Sunday, 28 September 2014

Upcoming AGM!

Photo 01 - The wee loch from the hill.
Club AGM

We are now gathering topics for our AGM which is provisionally arranged for Wednesday the 22nd of October commencing at 19.00hrs at the Tibbie Shiels Inn. The date will be confirmed next Sunday so there is plenty of time for any motions to be submitted. Any motion must be received 7 days before the AGM. There will also be a presentation of the Heavy Trout cup and the Heavy Pike cup. Issues to be discussed already tabled after standing orders are –

(1) Treasurers report. (Elliot)

(2) Ideas to improve the habitat of the loch. (Discussion)

(3) Our strategy to combat the theft of our fish. ( Report & Discussion)

(4) The persistent dumping of hazardous materials into the Megget. (Richard)

(5) Memberships, subscriptions and cost of replacement boat house keys. (Lawson)  

(6) Pick team and reserves for Lindean competition. (Meeting)

(7) The damage to our outboard engines. (Richard)

(8) Removal of privileges for all office bearers. namely all office bearers should pay subscriptions as ordinary members do. Constitution to be amended if passed. (Elliot)

(9) Election of office bearers (Meeting)

(10) A.O.C.B

I am sure there are more issues so please let me know and I will add them to the agenda.

The clock’s ticking!

Looking back over the Brown Trout season it started very well with fish falling to the skilful angler and some very nice fish over the two pound mark and one at three and a half pounds step forward Elliot Fraser! As we moved into summer the loch level dropped significantly due to unseasonably hot weather and the fishing died again as it usually does during July and August with very little being caught.

The normal way the loch fishes sees September bring about a good resumption in feeding as the Trout pack on the weight necessary for them to survive the rigours of spawning. This year this has not been the case with anglers blanking all over the place this month! Now the only difference this year from all others is that the loch is artificially high, as is the river Yarrow. This is due to huge amounts of water being drained out from the Megget reservoir to allow remedial work to take place for damage caused by subsidence! This water from the bottom of the reservoir is significantly colder than the water in our loch and a few of our Trout aficionados have cited this as being the problem that is discouraging our Trout from feeding!

This may be the cause we really cannot say for definite but since it is the only new factor over previous years it looks a credible suspect. I spoke to a few anglers on the Yarrow yesterday and they also said the fishing this back end on the river had been dour! We can but wait until the season ends on the 6th of October to see how it finally turns out. If you are looking to get your name on the heavy Trout cup there are but eight days to go and it will need to be a stonker to tip Elliot’s three and a half pounder into the shade! Get fishing, the clock’s ticking!

Not a good idea!

For the first time in a long time we have a satisfactory system (given our limited resources) to combat fish theft from our loch. We have now come to a point where we have the assistance of the River Tweed Bailiffs and the Police! And of course we have on board bailiffs Aaron & Mike led by loch keeper Mr Xxxxx, and two interested locals to assist us! Our first line of defence is our club team with the authorities being called in as required. This gives us very good coverage over a 24hr period.

In addition to the above the River tweed Bailiffs are making random early morning patrols as are the Police which is a great help to us! We are now receiving intelligence reports from a few strategically placed individuals which are helping us to target problem individuals. We cannot say that we have eradicated the problem; I doubt we will ever be able to say that realistically! We are however meeting the problem head on and are sure that the minority who target our fish will be persuaded by reason or otherwise poaching on our lochs is not a good idea!

Photo 02 - 40s/50s or 60s pepper pot found on Kirkstead burn.
The wider world in my view!

Absolute chaos!

The current political goings on serve only to show the shambles mainstream politics has become! We have beleaguered Lord Snooty intent on doing the right thing for our hardworking families floundering among new defections and resignations in this the party’s conference week. What was meant to be the Tories showcase has turned full circle into a circus!

