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Visiting Pike anglers!

Photo 01 - Another Saturday with crap weather!
Visiting Pike anglers!

We have now reached a point in the year where the Muppet types fall by the wayside preferring a warm bar over the cold outdoors. It gives us time to take stock and prepare for the genuine dyed in the wool Pike anglers who regularly visit us during the colder months.

If you are a first time visiting angler coming to the lochs please have a good root around our website for there you will find much assistance in your quest for quality Pike. This is not a “plastic” Pike fishery where the terminally challenged may catch with ease irrespective of their tactics here the fish are wild the way nature intended and have to be tempted into taking your bait.

Some of the regular lads are keen on Smelt but personally I cannot see past fresh Mackerel, not the soft Baitbox rubbish but fresh whole mackerel oozing with oil from Morrison’s stores. This bait is long lasting stays on the hook no problem and being nice and firm casts like a dream. Sardines are also good bait but the oilier the better I say. Select your bait, then from our website select your swim where you would like to spend a few hours. Check out our swim map on the web and check out the series of articles written by Archangel the swims of St Mary’s loch parts one through to five where advice is given on the various swims.

Speak with our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx and ask him for some tips he is on top of all the recent catches and will give you the latest. Don’t however come back and say I didn’t catch you need to be aware fish move about roaming, following shoal fish so where fish were caught yesterday they may not be caught today! If you need your fishing to be easier than this then its “plastic” fishing you need to check out! Our lochs are difficult places to fish but for those who put in the time the rewards invariably come!

Our lochs are very lightly fished and we have barred Muppets, bullies and fools as time goes by to make your experience better! There is very little litter lying around we would ask all anglers to keep it this way! Do not be afraid to try a new area, some parts of our loch have not been fished for years! Do pay attention to the bathymetrical survey map on our site you really don’t want to be fishing under 130ft of water or maybe you do so check it out!

If you want to bivvy up then speak with Mr Xxxxx as there are a couple of areas where bivvying is not permitted. There are a couple of super B&Bs on the banks of the loch if you prefer a degree of comfort and the Tibbie at the top of the loch and if you don’t mind travelling a couple of miles to your fishing the Gordon arms may be suitable.  Check out our accommodation guide on our main site and of course speak with our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx. If you forget your bait then you are looking at a journey of around 18 miles to either Fishers in Penicuick or Libby’s pet stores in the main street in Hawick.

It is important to be aware that St Mary’s is not a paddling pool; it is a large glacial loch and can suffer some very severe weather! That said however you may want to hire a boat to better cover the 700+ acres of water. Our Arran’s are a good choice with a sea safety rating and we can provide engines, and petrol at a reasonable price, see website for details. Lifejackets and oars are provided free of charge as is our keepers invaluable advice. Many of the large fish caught from the loch are caught trolling Bulldawg type lures and Rapala’s so if the fish are not coming to you fishing statically then success may be attained by searching out the fish by means of a motor boat. We have heavy duty anchors for use but they are only issued if requested so if you want one ask.

Whatever you do we wish all visitors good hunting and tight lines!

Information box on this news site!

We are hoping to have the required information for this facility gathered in the next week so keep your eyes peeled for the important dates.

From our recommended dealers!

From Fishers direct this week some class items at affordable prices and as is normal from a bona fide tackle dealer you get masses of information and great after sales service! My favourite from the featured products this week is the 100% water and windproof lightweight jacket from Vass at a great price of only £54.99 post free. For tying up the killer patterns have a look at this anvil fly tying vice at a great price. Good Metz capes have always been difficult to source here we have quality capes at great prices. Of course if you get the above you will need hooks. Click the links to see more.

Lest we forget!
The wider world in my view!

Gideon Gasbag or Walter Mitty in Westminster!

You could not avoid seeing minister without a clue Gideon Osborne somewhat nervously proclaiming that they took on the EU and won! Yes the bill of £1.7billion is now reduced to £850 million and is payable in two instalments from July 2015 according to him. On the face of it sure looks like a good deal for the country, however it took only minutes after his announcement for the whole plot to unravel as finance ministers from other countries round the table lined up to give a somewhat different version of events! Following in the footsteps of the Americans when they pulled out of Vietnam proclaiming an American victory the minister without a clue tries to put a positive spin on a nothing event!

One after another the same story came out and every version was at odds with Gideon’s tale. The real version is that the amount payable is still £1.7 billon, granted payable in two instalments and once this is paid the rebate of £850 million will be applied as it has been in previous years. Now this rebate was known to be coming forth by all the ministers excepting Gideon Osborne which doesn’t say much for his finance team!

The EU whilst legally correct to demand the payment in full in December this year agreed to defer the payment and accept two instalments. Nothing whatsoever to do with Gideon Osborne or Lord Snooty! They also decided to waive the right to charge interest on unpaid monies which is good for us but again nothing to do with our hapless chancellor or beleaguered prime minister!

It’s another song and dance about nothing, an opportunity to use all those tired phrases such as “doing the right think for our country” and “fighting for hardworking families”! The posh boys are completely alienated in Europe and any mitigation of our circumstances was purely down to the EU! Gideon must think we are all fools if we would swallow this load of tosh, a mixture of smoke and Tesco accounting that’s all this is! Yet again the Con-Dems pound the table promise much and deliver little, if you think this was bad then prepare yourselves for much worse as the EU now consider the guaranteed to fail absurd proposals on freedom of movement in the EU by Snooty et al!

Pushed by the right of the Tory party, pulled by UKIP, hammered by the opposition poor old buffeted and bashed Lord Snooty does not know what his stance is! It is looking ever more likely these diddys will have us out of Europe standing as a country alone. The economic consequences of pulling out are immensely negative but thinking about it what could you really expect from a couple of out of touch posh buffoons such as Lord Snooty and Gideon Gasbag, they went in search of great things and returned with nothing!

Those who went before!

Today all over the country good people interrupted their normal activities to stand in silence and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by so many that we may live in freedom today. Our political leaders refer to it as a celebration of events in the past particularly the centenary of the start of the Great War. There can be no celebration of the start of a war, more correctly what takes place today is a respectful commemoration of the war. The current generation and I include myself know nothing of the real meaning of pain and suffering endured by those held by the Bosch however at least in my generation we were taught about the results of war and had a limited understanding of the horrors of such events!

The current generation do not seem to have much understanding perhaps best shown by our Clown Prince Harry who seems to think it is fine to dress up in Bosh military uniform and display the repulsive swastika which is now a symbol of terror! Much, much more education is called for so that the future generations do not forget the sacrifices made for them! We owe them much but it is a debt that can never be repaid as they are now all gone. Tune in today and watch one of the remembrance programmes and give thanks for the relative freedoms we all enjoy today.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them! R.I.P

The fall of the High Street!

I heard a rumour last week that pub chain Wetherspoon,s are moving out of the High Street in Galashiels and into the new transport interchange currently being built for the new railway. If it’s true it could be good thinking on their part as not only will they retain the local town trade they will get passengers leaving and arriving Galashiels if indeed there are any in significant numbers.

The downside however is that the High street will be left as a completely barren area, already I can see tumbleweed blowing around the area. Far better there was a compulsory purchase order buying up the remaining shops relocating them in the fast becoming barren Channel Street and Bank Street and turning the High Street into much needed social housing flats.

It’s too late for High Street rejuvenation projects, people can get what the High Street offers cheaper with excellent customer service and delivered next day from the internet. Let’s face the inevitable and see an end to these doomed re vitalising projects and use that money to provide affordable housing for the needy in our society. If this current government is re elected then there will be ever increasing numbers of people who will most certainly need them!

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