Sunday, 5 October 2014

That was the season that was!

Photo 01 - Bumper crop, my Rose Hip brandy being made today!
That was the season that was!

Our Brown trout season finishes on Monday and as usual as it is for every angler on every water it has been a learning experience. Year after year new tips picked up some older ones dispensed with, tackle sorted into useful and less so. I very rarely class anything as being completely useless which is why my creel is full to bursting point!

The knowledge base keeps on building year after year with new lies noted, new venues tried, new flies created given their chance! The what if’s keep coming into thought in a relentless assault on the mind, trying to block them out is impossible! It would also result in us being lesser anglers for it is by questioning our own actions a new plan can be formulated for the coming season if we are spared!

A poor season sees the questioning going into overdrive as we try and make some sense of our perceived incompetence; a good one however allows us to bask in some warm glory as the victories are recounted countless times! Mental notes or in the case of the organised among us paper or electronic notes are formulated to ensure our armoury is fully topped up and items serviced over the close season in readiness for the battle for indeed that it what it is!

It’s angler against a very wily adversary (plastic Trout and Pike fishing excepted of course). An opponent that can pick out the tiniest flaw in presentation and with lightning speed reject your offering! An opponent who having lived wild evading predators on a daily basis knows what is and what is not a safe food offering and demands the very best skill that an angler can summon. I have seen anglers kiss prize fish before returning them so great was their joy! Of course there is always the odd angler that will kill his catch to gloat over and recount to anyone who will listen of his shameful act!

Angling is not simply a hobby it is a way of life, formulated after the father of angling committed quill to parchment and composed “The Compleat Angler” committing to paper the requirements of the gentle art. Yes the real angler’s bible condemning of fools, bully boys and Muppets! Our journey through life is but a short one, just ask any angler nearing retiring age and he will tell you that if he could start out again with the knowledge he now possessed angling would be an even greater joy, the biblical three score plus ten is not enough! This is of course applicable to all that is encountered in life, but it is never to be!!

Yes the end of a season is not just the time you put away the gear for next year it brings about reflection, resolve and a flurry of strategic thinking on how next year things will be better! Whatever your season was like you have learned, observed new things and more than the season before have become one with nature! Tight lines to all!

Photo 02 - noted in the banks of the loch - an escapee!

Our club AGM date is now confirmed for Wednesday the 22nd of October 7.00pm at the Tibbie Shiels Inn on the banks of the loch. The agenda will largely be that which was published last week although there is still time to add new topics. This is your chance to help form the direction of the club in future years so if you have any thoughts come along and have your say!

Our advisory site on fishing guides/instructors!

Our site has now surpassed our original site by one hundred and three visits. Anglers are obviously checking it out seeking some sort of basic standard for the money they hand over. We have received two further recommendations for inclusion into our list of guides recommended by our readers which brings the total number of recommendations to three. I will get round to checking them out at some point but it’s really not that important!

Photo 03 - from a fitter litter bug!
The wider world in my view!

True colours

I doubt if too many of you sat through the circus that was the Tory party conference last week. I only saw the highlights and they were desperate! More punishing the poor confirmed as low earners can now look forward to even less whilst the aspiring rich, the middle classes are given relief as are those at the top of the earnings scale! A whole barrow load of unfunded policies that will end up being paid for by the poor of the country! It was thoroughly depressing to hear they plan more of the same to see the audience of out of touch diddys cheering and clapping at the misfortune to the poor was absolutely galling!

I bet there are now significant groups of people now questioning themselves regarding the decision they took in the referendum debate! This is the alternative, more and even more severe punishment as the poor are made to subsidise the fancies of rich living! It is absolutely beyond my understanding how people could have voted for division and greed instead of the chance to create a better society! Clueless Bullingdon boy Osborne made no attempt to hide the fact that it is the poor of the country that will be further squeezed in his failing quest to sort out the country’s perceived ills! Granted Lord Snooty tried to even out the punishment to be doled out by minister without a clue cocaine snorting Gideon Osborne, with some tax sweeteners but when the sums were done the poor will still be even poorer! Absolutely vile policy from a vile administration!

Not content with returning us to a Victorian model of society it looks certain they want to take us out of Europe starting with getting rid of the Human Rights legislation simply to appeal to Tory voters who have defected to UKIP! As usual they have twisted the facts to suit themselves implying that Europe controls all aspects of our country when it does not! This legislation contains much that separates us from the animal kingdom where an eye is taken for an eye! Butcher Thatcher would be Theresa May blames Europe for much of the bother with extraditing terror suspects but neglects to mention just how much her personal incompetence impacted on this! Moving away from such legislation takes us further down the line towards the politics of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin god forbid that we ever land there again!

Snooty banged on about taking care of the defecit by 2018, of course he forgot Gideon Osborne’s earlier promise of wiping it out this year a task in which he failed miserably! He seems to think half the country are blithering idiots! He also failed to mention that the national debt has rocketed under these fools as has welfare spending the very thing they say they have cut!  Like the puppets they are nothing but liars whose only purpose in life is to make the rich richer at the expense of the poor again showing their true colours! Perhaps the sentence that defines Snooty et al is the Freudian slip he made saying the Tory party “resented the poor” of the country! Given the policies to come out of the conference I would state he spoke the truth!

What to do come May!

The 15th of May will see the country go to a general election to elect a new government, we could have been onlookers of this pantomime if we had voted for independence instead we are right in the middle of it, and it stinks! A fragmented Tory party run by a group of lying bunglers with no hope of forming a majority government (thank god!). Labour of course not the real socialist Labour party of old merely watered down Tories led by a man (Mr Forgetful) who could only be elected as prime minister by a serious mistake!

The puppets (Lib-Dems) are not even worth a thought and will be virtually extinct come election time. Unless you are keen to hear of lies and broken promises give the conference a miss! UKIP however have the potential to hold the balance of power blackmailing whoever they are propping up to allow extremist policies to be implemented. It’s rather depressing but that’s the kind of base choice we have, a mixture of vile scum and incompetents whichever variant comes to power! I cannot see any betterment excepting of course the new powers to be given to the Scottish government. Of course no one knows what these powers will be if and when they come.

It looks like Nicola Sturgeon will lead the SNP much further to the left which can only be a good thing to address the outrageous poverty in this country. Much of the resources will be used to cushion the effect of Westminster and its wayward elitist policies and this is only right and proper. More so, this failed method of living needs to be scrapped and our greed ridden society requires to be torn down and rebuilt from the bottom up with an equitable distribution of wealth! No more six figure sums for company executives, sportsmen or entertainers, just a good living wage for everyone! Scotland has enough resources to ensure all have a good standard of living, how much longer can we go on paying exorbitant sums of money to people with limited talent who happen to be in the right place at the right time or have connections that guarantee high reward jobs! What I am unable to comprehend is the absolutely massive increase in SNP membership! Pollsters are already predicting a landslide SNP win with all other parties being decimated! If this is the case then independence should have been a given! What the hell happened?

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