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Rule changes regarding night fishing!

Photo 01 - yes its more rubbish from last week.
Rule changes regarding night fishing!

Today we had a meeting with the River Tweed Bailiffs to discuss the ongoing assault on our lochs. The first thing to note is that the meeting took place 8 weeks after our request was made via the police. Not the quickest response I have come across! Anyway the two bailiffs who attended were eager to assist us and made some positive sounds and after what was a lengthy discussion involving the bailiffs, Loch keeper Mr Xxxxx, club bailiff Aaron, member Les and I we came to some appropriate conclusions.

We hope that the measures we are implementing will not impinge on angler’s freedom to fish but be clear OUR NEW RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED PRECISELY OR YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO HEAVY PENALTIES! We are very keen to proceed with a prosecution to send out a clear message that we will not tolerate illegal fishing on our lochs! Now that means that anyone fishing without a permit will be subject to prosecution under the River Tweed Protection Order! We will allow a variation in that if you contact Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper and inform him of where and when you intend to fish on the lochs he will at his discretion allow you to fish! This means you cannot just turn up at the lochs and commence fishing if you have not contacted Mr Xxxxx! This of course does not apply to members of the club,

With regards to night fishing which we will class as being between the hours of 20.00hrs and 06.00hrs all anglers including members must let Mr Xxxxx know that they will be on the banks between these hours. We have mentioned this before but have now formalised the arrangement with the authorities. The Tweed bailiffs will be patrolling the lochs at night and they will prior to descending on to the lochs enquire of Mr Xxxxx who has permission to be on the lochs at night. Please do not allow yourselves to fall foul of this arrangement as the consequences may be severe!  Please note that the Tweed Rivers Bailiffs have the power to seize all fishing equipment and any other items they deem to have been used in committing the offence which may include your car!

We regret having to implement these measures but recent events involving people from other countries carrying heavy and persistent poaching have left us with no alternative. If you are fishing on our lochs with the required permit you may take 4 Brown Trout or 4 Perch or a combination of both up to 4 fish. You may not harm or take any Eels or Pike! Normal right thinking anglers should not be inconvenienced by these measures just contact Mr Xxxxx and he will keep you right! Apologies for all the bold print but this message must be transmitted our all that fish or intend to fish on the lochs. The font size of the link to this site will be increased on our main site to catch people’s attention.

Photo 02 - yet more rubbish!

Unbelievably there was another dumping incident into the Megget burn on Sunday evening early Monday morning. You will see the volume of rubbish dumped was significant with the usual mix of general rubbish, chemical containers and gas cylinders. Again this rubbish was dumped unseen and it was down to Ian and Barbara to clean this rubbish up before it got dispersed all over the loch.

It’s bad enough to dump the stuff but to do so into a watercourse and give people extra work is unforgivable! Again the incident has been reported to the authorities and this is now the sixth incident in a short period of time. Short of having someone camping out under the bridge seven days a week there is no hope of catching these wretched people. We await feedback from the authorities although we are not hopeful of moving forward!

Outboard engines!

Yet again we have found ourselves in a pickle regarding these pieces of equipment. Our Hidea engine was found to be malfunctioning after a recent hire. It would run fine at low revs but on acceleration the drive seemed to let go and the engine revs hit the roof. We suspected a problem with the rubber clutch which is a mechanism that replaces the shear pin on modern engines.

On examination the propeller was found to be heavily dented indicating a good thrashing on the rocks and on one of the leaves a chunk had been knocked right out! Closer examination revealed that the “Shear pin” had been broken in effect the rubber clutch that envelopes the drive shaft and provides a coupling to the propeller body was at high torque conditions slipping the adhesive bond having been broken.

The good thing about this method of protecting the machined gears in the engine is that even if the bond is broken the system will allow you to limp home at low revs. We unfortunately cannot pin down those responsible and are now facing a good bill! I think it unlikely we can purchase a splined brass collar with the rubber clutch bonded on more likely we will have to purchase a complete propeller with the rubber clutch bonded in! My guess is £50 - £80 for the assembly and that does not take into account the repairing teams time, at a dealer the time would probably come to another £80.00 plus 20% VAT.

A ray of light however from our club precision engineer Elliot Fraser, he will make a couple of holes and insert pins to a pre determined depth into the rubber thereby allowing the pins to slice through the rubber if the propeller is bashed against the rocks. It’s a great solution no doubt one we will have to employ, yet again Luddites at work! Thanks to Elliot & Mr Xxxxx for their work on this task!

From our recommended dealers!

Received this week from Fisher direct some great offers for the fly tier, a great deal if you are in the market for a pair of waders, super deal on a midge tip fly line and a superb offer on a Scierra fishing bag! Click the link to see all these great offers –

The wider world in my view!

Double whammy for Lord Snooty!

It’s like watching a pumped up bully in the ring with Mohamed Ali! Yes Lord Snooty took another pounding firstly with the defection of Tory MP Douglas Carswell and then from the snap opinion polls that came out after his talk on the “Better together” campaign which turned out to be positive for the “Yes” campaign.

Carswell could take no more of the shambolic policies of the Tories especially on Europe. This millstone which hangs round Lord Snooty’s neck will be the one that forces his last political breath as the leader of a bunch of clueless poor punishing posh boys! To make matters worse Carswell has forced a by election one which most of the pundits think he will win under the UKIP banner!

Even worse is the fact that potential UKIP defectors are still hiding in the Tory ranks lining up to defect to effect the death blow to Lord Snooty! Weak Ed Milliband must be laughing up his sleeve as they take a six point lead over the Tories in the latest opinion polls giving only mild hope to working people in this country! Remember though that UKIP are extremists and as much use to the country as a parliament of posh boys and puppets!

In a similar vein Lord Snooty doing what he thought was his bit for the better together campaign actually did nothing at all for the cause but moved support to the Yes campaign. Yes visiting “safe” areas where it was unlikely he would be put on the spot when he did come across working people he was met with derision and contempt! You would have thought by now that in a country where there are more pandas than Tory MPs he would have realised Tory posh boys are not welcome here! Snooty also received a pasting from the CBI for their shambolic stance on Europe!

Yes campaigners all over the country are asking for another quick visit by our Prime Minister to boost the ratings yet again. Currently the Yes campaign has moved up to 47% which is just a smidgeon below what is needed for independence and a welcome Tory free zone! Lord Snooty’s premiership has been a catastrophic mixture of lies and unparalleled bungling the pattern has not changed – The slide continues!

Butcher Thatcher’s Army!

The people of Galashiels have been subjected to an onslaught of heavy tipper trucks working on the new borders rail link. Names such as Skene, City Haul, NWH and Malcolm thunder over our roads doing what needs to be done to meet the deadline of September next year. No doubt all this travelling will have a detrimental effect on the road surfaces something which we all dread! Some of our older readers may remember the pre closure Ravenscraig dispute well, it was the Malcolm group who acted as scabs and broke through the picket lines as the mechanised division of Butcher Thatcher’s Capitalist army! Disheartening to see a company with such a background still operating!

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