Yes the two MPs (both buffoons), Reckless by name and the other Reckless by nature have plunged battle weary Lord Snooty yet again into the abyss! In a temporary move away from persistent bungling we see another defection to UKIP and a resignation by a sex pest caught out by a tabloid newspaper! As it has been since the start, the Tories are in self destruct mode with the end result of implosion being in sight. As if that was not enough it is now rumoured that two further Tories are to defect to UKIP this coming week pushing the bewildered party into absolute chaos!

Lord Snooty was desperate to spout forth about their new wave of poor punishing policies instead he is again on the back foot trying to play down the damage the latest events will cause!

Red Ed, (although I have no idea how he got that name) as he is no more a left winger than Dianne Abbot is a Tory, managed to leave out the economy in his (laborious) speech at the party’s conference! His excuse, he wanted to deliver a speech with feeling and empathy and did not use prompting notes! What a chump, is this the best Labour can offer, you wouldn’t see this type of gaffe in a schoolboy debating club! Voting Labour would be exchanging one out of touch fool for another!

The puppets of course have remained in the background as no one is really interested in what they are doing! Puppet Clegg finally realising that the writing is on the wall, the games up, oblivion beckons! As a voter the choice is a very poor one the likely outcome a Tory/UKIP or Labour/UKIP coalition with watered down and ridiculous policies whoever gets elected!  It just makes the referendum result look so wrong! We could have sat on the sidelines and watched the tragicomedy play out, instead we are in it!

It’s more of the same, more gaffes, more bungling with the odd extremist policy and more try it and see politics punishing the weak and disabled! We had our chance to escape this, 55% of the population chose not to take it, those who voted for aspiration, employment and the removal of poverty must now suffer the consequences of that erroneous vote! September the 18th is a day the Scots will remember for a very long time!
100 years of the Sunday Post!
Yes its been a long time on the go with the Broons, Oor Wullie The Hon Man and the Queries man to aid the feckless classes. The favourite of Presbyterian Scotland portraying an image of impartiality and fighting for the common man! The real face of the Sunday Post however is that of  secret closet Conservative backers and referendum No campaigners! Even more worrying is that they are scabs not allowing their workforce to join a trade union! Indeed no friend to the working man, simply a middle class Tory rag with uses such as mopping up spillages and other water closet functions! it is handy however if you are looking for a ball of Arctic Blue 2 ply wool that was on sale in the early sixties!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tarred with the same brush!

Photo 01 - long distance swimmer with escort last week.

Tarred with the same brush!

Speaking with loch Keeper Mr Xxxxx yesterday he told me of a couple of foreign lads who had come to fish for our Pike. He said they had planned this trip a while ago and were very much looking forward to the day. As he does with all anglers a brief resume of our rules is the order of the day, in particular our policy of catch and release with regard to Pike which apparently is a delicacy to Eastern Europeans!

He left them to get set up for the day ahead and said that he would return later in the day. When he returned they were in high spirits after apparently catching two Pike of 9lbs and 6 lbs. Of course Mr Xxxxx enquired to see that they had both been returned unharmed to the loch and they were insistent that they had been safely returned. One of the anglers went to his backpack and pulled out a camera and sure enough there were two photos of two nice Pike.

There was more though, a video showing each of the Pike being returned to the loch! When asked why they had went to the trouble of taking the videos they said that they had read of the shameful practices carried out by some of their countrymen they were embarrassed and decided to show us that not all Eastern Europeans behaved in such a fashion. Of course we knew this already having 3 foreign anglers in membership. Of course Mr Xxxxx thanked them for the trouble they had taken and they enquired about membership of the club.

Well here is the lowdown – It is of concern to us that all foreign anglers are viewed with suspicion but this has come about due to 90% of all problems coming from anglers from other countries. The two lads here went that extra mile to demonstrate to us that they respect our culture and are eager to fit in and fish in the way we do! We really appreciate your actions lads and we would be delighted to have you both as members of the club! It’s just a pity all foreign anglers are tarred by the same brush, the one that paints the picture of the appalling incidents we have reported in the past!

