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Visiting anglers!

Photo 01 - Mr Xxxxx and Mr Xxxxx jnr sorting out our Arran!
Visiting anglers!

We are now asking all visiting anglers to contact our loch keeper if it is your intention to commence fishing on the lochs especially early in the morning or later at night. There are two reasons for this the first being that with the recent poaching events discovered we must be able to inform the authorities if anyone is fishing legally with the required permit.

You will be required to inform our loch keeper of the names of those fishing and the location that you will be fishing. This information will make identification of suspected poachers much easier if they are fishing out with the areas notified. The second reason we are asking visiting anglers to do this is that under the Tweed Protection Order it is an offence to commence fishing without written permission. Our loch keeper may vary this requirement at his discretion> All anglers are expected to co operate with this request. If these actions do not take place we will have to look at the provision of night time fishing!

Rectifying Muppet damage!

In common with most years we have to set aside time to put right the damage caused by unthinking Muppets. And so it was yesterday we began the task of repairing these faults. The big Arran was by far the biggest job having been subjected to repeated trauma along the central rib by being moored inappropriately allowing the central rib to be repeatedly smashed against the rocks.

Unfortunately the damage that confronted us was not suitable for a quick chopped fibre repair rather a total reconstruction of the central rib and new runner was required. Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper and Mr Xxxxx jnr came along to tackle this work. There was much rubbing down, gouging, splitting and tearing of damaged fibreglass to get back to a sound foundation on which the new construction would be made.

Using extra heavy duty fibreglass cloth we layered three heavy layers to give a sturdy construction. Now this in itself was quite a chore since we could only mix up enough resin that would give us ten minutes of working time as any longer saw the resin gelling and seconds later solidifying. Laying, removing air pockets took up over an hour of time and saw our hands set in various positions as the resin set on our gloves.

An interesting point is that we used a most excellent product called J B Weld which is a high strength epoxy resin reinforced with steel to provide mechanical fixing along a couple of cracks. Using a stitch procedure which involves making right angle gouges to the crack finished with a 2mm hole to stitch the crack together. This mechanical fixing is in addition to the very strong fibreglass repair should see this central rib sorted for a good number of years!

Work still to be done is fitting the new one piece runner and sealing the whole rib in two pack epoxy paint. On the Lomond damaged by the three Muppets mentioned a few weeks ago requires the runner refitting after Aaron kindly straightened the damaged item. On our other Lomond the damaged rib walloped by an engine will be filled and reinforced with steel rods and coloured to match the original colour. Yes there is always something needing to be done it’s just a pity most of it is rectifying the damage caused by Muppets!

Photo 02 - The new rib on our Arran!
Power cut!

Yesterday the village saw a power cut in the electricity supply leaving some members of the community in a quandary. It is our policy that during these power cuts we will make our two petrol generators available to members of the community on a first come first served basis.

Rated at 3.5 and 4.0KW they will not power all appliances in a house but with selective switching can run various appliances.  Yesterday we gave out our generators to two individuals in the hope of assisting them through the crisis. If you have need of a generator please get in touch with Mr Xxxxx or Mike at the Whitehouse opposite the village hall and they will do what they can to assist! Unfortunately the power cut also wiped out all mobile phone coverage in the area! I spoke with the people who used our generators today and both were delighted with the performance of the machines! Just part of our policy to help people out whenever we can!

Photo 03 - The new rib under construction!
A pier in waiting!

Yes our proposed pier at the club boat house has been delayed for a further year as the proposed works to the outlet at the foot of St Mary’s loch has been delayed for a year. It would not be prudent to begin this work until we see or can work out what the new parameters are with regard to loch height lest we end up with a dry pier or one that is completely submerged! Some thinking to be done methinks!

A great loss!

We have heard over the last few weeks that the village hall, the meeting place for residents of Cappercleuch may have to close due to lack of use! The hall is a great resource hosting social events, public meetings and serving as accommodation for large parties who are working or holidaying in the area. The last point has huge potential with youth hostels closing everywhere hikers/walkers are always looking for good reasonably priced places to stay. Targeted advertising would be crucial in attracting clientele! As ALDI say “when it’s gone it’s gone”!

The wider world in my view!

A grave error!

You could not have avoided seeing Lord Snooty pompously proclaiming that the recession was over now that the latest growth figures have been released. It is interesting to note that the UKs peers got to the point of attaining pre crash growth many months and in some cases years ago. Also damning Lord Snooty is the fact that the UK population has increased by 2.8 million since 2008!

The service sector has indeed grown but this alone will not sustain a recovery. Manufacturing is down and construction is down! Doubtless many of Snooty’s pals in the city have shrugged off the fact that they caused the economic crash and are now back to their old ways! However ask any working class person if they are feeling the recovery and the answer will be a resounding no!

Yes we the underclass are still seeing declines in our living standards with many more being pushed towards food banks and other charitable aid! This is the real legacy of the Con-Dems keeping the poor in their place in Con-dem society! Already the employment figures myth has been exposed with the 1.2 million new jobs created comprising of 400,00 people on zero hours contracts and 500,00 on poorly paying part time jobs!

Only a fool would be taken in by the latest Con-Dem claims unfortunately there are many in the country. Through their ineptitude the Con-Dems have delayed the recovery by years and there are no signs that they are grasping the severity of the problems facing the population! The bottom line is that they haven’t a clue and are content to blunder on whilst we suffer! With the poor performance of the Labour opposition the only way for us Scots is to go for independence and embrace the future with open arms! If you are fed up of hearing Lord snooty ‘rolling up his sleeves’ to ‘do the right thing’ for the ‘hard-working families’ and hearing of nonstop blundering -

Vote for independence and let’s get shot of these fools!

The slide continues!

I’ve come to view the “High Street” as a barometer of how the country is doing and my recent observations do not paint a rosy picture! I see shopkeepers shuffling to work pasty of pallor and doubtless deficient in vitamin D spending their days in dimly lit back shops never seeing the sun! No vibrancy commensurate with good business and a telling thick tabloid paper with a simple crossword puzzle to get them through the day!

Two further outlets closed in the last month see the street ever deaden! Whitewashed windows offer nothing for sale making a trip to the street a complete waste of time! They say the new rail link will reinvigorate our dying streets, I however cannot see this happening. The rail link is just another white elephant that will merely further burden the taxpayer who will have to subsidise this service until it is closed for good. It’s not looking great, for the “High Street,” the slide continues!

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