Sunday, 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

No prisoners taken!

We weren’t able to recover the boat making a bid for freedom last week because of high wind so we thought we would try today. It was quite windy but looked ok coming down the margins. However at some point the loch would have to be crossed and the middle did not look so inviting! White horses and at times a massive swell looked positively dangerous and at this point I recalled what Elliot Fraser once told me.

Photo 01-Escape attempt foiled, being led back to jail!
He said never ever get your boat broadside to the swell, always aim to be pointing into the oncoming wave and it was good advice indeed! Even nose into the wave the boat rocked and crashed through the waves making a huge amount of noise as the bottom crashed on to the water. On two occasions I veered slightly off course and the resultant swing quickly alerted me to correct the mistake.

Yes the loch is not to be toyed with, the slightest mistake could see you in some very cold water which is why we insist on all anglers wearing lifejackets, and in the event of a spill into the water they almost certainly will save your life. We are looking into the feasibility of employing flares for boat anglers to use in cases of life threatening situations. This would result in us making the local community aware that if a flare is seen someone is in critical danger on the loch and assistance is required urgently. Prior action is always better than that of post disaster!

However in poor conditions the best bet is to try and progress up the margins of the loch avoiding open water where the wind is likely to be strongest. This was our course today. If even this proves impossible it’s best to beach the boat tying it up securely and getting in touch with Keith our loch keeper. If like me you find yourself towing another boat always have a razor sharp knife to hand to allow you to cut the towing rope if the boat being towed becomes overwhelmed and starts to sink.

There wasn’t any great danger today, but there is always the chance of being faced with some extremely adverse conditions and you must be prepared, remember the loch takes no prisoners!
NB We gave Jenny a box of biscuits and her dog a bag of biscuits to thank her for her prompt action that prevented a smashed boat or worse a smashed boat entangled in the regulator!

Photo 02-Ploughed up parking area courtesy of a vehicle with tracks!
Spoiled parking area!
We arrived today to be confronted with a parking area that looked more like a construction site thanks to a heavy tracked vehicle I assume turning on the parking area adjacent to the boat house. This area was one of the possible projects for our work day it looks like it is the focus of our work day! If anyone knows who ploughed up our area please let me know we really would like to speak with them!

Most members by now will have had the clubs newsletter delivered to their home addresses. The newsletter was designed from start to finish by our loch keeper/membership secretary Keith Young and a damned fine job he has made of it! Along with the newsletter is the new membership application/renewal form which all members should fully complete and return between the 1st January and the 15th of February to avoid having to pay the £20.00 administration fee! All the important dates for the coming year are in the newsletter so you will all be aware of the events taking place during the year.

Keeping up the tradition!

Our post just prior to Christmas has always contained two pieces of music to calm or enliven you depending on how your day has went. Our two tracks are this year are

(1) For those seeking peace and calm 'Mein junges Leben hat ein End' or in English “my young life hath an end” by  Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck It’s not about one who is facing death rather that of a seasoned adult leaving the impetuosity of youth behind and finding contentment, thought and reason. Click on

(2) For those who have sunk a few jars and eaten a whole turkey and need something to liven them up try Titanium by David Guetta a song about invincibility!

Still looking for pressies!

If at this late stage you are still looking for pressies the look no further than our recommended dealer in Penicuick. Mike is offering all customers 10% off anything in stock making for some great savings, and free postage to boot! Visit the store here - 

The wider world in my view!

Spare a thought or better still a pound!

It’s a time of good cheer where families come together possibly the only time this happens in a long year! It’s a time for charity, understanding and empathy for the plight of others less fortunate than us. There are unfortunately increasing numbers of poor in the community caused by this incompetent government who seem intent on creating a new mass class of poor in the country!

The majority of us will not be filthy rich in the manner of Lord Snooty et al but nevertheless reasonably comfortable in the case of earnings and ability to enjoy a good living. What of those who do not fit into this bracket and there are many even in the vicinity of Galashiels! Foodbanks exist in the area as do charitable branches of some of the local churches who make food parcels for the needy. What a shocking indictment on our society created by the Con-Dems!

Christmas dinner for these people will be meagre probably similar to what we might eat on a Wednesday evening after a hard day at work when you really cannot be bothered to cook a proper meal! There are many requests for money for good causes especially at this time of year and you might think of a good reason not to give to any of these causes. Many people think like this and the uncovering of major fraud in various charities over the years may give some good reason for this being the case.

However think of what good the two pounds you might donate to a struggling family might do. It might give them enough to stretch to a turkey crown after which they could say to friends that they really enjoyed the Christmas turkey as well as having dined well. It may allow for a small wide eyed kid wondering why Santa did not visit him some sweets or a small toy. To see the glee in a youngsters face opening wrapped presents is a memory you never forget!

You will also know that feeling is gained by the giver as well as when you think through your donation and what it could be used for. Forget the negatives such as “oh it will be used to buy drugs” have some faith in your fellow human being and give something to a charitable cause! These Con-Dems have reawakened Butcher Thatcher's mantra “greed is good whatever the cost” society and this is to the severe detriment of our society. We need to care for those less well off in our society for it is clear the buffoons that comprise our current government do not! So if you have some spare coins in your pocket tip them in to the next collection box you come across, I did and felt the better for it!
Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas!

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