To the two lads _Respect!

Dismal mobile phone service!

Another week has passed with the 02/Giff Gaff service improving not one iota! Yes missed calls not recorded, calls not getting through and conversations cut off in mid call. Enough is enough I have asked Mr Xxxxx to initiate the transfer of our club number from Giff Gaff to EE/Orange as soon as it is practicable. I tested the EE signal yesterday and it appears to be significantly better in most areas of the loch. We would hope to have the conversion completed in the next two weeks; we will see how it goes. In the meantime perseverance is the key!

Member News!

We found out recently that one of our respected members Sebastian Ochocki has branched out and opened an e bay shop selling fishing tackle mainly for the predator branch of the sport. Of course we are keen to offer members any assistance we can and we agreed to make the shop known to our members. Here is how Sebastian describes his shop –

Excellent quality fishing tackle with affordable prices. Please contact me for more info at . 10% discount for members of St Marys Angling Club plus free postage if you order by email. Cheques, bank transfers and PayPal payments accepted. Please visit my shop at:

Thank you


Why not go and visit the shop and see some quality items from top manufacturers at very keen prices, and as you can see above members will receive a 10% discount. Now added to our list of recommended dealers!

Photo 02 - Our site riding high!
Why we are here!

 Yes our site on choosing a fishing guide just keeps on climbing up the rankings! If you use quotes then the site comes up second on the list whilst our main site comes up third! If you dispense with the quotes our site still comes up second as you can see in the screenshot taken today. That it will rise to top place is without question, it’s just a matter of time!

One hundred and three visitors this week shows just how much our information is valued as anglers try and sort out the wheat from the chaff! We have received one recommendation from a reader but we will need to check out qualifications etc and this could take some time. It’s great to offer our readers a valuable resource; it’s why we are here!

The wider world in my view!

A once in a lifetime opportunity lost!

Friday morning was a dismal affair for me having been up most of the night watching as the votes came in from the count in the Scottish Referendum! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; it looked like the biggest opportunity in the history of Scotland was about to be thrown away and indeed that is what happened! It looks as though the last minute scare tactics of the No campaign did for us with predominantly older voters getting the jitters at the last minute whilst youngsters held their nerve! Whether through apathy and a lack of desire to construct a new egalitarian society or being persuaded by the absolute fear mongering that came out the day before the vote the chance was lost!

Those who made the wrong move now have the rest of their lives to repent their decision; the next referendum is a long way off! Already the hastily cobbled together “Devo max” is falling apart before it has even started. The mystery package could contain anything from nothing to very little, the content was never prescribed, how could you have been taken in by this tosh! To those who opted for this option there is nothing further to be done. Your bed is made; you now have to sleep in it!

You have chosen perpetual inequality, you have chosen endless rule by remote uncaring Tories on their own or in coalition who seek only to line the pockets of their own kind. You have chosen to be governed by the party that is elected by the people of England! You have chosen to live off the crumbs from the table as policies favour London and the south. You have chosen to spurn the opportunity of greater wealth created by industrial regeneration and the taking of revenue that is rightly ours creating employment for all! You have chosen to see the expansion of pay day lenders, food banks and emergency charity centres that give basic sustenance to the increasing numbers at the very bottom of our society!

 You have chosen political manipulation by Westminster as they pretend to offer devolved powers, but retain the mechanisms that control real power instead of direct control over our future! You have chosen second best and all the benefits that fall to losers! You have chosen not aspiration but mundane directionless low level living without a perceived goal! You have chosen to see the disadvantaged in our society punished even further with their standard of living reduced to that of Victorian beggars! You have chosen to see our place in the league tables of the most unequal countries in the world rise from fourth to first!

