Sunday, 30 November 2014

An autumn days Salmon fishing 5!

Photo 01 - Elliot punches the line out!
An autumn day’s Salmon fishing 5!

At last the conditions looked good after the recent deluge of water the level was dropping back, and there was a touch of frost in the early morning and all looked good for our annual excursion to the Upper Pavilion on Tweed. Present were Elliot Fraser, Stevie Nimmo, Les Robson, Pete Young, Davy Mitchell and me!

Photo 02 - Stevie covering the north bank!
Stevie and Pete tried the Carry Weil the bard Sir Walter Scott’s favourite pool Whilst Davy and Les took the Brig End on the North bank whilst Elliot and I took Lowood as our starting point. The odd fish was showing they were mostly however of the tartan variety not the type that readily takes! There was much thrashing of the water as we all honed our casting techniques but as the first hour passed we were all attaining adequate standards ready for the pull of a eager fresh Salmon!

Before we knew it lunchtime came and all the anglers reported nothing doing! Much chattering and examination took place along with much ruffling around in fly boxes. Some changed tactics to cover different levels of the river and soon it was time to set off with renewed enthusiasm. Mother Nature however gave us a display including Herons, Goosander, Cormorant Deer, Rabbits and Squirrels, unfortunately of the grey variety.

Photo 03 - Davy and Les at the Brig End!
Back on the fishing front all were dutifully making froth around them trying to tempt the king of fish. Les and Davy moved down to Ellwyn foot and lo and behold Les got a brief pull but alas that is all that it was, rather depressingly no one else experienced any action other than the odd leaf! Yes at the end of the day our efforts yielded nothing which is in keeping with the way the Tweed has fished this season – very poorly! The intent of the party was unshakeable, persistent effort in the hope of reward Elliot even putting up with a soaking left foot due to leaking waders!

It was however a great day out with a bunch of real anglers who all enjoyed the opportunity to try and tempt a Salmon. Great comradeship much banter saw us through the day which weather wise was great! Yes no fish but a real angler’s day out an absolutely cracking day! All the anglers were quick to impress upon me the need to pass on their thanks to the family for the kind opportunity to fish a prime beat on the Tweed which of course I will do. Thanks for your company lads I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Photo 04 - Looking down my rod!
Oh and I nearly forgot Elliot who has never before fished for Salmon with the fly was given an impromptu casting lessons from our ghillie and boy did he pick up some great moves by the end of the session he was casting along with the best and not a penny changed hands, the way it should be! Thanks one and all!

A most excellent Pike!

It’s not the biggest I have caught but it’s one of the most satisfying! Tipping the scales at 14lbs 3oz her baseline weight would be around 11.75 - 12.00lbs but as you can see her abdomen is distended with eggs the next generation of our Pike. Like most of our Pike she is of the short stubby variety and her width is impressive! Unlike the soft engineered “plastic” variety she would have to work for her food employing guile stealth and raw power giving her the muscular lithe body that was immediately evident on capture. With fish like this in the lochs the future does indeed look bright! I have taken a couple of scales to get an idea of her age, will keep you posted.

Photo 05 - A real Pike in first class condition!
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The wider world in my view!

 The anatomy of a fool!

I waited with baited breath for Lord Snooty’s announcement on clamping down on immigration and the usage of benefits by immigrants this week. Rather inconveniently coming after official figures showing that he failed miserably to cut immigration to less than 100,000 no ifs or buts! Yes tossed around like a sock puppet amidst the internecine struggles in what is loosely termed the Tory party. Another broken promise to add to the huge pile of failed policies all filed with the tag “more still needs to be done”!

Playing catch up with UKIP in an ever increasing frenzy, confusion is the only thing that comes to the fore! Our public services are crumbling all around us with frontline police due to be cut as are ambulance and fire personnel, councils are at bursting point trying to provide essential services as Snooty neglects to deal with what he took power to supposedly put right!

Lord Snooty will go down as the greatest political bungler in history a complete and utter buffoon, and his latest speech on immigration just adds another policy in the failed tray! A paper tiger who has managed to double the national debt and staggeringly the defecit is now increasing, increase welfare spending by 11billion pounds, pour billions into the NHS reforms to make it worse, massively increase numbers of working poor, put hundreds of millions into welfare reform and astoundingly increase spending and increase immigration, and the poor deluded fool thinks he is doing a good job!

