Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Wild Fisheries Review!

Photo 01 - Elliot with the seasons biggest at 3.5lbs.

The wild fisheries review!

Initiated by the Scottish government with the aim of modernising the management structures some of which are positively Victorian, by seeking more participation of interest groups and developing a science based foundation fully accountable that will strengthen actual practice. This would culminate in a structure that focuses more on other freshwater species than the current system does. The government felt that whilst the current system is working utilising District Salmon Fishery Boards it could with some tweaking be significantly better!

The report recognises the unmissable slant towards Salmon fishing with the majority of research being carried out on this aspect virtually to the exclusion of others. The aim is to shift this focus into other species. Of course Salmon due to the high revenue generated will still be the main focus but it is hoped much less exclusively. The authors of the report came up with a number of recommendations some quite controversial including the implementation of a national rod licence and the abolition of our own DSB the River Tweed Commission! A core objective is that all DSBs be fully accountable to the Scottish government and that all DSBs implement the same policies and hold the same objectives!

The review was base on a report by Professor Peter Maitland a good friend of the club who helped us greatly in our Arctic Charr endeavours. Any work carried out by Peter will be beyond reproach as wild fisheries are close to his  all the Fishery Management Organisations will work under the direction of a national wild fisheries unit based in central government and it is this body who will define policy to be implemented by the local FMOs. The number of fishery boards will be cut with smaller ones becoming part of larger ones.

There are many recommendations with regard to structure and mode of operation but the three which will affect us as anglers here are

(1) The introduction of a national rod licence

(2) The abolition of the River Tweed Commission

(3) A focus to devote resources to other species Trout Pike etc

With regard to a national rod licence I personally do not see any problem with this! What we as anglers must realise is that improvements cost money and that money must come from somewhere. Provided the money raised from licences goes directly back into funding additional angling projects there can be no dissent! The danger here is as has happened many times before is that funds dissolve or migrate to other areas! If a licence does come off then scrutiny must be implemented to see the money is ploughed back into (preferably) research into species other than Salmon.

The potential abolition of the River Tweed Commission will no doubt cause some discomfort at their HQ. The RTC is not accountable to Scottish or Westminster governments and this anomaly certainly requires correction, all fishery boards must be accountable to ministers of the Scottish government!  There is no reason for the purposes of fishery management why the RTC could not account to Scottish ministers! The Tweed area is different from others in that the Tweed flows in Scotland and England as does the Border Esk with the Tweed being administered in Scottish law and the Esk in English law. The bottom line here is that the RTC are clinging on to history for the sake of it, there is no justification for this arrangement to continue and this is the view of the authors of the report. As long as the funding continues it is of no consequence whether the RTC becomes a separate FOC or is absorbed into a larger one! There must however be no rationalising of staff if anything staffing needs to be increased to offer a better service!

With regard to point three, if increased attention is given to other species then this would in time be a huge boon for anglers. Many anglers in the area fish for “lesser” species such as Trout, Pike Grayling etc and research into these species (especially Pike) could only propel their interests further forward. With regard to Pike research to the best of my knowledge there is only one ASFB carrying out research into Pike. Praise however to the Tweed Foundation for running the Tweed Trout and Grayling initiative which is doing research into these species it is however woefully underfunded which makes progress slow!

The new system recommended would have objectives such as the TTGI researches at the top of the agenda since this widening of focus is a core part of the review. For those who were hoping for a more liberal policy on the stocking of Trout there will be no joy here as the report suggests that stocking should only be permitted when science justifies it such as following pollution incidents! Overall to the layman (me) I can see no glaring problems with the recommendations put forward by the review team and indeed applaud most of them wholeheartedly and hope that Mr Wheelhouse accepts them per se! The proposals will now be examined by the Scottish government and revised recommendations put out for comment before a final package is agreed.

Click the link to read the full report

 Thanks to Elliot & Stevie for your input.

Photo 02 - Wild water yesterday!
From our AGM!