You have chosen greed over charity, self interest over benevolence, negativity over positivity and division over inclusion. These are the choices you have made resulting in the dire consequences that we must now all endure. September 18th 2014 will go down in history that is beyond question, but instead of being remembered with fond positive thoughts it will be reviled in generations to come as the day Scotland made the wrong choice and took the wrong turning on the road to a continued wretched existence that will take generations to correct! How very sad!

Did you really choose well?

A unique man!

Of course I am speaking of Alex Salmond the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party who resigned this week following the defeat in the Scottish referendum. He was liked and loathed in equal measure for his politics and I generally liked him as a bright spark in the dismal world of Scottish politics. I mean look at the others, insipid Johann Lamont, dismal Willie Rennie and irrelevant Ruth Davidson! These personality bereft individuals have the ability to stimulate no one!

Oor Eck could hold court with the best of them regularly embarrassing the opposition with the greatest of ease even among the Westminster grey suited brigade there are none who could hold a candle to him. He had passion, charisma, empathy and understanding to a level that made the rest of them look like village idiots! Although he failed in his ultimate goal of leading the country to independence he did the next best thing. He demonstrated to the UK government that change had to take place and we could no longer go on like this!

He was a natural born leader and Scottish politics will be the poorer for his departure however in Nicola Sturgeon he has a capable successor every bit the seasoned politician. As they say as one chapter closes another opens, I think it will be interesting reading!


Yes our boat house blether’s are indeed reminiscent of the old American Speakeasy where unbridled talk free from political correctness is the order of the day. Elliot our treasurer was brought up in the city of Glasgow. You often hear things then think that must have been bad, but when you get firsthand the story it really hits home! I don’t know how we got on to it but we started talking of the decimation of heavy industry in Glasgow at the hands of “Butcher Thatcher” back in the day.

Dozens of steelworks trashed along with the big shipbuilders left a massive skilled workforce on the dole and in keeping with all Tory policy benefits were kept to the absolute minimum leading to poverty and deprivation all over. Communities destroyed, families split and brother turned against brother. A once proud city reduced to its knees with guaranteed unemployment being it’s only virtue! This is the real Tory legacy as it has been ever since is it any wonder the people of Scotland hate the Tories and all who climb into bed with them like the inept puppets!

Among the elite of London “Butcher Thatcher” will be remembered for many things (primarily lining their pockets) in Scotland however her name is dirt remembered only for the complete and utter desolation of our country, an absolute blight on the Scottish people!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Photo 01 - Mike shows a corker of 1lb 13oz
Always on the cards!

How many times have you looked upon a water and thought “there’s not much of a chance of catching today!” well yesterday is what I would class as one of those days. The absence of wind leads to a mirror like scene on the loch. Further compounding the situation were occasional bursts of sun further dampening the heart. Yes the scene dreaded by most who fish the loch where every movement made by the angler is detected by the wily Brown Trout that inhabit the loch.

The captor of the splendid fish above who is staying at Mike & Julies guest house on the banks of the loch  employed a floating line with 15ft leader and a butcher on the point, dogged determination was the factor that caught this fish which fought like a Trojan resisting early attempts to net it! The fish was given to Mike & Julie who lightly cooked it and according to Mike it was absolutely delicious the closest thing to wild Salmon they have ever tasted! The battle was hard fought but that which is won too easily is not worth having! If your line is in the water there’s always a chance!

Photo 02 - 4 out of 8 I caught at Lindean without using a Blob!

Wretched phone service!

Booking a days fishing or reserving a boat or engine has been a bit of an ordeal over the last few weeks due to problems with the signal carriers network. Most people in the Cappercleuch area seem to plump for O2 or Giff Gaff which apparently uses the O2 network. EE or Orange also have a mast in the area (behind the Tibbie) which is the network I use and it’s either full on or off completely!

What has been happening with the network we know not, but calls have not been registering on the recipients phone and answer phone messages can take up to 24hrs to come through! Of course this also affects messages and e mails carried by the network! The problem of course is lack of coverage for individual carriers but probably enough if networks were shared but that looks like being an event that may or may not take place in the distant future!