Lord Snooty’s term of office has been a complete disaster with the only objectives being achieved are supreme bungling and crass incompetence! Oh and the latest claptrap on immigration – just watch as the EU unpick each point and leave Snooty trouserless, again!  Like no other before Lord Snooty has set new benchmarks for spineless incompetence and punishing the most vulnerable in our now corrupt country! We should all pay heed to this abysmal record come election time!

Cheated again!

The smith commission this week delivered their recommendations for devolving more power to the Scottish Government. There was as expected a mixed range of views with the unionists applauding the package and the nationalists decrying them with many in between. The problem of course was the non specific vow which did not detail any new powers it merely stated that significant powers would be handed over.

The varying interpretations of “significant” were always going to be the sticking point and perhaps the people of Scotland should have paid more attention to the wording foreseeing the current situation. However that aspect is done and dusted and the future of Scotland moves on. Looking at the devolved powers which of course are subject to Westminster approval the package whilst devolving some extra powers holds back from giving the Scottish government full financial control of its own affairs which is what is needed to gain autonomy.

The lack of full powers on welfare and tax blow an immediate hole in Scottish government’s aspirations. Reducing poverty and inequality was always top of the list for the SNP administration and this anomaly which leaves 70% of tax powers and 85% of welfare powers in the hands of Westminster ties the hands of the Scottish government! Not devolving full powers on these aspects of spending and income generation simply means that nothing can fully be achieved without ultimately consulting with Westminster!

The bottom line is that nothing much has changed, the Scottish government continue to be hobbled by Westminster! To make a difference, to mitigate the extreme poor bashing policies of the Con-Dems extensive powers were required, they have not been delivered! Here we have a piecemeal offering which falls well short of what was expected! The Scottish government will not be able to implement the policies it wants to relieve the suffering of the ever growing numbers of poor and needy under the Con-Dems! Only with full devolution of tax powers can the poor bashing policies of the Con - Dems be negated!

It will of course be possible to exact retribution on the Westminster crowd come the general election by voting for the SNP! Scotland is on the brink of breaking away from the UK, a large contingent of SNP MPs in Westminster will seal the deal!

Desperate Puppets!

The photo above is from local puppet Michael Moore’s newsletter desperate to convince voters he is the man to represent us following the general election. The main body of text is just rubbish but have a look at the photo above. He has classed the SNP and Labour as no hopers for the area! He is correct with the Labour part, but believe you me the SNP will do for this puppet once and for all! Roll on election time!

Incidentally Puppet Moore has a bill going to parliament on Friday calling for 0.7% of the country’s budget be given in overseas aid! You probably think this is a joke but no it’s for real! With the mess the puppets and the Tories have landed us in we need all the money we can get! 1st rule of good housekeeping – get your own house in order before spending it on others!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Waiting for tomorrow or another real angler!

Photo 01-Rusty hook into flesh could mean amputation for a diabetic!
Waiting for tomorrow or another real angler!

Yes tomorrow our group of anglers and guests are heading off to the Upper Pavilion fishing beat on the Tweed for our annual Autumn Salmon day. Thanks to the kindness of the family of the late Major Sir Neil Westbrook we are to fish unencumbered (the Major’s words) for the whole day on any of the pools within the beat.

I received some bad news regarding Mike Christie the winner of our competition who was coming to fish with guest Les (six fish) Robson. Unfortunately Mike is currently bogged down with work and cannot make the day but asked if his friend Davy Mitchell could attend in his place. Of course anyone who knows Davy (a proper gent) knows that he is universally welcome anywhere, for many years he was Selkirk Angling Association! Another accolade to his name is that he has recently been awarded citizen of the year by the town’s merchant company and I cannot think of a more worthy recipient. We are absolutely delighted to welcome Davy as our guest for the day!

What really inspired me however was absolutely all of the above but the fact that Mike in a completely selfless fashion offered Davy the days fishing and in the manner of a real angler did not expect anything in return! An increasingly rare event in these sordid days in angling when advice is available to one and all but only if you cross a palm with silver! Yes the money seekers are everywhere seeking to fill their pockets in return for advice which makes Mike’s gesture even more notable!

It really is reassuring to see that a group of real anglers still populate the river banks without having to exchange money and the gentlemanly and correct traits of old still abound! Everyone going on Monday is of the old school where the aim is not to fleece your fellow angler but to assist him or her in any way you can without any payment! There is hope for the future of angling with anglers like these!

The phone calls and e mails have all been despatched everyone has an appropriate bundle of suitable tackle. The old angling books have been scoured for tips as to how to tempt the king of fish. Speaking to the participating anglers there will be a variety of tackle and methods employed from a 1922 Alex Martin greenheart 15ft rod to a Bruce & Walker Hexagraph 15ft Salmon rod and from intermediate line with fast sink tip through full HD sinking line to Hover line with sink tip. Looks like a good coverage maximising chances of a fish!