A rather poor turnout to the club AGM did not detract from the business on the agenda being dealt with. Elliot Fraser gave a financial rundown and it seems our finances are very healthy indeed. Since this is what keeps us going we were glad of this positive news! Elliot forgot to bring the heavy Trout cup along as yes he won it last year and he won it this year with a cracking 3.5lbs fish. So no photos this year but photo 01 is the fish that won the cup!

Loch keeper Mr Xxxxx gave a rundown on the year’s activities and in spite of a couple of significant events he reported the year as being much quieter than last year. Our strategy re poachers and dumpers continues. It was gratifying to hear of the assistance he and Aaron have given to anglers it’s what defines us and what angling is all about!

On an organisational front we are pulling out of the Federation of Border Fishing Guides Angling Clubs! Of the hundreds of meetings I have attended never have I encountered such a non event! A group with nothing to discuss and when something does crop up no action is taken! Its only £35.00/year but I would rather donate that amount to a charity than to perpetuate such a farce! This forum is of no use to angling and even less to our club! We are to maintain our membership of the TTGI for another year to see if significant progress is made maybe with a new structure in place things will develop quicker!

In order to try and increase member participation a newsletter will be sent to all registered addresses which will contain the following –

(1) The window for renewals of club membership which is the first 6 weeks of the new year, failure to renew within this period will mean that the £20.00 joining fee will be applicable.

(2) The details for the work parties over the year which is unlikely to be more than two dates.

(3) The date and specifics for the 2015 AGM.

The current club committee were re elected. It was decided that in order to maximise attendance at committee meetings these meetings should be held in the club boathouse on a Saturday where the majority of committee members congregate prior to fishing. Looking towards fairness and equity all club officials will now be subject to the membership renewal fee. Our team for the Lindean Trout competition our team will be Stevie and Pete with Les and me as reserves. Special thanks for the work undertaken for the club were extended to Elliot Fraser, Stevie Nimmo, Les Henderson, club loch keeper Mr Xxxxx, bailiffs Aaron McPherson and Mick Critchley. Once again many thanks for your hard work lads.

The wider world in my view!

Turn right fox exit!

We are now firmly on the road out of the European community, not by design but by the weakness of our exalted leader Lord Snooty! They claim that the levy applied to the UK and some other countries was unexpected yet it is enshrined in the EU regulations! Did you hear anyone moan when they received an “unexpected” rebate! Failure to pay this levy will likely result in legal proceedings which will cost this country dear! Lord Snooty made the most of his showboating but the result of it is that the UK is about as far out of the community as it could be!

In an effort to placate the increasing right wing of his party and his need to be seen to out UKIP UKIP he has us on the road to nowhere! A captive market which gives the businesses in this country a vast market in which to sell its goods is now on the verge of being scrapped! The economic catastrophe that would follow would make the “bankers crash” seem like a walk in the park.

Lord Snooty has let go of the reins as he blunders from one catastrophe to another and is now being steered by the right and UKIP as he yet again puts his party’s politics ahead of what is best for the country! Merkel is set to deliver another (possibly fatal) blow and deny his pleas for restricted immigration and yet again he finds himself a man alone! I warned that these prize bunglers would do for us and recent events see us well on the way to achieving that goal. How much better it would have been if we were spectators of this farce!

The implosion of Labour!

It really came as no surprise to hear of the resignation of Johann Lamont the leader of Scottish Labour! Ms Lamont is a clever individual who speaks very clearly but when you see her in a tussle with Alex Salmond she is clearly in a lower division with puppet Willie Rennie and Borg queen Ruth Davidson!

It seems there has been a good deal of animosity between Holyrood and Westminster as various out of touch politicians vie for their own slant on how it should be! Warmonger Tony Blair got it right first time when he said Milliband was unelectable; this is without doubt the view of the electorate! It’s a bit late in the day to get rid of these fools but to have even the slightest chance of election it must be done.  There is no shortage of talent in the ranks of the Labour party such as Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy and in Scotland Kezia Dugdale and Neil Findlay; any one of these people could turn around the fast sinking ship! With the current set up even though the Tories are in complete disarray Lord Snooty will walk back in to Downing Street unchallenged! Labour must now dig deep to find the courage inherent in Labour of old and oust Milliband and Balls! The consequences of not doing so will see Tory governments in perpetuity and the numbers of working and workless poor rocket as the fat cats lick the cream! It’s now or never!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Admiring of an angling bully!

