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Sportsmanlike fishing!

Photo 01 Whatever happened to the AA box at Cappercleuch!
Sportsmanlike fishing!

Of course there are rules that define how a fly fisherman approaches his sport which is how it should be! Catch limits or catch and release, number of flys to be used and giving way to Salmon anglers are just some of the rules to be found today. These of course are bound in with unwritten rules such as no drunkenness or increasingly these days no fishing whilst under the influences of drugs. No aggressive behaviour or bullying and no destruction of property are other common ones.

However these days the situation regarding flies is much more complicated as a thriving market sees the development of new fly’s everyday but what constitutes an acceptable fly? Traditionally fly’s are imitations of natural aquatic life that live in the river be it surface or sub surface and the use of these are what is accepted as sportsmanlike fishing.

Now however flies with small propeller blades are churned out with the blades usually of highly reflective material to initiate a further aggressive response from fish. Many now class these “flies” as spinners similar to a small Mepps and their use is generally considered to be unsportsmanlike! Such a view however is not universal with many seeing them as being acceptable. My own view on these flies is that they do move more towards spinners and their use should be prohibited this view is increasingly being taken by regulating authorities and fishery owners.

In “plastic” fishing there are further developments such as the “Booby” where a floating fly made so by the use of a polystyrene ball is fished on a sinking line with a short leader on the ponds bed in a sink and draw style. Similarly the “Blob” which mimics no natural insect but it seems imitates a Trout pellet used in rearing ponds and has attracted much controversy.

The Booby which has been around for at least 30 years is now banned from use in many “plastic” fisheries yet it was developed to imitate an alder fly larvae when fished slowly and a small fish when stripped back at speed! It would appear that many commercial fisheries deemed its use unsporting simply because on occasion it accounted for significant numbers of fish being caught!

Photo 02- If you have never seen inside an AA box have a look!
Clearly as an imitation of a natural insect the pattern is one which would lead to classification as a fly irrespective of how it fishes in terms of numbers of fish caught. Of course fishery owners have the last word and if they decide to forbid its use then anglers must abide by that ruling. The Blob imitates no natural insect life and its use should be considered unsportsmanlike and not a part of acceptable fly fishing technique! Allowing the use of the blob is akin to allowing anglers to set nets in the words of one fishery owner!

Fished by rapidly retrieving the lure through the water the skill level involved is just above nothing! I remember reading of an England fly fishing team member resigning because Blobs were approved for use in fly fishing competitions, I would expect that in the fullness of time more fisheries will ban the use of the Blob not because it can under the correct circumstances account for many fish but because it imitates a Trout pellet and demeans the art of fly fishing! Try fishing a Blob on St Mary's and see how you get on, the smart money says you will end up with a dry net!

Of course the two examples given do not constitute all the patterns that sail close to the wind, many lures used in “plastic” fishing resemble nothing in the natural world but simply offer a stimulus for an aggressive response from the highly predatory Rainbow Trout. The debate is becoming more complicated and it is clear that defining what is and what is not a fly will become increasingly complicated!

The new bible!

It has become clear over the last few weeks that our article “Choosing a fishing guide 2” is becoming the gold standard to be employed when selecting one of these people. Yes already our revamp of the original article has reached 716 visits in only two weeks rising much faster up the search lists than our original article already appearing second, and our main site fourth in the list. When you search out the terms use quotes to filter out the unnecessary and barely related rubbish that appears. Copy and paste the following into your search bar and see for yourselves – “choosing a fishing guide” Three e mails have been received asking for advice and two have asked for our recommendation of which one to choose!

Now setting up a list of fishing guides is not something that we would want to venture into given that we see their use as being totally unnecessary! We can see however that such a list would be of benefit to some who browse our guide. So we propose that those who have used such people or know of them write in giving your recommendations and we will publish them. Please note however that increasingly clubs and associations now forbid the generation of income under their permits!

Outboard engines!

We mentioned last week how our propeller on one of our engines had been damaged by running over rocks severely damaging the propeller and the connecting mechanism to the drive shaft. A new propeller will cost us £45.00 which I must admit is below what I estimated and we have ordered one to make the engine usable. From now on our loch keeper will examine the propeller on hiring and at the end of the hire.

The above will not however prevent such damage from taking place! Engineer Elliot Fraser has come up with a preventative solution which involves affixing a metal cover over the propeller blades in a circular or semi circular fashion bolted to the propeller shaft body. This would prevent the blades from contacting with rocks. Elliot is now considering the materials to be used for construction and the design of the device. I will update you as we progress.

From our recommended dealers!

This week from Fishers direct we have products from the highly rated Grey’s Prowla range bait flags at a great price to keep your bait on the hooks. Grey’s fly rods from 8.5ft to 9.5ft with reel, free line and backing. Offers like these do not last long so check them out quick!

The wider world in my view!

Victory in sight!

What a boost to see the Sunday Times poll on the Scottish referendum putting the Yes campaign in front for the first time! The dissolution of the union and freedom from the persistent bunglers that are the Con-Dems is now a realistic outlook! Battered and bruised Lord Snooty is in panic mode as a proud nation demands the right to self governance. Snooty will be remembered as the Prime Minister (or Bungler) who presided over the breakup of the United Kingdom! This is a fantastic opportunity to form a new social order, a more equitable society where food banks and payday lenders will be just a dismal memory from the past!

The great risk here of course is complacency, every single vote will count and the result will be close so “Yes” voters need to get out and vote, take nothing for granted! What I found most heartening was the enthusiasm and positivity of the Yes camp compared to the downbeat negativity of the Better Together lot! It seems the people are finally realising the potential of such a move, we are a prosperous country and as such the potential for growth is great indeed! No more having to put up with governments we did not vote for, usually poor punishing Tories who only look after their own kind! This is a momentous moment in Scotland’s history which will see us cast off the shackles of extreme capitalism instead giving each and every Scot the opportunity to work and prosper and those who have disabilities the chance to have fulfilling lives free from the worry of poverty!

It is important that “Yes” campaigners stand firm as only today Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne architect of the Pie Tax has proposed “Devo Max”. This should have been offered years ago and quite frankly is no longer enough! The poor punishing dimwit will make these proposals known midweek – ignore them and treat them with the contempt they deserve! What an opportunity we have been presented with lets embrace it wholeheartedly!


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