There’s still time for last minute checking, adjusting or even completely revamping of gear and tactics. We all wait in anticipation of Monday morning and what it will bring, there are plenty Salmon in the river it’s just a case of stimulating them into taking the fly! It’s been a dreadful season for Salmon angling according to the main commentators but what will endure on Monday is the never ending spirit of eager anticipation and determination that is inherent in every one of our real anglers! Old school anglers and the River Tweed, they really do go together hand in hand! The full report on our excursion revealed next week.

I will speak with the family and arrange a spring day to which hopefully Mike and guests can come along.

Photo 02- On duty tomorrow, my 1922 Alex Martin 15ft Greenheart Salmon rod.
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The wider world in my view!

The true meaning of the Rochester result!

I doubt if many people were surprised by the emphatic win delivered by UKIP over the Tories. There is no question about the severity of the result for the Tories, a 10,000 Tory majority rubbed out and turned into a 3,000 majority for UKIP. What makes it even more embarrassing for the Tories was the fact that the Tory machine was at full throttle for the whole campaign to no effect! Worse still Lord Snooty made 5 separate visits to try and persuade the electorate that the posh boys were the way to go! Clearly he failed abysmally as he does in most aspects of his political meddling!

Ed Milliband thought all he had to do was swan in with a brush and sweep up the remnants of the broken Tories. Unfortunately for him there was trouble afoot in the form of Labour MP Emily Thornberry who tweeted a picture of white van man with some England flags hanging from the window interpreted as a sneer at the working classes. This was when Ed had to kiss goodbye to any prospect of a respectable result in the contest. The headlines yesterday were not of the great win by UKIP and not about the humiliation of the posh boys but of the many faces of Labour specifically the one that despises the working classes!

No one expected the Puppets to do well in fact most had their money on them losing their deposit as is now the norm! You would think their fortunes could not get much worse but they did, they set a new record and achieved a new low for the number of votes obtained 300 odd votes! Of course no one cares the Puppets sealed their fate of political oblivion when they jumped into bed with the posh boys! It’s nothing more than a first class mess and we voted for it!

The message from the electorate was unequivocally clear and it shouted the message that the political system in this country is corrupt and completely spent! The whole lot needs to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. The people are fed up of the lying, swindling and deceitful manner in which the politicians conduct themselves! It’s looking like a total shambles with no one able to predict the outcome of the next election. The real meaning of the Rochester result is the start of political meltdown here’s hoping for more fuel to the fire!

The new First Minister and cabinet!

On Thursday Nicola Sturgeon took up the position of First Minister of Scotland and gave what was universally seen as a good solid inaugural speech. Poverty and inequality are at the top of her list and this is very encouraging as the numbers of working and workless poor continue to soar! A bigger role for women in government and society as a whole, a pledge to increase spending on the NHS and to keep private money out! This woman is ultra popular in Scotland as the SNP goes from strength to strength! She actually  filled the 12,000 seats of the Glasgow Hydro and the tickets sold faster than they did for a Kylie Minogue concert – Respect!

Her new cabinet is interesting, Kenny Mc Askill (justice) and Mike Russell (education) both booted out. I have no recrimination about these two they were pure and simple prize duds! Angela Constance in Education could be a good move as Ms Constance is a sharp operator with previous experience in employment! One point of concern for me however was the pledge to work in consensus with the Puppets and Posh boys! By all means listen to what they have to say but quickly consign their views to the trashcan then go and do what you originally wanted! The views of these fools are completely irrelevant and of no benefit to the people of Scotland that is why the people of Scotland despise them both!

Of course the functioning of the Scottish parliament is completely dependent on the powers that are handed over from Westminster and we should have the general flavour next week. Sturgeon and her cabinet need to move more quickly to the left giving attention to the underprivileged in the country and there are many created by the Con-Dems! But again the events of the last week look good for the people of Scotland in spite of the historic mistake on September 18th.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

River Tweed Fishing!

Photo 01 A swollen Tweed Colouring up on Friday.
River Tweed Fishing!

Our autumn day of Salmon fishing on the River Tweed will be taking place soon as there are only a couple of weeks left of this year’s season. It’s not been a good season for Salmon on the Tweed with big waters predominating and a lack of taking fish have left many a Salmon angler down in the dumps. There have been many days when even standing on the banks dipping a fly was a waste of time so high was the water level.

