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A week of disappointing news!

Photo 01 - half of the big repair squad out yesterday dogs included.
Another week of disappointing news!

You will remember last week we told of the drunken behaviour of some “anglers” fishing at the top of St Mary’s. Well it got much worse! Yes in the Tibbie at night the heavy drinking continued unabated and eventually a point was reached when they were asked to leave. It also turns out the proprietors motorcycle had been hauled into the car park with intent to commit god knows what!

These people are an embarrassment to angling just like the angling bully mentioned some weeks ago and all the other fools and varlets who have embarrassed themselves on our banks, these people are the very bottom of the angling barrel! Angling needs keen enthusiastic and level thinking individuals to take forward the sport we enjoy so much. Muppets acting in the fashion above are ten a penny and serve no betterment for the sport, indeed only succeed in dragging the good name of angling through the mire.

If you want to get blind drunk then please do so, but do it in a place where you won’t be spoiling other peoples fun, in your own back yard Drinking is acceptable in the correct environment but there is no place for excessive alcohol consumption on the banks of the loch.

Our loch keeper asked us to implement a complete ban on alcohol at the lochs but we turned this down as a high percentage of our visitors do enjoy a drink in a responsible fashion and we do not want to impinge on their enjoyment! I am now half minded to ask for a reversal of this decision but it seems wrong to hurt the majority for the actions of the few, we will have to monitor this situation closely to see in which direction we must move.
our loch keeper has the details of these individuals they will not return to the lochs!Over the years I have noticed that whenever there is an incident at the lochs Buckfast is involved!

Photo 03 Wherever Buckfast is found there is trouble!
Disappearing rubbish!

Over the last couple of months we have collected a significant amount of rubbish from day to day activities of the club and illegal dumpings into the Megget Burn. Mr Xxxxx had made arrangements to have this lifted on Wednesday and I had plans to take numerous high resolution photos of serial numbers on the gas bottles to pass on to SEPA.

Well on arrival yesterday we were somewhat surprised to see all the rubbish gone. At first we suspected metal thieves but as all the other valueless rubbish had gone we discounted this. No one seems to have any idea as to who was responsible for the uplift to whoever disposed of this we say thank you but if you feel the need to do so again give us a shout first in case we need certain items.

The passing of a gentleman!

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of our club sponsor Major Sir Neil Westbrook who died peacefully at his Isle of Man home on Wednesday evening. He was a hugely successful businessman and race horse breeder employing the services of the Easterby family running all his horses with the Bolin prefix after a stream that runs through his previous abode in Prestbury Cheshire.

A keen shooter in his day and ex mayor of Manchester he accomplished much in his 97 years! Angling however remained his passion and he visited his beat on the Tweed often and invariably left with numerous fish so great his prowess at the Brig end one of the pools on his beat.

Major Westbrook was extremely supportive of our club and kindly donated our competition first prize of autumn salmon fishing. There are many adjectives we could use to describe the man but perhaps the most telling would be “a true gentleman”! Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. RIP I have sent an expression of sympathy on behalf of the club to his widow.

Another “angler” banned!

It has been with us for as long as we can remember those who phone to book a boat then fail to turn up wasting our time greatly. Our new system of booking boats through Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper with a £10.00 PayPal deposit was circumvented by phoning me. The “angler” said he had phoned twice to our loch keeper but could not get through and ended up phoning me.

I have no facility for taking deposits so took the booking with the view of phoning Mr Xxxxx or Mike or Ian and getting them to take care of the hire. Mike left his open day which was held to publicise his new B&B. By this time I had got hold of Mr Xxxxx and he said he would take care of this. Well he sat in the boat house for over an hour and no one appeared!

I phoned the hirer of the boat but only got an answering machine. I did leave a message asking for an explanation, he did not reply! I have again phoned to again get the answering machine but left a message saying that his phone number is now blacklisted and he is no longer welcome here. We do not know his name only that he speaks with a familiar foreign accent! People acting in this fashion are just a waste of space please go elsewhere we do not want your kind here!

Remedial work!