Photo 01 - Autumn fungi at the loch.

Admiring of an angling bully!

No it’s not the bully mentioned a few weeks ago, in fact this is concerning one that I admire! Speaking with a visiting angler during the summer I noted some serious heavy duty tackle sitting on his rod pod! A big 70 sized reel, rods of 3.5lbs test curve and monofilament line that looked familiar and to be at least 20lbs breaking strain. I steered the conversation round to his tackle and he retorted “yes I am an angling bully”!

Not really clicking I was somewhat taken aback, but he went on to explain that he was 100% a conservationist Pike angler! He further stated how he had seen hooked Pike being played for up to 20 minutes and when they finally came to the net were completely exhausted lessening the chance of a safe return to the water. Any fish he hooked were briskly played almost bullied and brought to the net very quickly leaving plenty energy to see them all right on return to the water.

A true conservationist indeed, in fact the line he was using was Yo-zurri Hybrid which is a fluorocarbon polymer coated with pure fluorocarbon in the 30lbs variety which has an actual breaking strain of nearer 40lbs! This is the line I have used for over 8 years and its really good stuff! He went on to stress that the fight was in no way less enjoyable even though it was considerably shorter than some who profess to be anglers! The safe return of any Pike he was fortunate enough to catch was his top priority which is a laudable aim! He did offer one negative aspect of bullying the fish in that when they were beached on the grass for unhooking they were very lively and could be prone to damage caused by violent thrashing. He got round this by straddling the fish to be unhooked clamping it between his knees thereby restricting its movement and quickly unhooking the fish! The one and only time I have admired an angling bully! James respect due!

Photo 02 - a colourful specimen.
Not really cricket!

I was disappointed to receive a report of a recent meeting where it was stated that Gala angling association had landed a spot of bother from two of their riparian owners for allowing fishing guides to operate commercially on their water! I have warned of this many times in the past! The bottom line is if one wants to operate commercially on a stretch of water they must pay an appropriate fee to the riparian owners and the controlling club! Fishing is a public resource and fishing guides are clearly exploiting the privilege of fishing! Ignoring the appropriate business customs and practices is not the way to endear them to angling! By their actions they are alienating themselves from the sport! Irrespective of your views on their existence this is not cricket!

No apologies!

It’s the most important date in our clubs calendar, it’s the club AGM and its being held on Wednesday coming (22nd October) commencing at 7pm at the Tibbie Shiels Inn so I make no apologies for mentioning it again. If you have matters to raise then you need to be there! The committee run the club all year much of the business being shaped by the decisions taken at the AGM. If you want to have a say or become a member of the committee and get involved in the day to day running of the club come along and make your intentions known. Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Photo 03 - Stevie's pal Ben at speed!
The wider world in my view!

Looks like a turkey!

In the final days of referendum campaigning the No campaign came up with a last ditch effort to swing voters into voting no in the referendum. Yes the now infamous “vow” of giving as yet still undefined extra powers for Scotland looks like being a real minefield with agreement on what powers should be devolved a long way off!

Lord Snooty in a shrewd move put Labour on the back foot by linking more powers for England and in a move that could see Labour sunk for good English votes for English MPs. This of course would negate around 40 Scottish Labour MPs making the chances of Labour forming a majority government very slim indeed! So for evermore it would be Tory governments which surely must rate as a fate worse than death!

A series of Tory governments would see the poor made poorer and more people being made poor whilst the rich would accumulate vast riches effectively taking us back a couple of centuries! If ever there was a trigger for radical change then this is it! It would be sheer unadulterated purgatory!

It is very likely indeed that the SNP would accept anything less than Devo-max which is only right and proper! Failure to reach an agreement would pose some tricky questions not least that the wishes of the Scottish people being ignored. So recent posturing by Nicola Sturgeon is being interpreted as hinting that a second referendum could be much closer than many people think!

