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Member Information!

Photo 01 - One of the feeds to our settling tanks after re digging!
Member information!

As we stated a few weeks ago we will be sending out a letter to all registered addresses of members with the following information. The dates of our competitions, the dates for arranged work parties, the date of our AGM and the dates in which club memberships should be renewed along with details of where cheques etc should be sent.  Further to this we now have an information box on the blog where all important events will be displayed. This will be added to in the next few weeks allowing plenty time for the majority to view. The box will be there every time you click on to our site.

This will be the only communication to be sent out in early December barring any urgent matters requiring member involvement. Members must take responsibility to store this information so these important dates are readily available. We will be moving to a 100% paperless way of working in an effort to reduce costs.  As usual any significant events will be notified here on our news pages with plenty of advance notice!

Our current membership secretary Lawson Simpson this week resigned his position in the club and it was with regret that we accepted his resignation for he has done much to help the club over the years! From all at the club a big thank you Lawson! A good man lost is always a troubling event.

Boat hiring information!

With the weather now set to deteriorate as we move into winter we will be withdrawing our two Lomond boats from service until the new Trout season starts on 15/03/2015. If there is a pressing reason for the use of these boats then at the discretion of the loch keeper they may be used, otherwise only our Arran’s which have a much higher safety rating may be used. In all instances our loch keeper’s decision will be final!

A little known club policy!

A good while ago now we initiated a policy to encourage any of the locals who wanted to go boating on the lochs to have the use of our boats free of charge to spend a few hours paddling around. We will also provide a petrol engine and the only cost involved will be an amount to cover the petrol used which will usually be under £5.00! Lifejackets will also be supplied. Well we had our first enquiry today and hopefully the two concerned will be powering up the loch in good style very soon! Any other local residents who would like to see Cappercleuch from a different perspective just contact Mike at the Whitehouse and they will sort you out!

Some maintenance work!

Fixtures and fittings do not last forever as any homeowner knows, and last week called us to carry out some maintenance work in the club boathouse and beyond. The first problem was that we had no water coming through our taps due to some sort of blockage no doubt. I took a walk up the hill where the source of our supply lies and a problem was immediately apparent!

The stream feeding our supply had become diverted no doubt due to livestock walking through it! So I dug out a new channel to redirect the water into our holding tanks. On checking the flow into our tanks another problem was noted, two dead mice blocking the outlet. These were removed and water began to flow down the pipe towards the boat house.

On getting to the boat house rather frustratingly no water was noted to exit the taps. So the taps were dismantled and out came a huge clump of weed and on removal water gushed everywhere, water restored! Also noted our sink was cracked and our resident joiner/plumber Les managed to acquire a replacement and spent much of the day plumbing it in and yesterday it was in place working perfectly. Just a couple of mundane tasks that needed to be done but these problems do not resolve themselves someone has to do it!

Photo 02 St Mary's from our settling tank on the hill!
Lost souls!

In the course of the day up at the loch I meet a few people some who regularly trek in the area and of course we get to putting the world to rights!  A member of her majesty’s constabulary who regularly exercises his two dogs up in the hills told me of his quest for the day to find the spot where three individuals were buried a hundred or so years ago!

Apparently the three buried had all committed suicide and this being the case were not allowed to be buried in the hallowed grounds of the church! The solution was to take the bodies by horse and cart up the hill past Bowerhope to the end of the March fence and bury them in unmarked graves.

In fact the graves were marked by a large flat stone but no inscriptions were allowed! He did not on this occasion find these graves but is determined to go back to locate them. It is also said that just out with the boundaries of the St Mary’s churchyard there are buried a number of body’s who also committed suicide. Surely the church could reinter these body’s in the churchyard as in their belief system those buried in non hallowed ground are never to enter the kingdom of heaven! RIP.

From our recommended dealers!

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The wider world in my view!

Won’t get fooled again!         

