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Those who would destroy us!

Photo 01- A sure sign of summer fragrant and delicate the Dog Rose.
Those who would destroy us!

Regarding the recent horrific events discovered on our lochs we can now report that with the assistance of the police and bailiffs from the River Tweed Commission new measures to combat these fools are now in place. It would be inappropriate to elaborate further on this as the thieves probably read this page.

We are also delighted to welcome back Aaron on a can do will do basis, he has been appointed as one of the club bailiffs to further strengthen our enforcement team! I received an interesting e mail yesterday regarding a river in Ireland where wholesale netting was taking place, and the fish butchered on site, in essence the same that was happening here. Click the link to read about the fish thieves -

Fraser Patterson’s report on his week on the loch.

It has become and rightly so, increasingly viewed by members of the club as a barometer year on year of how well the loch is fishing. Yes Fraser’s weekly stint twice a year gives us a very important record of just how the fish in our loch are doing. Have a look below and see how Fraser fared in his week. He did say the midges were absolutely intolerable and note the 3lbs 4oz Eel not the biggest from the loch by a long chalk but a cracker nevertheless!

Saturday 14th     Sculpture    14:00 - 23:30

Pike 14lb 3oz   16:55   Smelt

Pike 5lb 6oz     18:05   R/Trout

Sunday 15th       Bottom End  07:00 - 23:30

Pike 7lb 2oz     20:15   Perch

Monday 16th   Bottom End  04:30 - 23:30

Pike 6lb          05:45   Perch

Pike 9lb 4oz    20:35   Perch

Pike 8lb          21.00   Perch

Pike 11lb 1oz  22.05   Perch

Tuesday 17th  Bottom End     06:00 - 10:00

Pike 5lb 8oz       06.30  Perch

Eel  3lb 4oz        09:30 Perch

Bowerhope  11:00 - 23:30

Pike 7lb 2oz  11:20    Perch

Pike 10lb 1oz  20:00  Perch

Pike  3lb        20:20   Perch

Wednesday 18th Bowerhope 05:00 - 09:00

No fish

Sculpture 10:00 - 23:30

Pike  12lb 2oz   11:30  Perch

Pike  10lb 4oz   20:15  Worm

Thursday 19th Sculpture   04:30 - 23:30

Pike  10lb 8oz   04:40  Perch

Pike  12lb 4oz   08:30  Perch

Pike  11lb 1oz   21:30  Perch

Friday 20th  Sculpture 04:00 - 11:00

Pike 6lb 7oz   04:10  Perch

Pike 5lb         06:00  Perch

Summerhope   13:00 - 23:30

Pike 6lb           14:30   Fly

Pike 4lb           14:40   Fly

Pike 3lb           15:50   Perch

Pike 8lb           16:00  Mackerel     Steven

Pike 13lb         18.00  Mackerel     Steven

Pike 10lb 2oz   22:00  Smelt          Steven

Saturday 21st   Summerhope  07:00 - 11:00

No Fish

Top End in Boat   11:00 -  14:00

Pike 3lb    11:30   Mepp       Steven

Pike 6lb     12:00  Fly

Pike 4lb     13:30  Mepp        Steven

Summerhope  14:00  15:45

Pike 4lb

So as you can see i had a good week with plenty of good fish.The best best day was on the Saturday out on the boat fly fishing if i had got all the fish i raised i would have had about 10 at least, every bit that we tried where there was a weed bed i touched a fish and a lot of these were on but they come towards you so quickly  you can’t keep a tight line and they get off but great sport none the less.

I caught small perch at most of the bits i camped at but not as many as i normally catch and as usual it was really the last couple of hours of day light.

I had a few eels on worm when perch fishing but Steven and me were bothered a little by them Friday/Saturday as we were using softer baits for pike. I never normally get bothered by them pike fishing.

All the more reason to redouble our efforts to catch the fish thieves who are trying to destroy our wild fishery! Many thanks Fraser, this information is invaluable and much appreciated!

Photo 02 - A favourite of the Bumble Bee!
Muppet update!

We have heard nothing further from the Muppets who damaged our boat last week, I received a few e mails regarding their shocking behaviour and all were supportive of the ban dished out to them! Joining the likes of Mr CL, Mr Kens and half a dozen other half wits they are no longer welcome on our loch! These people who end up embarrassing themselves and in many cases cost the club money have to be dealt with by use of heavy penalties! Our work to continually root out these Muppet’s will continue unabated until the message gets through – No Muppets welcome here!

Another real angler!

Yesterday overhearing a conversation between Mr Xxxxx and an angler from Blackpool coming up in a fortnight, I was delighted by what was said! The angler not having fished for Pike before was wondering if anyone could give him a few tips on angling for Pike. Mr Xxxxx replied telling him to come up and he would personally take him to a good location and spend a few hours teaching him the basic principles necessary for safe Pike angling its the least we expect from our officials!
Damage to our boats!