So here’s what to do – Allow plenty of time when making your booking by mobile, landline or e mail to in the first instance Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper and his contact details are as follows

Phone - 01361890221 from Monday 9.00am until Friday 2.00pm

07724523777 from Friday 4.00pm until Sunday 5.00pm

Please leave a message if you enquire by phone and allow 24hrs for a response Mr Xxxxx offers an excellent service so please allow him time to meet your needs.

If you are unable to contact Mr Xxxxx please phone 07980350031 or e mail however only use these contact points if you cannot get through to Mr Xxxxx. Here’s hoping the network coverage improves sooner rather than later!

Photo 03 - the damaged propeller!
Slipping Clutch!

You will remember the carry on with the rubber clutch on our propeller a new fangled abomination designed to replace the humble shear pin which was designed to break on hitting a rock severing the connection from the drive gear to the propeller to prevent damage to the I imagine very expensive gear system!

Well Duncan’s in Glasgow quoted £45.00 including next day postage which somewhat eased my relationship with the clubs money man Elliot Fraser. I phoned on Monday to order the part only to be told the £45.00 propeller was redundant and that Hidea had sourced the part from another supplier and the new revised price was £88.00 plus VAT! The total came to £102.00 for some careless anglers running over some rocks! We sourced some shear pins for our electric engine at £4.60 each!

Naturally I asked why the new price was so steep and was told that this was a new design capable of severing the drive when meeting an obstruction but automatically re engaging drive when the obstruction wax removed! Now the new propeller looks identical to the damaged one, just how this rubber bush reapplies adhesive to its outer face to remake the bond to the propeller housing is beyond my ken and apparently the mechanics as well as he could not explain it to me! At £100.00 per hit I predict we will be bankrupt in a very short time!

However it’s fitted, but I haven’t got round to telling Elliot as yet. As they say he will not be amused!

Way to go, courtesy of The Guardian.
The wider world in my view!

It’s now or never!

Thursday is looming, the day that will host Scotland deciding its destiny! Opinion polls are too close to call with some showing both sides on occasion with marginal leads. What is clear from this is that there is no room for complacency every single vote will count in what looks to be a real nail biter!

The current generation will never again be offered the chance to start out on the road to creating a new and fairer society! A society where inroads will be made to eradicate poverty the scale of which currently damns us all! A society where the goals will be fairness and equality where money goes to providing for the people of Scotland in terms of a vastly improved health service, a thriving jobs market and an end to the scourge of Westminster massive unemployment!

A redistribution of wealth, which will see swathes of land taken back into public ownership. Public utilities wrenched back from the greedy fat cats spawned of “Butcher Thatcher”! A return to see the basic needs of living all being provided for by the state and an end to the ridiculous wages paid to the few at the expense of many! A guarantee if not for ourselves but for those who come later!

Not least is the opportunity to rid ourselves completely of the Eton posh boy brigade that populate the mainstream Westminster parties and with them the poor punishing policies that has seen poverty growing at an unprecedented pace. No more pontificating from the finger pointing Tories and their backsliding aides the nefarious puppets led by arch liar Puppet Clegg! No more pie taxes, no more try it and see policies, no more overseas bungling, no more embarrassing gaffs on the worldwide stage and an end to the food banks and pay day lending culture brought about by the Bullingdon boys! An end to the culture of greed sown by “Butcher Thatcher” and promoted by Lord Snooty and the Tories, a move towards realigning this warped society where helping others rather than trampling over them to satisfy material greed becomes the norm! Run a country, these fools could not run a bath!

There is no doubt we can go it alone but it will be works in motion so great are the hurdles to be cleared. We are a resilient aspiring nation and as such all is within our grasp. When you think about it would you really be happy passing on a legacy of greed devoid of compassion for others to the next generation? It will probably involve much hard work, some small sacrifices and some compromises but it will be very much worth the inconvenience. Look at the alternative most likely a Tory/UKIP alliance bordering on fascist extremism, specialising in bungling the like of which the country has never yet seen in spite of embarrassing achievements of the Con-Dems!

