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Members take note!

Photo 01 - Jan 2013 just to help you cool down!

Members take note!

Loch keeper mR xXXXX came across a fellow today on the loch who was fishing and when asked if he had a valid permit he said he was a member of the club. After further discussion it transpired that he was a member last year and had arrived down at the loch with £35.00 to renew his membership!

mR xXXXX not being sure what the situation was came over for a blether and we sorted out the situation. Membership runs from January to December every year. Members have the whole month of January to renew their membership which is a decent length of time. In exceptional circumstances we make provision for renewals during the month of February if the renewing member can show evidence of a serious impediment preventing membership renewal in January.

The club needs to know as soon as possible the funds it has in the bank in order to plan the years activities. When we get renewals at random times of the year it causes us problems. So in effect if a member has not renewed before the end of January with the above exceptions then that member is deemed to be a lapsed member no longer a member of the club and if he arrives at the lochside intending to fish he must purchase a day ticket!

In addition as the membership has lapsed the recurring joining fee of £35.00 is no longer applicable and if the lapsed member wishes to rejoin then the new member’s fee of £55.00 is applicable. Now there is no excuse for not knowing this, it is plastered all over our news pages! If the person does not read our news pages and really there is no excuse for not doing so as all libraries have computers for use by the public. Failing that a phone call to an appropriate person will give the required information.

Being a member of a club brings with it a degree of member responsibility in that the member should be astute enough to find out things he does not know and not expect to be spoon fed information. The spoon feeding stops here the above regime will be implemented rigorously with no exceptions! So please take an interest and don’t leave it all to the few willing horses. The bottom line is renew in January or pay the new members fee, it’s that simple.

Photo 02 - Again the bumblers can't resist the Dog Rose!
Our new boat prices!

We have been running with boat prices that are ridiculously low for a good few years now, and the time has come to implement modest and realistic price rises for all our boats/engines. The revenue we have taken from boat hire did not even cover the maintenance of our two 4hp engines.

Undernoted is the new price structure –

Lomond boat for up to 8 hrs £10.00

Lomond boat for 24hrs £15.00

Arran boat for up to 8hrs £15.00

Arran boat for 24hrs £22.00

Engine hire for 8 hrs £30.00 with Arran or Lomond.

Engine hire for 24hrs £45.00 with Arran or Lomond.

Fuel may be purchased from our loch keeper (5 litres usually covers an 8hr outing).

Our electric engine will be available for use with Lomond boats (in calm conditions) at a cost of £25.00 (two batteries will be supplied).

In an effort to curtail bookings where people fail to turn up causing our loch keeper to waste valuable time all internet/phone bookings will be required to pay a £10.00 pay pal deposit which will be non returnable if you do not turn up. Of course if you do the deposit will count against the total payable for your package. It is regrettable that we are forced into this position but due to the number of people booking and not turning up we are left with no other option! Only our loch keeper can handle these bookings! The above prices will take effect from Saturday 19th July 2014

Please note if you are under the influence of alcohol do not even attempt to hire a boat, you will be refused point blank!

Muppet behaviour continues!

I fished yesterday at the bay of plenty and whilst milling around it became clear someone had been there camping. Normally all I would expect to see is the flattened grass imprint left by the tent. Instead there were plastic bottles, wrappers from various sweets, empty beer and soft drink tins, a tea towel and excrement and toilet paper scattered everywhere. These people were not campers, more likely clueless Muppets spoiling the area for those who come later! Appalling behaviour!

The wider world in my view!

Treading in quicksand!

We must all be fools, why else would Lord Snooty reshuffle his cabinet sacking a load of out of touch fools in his own mould and replace them with a large proportion of women who are also out of touch but complete greenhorns for by! Does he think that the bungling of the past can be wiped out by such a shift in personnel! Does he think the new even more incompetent cabinet will attract the female vote just because he has drafted in a few females dunderheids though they are!

Yes indeed he must think we are all out and out fools for mark my words, you ,aint seen nothing yet! There will be bungling aplenty on a completely different level as the rookies try to fathom out just what Tory policy is and what it hopes to achieve. It is also interesting to note that all key positions are now filled by Euro sceptics desperate to have us out of Europe! Yes Lord Snooty has already lost the battle with his own party with the right wingers taking the glory!

However on those booted out i was delighted to see Bungling Bill Hague booted out before he starts a new war somewhere for due to his exploits we very nearly did so on a number of occasions. Bull in a china shop Michael Gove had to be removed as he further alienated the country’s teachers implementing ridiculous “reforms” and driving teachers towards industrial action!

However the repercussions of treating the sacked ministers to public ridicule will come back to bite Lord Snooty. Michael Gove and Owen Patterson specifically will be spitting tacks towards Lord Snooty. They won’t forget being treated in this way and given a chance will plunge the knife into his back! No one likes being sidelined and a sizable group have been so treated.

One has to ask however where is the sense in positively appointing women to cabinet positions. What has happened to the past practice of appointing the person most suited to the position! Surely if this position is taken then be it man or woman the right person will be appointed to the job. Forget positive discrimination, people need to be appointed to the position they are suited for! F0r instance failed daytime TV presenter Esther McVey has been appointed to the cabinet with an obscure function, her past track record suggests she is only suitable for bungling B rated TV shows!

The country will suffer greatly following Snooty’s reshuffle no good can come of it! Lord Snooty is treading in quicksand it is just a matter of time before he sinks into the abyss!

Puppet U turn!

Who would have believed it, I nearly fell over when I heard Puppet Alexander utter the words hesitantly that the bed tax was an unfair tax which punished the weak, disabled and poor effectively punishing people who have a spare room in their houses to serve as accommodation for carers and family members! It seems that now even some right thinking Tories are seeing that this vindictive tax is a dead duck! After all if there are no suitable properties for targeted people to move into where is the logic of such a policy!

The bottom line is that the puppets voted for the bed tax and even when Labour tabled a motion to have it repealed the puppets voted against the motion! This is purely electioneering combined with crass incompetence, a vain attempt to woo back the legions of supporters they have lost to Labour and try and rectify their catalogue of mistakes to date! Yes unable to reach double figures in the opinion polls the puppets are now in panic mode! The electorate however are not so easily fooled, the puppets record is clear! Their tenure was based on lying cheating and more lying to achieve their own aims. As if that was not enough heard on Radio Scotland that Puppet Alexander masterminding a propaganda campaign for the better together lot printed hundreds of thousands of leaflets with an error in them. result the whole lot had to be scrapped! Not a great loss in Con - Dem bungles only lost the country 30 grand!

The puppets have no place in the electoral system; they have nil credibility and now viewed by the electorate as bungling bumptious windbags, no sensible policies and will stop at nothing to achieve their self centred aims! A vote for a puppet is even worse than voting for a Tory. Let’s get these puppets out!

All doom and gloom!

Isis warring with other factions in Iraq, Israel pounding the living daylights out of Gaza and Russia absolutely denying any part in the bringing down of the Malaysian airliner. Not to mention Syria and Afghanistan! All these events leading to a catastrophic loss of life. It seems we never learn with all the past wars making us no wiser! Thank god bungling Bill Hague is now out of the equation or we would be in a real pickle. These events however are nothing to do with us and particularly in the case of Russia we should steer well clear not going beyond economic sanctions!

I could write for days on the above however we should offer any assistance we can to peacemaking/relief efforts but it should stop there! Of course events may seriously escalate and we could be drawn in, what a pity then to find ourselves under the rule of the biggest load of incompetent fools the country has ever had the misfortune to endure!

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