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Upcoming AGM!

Photo 01 - The wee loch from the hill.
Club AGM

We are now gathering topics for our AGM which is provisionally arranged for Wednesday the 22nd of October commencing at 19.00hrs at the Tibbie Shiels Inn. The date will be confirmed next Sunday so there is plenty of time for any motions to be submitted. Any motion must be received 7 days before the AGM. There will also be a presentation of the Heavy Trout cup and the Heavy Pike cup. Issues to be discussed already tabled after standing orders are –

(1) Treasurers report. (Elliot)

(2) Ideas to improve the habitat of the loch. (Discussion)

(3) Our strategy to combat the theft of our fish. ( Report & Discussion)

(4) The persistent dumping of hazardous materials into the Megget. (Richard)

(5) Memberships, subscriptions and cost of replacement boat house keys. (Lawson)  

(6) Pick team and reserves for Lindean competition. (Meeting)

(7) The damage to our outboard engines. (Richard)

(8) Removal of privileges for all office bearers. namely all office bearers should pay subscriptions as ordinary members do. Constitution to be amended if passed. (Elliot)

(9) Election of office bearers (Meeting)

(10) A.O.C.B

I am sure there are more issues so please let me know and I will add them to the agenda.

The clock’s ticking!

Looking back over the Brown Trout season it started very well with fish falling to the skilful angler and some very nice fish over the two pound mark and one at three and a half pounds step forward Elliot Fraser! As we moved into summer the loch level dropped significantly due to unseasonably hot weather and the fishing died again as it usually does during July and August with very little being caught.

The normal way the loch fishes sees September bring about a good resumption in feeding as the Trout pack on the weight necessary for them to survive the rigours of spawning. This year this has not been the case with anglers blanking all over the place this month! Now the only difference this year from all others is that the loch is artificially high, as is the river Yarrow. This is due to huge amounts of water being drained out from the Megget reservoir to allow remedial work to take place for damage caused by subsidence! This water from the bottom of the reservoir is significantly colder than the water in our loch and a few of our Trout aficionados have cited this as being the problem that is discouraging our Trout from feeding!

This may be the cause we really cannot say for definite but since it is the only new factor over previous years it looks a credible suspect. I spoke to a few anglers on the Yarrow yesterday and they also said the fishing this back end on the river had been dour! We can but wait until the season ends on the 6th of October to see how it finally turns out. If you are looking to get your name on the heavy Trout cup there are but eight days to go and it will need to be a stonker to tip Elliot’s three and a half pounder into the shade! Get fishing, the clock’s ticking!

Not a good idea!

For the first time in a long time we have a satisfactory system (given our limited resources) to combat fish theft from our loch. We have now come to a point where we have the assistance of the River Tweed Bailiffs and the Police! And of course we have on board bailiffs Aaron & Mike led by loch keeper Mr Xxxxx, and two interested locals to assist us! Our first line of defence is our club team with the authorities being called in as required. This gives us very good coverage over a 24hr period.

In addition to the above the River tweed Bailiffs are making random early morning patrols as are the Police which is a great help to us! We are now receiving intelligence reports from a few strategically placed individuals which are helping us to target problem individuals. We cannot say that we have eradicated the problem; I doubt we will ever be able to say that realistically! We are however meeting the problem head on and are sure that the minority who target our fish will be persuaded by reason or otherwise poaching on our lochs is not a good idea!

Photo 02 - 40s/50s or 60s pepper pot found on Kirkstead burn.
The wider world in my view!

Absolute chaos!

The current political goings on serve only to show the shambles mainstream politics has become! We have beleaguered Lord Snooty intent on doing the right thing for our hardworking families floundering among new defections and resignations in this the party’s conference week. What was meant to be the Tories showcase has turned full circle into a circus!

Yes the two MPs (both buffoons), Reckless by name and the other Reckless by nature have plunged battle weary Lord Snooty yet again into the abyss! In a temporary move away from persistent bungling we see another defection to UKIP and a resignation by a sex pest caught out by a tabloid newspaper! As it has been since the start, the Tories are in self destruct mode with the end result of implosion being in sight. As if that was not enough it is now rumoured that two further Tories are to defect to UKIP this coming week pushing the bewildered party into absolute chaos!

Lord Snooty was desperate to spout forth about their new wave of poor punishing policies instead he is again on the back foot trying to play down the damage the latest events will cause!

Red Ed, (although I have no idea how he got that name) as he is no more a left winger than Dianne Abbot is a Tory, managed to leave out the economy in his (laborious) speech at the party’s conference! His excuse, he wanted to deliver a speech with feeling and empathy and did not use prompting notes! What a chump, is this the best Labour can offer, you wouldn’t see this type of gaffe in a schoolboy debating club! Voting Labour would be exchanging one out of touch fool for another!

The puppets of course have remained in the background as no one is really interested in what they are doing! Puppet Clegg finally realising that the writing is on the wall, the games up, oblivion beckons! As a voter the choice is a very poor one the likely outcome a Tory/UKIP or Labour/UKIP coalition with watered down and ridiculous policies whoever gets elected!  It just makes the referendum result look so wrong! We could have sat on the sidelines and watched the tragicomedy play out, instead we are in it!

It’s more of the same, more gaffes, more bungling with the odd extremist policy and more try it and see politics punishing the weak and disabled! We had our chance to escape this, 55% of the population chose not to take it, those who voted for aspiration, employment and the removal of poverty must now suffer the consequences of that erroneous vote! September the 18th is a day the Scots will remember for a very long time!
100 years of the Sunday Post!
Yes its been a long time on the go with the Broons, Oor Wullie The Hon Man and the Queries man to aid the feckless classes. The favourite of Presbyterian Scotland portraying an image of impartiality and fighting for the common man! The real face of the Sunday Post however is that of  secret closet Conservative backers and referendum No campaigners! Even more worrying is that they are scabs not allowing their workforce to join a trade union! Indeed no friend to the working man, simply a middle class Tory rag with uses such as mopping up spillages and other water closet functions! it is handy however if you are looking for a ball of Arctic Blue 2 ply wool that was on sale in the early sixties!

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