There are in life many big decisions to make and sometimes you have to be enthusiastically aspirational rather than measured and staid. Thursday’s decision is of that ilk for all of us. We have to decide if we are content to see the rich amass more wealth whilst the poor become even more destitute on the road to a Dickensian society. We have to decide whether we are easy with more of the same or see the chance to create a society in which all will prosper and leave the negative consequences of Tory governance to middle England the people who voted for them!

Irrespective of how the country votes on Thursday Scotland will be a different place, the choice however is whether marginal improvement is sufficient or whether we go with passion and drive in pursuit of becoming an independent nation where the putty is malleable and we as a nation can form it as we see fit. I am vehemently in favour of independence on the basis of ridding our wealthy country of poverty, creating a society based on fairness and equity and consigning the word Tory to the history books! I hope that you also will take a similar stance!

The Islamic State!

That these murdering butchers require sorting out is beyond contention! One by one they will execute innocent foreign nationals to punish the west for intervention in their affairs. All foreign nationals should be made to leave and then air strikes on a massive scale should be employed in all extremist areas until they are wiped out! Just a great pity we have Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers at the helm! It's a harsh way to sort out a problem unfortunately its the only way!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sportsmanlike fishing!

Photo 01 Whatever happened to the AA box at Cappercleuch!
Sportsmanlike fishing!

Of course there are rules that define how a fly fisherman approaches his sport which is how it should be! Catch limits or catch and release, number of flys to be used and giving way to Salmon anglers are just some of the rules to be found today. These of course are bound in with unwritten rules such as no drunkenness or increasingly these days no fishing whilst under the influences of drugs. No aggressive behaviour or bullying and no destruction of property are other common ones.

However these days the situation regarding flies is much more complicated as a thriving market sees the development of new fly’s everyday but what constitutes an acceptable fly? Traditionally fly’s are imitations of natural aquatic life that live in the river be it surface or sub surface and the use of these are what is accepted as sportsmanlike fishing.

Now however flies with small propeller blades are churned out with the blades usually of highly reflective material to initiate a further aggressive response from fish. Many now class these “flies” as spinners similar to a small Mepps and their use is generally considered to be unsportsmanlike! Such a view however is not universal with many seeing them as being acceptable. My own view on these flies is that they do move more towards spinners and their use should be prohibited this view is increasingly being taken by regulating authorities and fishery owners.

In “plastic” fishing there are further developments such as the “Booby” where a floating fly made so by the use of a polystyrene ball is fished on a sinking line with a short leader on the ponds bed in a sink and draw style. Similarly the “Blob” which mimics no natural insect but it seems imitates a Trout pellet used in rearing ponds and has attracted much controversy.

The Booby which has been around for at least 30 years is now banned from use in many “plastic” fisheries yet it was developed to imitate an alder fly larvae when fished slowly and a small fish when stripped back at speed! It would appear that many commercial fisheries deemed its use unsporting simply because on occasion it accounted for significant numbers of fish being caught!

Photo 02- If you have never seen inside an AA box have a look!
Clearly as an imitation of a natural insect the pattern is one which would lead to classification as a fly irrespective of how it fishes in terms of numbers of fish caught. Of course fishery owners have the last word and if they decide to forbid its use then anglers must abide by that ruling. The Blob imitates no natural insect life and its use should be considered unsportsmanlike and not a part of acceptable fly fishing technique! Allowing the use of the blob is akin to allowing anglers to set nets in the words of one fishery owner!

