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More of the same!

Photo 01 - The latest batch some containers missing.
More of the same!

Unbelievably, a couple of phone calls on Friday from Keith and Ian told of yet further dumping into the Megget burn! Undoubtedly from the same people who have deposited rubbish regularly in the past. The selection this week comprised of two beer kegs (empty), a spent fire extinguisher, a balloon gas cylinder, two Chinese cooking oil containers, two black bags full of juice bottles, soy sauce containers, curry powder and general rubbish which included at least 10 half bottles of Buckfast fortified wine universally known here as the mark of a Muppet!

Yes the usual time lapse of a couple of weeks between dumpings abandoned with Thursday nights offering. This makes things very difficult for us as the pattern has been broken and tipping becomes random!  Following on from last week my endeavours with the statutory agencies did not prove to be particularly fruitful! The police don’t want to know unless we can provide evidence of an offence with the culprits caught red handed! Of course given the location of the lochs this is never going to happen!

The council are happy to note the incident but end their involvement there; however they state that it is up to the landowner to remove this rubbish which on the face of it relieves us of the obligation of cleaning the mess up! However any angler worth his or her salt could not sit back and see containers of hazardous chemicals emptying into the Megget and ultimately into St Mary’s! It is for this reason that we have to act swiftly and remove the containers.

Photo 02 - The new signs in case you can't find one!
The response from SEPA was initially disappointing with the officer suggesting the waste could have come from wild campers. I wasn’t too impressed with this theory! They also suggested we could place a sign on the bridge saying “No Fly Tipping”! Of course this would doubtless lead us into conflict with the council and lead to the said sign being tipped into the Megget!

After some discussion the officer acceded to our request and agreed on receipt of high resolution photos of the serial numbers and manufacturers details to try and trace the path of these containers from source to the end point. Now this may give us some information and then it may not, it is however encouraging someone is doing something!

Of course what is taking place here is ultimately the fault of the Con-Dems as they roll back the state shackling the efforts of our public bodies. It is often used as an excuse for not carrying out what is after all important work, remember this when you next visit a polling booth! Once again we would ask anyone who spots a suspicious vehicle parked on Megget Bridge in the late evening or early morning to give us a call so we can progress the apprehension of these Muppets!  Once again the cleanup operation fell to us and we are extremely grateful for the assistance of Ian Fernyhough and our loch keeper Keith Young who gave up most of his Saturday cleaning up this outrageous and unnecessary mess!

 Thanks lads your efforts are very much appreciated!

Parking on grass verges and more!

Yesterday we encountered a most dangerous situation where 11 vehicles were parked on the verges in a line at the top of the loch just before the turn off for Tibbie Shiels. The problem here is that the road is narrow, it encompasses tight bends and has many heavy goods vehicles traversing it regularly. If one of these articulated vehicles moves over the white line there is nowhere for a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction to go, and at the very best a line of vehicles on the verges will end up seriously damaged. A worst case scenario is that people may lose their lives! Now it turns out that most of the vehicles belonged to wild campers who are out with our field of operation. However when we approached them and asked that these vehicles be moved to a safer parking area they were only too pleased to oblige.

However a couple of anglers in a group of four were unable to comply because they were too drunk to drive!  That vehicle had to remain on the verge. Now there are a number of points that we wish to make here and really it is the reiteration of club rules. If you are seriously under the influence of alcohol then we will deem you to be unfit to fish on our lochs and you will be asked to reel in and cease fishing! Failure to comply with this request will result in your permission to fish being rescinded!

Since you will then be fishing without the required permission we will call for the River Tweed bailiffs or the Police as we are expected to do under the terms of the River Tweed Protection Order. How they deal with this situation is up to them, but in serious cases we will ask for all fishing tackle to be confiscated and ask for charges of breach of the peace to be preferred! The foregoing will also be applied if you fail to carry out a reasonable request from our club officials or loch keeper!