Adding legitimacy to such an early rerun is the phenomenal growth in SNP membership and the nosedive in support for other parties as No voters now realise that they have been hoodwinked by clever politicians and are rushing to join the SNP in an effort to right their voting wrongs! It’s a little bit late but welcome nevertheless, we should not have ended up in this mess! The last minute scaremongering by the No campaign worked. Ultimately the people who voted no are responsible, after all they voted for this process! If the opportunity comes for an early referendum then the people of Scotland must show courage and vote to go for independence none of the mainstream Westminster parties can be trusted. It must now be clear to all that the “vow” is completely without meaning and will deliver nothing! The “vow” looks more and more like a prize turkey!

Lord Snooty’s last stand!

Like a pontificating windbag Snooty has declared that he is going to take on Europe over the free movement of people which is enshrined in the European treaty. Desperate to appease disgruntled Tories defecting in large numbers to UKIP his hasty words will soon turn into a portion of humble pie! Poland seems to be his only ally but even they are stopping short of curtailing movement! The situation is hopeless and opens the gate to exiting the union which is what the controlling right wing of the party wants!

Yes Lord Snooty will return with egg on his face no doubt telling us that to protect “hardworking families” they need to “do the right thing” and leave Europe! There will be soundbites aplenty to disguise his failure as he reluctantly concedes to the right and leads us out of Europe! This will be disastrous for the country on all fronts as we see trade, employment, social justice and equality diminish! This government will go down in history as the bungling government pulling out of Europe could potentially be the ruination of our country!

Lord Freud!

Another out of touch buffoon makes an attack on the disabled with his statement obtained by covert recording saying that disabled people were not worth the minimum wage! This fool also at one time employed by Labour has exposed the true nature of the Tory party, slaves to the market forces idea with no sense of fairness or compassion! Even more alarming is the fact that Lord Snooty has not sacked him! Cretins of this ilk have no place in public life they would see the weak and disabled consigned to the rubbish heap! The mask has slipped now the true face of the Tories looks a little jaded methinks!
Next week - our view on the wild fisheries review!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rekindling the buzz or spurning technology!

Photo 01 - A cracker of a day yesterday!
Rekindling the buzz or spurning technology!

There is a movement currently sweeping through the angling world and it is one which pops up in all manner of sports. As we go through our angling lives we constantly scour the magazines, plague the tackle dealer for a new innovation that would give us the edge. It has always been thus! More often than not we end up with a surplus of ordinary tackle the stickers proclaiming great new advances which never quite materialise now worn away leaving blank bits of plastic on our tackle.

There comes a point when living in the rat race constantly “upgrading” our Boron/Carbon/whatever casting pokers and ancillaries becomes superfluous and we consign the lot to the shed. Some will give up or take a break from the sport some however will notice the unloved creel on the top shelf containing what many of the “must have the latest model” brigade would call tat and take it down to satisfy an urge to rediscover the initial pleasure derived from using this tackle in the embryonic stages of our angling careers.

We have already discussed what I see as the benefits of a good split cane rod and it is clear they are becoming highly desirable with good used rods on e bay commanding some hefty prices. Unfortunately the days of getting a cane bargain are nearing their end. Of course more care is required as especially the tips of a cane rod are fragile which is why good fly rods of the time came with two tips in case of breakage. Looking next at fly lines why would one favour an outdated concept of a silk line in favour of the composite lines with their multitude of profiles available today?

There are several factors that make a silk line a more appropriate carrier for your fly a few disadvantages as well. Firstly silk lines are available new most being handmade and come in at a fairly hefty price compared to the plastic coated variety. Expect to pay £130.00 upwards for a new line and £30.00 - £60.00 for a reconditioned one. Silk lines are denser than plastic meaning you can have a much finer line compared to the plastic type. Because of the slim profile the line encounters less wind resistance making fishing into a wind easier and in comparison requiring less effort!

Because of the finer diameter it is possible that your fly will be presented in a more delicate and natural manner giving you that extra edge in presentation. Silk lines are more versatile than the plastic ones which nowadays are manufactured for a specific purpose. As it comes the silk line is great as an intermediate slow sinker but if it is greased up with non silicone fly floatant it will be a fully floating line generally sitting on the surface film rather than in it as many plastic ones do. This may not seem like a great feature but it creates much less disturbance when mending of the line is required with less chance of spooking the fish you are stalking.

