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Motion approved!

Poto 01 -Mike Wood with his Trout photo tagged "Simon Cowell" see Mike!
New loch keeper!

Our new loch keeper commenced his duties yesterday and we now revert back to the usual loch keeper phone number which is 07724523777 if you cannot get through on this number then please phone 07980350031 or you can e mail on

Motion Approved!

The proposal that we offer a reward to anyone coming forward with information leading to the arrest of the unsavoury individuals who are plundering our lochs has been approved in principle by the club committee. What has not been decided yet is the amount we offer. The proposals with regard to the monetary value received so far range between £100 and £500 and when you think of the potential damage that could be caused by these fish thieves £500 is not a huge amount of money to stop them in their tracks! We are also currently wrestling with the wording on our leaflets and reward poster but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We must however come to a decision soon!

Our meeting with the enforcing authorities has faltered in that the police officer who is chairing the forum is currently on holiday however we hope to move forward this week. It is imperative that we have maximum and sustained support in helping us to combat this menace, clearly the people who operate in this manner are deviant is some way not holding the values that we do! Our culture is to practice sustainable fishing and for those who want a barrow load of fish then plastic fisheries should be your destination!

Photo 02 From the bottom up MW.
Update on fishing guides!

I am pleased to reveal that a local club has now made operating commercially using their permits to be a contravention of the club rules! Yes like us they have taken this step to stop people making a living under club permits which is a right and proper way to act! These waters were given to clubs as a way of providing a recreational activity to the ordinary working man at very little cost.  Rightly if there was any money to be made it would and should be made by the riparian owner.

This is now the current situation in that a guide or instructor may operate commercially only after negotiating with the riparian owner and the cost of such permission will be considerably greater than the price of a day permit which is only as it should be. This arrangement is the way forward! Many clubs have been found to be asleep in this regard ignoring what is commercial gain being made under their permits, one could only hope that they will awaken and to use the oft used saying “smell the coffee”!

I take my hat off to Lamington Angling Club who has water on the Clyde. They have banned fishing guides from using any of their waters. Yes they found that fishing guides were publishing photos of their catches on their websites to advertise their prowess and finding that in subsequent days anglers came looking for the spot where the two pounder was caught. Yes commercial gain taking precedence over angling protocol.
Photo 03 Kirkstead looking up dusk MW.

The bottom line as far as we are concerned is that we will under no circumstances tolerate unqualified fishing guides on our waters! We may allow fishing guides whose qualifications we deem acceptable to operate on our waters at a reasonable price. Currently we would charge around £120 plus £8.00 day permit for the “pupil” payable in advance and we will issue a letter of consent for the guide to operate commercially. The guide if asked must show the letter to any angling club member who asks to see such permission!

We will not carry out continued improvement works on our waters only to have some opportunist fellow to come along and make a packet on the back of our hard work! If these people want to operate commercially then they must be prepared to operate in an environment that has been commercially framed! Angling clubs are now taking back the initiative and not before time! If you know of any other clubs taking a stand against the generation of personal income on club waters please drop us a line with details.

Photo 04 - nice 12 part of my pair last week.
The wider world in my view!

A week to forget!

Of course I speak of Lord Snooty and what must be the worst week in his term of persistent bungling so far! Close friend and senior adviser Andy Coulson wretched spawn of the ill fated News of the World rag found guilty in the phone hacking trial. Lord Snooty was warned by the opposition, by Puppet Clegg and even right thinking Tories that Coulson was a wrong un, still he went ahead and employed him! He also incurred the wrath of the trial judge for jumping in feet first commenting before the trial had ended!

Photo 05 - Plump 7 other half of my pair from last week.
As if that was not enough he stood in open opposition to the appointment of former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean Claude Juncker to the post of president of the European Commission. No hint of diplomacy, like a bull in a china shop he managed to alienate the UK from the rest of Europe in a few days!

He thought he had the support of enough member states to successfully oppose his appointment in fact barring Hungary he had none! We are now alone in Europe in danger of being pushed to a point where the only option is to leave and the possibility of achieving the much talked about reforms is virtually nil! Instead of being a part of the EU we are now merely an annexe awaiting expulsion! Lord Snooty has demonstrated as never before his political judgement skills are nonexistent, and worse are a detriment to the country!

Not being a member of the EU would not be in the country’s interest, millions of jobs are dependent on full participation in the EU, Lord Snooty must be held accountable if we have to leave Europe! The best interests of this country would undoubtedly be best served by being willing participants in the market! The fact remains that the UK has no standing in Europe thanks to Lord Snooty; Angela Merkel is queen of Europe, Lord Snooty but a bungling butler!

So the Tories are in complete disarray with the events further splitting the party. Clearly the Tories are unelectable as are the Labour party; the Puppets are now a non entity and UKIP a group of racist bigots! September the 18th is increasingly becoming a very important date for the future of Scotland! Leave the madness behind, vote for independence!

An admission of guilt!

Yes David Mundell the lone Tory in Scotland finally admitted that the Con-Dem reforms to benefits are causing the violent increase in the use of food banks as was reported in the herald this week! Non payment of benefits or payments six months late are forcing poor people to use this last gasp service before descending into outright destitution. The problem however is the intransigence of those who initiate such policy and can see no wrong in what they are doing Diddy Ian Duncan Smith being the main perpetrator. One lone Tory cannot right the wrongs of the Con-Dems, if the will was there one lone Tory MP could not initiate a corrective change! It is the cumulative thinking of a group of heartless buffoons that is causing the poor, weak and disabled to suffer more than ever! Only a mass eradication of these Con-Dem fools can solve the problem! Get them out quick before Scotland is turned into a nation of paupers!

Outrageous moneylenders!

Yes Wonga the market leader in pay day loans have been fined £2.6million for sending out threatening letters on headed note paper purporting to be various legal firms. The loan sharks which is exactly what they are sink to new lows carrying out fraudulently practices! The fine imposed is just loose change to these sharks and will have no effect on their operation so great are their profits!

How refreshing then to read in the Guardian that the law society has referred the matter to the city of London police to be investigated for fraud. This of course must go ahead as we have here a company content to prey upon those who have been brought to their knees by the punishing Con-Dems! The ideal outcome of course should be that all such loan sharks should be wound up and the huge profits confiscated and given to hard pressed councils to restore some of the many essential services we have lost due to the bungling Con-Dems.

At the very least they should be dragged through the judicial system and very heavily fined for their illegal and fraudulent practices!

The World Cup!

There has been some desperate football but also some footballing skills of the highest order! Some surprises such as the exit of Italy, Spain and Portugal all fancied to progress to the knockout stages but the bottom line was that quite simply they were not good enough! Brazil vs. Chile last night did not see Brazil at their best but nevertheless dished up some edge of the seat excitement, just what the world cup should deliver. Can’t wait for tonight’s matches!

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