitat restoration we are bring back new life into areas where there was little or none. By imposing rules on our anglers where before there were none we also help to keep the area clean and tidy maintaining the rugged beauty of the area. We are passing custodians of a most beautiful area with our aim of passing on to those who come later the best presentation possible so they may enjoy as we have done!

Oh make no mistake we are an angling club, but we are more than that, much more!

Photo 02 - A wasp bink still alive on Friday but dead 10 mins later!
Last weeks Pike!
The 14lbs 3oz Pike from last week has been aged at between 6 and 7 years old. This shows an impressive rate of growth leading us to believe there is an abundance of food present for our top predator!
Membership renewal/joining.
We have added a link to the application/renewal for joining the club in the member information box on the right hand side of this and every post. Members will shortly be receiving the clubs newsletter which will contain an application form.
From our recommended dealers!

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The wider world in my view!

Beware of false prophets!

I doubt very much if you did not catch something of the autumn statement issued by minister without a clue Gideon Osborn the so called chancellor! A series of re-announcements but did you really think about what he said? Of course this close to a general election there was the usual attempt to reward in a small way those hardworking families who try and do the right thing for their families and country! Basically a mask to try and disguise the horrors to come later!

This fool consumed by capitalist ideology wants to roll back the state to a similar level to that of the 1930s, it has been said that 60% of cuts are still to come which is absolutely staggering given the increasing numbers of poor in the country! Of course in doing this he will punish the people closest to the state – the poor of the country of which the numbers are increasing daily under Con-Dem policies! Already hard pushed regional councils are slashing services in order to try and save money, the police are cut to the bone with officers on the beat being lined up to have their numbers slashed! Fire and ambulance services, schools, colleges and amenities are in a similar boat!

This crazed automaton cannot see past austerity, getting the defecit down must be achieved at any cost in his eyes! He cares not the effect on the working classes of the proposed savage cuts. Cuts which will see our lives become poorer not only in financial terms but in every aspect of our lives! This clown is intent on destroying the very fabric that binds our society together. He wants to roll back the state getting rid of all the advances achieved over the last century to a point where it seems natural to start bringing back some of these services run by private companies which they will supply on a pay per use basis!

Of course when private companies are given free rein to accumulate profit the sky is the limit as far as setting prices are concerned! We would be able to access any service we want if we can afford to pay the price! Forget the political flannel the real aim of these measures to completely diminish the state which if he achieved it would seem him marked down in Tory party history equal to or above the ruinous machinations of Butcher Thatcher!

You only have to look at the pile of broken promises and failed policies of Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers to see that what they say is not what they do! They talk a good job but that’s where it ends! Their greatest “success” is trumpeted as the falling numbers of unemployed but when you look at the jobs created they are low paid, part time, self employed and zero hours contracts in other words they are jobs of the lowest quality! An interesting point is that when the Con-Dems assumed power the national debt was 0.62trillion pounds it is now 1.26 trillion pounds looks like the long term economic plan is working!! They are trying to con the public into believing that theirs is the honest and correct way to sort out the country’s ills but it’s not! Indeed some attention must be paid to the defecit which Osborn is currently increasing by employing massive borrowing although he tries to play this down in an effort to make himself look good! One of their greatest failures was the promise to reduce welfare payments and in spite of all their savage cuts welfare spending is up!

Taxes will have to rise there is no question of it and the tax on the upper tax bands must increase significantly! The rich/poor divide is now as large as it was 50 years ago! The state not only needs to be maintained it needs to be increased largely being paid for by those who have too much money of which there are many.

In a fair society people do not line up for food handouts because they have not the money to buy their own! Years of Butcher Thatcher’s ideology has created greed on a scale not seen before, money is god for these people, looking after the disadvantaged in society is nothing to them! The continuation of this direction will lead us back to Victorian times where all the working classes have to seek handouts whilst the rich live in sordid ill gotten opulence!

Weak Ed Milliband along with the Con-Dems has not the mettle to tackle problems such as these, it needs the tearing down of the current society and a new one rebuilt on the basis of fairness and equity! The Scottish people had an opportunity to break away from these Westminster fools and start a new society but chose not to take it and for this we will pay heavily! The result is the sorry mess we now face! Be under no illusion the Tory party will wreck our society making it much worse than that which we currently endure if that is possible.

The alternatives are poor, excepting a large presence of SNP MPs at Westminster where independence may be sought by the back door! Failing that I suppose the only alternative is to vote Labour, not a thrilling prospect but must be a thousand times better than these wretched posh boys filling in their days using the working classes as expendable pawns! These Con-Dems are not politicians, hell they don’t even make it as human beings as evidenced by their poor bashing policies

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

A victorious puppet!

I was very disappointed to see the motion from local puppet Michael Moore calling for 0.7% of the country’s budget to be set aside for foreign aid move to the next stage, the house of lords for approval. Only a puppet could have come up with this! We are surrounded by food banks which are increasing in number daily and we are sending money overseas! It makes no sense at all! Interestingly in the local rag a commentator wrote warning Puppet Moore of the dangers of discounting the SNPs ability to depose him. As he went on to say it’s a two horse race but the runners are Labour and the SNP and the SNP are the bookies favourite, a vote in Scotland for a Tory or a Puppet is a wasted vote!

Farage exposed!

He had to let his guard down at some point and indeed the mask slipped when he said that women should be banished to the corner of a room when breastfeeding their babies and use a cloth to cover both mothers breast and baby. A Victorian fool unable to keep up with modern society wishing women to revert back to the second class citizens they were in days of old. There is nothing more natural than a mother feeding her baby and he should look on any mother feeding a baby with pride it is the reason after all that he is here on earth! Anyone who finds such a natural event distasteful should seek urgent help!

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