With regards to longevity a well maintained silk line will greatly outlast a plastic one which moderates the initial cost somewhat. The silk line however requires maintenance prior to and after use (basically drying) which is negated when one uses a plastic one. It is this duty of care towards your line as also happens with split cane rods that make for greater satisfaction knowing that more is required of the user than with the ubiquitous plastic types that makes using such a line greatly satisfying. Click the link to read more of silk lines –

one of our members now has a cane rod Kingfisher line and Hardy Viscount reel guess who?

A chance to have your say!

Members of a club often have views on what and how things should be done but in my experience very rarely do they take the opportunity to express these opinions in a forum where action can be taken. Such a forum is our annual AGM where your views really do matter. Our AGMs are for the most part informal, no top tables and everyone is given a chance to speak. So do come along and have your say on the future direction of the club. Look forward to seeing you at the Tibbie Shiels Inn on the 22nd of October commencing 7pm.
Photo 02 - Number 1 in Google rank (see below).
Choosing a fishing Guide 2!

Have a look at the screen capture taken last week and you will see our site has now risen to the number 1 spot in the Google rankings with a further 117 visitors last week! Interestingly our main site is up there in the number 4 spot and this bodes very well indeed for anyone looking to hire a fishing guide or instructor. There was an attempt a couple of weeks ago to overtake our position by spamming but this was thwarted and the matter was reported to Google! Anglers now have the information they require if they feel the need to hire one of these people, our job is done!!

The wider world in my view!

A right mess!

The two by elections held last week gave some worrying if not unexpected results. UKIP take their first seat in Westminster as Douglas Carswell decimated the Tory vote and swept all other parties aside! In the other seat Labour held on by only 600 odd votes as UKIP came close to a truly historic victory,

As expected the lying puppets were wiped out losing their deposit which now seems to be the norm which is just as it should be! The results must be depressing reading for Lord Snooty and his band of fools as they see “safe” seats given away on the back of crass incompetence! Labour’s Mr Forgetful surely must now stand aside along with his right hand man Ed Balls. This pair has proved beyond any doubt they are unelectable! If Labour are to have any real chance of being in government they must get rid of these two incompetents without delay, one can only hope a revolt in the ranks will sink them!

The rise of UKIP is a factor that is going to complicate matters at Westminster with no one really knowing who will end up in power! There is no chance whatsoever of them winning the election, but believe me a UKIP/Tory coalition will make the Tory/Puppet alloy look like a left leaning affair! The Tories can now only look on as the so called “recovery” unravels and they have been unmasked as Dickensian toffs intent on preserving the status quo in keeping the poor, poor!

It looks like a real mess with no party having the upper hand and the rise of the extremists does not bode well for the future! The establishment is broken, the politics of greed spawned by Butcher Thatcher are now soiled; extreme capitalism has failed and reached its natural end! The Tories were decimated, the Puppets wiped out, Labour seriously damaged and UKIP strengthened!  The problem is however UKIP is not the solution it is just a continuation of the same. The bottom line is that none of the diddys at Westminster are electable what happens at election time will either be a mistake or a disaster, UK politics is now a toxic brand! How the Scottish voters could not see this is completely beyond my ken! All we can hope for now is that the Westminster parties cannot come up with a suitable Devo max package opening the door for another referendum in order that we can get out!!

Do these Puppets think we are stupid!

I was going to give it a miss but I could not resist having a peek to see the Lib-Dems in the last throes of their political life. There were no surprises here merely lies, obfuscation and the odd unintentional moment of mirth! Puppet Alexander stressed upon the converted the need to focus on the puppets achievements whilst in bed with the posh boys and reeled off a few policies which on the face of it looked to benefit the poor and underprivileged in current society. He did however in the manner of bewildered Ed Milliband forget to mention a few noteworthy points so I will mention them here.

