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River Tweed Fishing!

Photo 01 A swollen Tweed Colouring up on Friday.
River Tweed Fishing!

Our autumn day of Salmon fishing on the River Tweed will be taking place soon as there are only a couple of weeks left of this year’s season. It’s not been a good season for Salmon on the Tweed with big waters predominating and a lack of taking fish have left many a Salmon angler down in the dumps. There have been many days when even standing on the banks dipping a fly was a waste of time so high was the water level.

Often Salmon anglers can be seen forlornly fishing their flies close to the bank as the high water makes wading impossible unless you have a death wish. Of course many Salmon fall to this tactic as in big waters they tend to travel up the side of the river choosing the path of least resistance. But it is a tempered form of fishing a means of employing the tactics of last resort.

Many days this year ended up being written off completely with the anglers invariably kissing goodbye to the permit fees which in many cases is upwards of a couple of hundred pounds for the day! I have no great love of Salmon fishing in fact find it quite mind numbing for the most part. Of course if a fish is hooked then its game on and all thoughts of boredom are banished as a colossal battle ensues and when there's a crowd of you as is the case on our excursions, there is great camaraderie, loads of fishy tales and the odd disaster making for a great day out!

Yesterday on a trek down the Tweed I spoke to a number of anglers reluctantly giving up as the water turned yellow and rose several inches making fishing pointless! If a fish cannot see the fly then there is no hope as the earth fly is not allowed! One angler commented positively on the fact that the number of leaves hooked had declined (you get a really good pull from Sycamore). What was quickly apparent was the fact that all were visitors not a local did I encounter. Now it’s well known that Salmon fishing brings in significant revenue to the local economy and many businesses are grateful for the spin off trade and rightly so!

Now if you mention the lack of affordable Salmon fishing for locals to the powers that be they quickly point to affordable Salmon fishing well upstream. Now it’s true that the fishing there is much cheaper but it’s cheaper for a good reason and that reason is that the further up you go the lower the number of fish available to catch!

There is no egalitarianism in Salmon fishing, no route whereby a Kelso local may fish the Junction pool at a reasonable cost. Many working class people in this area would be classed as “working poor” and the high prices asked for fishing the better beats is well out with their available budgets! It’s a two tier system where those who have the capital can pick and choose and those who do not are left with the crumbs on the table which the toffs have no interest in! It’s sad when money overcomes all and the poor as in everyday life get nothing but scraps! If there is a change in this ethos and I very much doubt this will happen in the near future it will come about by direction from central government and not by action from the riparian owners with some notable exceptions.

That is why our club is so grateful to the late Major Sir Neil Westbrook and his family who allow our competition winners and those who have helped the club the most to fish a prime beat on the Tweed at no cost to ourselves and if the day turns out to be unfishable give us another day. Yes we have much to be grateful for but the way of administering Salmon fisheries needs to change to allow at least a token number of locals to have some fishing on the better bits of the Tweed at minimal cost! As is the way in every facet of life “to those who have, more shall be given!”

The disappearing Red Squirrel.

Club secretary Alasdair White and Loch keeper Mr Xxxxx have both reported seeing a Red Squirrel foraging around the area of the club boathouse. This of course is great news and we will now look into ways of providing a superior habitat for the fellow to keep him or her around. Any views gratefully received!
Our new membership secretary and Loch keeper Mr Xxxxx will be issuing a newsletter to all members in mid December in which all the important dates for club members will be highlighted Mr Xxxxx’s contact details and other important contact points will be appended. We are still experiencing people who phone to say they are coming to fish and then do not turn up. If you change your mind about coming please do us the courtesy of informing us!
Our habitat work on the Kirkstead burn featured recently in the Tweed Forums press release on habitat work and controlling invasive species. More on this in the next few weeks.