Often Salmon anglers can be seen forlornly fishing their flies close to the bank as the high water makes wading impossible unless you have a death wish. Of course many Salmon fall to this tactic as in big waters they tend to travel up the side of the river choosing the path of least resistance. But it is a tempered form of fishing a means of employing the tactics of last resort.

Many days this year ended up being written off completely with the anglers invariably kissing goodbye to the permit fees which in many cases is upwards of a couple of hundred pounds for the day! I have no great love of Salmon fishing in fact find it quite mind numbing for the most part. Of course if a fish is hooked then its game on and all thoughts of boredom are banished as a colossal battle ensues and when there's a crowd of you as is the case on our excursions, there is great camaraderie, loads of fishy tales and the odd disaster making for a great day out!

Yesterday on a trek down the Tweed I spoke to a number of anglers reluctantly giving up as the water turned yellow and rose several inches making fishing pointless! If a fish cannot see the fly then there is no hope as the earth fly is not allowed! One angler commented positively on the fact that the number of leaves hooked had declined (you get a really good pull from Sycamore). What was quickly apparent was the fact that all were visitors not a local did I encounter. Now it’s well known that Salmon fishing brings in significant revenue to the local economy and many businesses are grateful for the spin off trade and rightly so!

Now if you mention the lack of affordable Salmon fishing for locals to the powers that be they quickly point to affordable Salmon fishing well upstream. Now it’s true that the fishing there is much cheaper but it’s cheaper for a good reason and that reason is that the further up you go the lower the number of fish available to catch!

There is no egalitarianism in Salmon fishing, no route whereby a Kelso local may fish the Junction pool at a reasonable cost. Many working class people in this area would be classed as “working poor” and the high prices asked for fishing the better beats is well out with their available budgets! It’s a two tier system where those who have the capital can pick and choose and those who do not are left with the crumbs on the table which the toffs have no interest in! It’s sad when money overcomes all and the poor as in everyday life get nothing but scraps! If there is a change in this ethos and I very much doubt this will happen in the near future it will come about by direction from central government and not by action from the riparian owners with some notable exceptions.

That is why our club is so grateful to the late Major Sir Neil Westbrook and his family who allow our competition winners and those who have helped the club the most to fish a prime beat on the Tweed at no cost to ourselves and if the day turns out to be unfishable give us another day. Yes we have much to be grateful for but the way of administering Salmon fisheries needs to change to allow at least a token number of locals to have some fishing on the better bits of the Tweed at minimal cost! As is the way in every facet of life “to those who have, more shall be given!”

The disappearing Red Squirrel.

Club secretary Alasdair White and Loch keeper Mr Xxxxx have both reported seeing a Red Squirrel foraging around the area of the club boathouse. This of course is great news and we will now look into ways of providing a superior habitat for the fellow to keep him or her around. Any views gratefully received!
Our new membership secretary and Loch keeper Mr Xxxxx will be issuing a newsletter to all members in mid December in which all the important dates for club members will be highlighted Mr Xxxxx’s contact details and other important contact points will be appended. We are still experiencing people who phone to say they are coming to fish and then do not turn up. If you change your mind about coming please do us the courtesy of informing us!
Our habitat work on the Kirkstead burn featured recently in the Tweed Forums press release on habitat work and controlling invasive species. More on this in the next few weeks.

Our advisory site choosing a fishing guide has now reached 1852 visitors reinforcing the fact that it is the bible when seeking information on these people. it establishes in tablets of stone our ranking of No 1 in the Google rankings. Still on the subject of fishing guides, one fishing guide site has been noted to be using keywords implying allegiance to a local angling club in an attempt to increase visitors to his site. The violation will be brought to the attention of a local firm of solicitors who are acting as the secretary of the club.

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The wider world in my view!

A significant day for Scotland!

This week saw some important changes in the Scottish political scene with the resignation of SNP leader Alex Salmond and the adoption of Nicola Sturgeon as the new leader of the SNP and Scotland's new First Minister on Thursday. We have not seen the end of oor Eck, oh no he is to stand for a Westminster seat in the general election and will doubtless get elected and be a voice of reason in the mire that is Westminster!

Nicola Sturgeon has outlined how she intends to operate as First Minister and it’s the best I have heard. The referendum is not dead it was merely the starting point. If the vow proves to be less than what is expected then this will trigger another referendum as will the SNP wiping out Labour as is predicted to be the case. Never has a political party enjoyed the support the SNP currently have, per capita the SNP has more support than any party in the country! 100,000 is the target for membership by the general election only a fool would bet against it!

