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Rekindling the buzz or spurning technology!

Photo 01 - A cracker of a day yesterday!
Rekindling the buzz or spurning technology!

There is a movement currently sweeping through the angling world and it is one which pops up in all manner of sports. As we go through our angling lives we constantly scour the magazines, plague the tackle dealer for a new innovation that would give us the edge. It has always been thus! More often than not we end up with a surplus of ordinary tackle the stickers proclaiming great new advances which never quite materialise now worn away leaving blank bits of plastic on our tackle.

There comes a point when living in the rat race constantly “upgrading” our Boron/Carbon/whatever casting pokers and ancillaries becomes superfluous and we consign the lot to the shed. Some will give up or take a break from the sport some however will notice the unloved creel on the top shelf containing what many of the “must have the latest model” brigade would call tat and take it down to satisfy an urge to rediscover the initial pleasure derived from using this tackle in the embryonic stages of our angling careers.

We have already discussed what I see as the benefits of a good split cane rod and it is clear they are becoming highly desirable with good used rods on e bay commanding some hefty prices. Unfortunately the days of getting a cane bargain are nearing their end. Of course more care is required as especially the tips of a cane rod are fragile which is why good fly rods of the time came with two tips in case of breakage. Looking next at fly lines why would one favour an outdated concept of a silk line in favour of the composite lines with their multitude of profiles available today?

There are several factors that make a silk line a more appropriate carrier for your fly a few disadvantages as well. Firstly silk lines are available new most being handmade and come in at a fairly hefty price compared to the plastic coated variety. Expect to pay £130.00 upwards for a new line and £30.00 - £60.00 for a reconditioned one. Silk lines are denser than plastic meaning you can have a much finer line compared to the plastic type. Because of the slim profile the line encounters less wind resistance making fishing into a wind easier and in comparison requiring less effort!

Because of the finer diameter it is possible that your fly will be presented in a more delicate and natural manner giving you that extra edge in presentation. Silk lines are more versatile than the plastic ones which nowadays are manufactured for a specific purpose. As it comes the silk line is great as an intermediate slow sinker but if it is greased up with non silicone fly floatant it will be a fully floating line generally sitting on the surface film rather than in it as many plastic ones do. This may not seem like a great feature but it creates much less disturbance when mending of the line is required with less chance of spooking the fish you are stalking.

With regards to longevity a well maintained silk line will greatly outlast a plastic one which moderates the initial cost somewhat. The silk line however requires maintenance prior to and after use (basically drying) which is negated when one uses a plastic one. It is this duty of care towards your line as also happens with split cane rods that make for greater satisfaction knowing that more is required of the user than with the ubiquitous plastic types that makes using such a line greatly satisfying. Click the link to read more of silk lines –

one of our members now has a cane rod Kingfisher line and Hardy Viscount reel guess who?

A chance to have your say!

Members of a club often have views on what and how things should be done but in my experience very rarely do they take the opportunity to express these opinions in a forum where action can be taken. Such a forum is our annual AGM where your views really do matter. Our AGMs are for the most part informal, no top tables and everyone is given a chance to speak. So do come along and have your say on the future direction of the club. Look forward to seeing you at the Tibbie Shiels Inn on the 22nd of October commencing 7pm.
Photo 02 - Number 1 in Google rank (see below).
Choosing a fishing Guide 2!

Have a look at the screen capture taken last week and you will see our site has now risen to the number 1 spot in the Google rankings with a further 117 visitors last week! Interestingly our main site is up there in the number 4 spot and this bodes very well indeed for anyone looking to hire a fishing guide or instructor. There was an attempt a couple of weeks ago to overtake our position by spamming but this was thwarted and the matter was reported to Google! Anglers now have the information they require if they feel the need to hire one of these people, our job is done!!

The wider world in my view!

A right mess!

The two by elections held last week gave some worrying if not unexpected results. UKIP take their first seat in Westminster as Douglas Carswell decimated the Tory vote and swept all other parties aside! In the other seat Labour held on by only 600 odd votes as UKIP came close to a truly historic victory,

As expected the lying puppets were wiped out losing their deposit which now seems to be the norm which is just as it should be! The results must be depressing reading for Lord Snooty and his band of fools as they see “safe” seats given away on the back of crass incompetence! Labour’s Mr Forgetful surely must now stand aside along with his right hand man Ed Balls. This pair has proved beyond any doubt they are unelectable! If Labour are to have any real chance of being in government they must get rid of these two incompetents without delay, one can only hope a revolt in the ranks will sink them!

The rise of UKIP is a factor that is going to complicate matters at Westminster with no one really knowing who will end up in power! There is no chance whatsoever of them winning the election, but believe me a UKIP/Tory coalition will make the Tory/Puppet alloy look like a left leaning affair! The Tories can now only look on as the so called “recovery” unravels and they have been unmasked as Dickensian toffs intent on preserving the status quo in keeping the poor, poor!

It looks like a real mess with no party having the upper hand and the rise of the extremists does not bode well for the future! The establishment is broken, the politics of greed spawned by Butcher Thatcher are now soiled; extreme capitalism has failed and reached its natural end! The Tories were decimated, the Puppets wiped out, Labour seriously damaged and UKIP strengthened!  The problem is however UKIP is not the solution it is just a continuation of the same. The bottom line is that none of the diddys at Westminster are electable what happens at election time will either be a mistake or a disaster, UK politics is now a toxic brand! How the Scottish voters could not see this is completely beyond my ken! All we can hope for now is that the Westminster parties cannot come up with a suitable Devo max package opening the door for another referendum in order that we can get out!!

Do these Puppets think we are stupid!

I was going to give it a miss but I could not resist having a peek to see the Lib-Dems in the last throes of their political life. There were no surprises here merely lies, obfuscation and the odd unintentional moment of mirth! Puppet Alexander stressed upon the converted the need to focus on the puppets achievements whilst in bed with the posh boys and reeled off a few policies which on the face of it looked to benefit the poor and underprivileged in current society. He did however in the manner of bewildered Ed Milliband forget to mention a few noteworthy points so I will mention them here.

 The Puppets were instrumental in introducing the reviled “Bedroom tax” which targets the very poorest in our society for social and financial punishment! The puppets set new standards in deceit with their U turn on tuition fees a mistake that will see them obliterated for good! The Puppets gave the Ok to allow Athos to class as fit to work the severely disabled and terminally ill! The puppets were instrumental in losing the country billions when they gave away the Royal Mail to the pals of their bedfellows who made instant killings netting them millions in profit!

The Puppets contrary to their beliefs went along with selective austerity punishing the very poorest in society when other solutions were available! The Puppets gave the ok to tax cuts for the rich to appease their Tory masters! The Puppets colluded with the Tory profiteers in allowing the English NHS to be privatised by means of stealth putting at risk the jewel in the country’s crown! Yes this is the Puppet legacy and there are countless more examples. The Puppets have fooled no one, in the dying moments of this vile administration the Puppets protest loudly about everything in a futile attempt to hoodwink voters, methinks the Puppets doth protest too much! Puppet Clegg said “Judge us on our achievements in government”! The Puppets have been judged and have been found wanting, oblivion calls!
It was interesting to note Puppet Farron is resigning as president of the Puppets, the only Puppet I have any time for. A hardworking Puppet, a man of his word, a shining example to all other spineless Puppets, hopefully he will replace Puppet Clegg and realign the party much more to the left which is their natural home. We shall just have to wait and see!

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