Occasionally our boats/engines do get damaged and of course it is the club who has to pick up the cost of repair. We all know accidents can happen and if you inform us of such damage which clearly was accidental invariably we will not pursue the matter further! By informing us of damage we have the opportunity to rectify that damage before next hiring it out! If however there is clear evidence of wilful damage whether caused by carelessness or incompetence and you have not informed us we will pursue you!

We are an angling club with finite resources; as such we expect those who hire our equipment to treat that equipment with care and respect! If any piece of our equipment gets damaged during your hire please do not abscond and leave our equipment unattended just let us know we do not bite!

Photo 03 - Don't know what it is but moths love it!

The wider world in my view!

I smell a rat!


I was quite taken aback later on in the week to hear Lord Snooty along with Puppet Clegg pronounce that emergency measures were to be rushed through parliament to stop records of phone calls, internet and e mails being destroyed following a directive from the European Commission in April allowing for the destruction of this data. Lord Snooty was most emphatic that the emergency powers were for this purpose only and was not his snooper’s charter in disguise!

Yes Lord Snooty if elected (God forbid!) plans to introduce a bill to allow agencies to snoop on Joe Public at their whim!  At present only if the authorities have good reason to suspect someone of severe wrongdoing can they do this! Under Lord Snooty’s proposed bill you and I may be subject to an intrusion of privacy whenever some twisted public official decides it is warranted!

Every person who reads the Morning Star who is a trade union official will be put under immediate and sustained surveillance and to what end? This is currently a free country where we are all entitled to our views without interference from the authorities! Just like in North Korea the walls of our houses will have ears and privacy will become a thing of the past!

Given Lord Snooty’s usual level of bungling then the delay from April until now is understandable it is in line with previous unfettered bungling! However looking at the history of Lord Snooty and Puppet Clegg it can clearly be seen that in addition to the quality of persistent bungling, blatant lying is right up there! This is what makes me very wary of Snooty’s motives trying to hoodwink parliament to get his way! There was a huge amount of time for these proposed measures to be debated properly; one has to ask why it has been delayed!

I will be looking closely for the words of Labour MP Tom Watson who sees Lord Snooty in the same light as me and is well versed in tackling con men and charlatans! The bottom line is that these fools do not inspire confidence they are completely untrustworthy lying toads! I will be monitoring the passage of this “emergency bill” very closely to see what transpires!

Good people stigmatised!

Yes the unified strike this week of public sector workers saw nearly one million people taking to the streets to protest at the unceasing bungling by the con-Dems, resulting in a huge drop in living standards for them! Decent genuine people, teachers and other public sector workers forced on to the streets to try and convince this government of Ninnies their direction is completely wrong and injurious to the working classes!

I despair when I see events such as these, people with no other choice than to withdraw their labour to try and get their point across to a non listening government. A government of fools comprising of Bullingdon boys, bored housewives and university graduates who couldn’t get a job! People so far removed from the society that you and I live in, people who can fall back on their bank balances or trust funds, people who don’t know what ALDI & Lidl are because they don’t have to count the pennies like the majority of us do! These charlatans know nothing of what the working man has to endure under their ineptitude!

Yes the Con-Dems have been bleating following the strike that the children of hardworking families have been affected by the industrial action! What they should have said was that those children were affected primarily by Con-Dem incompetence! Had these fools entered into meaningful conciliatory talks with these groups then there would have been no need for industrial action.

Lord Snooty has made it clear that if he gets elected at the next election he will seek to further curtail the abilities of trades union to take industrial action! The ultimate tool to bring selectively deaf upper class snobs to the negotiating table is and always has been the withdrawal of labour, this must never change! The mistake the strikers made was the duration of the industrial action was far too short!

The Con – Dems tried to stigmatise these decent people pushed into a corner given no choice in what they could do. What they did succeed in doing was to further portray this government as a bag of fools completely out of touch with the real struggle to exist! Only when these capitalist fools are hit in the pocket will it register that the plebs means business! The right to take industrial action is part of the working man’s armoury this must never change!

The end is near!

Yes the World Cup ends tonight with Argentina facing Germany in the final. The matches last week did not fail to surprise none more so than Brazil vs. Germany midweek. Oh the Germans were good but Brazil played like a group of schoolboys, they completely fell to pieces! Last night against Holland they were again completely demoralised and lacklustre never looked like putting up a fight! It has left a nation in mourning, Christ the redeemer I am sure will be spouting real tears! Probably the end of Phil Scolari as manager, but they will recover in time! On tonight’s match if Messe shines Argentina will have it, if not then it’s Germany. COME ON ARGENTINA!

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