Unfortunately yesterday was spent rectifying Muppet damage on our boats negating the possibility of fishing. The Salmo Trutta Arran now has a new reinforced bottom and a new one piece heavy duty runner and is completely watertight! The damage caused by the three vassals a few weeks ago has also been repaired awaiting a new one piece runner and the top work where someone smashed the ridge above the bumper is awaiting colour. Its work that shouldn’t be required! Thanks to Gordon & Mike, Aaron and Elliot for their input, it certainly made things much easier!

Photo 03 - Look what they've done to our boat.
A new lease of life!

Mentioned a few months ago we sold one of our “Blue boats” to good friend Mike Christie who had intentions to renovate it and build in some flotation tanks. Well he wrote today to say that she has been launched on Fruid after her makeover.

The seating renovated, flotation tanks built and strengthening work carried out and to finish her off 3 coats of a purpose marine grade one pack paint in a tasteful shade of green. Mike is the winner of this year’s wild Trout competition and will be coming Salmon fishing at the back end. See you then Mike, oh and great job on the boat she looks fantastic!

Photo 04 - Our old blue boat looking great now living on Fruid!
The wider world in my view!

One month to go!

The momentous date of September the 18th 2014 looms ever closer, the date when Scotland could take the biggest decision in its history, casting off the shackles of Westminster and embracing the world as an independent country! It is now universally agreed that Scotland would have no problem going it alone in spite of what the worry mongers say. It is possible and prudent to use the pound the agreement of the others in the UK is not required. Pensions and investments will be protected and those companies who are threatening to pull out of Scotland will not do so. The greed of capitalism will prevail!

Independence is the opportunity to start from scratch with an entirely new way of politics where the poor and underprivileged will not be pushed into the gutter but given a good and reasonable standard of living much better than what they currently endure. It is a golden opportunity sort out the banks and send packing the greed ridden charlatans who recklessly gamble with our future!

Public utilities could be taken back under government control and prices for the essentials we require could be set at a price we could afford! Of course the scoffers say this could not be afforded but of course it can. Its true North Sea oil will not last forever but it will furnish the transition from the yoke of Westminster to freedom! Removal of Trident will allow our ideology to change and the next generation of free Scots will have and see no need for nuclear weapons. We are a rich country relatively speaking its time that wealth was redistributed in an equitable fashion removing wealth from those who historically originally acquired that wealth by force or favour!

With only a month to go people should be making their minds up as to which way to vote. The most recent poll in the Scotsman states that around 16% are still undecided! I put this down to the politicians on both sides who lie, fabricate and deceive! Yes negativity has been the character of the debate and the time has now come for honesty. The Scotsman poll showed the yes vote has risen to 39% whilst the no campaign has fallen to 46%. It is all to fight for with the huge amount of undecided’s out there.

If you want to see an end to poor bashing, wholesale bungling, international clangers, outrageous bankers payments, out of touch posh boy rhetoric and warmongering then you really must vote for independence!
Note - there are reports of a significant new oil find on the west coast of Scotland if this is the case independence is a done deal!
Fig 1 Welfare spending.

What the posh boys have achieved!

There is much talk of how Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers have sorted out the country; well here are some facts about the economy you might not be aware of – Overall public spending is up around £25 billion from 2008! This in spite of their claims public spending is down see figure 1.

Fig 2 the country's defecit.
The National Debt is up from 0.53 Trillion pounds in 2008 to a staggering 1.26 Trillion pounds in 2014 I can’t see much that has been sorted here! The defecit which they keep harping on about has indeed been cut by 30% but it was under their reign that it ballooned effectively doubling from the figure they inherited from Labour. Oh yes and welfare spending the topic that Diddy Duncan Smith takes credit for is fractionally up from the figure they inherited from labour. The Con-Dems had a choice austerity or planned spending, for instance investment in green energy as usually they got it wrong and the working classes are on their knees and there is no investment spending.
Fig 3 Uks rising debt.

We are no better off as a country in fact we are significantly worse off with the increasing cost of living crisis! Just a reminder that you cannot believe a word these Tories say. How do you know if they are lying – if you see a Tory MPs lips move then he or she is lying! Let’s get rid of these bums!

All figures from uk public spending

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