She made it very clear that under no circumstances will the SNP prop up the posh boys as the Puppets have done and to Scots this is music to our ears! She also stated that they may go into government with a minority Labour government although this is not seen as being ideal and this would only occur if Trident was scrapped! She also stated that the independence issue is firmly at the top of the agenda. The people of Scotland made a serious mistake on the 18th of September they will not do so again!

 With the current mood amongst the Scottish people a landslide victory would be the outcome! Talk is one thing action quite another, so it was gratifying to hear that she has met with the private contractor who carry out the cleaning duties at Holyrood and has clinched a deal where all the 117 staff will now earn the “Living wage” as opposed to the minimum wage!

Imagine a future free of these posh boy idiots and their incessant bungling who cost us billions where there is an opportunity to build a fairer Scotland, one where profit at any cost is not the driving force but fairness, equity and compassion is the driving force for those who are less fortunate! This is on the horizon and its looming ever closer. We just need the required trigger to start the acceleration of the process. Yes her speech was a good one, rendered granted without the wit of Oor Eck but nevertheless a bold radical speech where social justice is firmly at the heart! Absolutely first rate!

The posh boys courtesy Nicky Gavron.
The bungling continues!

No great surprise here, yes the Posh boys have landed the country in another fine mess! Head of the army General Sir Nick Carter said the use of reservists was a flawed policy leading to a hugely reduced operational capacity! Reported in the blue nosed Daily Telegraph the Con-Dems recruitment of reservists has failed abysmally as the level of troops drops to a level last seen in the Napoleonic wars!

The level of recruitment is so low it is six years behind schedule according to the National Audit Office! In true Con-Dem style without any heed to the consequences they continue to slash the regular forces leaving the country unable to meet current commitments! Like most Con-Dem policy this one is a litany of errors with again typically no backup plan in case of failure which seems the only thing to be guaranteed! Millionaire posh boy Philip Hammond’s reputation is now on the line as frantic cover up activity is rushed in to muddy the waters and calm the storm. Just another example of the breathtaking incompetence that is so typical of the posh boys and puppets!
My sympathies!
My sympathy card this week goes to Lord Snooty who will be waking on Friday morning with a colossal hangover! Clueless Ed Milliband has just been through the mill and unbelievably has emerged with a four point lead over the Tories. Alas for hapless Lord Snooty there will be no fairy tale ending! After losing Rochester to UKIP there will be a civil war among the Tories of apocalyptic proportions which hopefully will see them damaged fatally. So if you are looking for a point to direct sympathy think of Lord Snooty for he will certainly need it!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Visiting Pike anglers!

Photo 01 - Another Saturday with crap weather!
Visiting Pike anglers!

We have now reached a point in the year where the Muppet types fall by the wayside preferring a warm bar over the cold outdoors. It gives us time to take stock and prepare for the genuine dyed in the wool Pike anglers who regularly visit us during the colder months.

If you are a first time visiting angler coming to the lochs please have a good root around our website for there you will find much assistance in your quest for quality Pike. This is not a “plastic” Pike fishery where the terminally challenged may catch with ease irrespective of their tactics here the fish are wild the way nature intended and have to be tempted into taking your bait.

Some of the regular lads are keen on Smelt but personally I cannot see past fresh Mackerel, not the soft Baitbox rubbish but fresh whole mackerel oozing with oil from Morrison’s stores. This bait is long lasting stays on the hook no problem and being nice and firm casts like a dream. Sardines are also good bait but the oilier the better I say. Select your bait, then from our website select your swim where you would like to spend a few hours. Check out our swim map on the web and check out the series of articles written by Archangel the swims of St Mary’s loch parts one through to five where advice is given on the various swims.

Speak with our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx and ask him for some tips he is on top of all the recent catches and will give you the latest. Don’t however come back and say I didn’t catch you need to be aware fish move about roaming, following shoal fish so where fish were caught yesterday they may not be caught today! If you need your fishing to be easier than this then its “plastic” fishing you need to check out! Our lochs are difficult places to fish but for those who put in the time the rewards invariably come!

Our lochs are very lightly fished and we have barred Muppets, bullies and fools as time goes by to make your experience better! There is very little litter lying around we would ask all anglers to keep it this way! Do not be afraid to try a new area, some parts of our loch have not been fished for years! Do pay attention to the bathymetrical survey map on our site you really don’t want to be fishing under 130ft of water or maybe you do so check it out!