Our advisory site choosing a fishing guide has now reached 1852 visitors reinforcing the fact that it is the bible when seeking information on these people. it establishes in tablets of stone our ranking of No 1 in the Google rankings. Still on the subject of fishing guides, one fishing guide site has been noted to be using keywords implying allegiance to a local angling club in an attempt to increase visitors to his site. The violation will be brought to the attention of a local firm of solicitors who are acting as the secretary of the club.

From our recommended dealers!

This week from Fishers we have a first rate rod pod from Leeda complete with carry case for only £39.99. I have seen these in use at the loch and they are of a sturdy construction and well worth the money! Also for those looking to switch from mono to braided line Power Pro braided line is on offer and a bait flavouring kit to enhance the attractiveness of your bait. Well worth a visit to snap up these bargains!

The wider world in my view!

A significant day for Scotland!

This week saw some important changes in the Scottish political scene with the resignation of SNP leader Alex Salmond and the adoption of Nicola Sturgeon as the new leader of the SNP and Scotland's new First Minister on Thursday. We have not seen the end of oor Eck, oh no he is to stand for a Westminster seat in the general election and will doubtless get elected and be a voice of reason in the mire that is Westminster!

Nicola Sturgeon has outlined how she intends to operate as First Minister and it’s the best I have heard. The referendum is not dead it was merely the starting point. If the vow proves to be less than what is expected then this will trigger another referendum as will the SNP wiping out Labour as is predicted to be the case. Never has a political party enjoyed the support the SNP currently have, per capita the SNP has more support than any party in the country! 100,000 is the target for membership by the general election only a fool would bet against it!

She made it very clear that under no circumstances will the SNP prop up the posh boys as the Puppets have done and to Scots this is music to our ears! She also stated that they may go into government with a minority Labour government although this is not seen as being ideal and this would only occur if Trident was scrapped! She also stated that the independence issue is firmly at the top of the agenda. The people of Scotland made a serious mistake on the 18th of September they will not do so again!

 With the current mood amongst the Scottish people a landslide victory would be the outcome! Talk is one thing action quite another, so it was gratifying to hear that she has met with the private contractor who carry out the cleaning duties at Holyrood and has clinched a deal where all the 117 staff will now earn the “Living wage” as opposed to the minimum wage!

Imagine a future free of these posh boy idiots and their incessant bungling who cost us billions where there is an opportunity to build a fairer Scotland, one where profit at any cost is not the driving force but fairness, equity and compassion is the driving force for those who are less fortunate! This is on the horizon and its looming ever closer. We just need the required trigger to start the acceleration of the process. Yes her speech was a good one, rendered granted without the wit of Oor Eck but nevertheless a bold radical speech where social justice is firmly at the heart! Absolutely first rate!

The posh boys courtesy Nicky Gavron.
The bungling continues!

No great surprise here, yes the Posh boys have landed the country in another fine mess! Head of the army General Sir Nick Carter said the use of reservists was a flawed policy leading to a hugely reduced operational capacity! Reported in the blue nosed Daily Telegraph the Con-Dems recruitment of reservists has failed abysmally as the level of troops drops to a level last seen in the Napoleonic wars!

The level of recruitment is so low it is six years behind schedule according to the National Audit Office! In true Con-Dem style without any heed to the consequences they continue to slash the regular forces leaving the country unable to meet current commitments! Like most Con-Dem policy this one is a litany of errors with again typically no backup plan in case of failure which seems the only thing to be guaranteed! Millionaire posh boy Philip Hammond’s reputation is now on the line as frantic cover up activity is rushed in to muddy the waters and calm the storm. Just another example of the breathtaking incompetence that is so typical of the posh boys and puppets!
My sympathies!
My sympathy card this week goes to Lord Snooty who will be waking on Friday morning with a colossal hangover! Clueless Ed Milliband has just been through the mill and unbelievably has emerged with a four point lead over the Tories. Alas for hapless Lord Snooty there will be no fairy tale ending! After losing Rochester to UKIP there will be a civil war among the Tories of apocalyptic proportions which hopefully will see them damaged fatally. So if you are looking for a point to direct sympathy think of Lord Snooty for he will certainly need it!

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