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News just in or Muppets in action!

Photo 01 - How they returned our boat!
News just in or Muppets in action!

My suspicions were aroused yesterday when a Lomond boat crossed my fishing lines barely 10 feet from the shore and 3 bewildered looking lads apologised. I had earlier watched them through binoculars pushing and heaving our boat on to the shore. They were here to “fish” but didn’t seem to have much of a clue!

It was no surprise then to hear from Keith today that they had abandoned our boat at the March wood and bailed out pronto leaving our lifejackets oars and boat completely unattended! The result, Mr Xxxxx had to row over to the wood collect their lifejackets/oars and tow the boat back to the boathouse. However as you can see from the photo they did not return the boat in a satisfactory condition as you can see the steel runner one eighth of an inch thick bent as though it was foil. Mr Xxxxx impressed upon them the need to phone him or come to his caravan in the event of a problem. When quizzed as to why they did not do this their excuses were oh the phone died and we couldn’t remember where the caravan was even though where they were camping the caravan was in plain sight!

I contacted them and said that a payment of £20.00 would cover the cost of a new runner, it would not however cover fitting it or Mr Xxxxx’s time clearing up their mess or the loss of fishing time for those who have to deal with the result of their ineptitude. They chose not to settle with us stating that the runner was falling off before the hire and that the impact that bent the runner was “light” remember thats eighth of an inch steel bar! Oh and as a matter of fact three of our boats including their one have had the runners refitted with new stainless steel screws only two months ago

Photo 02 they said it was light impact!!

They had not the courage to admit to their failings instead preferring to squeal and squirm like immature schoolboys! We will no longer tolerate this Muppet behaviour, decent right thinking anglers will now be lumbered with the possible inconvenience of paying a Pay pal deposit on hiring an engine or boat and in part it is down to the three fools below. Yes they phoned to say they would be late arriving on Saturday with various estimated times of arrival having Mr Xxxxx hanging around for ages, it’s just not on! The three involved were

Dylan Clark Duff Street Edinburgh and his two accomplices Austen Wood and Darren Forbes. Mr Xxxxx’s recommendation that they be barred from fishing on the lochs has met with unequivocal approval and they are now barred from fishing on our lochs indefinitely! We are to pass their names to other fisheries in the area as is our practice with all barred anglers!

Contact details updated.

Due to signal problems the methods employed to contact Keith our loch keeper have changed. The new details are as follows –

Loch keeper contact

Phone - 01361890221 from Monday 9.00am until Friday 2.00pm

07724523777 from Friday 4.00pm until Sunday 5.00pm

Photo 03 The barrier at the Graveyard with the spars removed!
The Muppet season continues unabated!

Travelling up to the loch yesterday I felt something was not right in the graveyard area but I could not put my finger on it! Later that day I pulled into the lay by opposite and it struck me immediately what was wrong. Some Muppets had pulled the spars off the barrier that prevents access to this area by vehicles!

I took a walk down to the loch side and sure enough at the edges of a fire site lay small pieces of the spars that had been burned! Yes Muppets desperate for firewood had ripped off the spars and burned them no doubt to make a fire of massive proportions! These people could not be described as anything other than Muppets, what sane individual would destroy the structure belonging to someone else! We had a quiet spell but they have again reared their heads. School drop outs, wasters, social scroungers probably all three! Such a shame ordinary daily living is contaminated by these dodo’s!

The fightback begins!

Regular readers will know that we are under severe threat by the actions of unknown individual’s intent on decimating our fish stocks. It is clear that the people employing gill nets will stop at nothing! These people posess no sporting ethics, have no regard for the conservation of fish stocks and think nothing of entering on to the property of others to achieve their aims!

We now have three agents on the lochside who are appalled by what has taken place and pledged their support to us in combating these fish thieves. This is a massive help to us as the committee are dispersed as far away as Motherwell we would also ask that any member or visitor seeing what they think may be illegal activity to contact us immediately!

It will take a coordinated effort from the above and the enforcing authorities to deal with this problem, it is quite frankly too great a problem to be dealt with by the usual suspects! Our very future as an angling club hangs in the balance, we really do need your help!

The contact details for Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper are as above.

Choosing a fishing guide!

Following last week’s article on fishing guides I have received two enquiries from people seeking the services of such people they asked if we could recommend a good long established guide and I was happy to oblige on a one time basis. However I have more to do with my time to spend it guiding people to guides! Consequently our page “choosing a fishing guide” will be relaunched as a reference point for people seeking the services of a guide and the things to look out for when selecting one. It will be a much milder version of our original site as the changes we called for have now taken place.

Trout scale sampling.

We have now achieved the required number of samples to go forward for the Trout sexing study being facilitated by the Tweed Trout and Grayling Initiative TTGI where we will learn the sex ration of our population from the sample collected. Although we are among the first to reach the required level the scales will not be sent off until the end of the season for financial reasons.

Boat pricing & booking.