Fished by rapidly retrieving the lure through the water the skill level involved is just above nothing! I remember reading of an England fly fishing team member resigning because Blobs were approved for use in fly fishing competitions, I would expect that in the fullness of time more fisheries will ban the use of the Blob not because it can under the correct circumstances account for many fish but because it imitates a Trout pellet and demeans the art of fly fishing! Try fishing a Blob on St Mary's and see how you get on, the smart money says you will end up with a dry net!

Of course the two examples given do not constitute all the patterns that sail close to the wind, many lures used in “plastic” fishing resemble nothing in the natural world but simply offer a stimulus for an aggressive response from the highly predatory Rainbow Trout. The debate is becoming more complicated and it is clear that defining what is and what is not a fly will become increasingly complicated!

The new bible!

It has become clear over the last few weeks that our article “Choosing a fishing guide 2” is becoming the gold standard to be employed when selecting one of these people. Yes already our revamp of the original article has reached 716 visits in only two weeks rising much faster up the search lists than our original article already appearing second, and our main site fourth in the list. When you search out the terms use quotes to filter out the unnecessary and barely related rubbish that appears. Copy and paste the following into your search bar and see for yourselves – “choosing a fishing guide” Three e mails have been received asking for advice and two have asked for our recommendation of which one to choose!

Now setting up a list of fishing guides is not something that we would want to venture into given that we see their use as being totally unnecessary! We can see however that such a list would be of benefit to some who browse our guide. So we propose that those who have used such people or know of them write in giving your recommendations and we will publish them. Please note however that increasingly clubs and associations now forbid the generation of income under their permits!

Outboard engines!

We mentioned last week how our propeller on one of our engines had been damaged by running over rocks severely damaging the propeller and the connecting mechanism to the drive shaft. A new propeller will cost us £45.00 which I must admit is below what I estimated and we have ordered one to make the engine usable. From now on our loch keeper will examine the propeller on hiring and at the end of the hire.

The above will not however prevent such damage from taking place! Engineer Elliot Fraser has come up with a preventative solution which involves affixing a metal cover over the propeller blades in a circular or semi circular fashion bolted to the propeller shaft body. This would prevent the blades from contacting with rocks. Elliot is now considering the materials to be used for construction and the design of the device. I will update you as we progress.

From our recommended dealers!

This week from Fishers direct we have products from the highly rated Grey’s Prowla range bait flags at a great price to keep your bait on the hooks. Grey’s fly rods from 8.5ft to 9.5ft with reel, free line and backing. Offers like these do not last long so check them out quick!

The wider world in my view!

Victory in sight!

What a boost to see the Sunday Times poll on the Scottish referendum putting the Yes campaign in front for the first time! The dissolution of the union and freedom from the persistent bunglers that are the Con-Dems is now a realistic outlook! Battered and bruised Lord Snooty is in panic mode as a proud nation demands the right to self governance. Snooty will be remembered as the Prime Minister (or Bungler) who presided over the breakup of the United Kingdom! This is a fantastic opportunity to form a new social order, a more equitable society where food banks and payday lenders will be just a dismal memory from the past!

The great risk here of course is complacency, every single vote will count and the result will be close so “Yes” voters need to get out and vote, take nothing for granted! What I found most heartening was the enthusiasm and positivity of the Yes camp compared to the downbeat negativity of the Better Together lot! It seems the people are finally realising the potential of such a move, we are a prosperous country and as such the potential for growth is great indeed! No more having to put up with governments we did not vote for, usually poor punishing Tories who only look after their own kind! This is a momentous moment in Scotland’s history which will see us cast off the shackles of extreme capitalism instead giving each and every Scot the opportunity to work and prosper and those who have disabilities the chance to have fulfilling lives free from the worry of poverty!

It is important that “Yes” campaigners stand firm as only today Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne architect of the Pie Tax has proposed “Devo Max”. This should have been offered years ago and quite frankly is no longer enough! The poor punishing dimwit will make these proposals known midweek – ignore them and treat them with the contempt they deserve! What an opportunity we have been presented with lets embrace it wholeheartedly!