Our club officials and in particular our loch keeper go the extra mile to ensure your session at the lochs is the best it can be. We will not allow our agents to be subject to verbal or physical abuse! The vast majority of our visitors have no need to fear as this only applies to the subversive element we occasionally come across! The majority of our visiting anglers enjoy a drink but they do responsibly and we have no problem whatsoever with this! We want everybody to come and enjoy their session at the loch however remember you are on the property of others and bound by the rules of the club.

In fairness to the people mentioned above they did wise up and behave in an acceptable fashion. If you enjoy a drink whilst fishing please do so responsibly! Tight Lines!

Photo 03 - you would need a Ghurkha knife to get near this one!
Missing bench!

Most of you will be familiar with the benches provided outside the Glen Cafe for the enjoyment of visitors. Well in keeping with all the other negative events that have been taking place one of them is missing probably stolen! Yes a new bench constructed for the cafe was stolen, probably loaded into the back of a large van maybe the one that regularly empties itself into the Megget burn! Just another depressing event which further impacts on those who live in the area.

New signage on the loch!

The erection of signs at strategic points around the loch is an event we have been calling for ever since the first Flood Protection Meeting as regards St Mary’s loch. The proposed drop in water level will at some points on the loch leave areas of very deep water close to the water’s edge. From a safety point of view these signs are essential serving to inform people of the dangers.

But how disappointing to see these signs sited in quite inappropriate areas where no one treads and in areas where the road is narrow and twisty meaning no one will be able to stop and read the information (see photo 3)! Areas where people congregate in lay bys have no signage nearby another fine example of bureaucracy gone mad! The points where the signs were erected no doubt carried out by an office bound planner sticking pins into a map. One wonders why they did not contact us or other local residents to get the best possible site for the signs. Just another example of unthinking bureaucracy that sees the country going to the dogs!

The wider world in my view!

Number 10 Clowning Street!

He has finally come clean, yes arch clown Boris Johnston is to stand as an MP in an as yet unnamed constituency. Already the rumours are circulating of a challenge to Lord Snooty’s premiership! Clearly the writing is on the wall for Lord Snooty as he presides over an administration specialising only in spectacular money wasting bungling! Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne is reported to be fuming as he also has lined himself up to challenge Lord Snooty, god help us that we should have to put up with this inept fool!

The poor punishing Tories are in disarray with the upcoming leadership challenges, the threat from UKIP and the perpetual in fighting in the Tory ranks. Boris Johnston is a very well educated posh boy (Eton of course) but of course this is lessened by the fact he is clearly a buffoon! The question for the country is can we stand another 5 years of bungling and clearly the answer is resoundingly no!

Clown Johnston would probably be more entertaining than Lord Snooty but underneath he is still a poor punishing zealot! Changing the name of Downing Street to Clowning Street would achieve nothing, it would still be the same mundane rhetoric coupled with the now legendary bungling! The outcome of the UK general election is far from being a given. It is entirely possible that a Tory government in coalition or otherwise could be elected! Could you really endure another term of this failed model of politics with a clown at the helm?

Of great insignificance!

From the mouth of Puppet Clegg, that he wants to stop sending those found to be in possession of illegal drugs to prison. Seriously misguided thinking from a puppet about to become obsolete! It is already the case that those found to be in possession of drugs are rarely sent to prison only those carrying large amounts with intent to supply or persistent offenders where all other options have been exhausted!

Yes a great and lengthy speech from the Puppet about nothing! There is so much around drug misuse that does need airing and debated and the puppet spouts forth a load of codswallop! The invisible man of politics yet again utters words of great insignificance, nobody is listening! What a benefit it would be to British politics if he were to disappear, roll on election time!

The Lady is correct!

I don’t have a lot of time for Baroness Warsi failed chairman of the Tory party she is after all from the mould of Snooty et al! However I did find myself agreeing with her on the stance she took on the pounding Israel is handing out to the Palestinians. No one is saying Israel has not the right to defend itself but what is taking place here is the extermination of a race of people. American and British interests are at stake here with huge exporting of armaments. Lord Snooty needs to man up and condemn the Israeli’s for their wrong actions. Lord Snooty, we are waiting!

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