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Admiring of an angling bully!

Photo 01 - Autumn fungi at the loch.

Admiring of an angling bully!

No it’s not the bully mentioned a few weeks ago, in fact this is concerning one that I admire! Speaking with a visiting angler during the summer I noted some serious heavy duty tackle sitting on his rod pod! A big 70 sized reel, rods of 3.5lbs test curve and monofilament line that looked familiar and to be at least 20lbs breaking strain. I steered the conversation round to his tackle and he retorted “yes I am an angling bully”!

Not really clicking I was somewhat taken aback, but he went on to explain that he was 100% a conservationist Pike angler! He further stated how he had seen hooked Pike being played for up to 20 minutes and when they finally came to the net were completely exhausted lessening the chance of a safe return to the water. Any fish he hooked were briskly played almost bullied and brought to the net very quickly leaving plenty energy to see them all right on return to the water.

A true conservationist indeed, in fact the line he was using was Yo-zurri Hybrid which is a fluorocarbon polymer coated with pure fluorocarbon in the 30lbs variety which has an actual breaking strain of nearer 40lbs! This is the line I have used for over 8 years and its really good stuff! He went on to stress that the fight was in no way less enjoyable even though it was considerably shorter than some who profess to be anglers! The safe return of any Pike he was fortunate enough to catch was his top priority which is a laudable aim! He did offer one negative aspect of bullying the fish in that when they were beached on the grass for unhooking they were very lively and could be prone to damage caused by violent thrashing. He got round this by straddling the fish to be unhooked clamping it between his knees thereby restricting its movement and quickly unhooking the fish! The one and only time I have admired an angling bully! James respect due!

Photo 02 - a colourful specimen.
Not really cricket!

I was disappointed to receive a report of a recent meeting where it was stated that Gala angling association had landed a spot of bother from two of their riparian owners for allowing fishing guides to operate commercially on their water! I have warned of this many times in the past! The bottom line is if one wants to operate commercially on a stretch of water they must pay an appropriate fee to the riparian owners and the controlling club! Fishing is a public resource and fishing guides are clearly exploiting the privilege of fishing! Ignoring the appropriate business customs and practices is not the way to endear them to angling! By their actions they are alienating themselves from the sport! Irrespective of your views on their existence this is not cricket!

No apologies!

It’s the most important date in our clubs calendar, it’s the club AGM and its being held on Wednesday coming (22nd October) commencing at 7pm at the Tibbie Shiels Inn so I make no apologies for mentioning it again. If you have matters to raise then you need to be there! The committee run the club all year much of the business being shaped by the decisions taken at the AGM. If you want to have a say or become a member of the committee and get involved in the day to day running of the club come along and make your intentions known. Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Photo 03 - Stevie's pal Ben at speed!
The wider world in my view!

Looks like a turkey!

In the final days of referendum campaigning the No campaign came up with a last ditch effort to swing voters into voting no in the referendum. Yes the now infamous “vow” of giving as yet still undefined extra powers for Scotland looks like being a real minefield with agreement on what powers should be devolved a long way off!

Lord Snooty in a shrewd move put Labour on the back foot by linking more powers for England and in a move that could see Labour sunk for good English votes for English MPs. This of course would negate around 40 Scottish Labour MPs making the chances of Labour forming a majority government very slim indeed! So for evermore it would be Tory governments which surely must rate as a fate worse than death!

A series of Tory governments would see the poor made poorer and more people being made poor whilst the rich would accumulate vast riches effectively taking us back a couple of centuries! If ever there was a trigger for radical change then this is it! It would be sheer unadulterated purgatory!

It is very likely indeed that the SNP would accept anything less than Devo-max which is only right and proper! Failure to reach an agreement would pose some tricky questions not least that the wishes of the Scottish people being ignored. So recent posturing by Nicola Sturgeon is being interpreted as hinting that a second referendum could be much closer than many people think!

Adding legitimacy to such an early rerun is the phenomenal growth in SNP membership and the nosedive in support for other parties as No voters now realise that they have been hoodwinked by clever politicians and are rushing to join the SNP in an effort to right their voting wrongs! It’s a little bit late but welcome nevertheless, we should not have ended up in this mess! The last minute scaremongering by the No campaign worked. Ultimately the people who voted no are responsible, after all they voted for this process! If the opportunity comes for an early referendum then the people of Scotland must show courage and vote to go for independence none of the mainstream Westminster parties can be trusted. It must now be clear to all that the “vow” is completely without meaning and will deliver nothing! The “vow” looks more and more like a prize turkey!

Lord Snooty’s last stand!

Like a pontificating windbag Snooty has declared that he is going to take on Europe over the free movement of people which is enshrined in the European treaty. Desperate to appease disgruntled Tories defecting in large numbers to UKIP his hasty words will soon turn into a portion of humble pie! Poland seems to be his only ally but even they are stopping short of curtailing movement! The situation is hopeless and opens the gate to exiting the union which is what the controlling right wing of the party wants!

Yes Lord Snooty will return with egg on his face no doubt telling us that to protect “hardworking families” they need to “do the right thing” and leave Europe! There will be soundbites aplenty to disguise his failure as he reluctantly concedes to the right and leads us out of Europe! This will be disastrous for the country on all fronts as we see trade, employment, social justice and equality diminish! This government will go down in history as the bungling government pulling out of Europe could potentially be the ruination of our country!

Lord Freud!

Another out of touch buffoon makes an attack on the disabled with his statement obtained by covert recording saying that disabled people were not worth the minimum wage! This fool also at one time employed by Labour has exposed the true nature of the Tory party, slaves to the market forces idea with no sense of fairness or compassion! Even more alarming is the fact that Lord Snooty has not sacked him! Cretins of this ilk have no place in public life they would see the weak and disabled consigned to the rubbish heap! The mask has slipped now the true face of the Tories looks a little jaded methinks!
Next week - our view on the wild fisheries review!

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