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Waiting for tomorrow or another real angler!

Photo 01-Rusty hook into flesh could mean amputation for a diabetic!
Waiting for tomorrow or another real angler!

Yes tomorrow our group of anglers and guests are heading off to the Upper Pavilion fishing beat on the Tweed for our annual Autumn Salmon day. Thanks to the kindness of the family of the late Major Sir Neil Westbrook we are to fish unencumbered (the Major’s words) for the whole day on any of the pools within the beat.

I received some bad news regarding Mike Christie the winner of our competition who was coming to fish with guest Les (six fish) Robson. Unfortunately Mike is currently bogged down with work and cannot make the day but asked if his friend Davy Mitchell could attend in his place. Of course anyone who knows Davy (a proper gent) knows that he is universally welcome anywhere, for many years he was Selkirk Angling Association! Another accolade to his name is that he has recently been awarded citizen of the year by the town’s merchant company and I cannot think of a more worthy recipient. We are absolutely delighted to welcome Davy as our guest for the day!

What really inspired me however was absolutely all of the above but the fact that Mike in a completely selfless fashion offered Davy the days fishing and in the manner of a real angler did not expect anything in return! An increasingly rare event in these sordid days in angling when advice is available to one and all but only if you cross a palm with silver! Yes the money seekers are everywhere seeking to fill their pockets in return for advice which makes Mike’s gesture even more notable!

It really is reassuring to see that a group of real anglers still populate the river banks without having to exchange money and the gentlemanly and correct traits of old still abound! Everyone going on Monday is of the old school where the aim is not to fleece your fellow angler but to assist him or her in any way you can without any payment! There is hope for the future of angling with anglers like these!

The phone calls and e mails have all been despatched everyone has an appropriate bundle of suitable tackle. The old angling books have been scoured for tips as to how to tempt the king of fish. Speaking to the participating anglers there will be a variety of tackle and methods employed from a 1922 Alex Martin greenheart 15ft rod to a Bruce & Walker Hexagraph 15ft Salmon rod and from intermediate line with fast sink tip through full HD sinking line to Hover line with sink tip. Looks like a good coverage maximising chances of a fish!

There’s still time for last minute checking, adjusting or even completely revamping of gear and tactics. We all wait in anticipation of Monday morning and what it will bring, there are plenty Salmon in the river it’s just a case of stimulating them into taking the fly! It’s been a dreadful season for Salmon angling according to the main commentators but what will endure on Monday is the never ending spirit of eager anticipation and determination that is inherent in every one of our real anglers! Old school anglers and the River Tweed, they really do go together hand in hand! The full report on our excursion revealed next week.

I will speak with the family and arrange a spring day to which hopefully Mike and guests can come along.

Photo 02- On duty tomorrow, my 1922 Alex Martin 15ft Greenheart Salmon rod.
From our recommended dealer!

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The wider world in my view!

The true meaning of the Rochester result!

I doubt if many people were surprised by the emphatic win delivered by UKIP over the Tories. There is no question about the severity of the result for the Tories, a 10,000 Tory majority rubbed out and turned into a 3,000 majority for UKIP. What makes it even more embarrassing for the Tories was the fact that the Tory machine was at full throttle for the whole campaign to no effect! Worse still Lord Snooty made 5 separate visits to try and persuade the electorate that the posh boys were the way to go! Clearly he failed abysmally as he does in most aspects of his political meddling!

Ed Milliband thought all he had to do was swan in with a brush and sweep up the remnants of the broken Tories. Unfortunately for him there was trouble afoot in the form of Labour MP Emily Thornberry who tweeted a picture of white van man with some England flags hanging from the window interpreted as a sneer at the working classes. This was when Ed had to kiss goodbye to any prospect of a respectable result in the contest. The headlines yesterday were not of the great win by UKIP and not about the humiliation of the posh boys but of the many faces of Labour specifically the one that despises the working classes!

No one expected the Puppets to do well in fact most had their money on them losing their deposit as is now the norm! You would think their fortunes could not get much worse but they did, they set a new record and achieved a new low for the number of votes obtained 300 odd votes! Of course no one cares the Puppets sealed their fate of political oblivion when they jumped into bed with the posh boys! It’s nothing more than a first class mess and we voted for it!

The message from the electorate was unequivocally clear and it shouted the message that the political system in this country is corrupt and completely spent! The whole lot needs to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. The people are fed up of the lying, swindling and deceitful manner in which the politicians conduct themselves! It’s looking like a total shambles with no one able to predict the outcome of the next election. The real meaning of the Rochester result is the start of political meltdown here’s hoping for more fuel to the fire!

The new First Minister and cabinet!

On Thursday Nicola Sturgeon took up the position of First Minister of Scotland and gave what was universally seen as a good solid inaugural speech. Poverty and inequality are at the top of her list and this is very encouraging as the numbers of working and workless poor continue to soar! A bigger role for women in government and society as a whole, a pledge to increase spending on the NHS and to keep private money out! This woman is ultra popular in Scotland as the SNP goes from strength to strength! She actually  filled the 12,000 seats of the Glasgow Hydro and the tickets sold faster than they did for a Kylie Minogue concert – Respect!

Her new cabinet is interesting, Kenny Mc Askill (justice) and Mike Russell (education) both booted out. I have no recrimination about these two they were pure and simple prize duds! Angela Constance in Education could be a good move as Ms Constance is a sharp operator with previous experience in employment! One point of concern for me however was the pledge to work in consensus with the Puppets and Posh boys! By all means listen to what they have to say but quickly consign their views to the trashcan then go and do what you originally wanted! The views of these fools are completely irrelevant and of no benefit to the people of Scotland that is why the people of Scotland despise them both!

Of course the functioning of the Scottish parliament is completely dependent on the powers that are handed over from Westminster and we should have the general flavour next week. Sturgeon and her cabinet need to move more quickly to the left giving attention to the underprivileged in the country and there are many created by the Con-Dems! But again the events of the last week look good for the people of Scotland in spite of the historic mistake on September 18th.

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