If you want to bivvy up then speak with Mr Xxxxx as there are a couple of areas where bivvying is not permitted. There are a couple of super B&Bs on the banks of the loch if you prefer a degree of comfort and the Tibbie at the top of the loch and if you don’t mind travelling a couple of miles to your fishing the Gordon arms may be suitable.  Check out our accommodation guide on our main site and of course speak with our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx. If you forget your bait then you are looking at a journey of around 18 miles to either Fishers in Penicuick or Libby’s pet stores in the main street in Hawick.

It is important to be aware that St Mary’s is not a paddling pool; it is a large glacial loch and can suffer some very severe weather! That said however you may want to hire a boat to better cover the 700+ acres of water. Our Arran’s are a good choice with a sea safety rating and we can provide engines, and petrol at a reasonable price, see website for details. Lifejackets and oars are provided free of charge as is our keepers invaluable advice. Many of the large fish caught from the loch are caught trolling Bulldawg type lures and Rapala’s so if the fish are not coming to you fishing statically then success may be attained by searching out the fish by means of a motor boat. We have heavy duty anchors for use but they are only issued if requested so if you want one ask.

Whatever you do we wish all visitors good hunting and tight lines!

Information box on this news site!

We are hoping to have the required information for this facility gathered in the next week so keep your eyes peeled for the important dates.

From our recommended dealers!

From Fishers direct this week some class items at affordable prices and as is normal from a bona fide tackle dealer you get masses of information and great after sales service! My favourite from the featured products this week is the 100% water and windproof lightweight jacket from Vass at a great price of only £54.99 post free. For tying up the killer patterns have a look at this anvil fly tying vice at a great price. Good Metz capes have always been difficult to source here we have quality capes at great prices. Of course if you get the above you will need hooks. Click the links to see more.

Lest we forget!
The wider world in my view!

Gideon Gasbag or Walter Mitty in Westminster!

You could not avoid seeing minister without a clue Gideon Osborne somewhat nervously proclaiming that they took on the EU and won! Yes the bill of £1.7billion is now reduced to £850 million and is payable in two instalments from July 2015 according to him. On the face of it sure looks like a good deal for the country, however it took only minutes after his announcement for the whole plot to unravel as finance ministers from other countries round the table lined up to give a somewhat different version of events! Following in the footsteps of the Americans when they pulled out of Vietnam proclaiming an American victory the minister without a clue tries to put a positive spin on a nothing event!

One after another the same story came out and every version was at odds with Gideon’s tale. The real version is that the amount payable is still £1.7 billon, granted payable in two instalments and once this is paid the rebate of £850 million will be applied as it has been in previous years. Now this rebate was known to be coming forth by all the ministers excepting Gideon Osborne which doesn’t say much for his finance team!

The EU whilst legally correct to demand the payment in full in December this year agreed to defer the payment and accept two instalments. Nothing whatsoever to do with Gideon Osborne or Lord Snooty! They also decided to waive the right to charge interest on unpaid monies which is good for us but again nothing to do with our hapless chancellor or beleaguered prime minister!

It’s another song and dance about nothing, an opportunity to use all those tired phrases such as “doing the right think for our country” and “fighting for hardworking families”! The posh boys are completely alienated in Europe and any mitigation of our circumstances was purely down to the EU! Gideon must think we are all fools if we would swallow this load of tosh, a mixture of smoke and Tesco accounting that’s all this is! Yet again the Con-Dems pound the table promise much and deliver little, if you think this was bad then prepare yourselves for much worse as the EU now consider the guaranteed to fail absurd proposals on freedom of movement in the EU by Snooty et al!

Pushed by the right of the Tory party, pulled by UKIP, hammered by the opposition poor old buffeted and bashed Lord Snooty does not know what his stance is! It is looking ever more likely these diddys will have us out of Europe standing as a country alone. The economic consequences of pulling out are immensely negative but thinking about it what could you really expect from a couple of out of touch posh buffoons such as Lord Snooty and Gideon Gasbag, they went in search of great things and returned with nothing!

Those who went before!

Today all over the country good people interrupted their normal activities to stand in silence and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by so many that we may live in freedom today. Our political leaders refer to it as a celebration of events in the past particularly the centenary of the start of the Great War. There can be no celebration of the start of a war, more correctly what takes place today is a respectful commemoration of the war. The current generation and I include myself know nothing of the real meaning of pain and suffering endured by those held by the Bosch however at least in my generation we were taught about the results of war and had a limited understanding of the horrors of such events!