 The Puppets were instrumental in introducing the reviled “Bedroom tax” which targets the very poorest in our society for social and financial punishment! The puppets set new standards in deceit with their U turn on tuition fees a mistake that will see them obliterated for good! The Puppets gave the Ok to allow Athos to class as fit to work the severely disabled and terminally ill! The puppets were instrumental in losing the country billions when they gave away the Royal Mail to the pals of their bedfellows who made instant killings netting them millions in profit!

The Puppets contrary to their beliefs went along with selective austerity punishing the very poorest in society when other solutions were available! The Puppets gave the ok to tax cuts for the rich to appease their Tory masters! The Puppets colluded with the Tory profiteers in allowing the English NHS to be privatised by means of stealth putting at risk the jewel in the country’s crown! Yes this is the Puppet legacy and there are countless more examples. The Puppets have fooled no one, in the dying moments of this vile administration the Puppets protest loudly about everything in a futile attempt to hoodwink voters, methinks the Puppets doth protest too much! Puppet Clegg said “Judge us on our achievements in government”! The Puppets have been judged and have been found wanting, oblivion calls!
It was interesting to note Puppet Farron is resigning as president of the Puppets, the only Puppet I have any time for. A hardworking Puppet, a man of his word, a shining example to all other spineless Puppets, hopefully he will replace Puppet Clegg and realign the party much more to the left which is their natural home. We shall just have to wait and see!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

That was the season that was!

Photo 01 - Bumper crop, my Rose Hip brandy being made today!
That was the season that was!

Our Brown trout season finishes on Monday and as usual as it is for every angler on every water it has been a learning experience. Year after year new tips picked up some older ones dispensed with, tackle sorted into useful and less so. I very rarely class anything as being completely useless which is why my creel is full to bursting point!

The knowledge base keeps on building year after year with new lies noted, new venues tried, new flies created given their chance! The what if’s keep coming into thought in a relentless assault on the mind, trying to block them out is impossible! It would also result in us being lesser anglers for it is by questioning our own actions a new plan can be formulated for the coming season if we are spared!

A poor season sees the questioning going into overdrive as we try and make some sense of our perceived incompetence; a good one however allows us to bask in some warm glory as the victories are recounted countless times! Mental notes or in the case of the organised among us paper or electronic notes are formulated to ensure our armoury is fully topped up and items serviced over the close season in readiness for the battle for indeed that it what it is!

It’s angler against a very wily adversary (plastic Trout and Pike fishing excepted of course). An opponent that can pick out the tiniest flaw in presentation and with lightning speed reject your offering! An opponent who having lived wild evading predators on a daily basis knows what is and what is not a safe food offering and demands the very best skill that an angler can summon. I have seen anglers kiss prize fish before returning them so great was their joy! Of course there is always the odd angler that will kill his catch to gloat over and recount to anyone who will listen of his shameful act!

Angling is not simply a hobby it is a way of life, formulated after the father of angling committed quill to parchment and composed “The Compleat Angler” committing to paper the requirements of the gentle art. Yes the real angler’s bible condemning of fools, bully boys and Muppets! Our journey through life is but a short one, just ask any angler nearing retiring age and he will tell you that if he could start out again with the knowledge he now possessed angling would be an even greater joy, the biblical three score plus ten is not enough! This is of course applicable to all that is encountered in life, but it is never to be!!

Yes the end of a season is not just the time you put away the gear for next year it brings about reflection, resolve and a flurry of strategic thinking on how next year things will be better! Whatever your season was like you have learned, observed new things and more than the season before have become one with nature! Tight lines to all!

Photo 02 - noted in the banks of the loch - an escapee!

Our club AGM date is now confirmed for Wednesday the 22nd of October 7.00pm at the Tibbie Shiels Inn on the banks of the loch. The agenda will largely be that which was published last week although there is still time to add new topics. This is your chance to help form the direction of the club in future years so if you have any thoughts come along and have your say!

Our advisory site on fishing guides/instructors!

Our site has now surpassed our original site by one hundred and three visits. Anglers are obviously checking it out seeking some sort of basic standard for the money they hand over. We have received two further recommendations for inclusion into our list of guides recommended by our readers which brings the total number of recommendations to three. I will get round to checking them out at some point but it’s really not that important!