Due to continued problems with regard to the booking of our boats/engines the committee will consider this week ways to improve the process. In some instances our loch keeper wastes hours of his time waiting on anglers who do not even turn up! this type of angler as usual spoils it for the decent ones see above! With our boat pricing our prices are quite simply from an earlier age and the money we generate does not even cover depreciation servicing and repair of our engines! Mr Xxxxx has kindly carried out a comparison between ourselves and other fisheries and the committee will consider this data midweek.

Places to stay St Mary’s Loch

Here we will outline some places to stay on the banks of the loch if you fancy stepping up a gear from camping.

In alphabetical order

Capper Kirk

Set in an imposing location on the side of a towering hill lies Capper Kirk which was originally the villages church. The host Ian and Barbara will be well known to many as the previous occupants of the Glen cafe which they ran for a good few years. You can be assured of a good welcome coupled with great food and excellent accommodation and as is tradition with these hosts nothing is too much trouble. The views from the accommodation are absolutely stunning and if it is a relaxing break you are seeking then this establishment must be on your list of potential spots to stay. If fishing is on your list of things to do just ask Ian and he will be only too pleased to assist. For further information please click the link below –

St Mary’s Loch bed & Breakfast.

A new addition to the area on the B&B from Mick and Julie have expanded from offering the “Half House” accommodation to also offering bed & breakfast in the “White House”. Tastefully refurbished with all mod cons the accommodation will please all outlooks and as with the hosts above customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. The accommodation also offers the most excellent views of the stunning scenery and if it’s fishing information or a session on the loch then Mick will take care of this for you. A great base camp for anglers and those seeking peace and tranquillity.For information on the Half House accommodation click –

And for B&B info please click –

Tibbies Shiels Inn.

Steeped in history the rustic inn offers B&B and longer stays accommodation. Alastair Moody will see to it that you are made welcome and that all your needs are taken care of. The centre of the community it’s all going on here on the banks of the loch. There is usually live entertainment at the weekend so check out the website to see what’s coming up!
I know all these people and take my word for it they will go out of their way to make your stay a memorable one!

The wider world in my view!

What is to be done?

Yes things are coming to a head! The NHS the most envied health service in the world is on the point of crumbling as the Con-Dems sneak in private contractors earning unparalleled money for their pals! Bristol council are among many who are now asking the public to tend to cemetery’s and parks. The country’s roads increasingly crumble away with cash strapped councils paying only lip service to the gargantuan task! Our libraries are closing, refuse collections cut, leisure facilities slashed, police services cut, charity funding wiped out, social initiatives dropped, health and educational inequality bring us ever closer to equalling that of Brazil!. I could go on and on but in a nutshell everything that has been built up to an acceptable level is either being cut or completely removed!

The Con-Dems of course instead of tackling the problems merely cut expenditure  and succeed only in making matters worse! Our standard of living is plummeting our support services failing and resultantly the verve of the country is diminishing! We all realise that there is a limited pot of money to carry out the improvements needed but we also need to be aware that the UK is a very wealthy country!

I’ve spoke on this before; it is the distribution of wealth in this country that is flawed with the rich owning a disproportionate amount of the country’s wealth and couple this with governmental bungling then it is easy to see where the money is squandered!  As a population we need to decide if we are content with a system that allows the rich to get richer and the rest of us getting only the crumbs off the table! Do bankers need million pound bonuses even when they screw up as happened in 2008. Is Wayne Rooney worth £300,000/week? Similarly we need to examine whether we do need armaments such as Trident which costs us billions every year!

The capitalist system has reached its natural end, now unequivocally highlighted as a system spawning only greed and self interest! The seeds sown by Butcher Thatcher have now sprouted to blight us in the present day. It is not just the Con-Dems, previous administration spout the same garbage the difference with the Con-Dems is merely their ability to perpetually bungle, waste and severely exacerbate the problem!

A completely new system of government is called for, but do not expect any politician to propose this there is too much self interest at play here! This will not happen as much of the population have been corrupted, hungry for more material wealth at the expense of others. This is a source of great angst for me, dog eat dog is now the byword of our existence! Realistically nothing is going to change as those who have will protect their standing at all costs and those who have not are devoid of the power required to effect change.

There is a ray of light for us Scots in that independence offers a distance along the road to greater equality! It will not bring about an immediate change merely start us on the road but it is at least a start! Staying with the current situation will see the rich/poor divide widen further. There are a lot of unknowns in seeking independence but in my book these are far outweighed by the despicable certainties of staying as part of the UK! This is the biggest decision facing Scots in hundreds of years it is also our only opportunity to see a fairer and more prosperous society!

Vote for Independence!

World cup!

Brazil vs Colombia what a super match, football as it should be, contrast that game with France vs Germany two wooden teams incapable of stimulating any interest whatsoever. Yes there is good bad and indifferent play to see here, I for one will miss it when it’s over!

Next week Fraser Patterson’s report on his week on the loch.

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