There’s no doubt the people of Scotland were conned into accepting a blind promise of more powers which to date have not materialised. This along with contrived mistruths designed to scare the people into voting for the continuation of the United Kingdom frightened people into voting negatively! Well the deed is done and for the moment we trudge along that same road that leads nowhere!

The fall out however is extremely interesting! The SNP have seen their membership treble and the Greens saw theirs doubling and reaching the same vote share as the Puppets, whilst the Puppets are heading for oblivion and rightly so. The Tories see their membership falling and perhaps most worrying the Labour party see their membership catastrophically crashing the price to be paid for getting into bed with the hated Tories! The people of Scotland have no time for Puppets or Tories!

A recent “Survation” poll for the Herald projected a massive increase in Westminster seats falling to the SNP giving them 54 seats in Westminster leaving Labour with four seats, the Puppets on one and the Tories single MP in Scotland wiped out! The prediction however is just that, but the trend which largely is not disputed is for the old traditional parties being dispensed with, the Puppets rightly punished and the new ideas parties the SNP and the Greens see massive increases in support! The mainstream parties are on the way out and good riddance to them! Somewhat reassuringly soon to be ex leader Alex Salmond said that if they were faced with a coalition deal then there is no way on earth they would align themselves with the Tories! However he thought a deal with labour was a possibility!

Clearly the referendum result is being overturned by the people of Scotland as they realise their mistake and that they have been duped. All that is needed is a trigger to go for another referendum which would see the correct result obtained to go for independence! The devolved powers that end up on the table will be such a trigger as is the expected vote on leaving the EU in the next two years! Oh yes the Tories have a chance of getting back in seeking to form a coalition with anyone they can! The Labour party is finished countrywide how anyone could vote Labour with Milliband and Balls at the helm is beyond me, not to mention the watered down Tory policies they now seek to punish the electorate with!

Yes the opportunity to get rid of this Westminster rubbish will present itself again, much sooner than we think! The chance to put right a catastrophic wrong is on the horizon, we won’t get fooled again!

Lord Snooty gets it wrong AGAIN!

It was meant to be a matter of urgency the investigation into the historic child abuse problem recently uncovered! Lord Snooty and would be Butcher Thatcher Theresa May have turned what should be a serious investigation into a complete farce! Yes 6 weeks down the line and both the inquiry chairmen Lady Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf have had to resign due to protests from an action group fighting for the abused children! Might it be a case of third time lucky, if it wasn’t so serious it would be a massive joke!

A high school pupil could have organised this better! Why did Snooty and May not sit down with the concerned groups and agree a suitable chairman prior to going public! This is the accepted way of forming a committee! Again we are the laughing stock of the civilised world as common sense takes a back seat and supreme bungling comes yet again to the fore! This is a shambles of gargantuan proportions! A government comprised of complete buffoons incapable of even performing the simplest task! The Scottish people do not deserve this but to their eternal shame they did vote for the current state of affairs we are now enduring! Yes the 18th of September 2014 will go down in history as Scotland’s greatest mistake!

From the Speakeasy!

It’s where more sense emanates than from all the political uttering’s in Westminster yes it’s our weekly end of the day chat from the boathouse. This week we talked of the possibility of an early referendum after project fear frightened older voters into voting no. We agreed an early referendum is on the cards though we could not agree on the timescale. The massive rise in SNP support coupled with the huge drops in support for Labour, the Puppets and the Tories was put down to people now realising the mistakes on the 18th and trying to correct this! It’s no longer will Scotland become independent but when! We all condemned the current joke often referred to as the government which boiled down to a group of posh boys filling in their time using the ever increasing numbers of poor as pawns to enrich the lives of their rich pals!

As far as we can see the next Westminster government will be a mixture of extremists, no hopers and complete fools, not really what the people of Scotland were hoping for! As to the new SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon there was nothing but positivity and with a move towards the left we all agreed that the future for the ever increasing numbers of poor is brighter! Once again straight talking and a lot of sense!

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