Photo 03 - from a fitter litter bug!
The wider world in my view!

True colours

I doubt if too many of you sat through the circus that was the Tory party conference last week. I only saw the highlights and they were desperate! More punishing the poor confirmed as low earners can now look forward to even less whilst the aspiring rich, the middle classes are given relief as are those at the top of the earnings scale! A whole barrow load of unfunded policies that will end up being paid for by the poor of the country! It was thoroughly depressing to hear they plan more of the same to see the audience of out of touch diddys cheering and clapping at the misfortune to the poor was absolutely galling!

I bet there are now significant groups of people now questioning themselves regarding the decision they took in the referendum debate! This is the alternative, more and even more severe punishment as the poor are made to subsidise the fancies of rich living! It is absolutely beyond my understanding how people could have voted for division and greed instead of the chance to create a better society! Clueless Bullingdon boy Osborne made no attempt to hide the fact that it is the poor of the country that will be further squeezed in his failing quest to sort out the country’s perceived ills! Granted Lord Snooty tried to even out the punishment to be doled out by minister without a clue cocaine snorting Gideon Osborne, with some tax sweeteners but when the sums were done the poor will still be even poorer! Absolutely vile policy from a vile administration!

Not content with returning us to a Victorian model of society it looks certain they want to take us out of Europe starting with getting rid of the Human Rights legislation simply to appeal to Tory voters who have defected to UKIP! As usual they have twisted the facts to suit themselves implying that Europe controls all aspects of our country when it does not! This legislation contains much that separates us from the animal kingdom where an eye is taken for an eye! Butcher Thatcher would be Theresa May blames Europe for much of the bother with extraditing terror suspects but neglects to mention just how much her personal incompetence impacted on this! Moving away from such legislation takes us further down the line towards the politics of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin god forbid that we ever land there again!

Snooty banged on about taking care of the defecit by 2018, of course he forgot Gideon Osborne’s earlier promise of wiping it out this year a task in which he failed miserably! He seems to think half the country are blithering idiots! He also failed to mention that the national debt has rocketed under these fools as has welfare spending the very thing they say they have cut!  Like the puppets they are nothing but liars whose only purpose in life is to make the rich richer at the expense of the poor again showing their true colours! Perhaps the sentence that defines Snooty et al is the Freudian slip he made saying the Tory party “resented the poor” of the country! Given the policies to come out of the conference I would state he spoke the truth!

What to do come May!

The 15th of May will see the country go to a general election to elect a new government, we could have been onlookers of this pantomime if we had voted for independence instead we are right in the middle of it, and it stinks! A fragmented Tory party run by a group of lying bunglers with no hope of forming a majority government (thank god!). Labour of course not the real socialist Labour party of old merely watered down Tories led by a man (Mr Forgetful) who could only be elected as prime minister by a serious mistake!

The puppets (Lib-Dems) are not even worth a thought and will be virtually extinct come election time. Unless you are keen to hear of lies and broken promises give the conference a miss! UKIP however have the potential to hold the balance of power blackmailing whoever they are propping up to allow extremist policies to be implemented. It’s rather depressing but that’s the kind of base choice we have, a mixture of vile scum and incompetents whichever variant comes to power! I cannot see any betterment excepting of course the new powers to be given to the Scottish government. Of course no one knows what these powers will be if and when they come.

It looks like Nicola Sturgeon will lead the SNP much further to the left which can only be a good thing to address the outrageous poverty in this country. Much of the resources will be used to cushion the effect of Westminster and its wayward elitist policies and this is only right and proper. More so, this failed method of living needs to be scrapped and our greed ridden society requires to be torn down and rebuilt from the bottom up with an equitable distribution of wealth! No more six figure sums for company executives, sportsmen or entertainers, just a good living wage for everyone! Scotland has enough resources to ensure all have a good standard of living, how much longer can we go on paying exorbitant sums of money to people with limited talent who happen to be in the right place at the right time or have connections that guarantee high reward jobs! What I am unable to comprehend is the absolutely massive increase in SNP membership! Pollsters are already predicting a landslide SNP win with all other parties being decimated! If this is the case then independence should have been a given! What the hell happened?