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An autumn days Salmon fishing 5!

Photo 01 - Elliot punches the line out!
An autumn day’s Salmon fishing 5!

At last the conditions looked good after the recent deluge of water the level was dropping back, and there was a touch of frost in the early morning and all looked good for our annual excursion to the Upper Pavilion on Tweed. Present were Elliot Fraser, Stevie Nimmo, Les Robson, Pete Young, Davy Mitchell and me!

Photo 02 - Stevie covering the north bank!
Stevie and Pete tried the Carry Weil the bard Sir Walter Scott’s favourite pool Whilst Davy and Les took the Brig End on the North bank whilst Elliot and I took Lowood as our starting point. The odd fish was showing they were mostly however of the tartan variety not the type that readily takes! There was much thrashing of the water as we all honed our casting techniques but as the first hour passed we were all attaining adequate standards ready for the pull of a eager fresh Salmon!

Before we knew it lunchtime came and all the anglers reported nothing doing! Much chattering and examination took place along with much ruffling around in fly boxes. Some changed tactics to cover different levels of the river and soon it was time to set off with renewed enthusiasm. Mother Nature however gave us a display including Herons, Goosander, Cormorant Deer, Rabbits and Squirrels, unfortunately of the grey variety.

Photo 03 - Davy and Les at the Brig End!
Back on the fishing front all were dutifully making froth around them trying to tempt the king of fish. Les and Davy moved down to Ellwyn foot and lo and behold Les got a brief pull but alas that is all that it was, rather depressingly no one else experienced any action other than the odd leaf! Yes at the end of the day our efforts yielded nothing which is in keeping with the way the Tweed has fished this season – very poorly! The intent of the party was unshakeable, persistent effort in the hope of reward Elliot even putting up with a soaking left foot due to leaking waders!

It was however a great day out with a bunch of real anglers who all enjoyed the opportunity to try and tempt a Salmon. Great comradeship much banter saw us through the day which weather wise was great! Yes no fish but a real angler’s day out an absolutely cracking day! All the anglers were quick to impress upon me the need to pass on their thanks to the family for the kind opportunity to fish a prime beat on the Tweed which of course I will do. Thanks for your company lads I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Photo 04 - Looking down my rod!
Oh and I nearly forgot Elliot who has never before fished for Salmon with the fly was given an impromptu casting lessons from our ghillie and boy did he pick up some great moves by the end of the session he was casting along with the best and not a penny changed hands, the way it should be! Thanks one and all!

A most excellent Pike!

It’s not the biggest I have caught but it’s one of the most satisfying! Tipping the scales at 14lbs 3oz her baseline weight would be around 11.75 - 12.00lbs but as you can see her abdomen is distended with eggs the next generation of our Pike. Like most of our Pike she is of the short stubby variety and her width is impressive! Unlike the soft engineered “plastic” variety she would have to work for her food employing guile stealth and raw power giving her the muscular lithe body that was immediately evident on capture. With fish like this in the lochs the future does indeed look bright! I have taken a couple of scales to get an idea of her age, will keep you posted.

Photo 05 - A real Pike in first class condition!
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The wider world in my view!

 The anatomy of a fool!

I waited with baited breath for Lord Snooty’s announcement on clamping down on immigration and the usage of benefits by immigrants this week. Rather inconveniently coming after official figures showing that he failed miserably to cut immigration to less than 100,000 no ifs or buts! Yes tossed around like a sock puppet amidst the internecine struggles in what is loosely termed the Tory party. Another broken promise to add to the huge pile of failed policies all filed with the tag “more still needs to be done”!

Playing catch up with UKIP in an ever increasing frenzy, confusion is the only thing that comes to the fore! Our public services are crumbling all around us with frontline police due to be cut as are ambulance and fire personnel, councils are at bursting point trying to provide essential services as Snooty neglects to deal with what he took power to supposedly put right!

Lord Snooty will go down as the greatest political bungler in history a complete and utter buffoon, and his latest speech on immigration just adds another policy in the failed tray! A paper tiger who has managed to double the national debt and staggeringly the defecit is now increasing, increase welfare spending by 11billion pounds, pour billions into the NHS reforms to make it worse, massively increase numbers of working poor, put hundreds of millions into welfare reform and astoundingly increase spending and increase immigration, and the poor deluded fool thinks he is doing a good job!

Lord Snooty’s term of office has been a complete disaster with the only objectives being achieved are supreme bungling and crass incompetence! Oh and the latest claptrap on immigration – just watch as the EU unpick each point and leave Snooty trouserless, again!  Like no other before Lord Snooty has set new benchmarks for spineless incompetence and punishing the most vulnerable in our now corrupt country! We should all pay heed to this abysmal record come election time!

Cheated again!

The smith commission this week delivered their recommendations for devolving more power to the Scottish Government. There was as expected a mixed range of views with the unionists applauding the package and the nationalists decrying them with many in between. The problem of course was the non specific vow which did not detail any new powers it merely stated that significant powers would be handed over.

The varying interpretations of “significant” were always going to be the sticking point and perhaps the people of Scotland should have paid more attention to the wording foreseeing the current situation. However that aspect is done and dusted and the future of Scotland moves on. Looking at the devolved powers which of course are subject to Westminster approval the package whilst devolving some extra powers holds back from giving the Scottish government full financial control of its own affairs which is what is needed to gain autonomy.

The lack of full powers on welfare and tax blow an immediate hole in Scottish government’s aspirations. Reducing poverty and inequality was always top of the list for the SNP administration and this anomaly which leaves 70% of tax powers and 85% of welfare powers in the hands of Westminster ties the hands of the Scottish government! Not devolving full powers on these aspects of spending and income generation simply means that nothing can fully be achieved without ultimately consulting with Westminster!

The bottom line is that nothing much has changed, the Scottish government continue to be hobbled by Westminster! To make a difference, to mitigate the extreme poor bashing policies of the Con-Dems extensive powers were required, they have not been delivered! Here we have a piecemeal offering which falls well short of what was expected! The Scottish government will not be able to implement the policies it wants to relieve the suffering of the ever growing numbers of poor and needy under the Con-Dems! Only with full devolution of tax powers can the poor bashing policies of the Con - Dems be negated!

It will of course be possible to exact retribution on the Westminster crowd come the general election by voting for the SNP! Scotland is on the brink of breaking away from the UK, a large contingent of SNP MPs in Westminster will seal the deal!

Desperate Puppets!

The photo above is from local puppet Michael Moore’s newsletter desperate to convince voters he is the man to represent us following the general election. The main body of text is just rubbish but have a look at the photo above. He has classed the SNP and Labour as no hopers for the area! He is correct with the Labour part, but believe you me the SNP will do for this puppet once and for all! Roll on election time!

Incidentally Puppet Moore has a bill going to parliament on Friday calling for 0.7% of the country’s budget be given in overseas aid! You probably think this is a joke but no it’s for real! With the mess the puppets and the Tories have landed us in we need all the money we can get! 1st rule of good housekeeping – get your own house in order before spending it on others!

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