The current generation do not seem to have much understanding perhaps best shown by our Clown Prince Harry who seems to think it is fine to dress up in Bosh military uniform and display the repulsive swastika which is now a symbol of terror! Much, much more education is called for so that the future generations do not forget the sacrifices made for them! We owe them much but it is a debt that can never be repaid as they are now all gone. Tune in today and watch one of the remembrance programmes and give thanks for the relative freedoms we all enjoy today.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them! R.I.P

The fall of the High Street!

I heard a rumour last week that pub chain Wetherspoon,s are moving out of the High Street in Galashiels and into the new transport interchange currently being built for the new railway. If it’s true it could be good thinking on their part as not only will they retain the local town trade they will get passengers leaving and arriving Galashiels if indeed there are any in significant numbers.

The downside however is that the High street will be left as a completely barren area, already I can see tumbleweed blowing around the area. Far better there was a compulsory purchase order buying up the remaining shops relocating them in the fast becoming barren Channel Street and Bank Street and turning the High Street into much needed social housing flats.

It’s too late for High Street rejuvenation projects, people can get what the High Street offers cheaper with excellent customer service and delivered next day from the internet. Let’s face the inevitable and see an end to these doomed re vitalising projects and use that money to provide affordable housing for the needy in our society. If this current government is re elected then there will be ever increasing numbers of people who will most certainly need them!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Member Information!

Photo 01 - One of the feeds to our settling tanks after re digging!
Member information!

As we stated a few weeks ago we will be sending out a letter to all registered addresses of members with the following information. The dates of our competitions, the dates for arranged work parties, the date of our AGM and the dates in which club memberships should be renewed along with details of where cheques etc should be sent.  Further to this we now have an information box on the blog where all important events will be displayed. This will be added to in the next few weeks allowing plenty time for the majority to view. The box will be there every time you click on to our site.

This will be the only communication to be sent out in early December barring any urgent matters requiring member involvement. Members must take responsibility to store this information so these important dates are readily available. We will be moving to a 100% paperless way of working in an effort to reduce costs.  As usual any significant events will be notified here on our news pages with plenty of advance notice!

Our current membership secretary Lawson Simpson this week resigned his position in the club and it was with regret that we accepted his resignation for he has done much to help the club over the years! From all at the club a big thank you Lawson! A good man lost is always a troubling event.

Boat hiring information!

With the weather now set to deteriorate as we move into winter we will be withdrawing our two Lomond boats from service until the new Trout season starts on 15/03/2015. If there is a pressing reason for the use of these boats then at the discretion of the loch keeper they may be used, otherwise only our Arran’s which have a much higher safety rating may be used. In all instances our loch keeper’s decision will be final!

A little known club policy!

A good while ago now we initiated a policy to encourage any of the locals who wanted to go boating on the lochs to have the use of our boats free of charge to spend a few hours paddling around. We will also provide a petrol engine and the only cost involved will be an amount to cover the petrol used which will usually be under £5.00! Lifejackets will also be supplied. Well we had our first enquiry today and hopefully the two concerned will be powering up the loch in good style very soon! Any other local residents who would like to see Cappercleuch from a different perspective just contact Mike at the Whitehouse and they will sort you out!

Some maintenance work!

Fixtures and fittings do not last forever as any homeowner knows, and last week called us to carry out some maintenance work in the club boathouse and beyond. The first problem was that we had no water coming through our taps due to some sort of blockage no doubt. I took a walk up the hill where the source of our supply lies and a problem was immediately apparent!

The stream feeding our supply had become diverted no doubt due to livestock walking through it! So I dug out a new channel to redirect the water into our holding tanks. On checking the flow into our tanks another problem was noted, two dead mice blocking the outlet. These were removed and water began to flow down the pipe towards the boat house.

On getting to the boat house rather frustratingly no water was noted to exit the taps. So the taps were dismantled and out came a huge clump of weed and on removal water gushed everywhere, water restored! Also noted our sink was cracked and our resident joiner/plumber Les managed to acquire a replacement and spent much of the day plumbing it in and yesterday it was in place working perfectly. Just a couple of mundane tasks that needed to be done but these problems do not resolve themselves someone has to do it!

Photo 02 St Mary's from our settling tank on the hill!
Lost souls!

In the course of the day up at the loch I meet a few people some who regularly trek in the area and of course we get to putting the world to rights!  A member of her majesty’s constabulary who regularly exercises his two dogs up in the hills told me of his quest for the day to find the spot where three individuals were buried a hundred or so years ago!

Apparently the three buried had all committed suicide and this being the case were not allowed to be buried in the hallowed grounds of the church! The solution was to take the bodies by horse and cart up the hill past Bowerhope to the end of the March fence and bury them in unmarked graves.

In fact the graves were marked by a large flat stone but no inscriptions were allowed! He did not on this occasion find these graves but is determined to go back to locate them. It is also said that just out with the boundaries of the St Mary’s churchyard there are buried a number of body’s who also committed suicide. Surely the church could reinter these body’s in the churchyard as in their belief system those buried in non hallowed ground are never to enter the kingdom of heaven! RIP.

From our recommended dealers!

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The wider world in my view!

Won’t get fooled again!         

There’s no doubt the people of Scotland were conned into accepting a blind promise of more powers which to date have not materialised. This along with contrived mistruths designed to scare the people into voting for the continuation of the United Kingdom frightened people into voting negatively! Well the deed is done and for the moment we trudge along that same road that leads nowhere!

The fall out however is extremely interesting! The SNP have seen their membership treble and the Greens saw theirs doubling and reaching the same vote share as the Puppets, whilst the Puppets are heading for oblivion and rightly so. The Tories see their membership falling and perhaps most worrying the Labour party see their membership catastrophically crashing the price to be paid for getting into bed with the hated Tories! The people of Scotland have no time for Puppets or Tories!

A recent “Survation” poll for the Herald projected a massive increase in Westminster seats falling to the SNP giving them 54 seats in Westminster leaving Labour with four seats, the Puppets on one and the Tories single MP in Scotland wiped out! The prediction however is just that, but the trend which largely is not disputed is for the old traditional parties being dispensed with, the Puppets rightly punished and the new ideas parties the SNP and the Greens see massive increases in support! The mainstream parties are on the way out and good riddance to them! Somewhat reassuringly soon to be ex leader Alex Salmond said that if they were faced with a coalition deal then there is no way on earth they would align themselves with the Tories! However he thought a deal with labour was a possibility!

Clearly the referendum result is being overturned by the people of Scotland as they realise their mistake and that they have been duped. All that is needed is a trigger to go for another referendum which would see the correct result obtained to go for independence! The devolved powers that end up on the table will be such a trigger as is the expected vote on leaving the EU in the next two years! Oh yes the Tories have a chance of getting back in seeking to form a coalition with anyone they can! The Labour party is finished countrywide how anyone could vote Labour with Milliband and Balls at the helm is beyond me, not to mention the watered down Tory policies they now seek to punish the electorate with!

Yes the opportunity to get rid of this Westminster rubbish will present itself again, much sooner than we think! The chance to put right a catastrophic wrong is on the horizon, we won’t get fooled again!

Lord Snooty gets it wrong AGAIN!

It was meant to be a matter of urgency the investigation into the historic child abuse problem recently uncovered! Lord Snooty and would be Butcher Thatcher Theresa May have turned what should be a serious investigation into a complete farce! Yes 6 weeks down the line and both the inquiry chairmen Lady Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf have had to resign due to protests from an action group fighting for the abused children! Might it be a case of third time lucky, if it wasn’t so serious it would be a massive joke!

A high school pupil could have organised this better! Why did Snooty and May not sit down with the concerned groups and agree a suitable chairman prior to going public! This is the accepted way of forming a committee! Again we are the laughing stock of the civilised world as common sense takes a back seat and supreme bungling comes yet again to the fore! This is a shambles of gargantuan proportions! A government comprised of complete buffoons incapable of even performing the simplest task! The Scottish people do not deserve this but to their eternal shame they did vote for the current state of affairs we are now enduring! Yes the 18th of September 2014 will go down in history as Scotland’s greatest mistake!

From the Speakeasy!

It’s where more sense emanates than from all the political uttering’s in Westminster yes it’s our weekly end of the day chat from the boathouse. This week we talked of the possibility of an early referendum after project fear frightened older voters into voting no. We agreed an early referendum is on the cards though we could not agree on the timescale. The massive rise in SNP support coupled with the huge drops in support for Labour, the Puppets and the Tories was put down to people now realising the mistakes on the 18th and trying to correct this! It’s no longer will Scotland become independent but when! We all condemned the current joke often referred to as the government which boiled down to a group of posh boys filling in their time using the ever increasing numbers of poor as pawns to enrich the lives of their rich pals!

As far as we can see the next Westminster government will be a mixture of extremists, no hopers and complete fools, not really what the people of Scotland were hoping for! As to the new SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon there was nothing but positivity and with a move towards the left we all agreed that the future for the ever increasing numbers of poor is brighter! Once again straight talking and a lot of sense!