Sunday, 1 June 2014

Important news for members.

Photo 01 -Emergency life sprouting from a fallen tree in case the parent didn't make it!
Important news for members!

Many members still seem to be unaware that hiring a boat is now free of charge and that applies to the big Arran’s as well. We would ask that members make their wishes known to Aaron so as to avoid taking a boat that has already been pre booked. Due to replacement keys having to be given out to members who have lost their keys we will no introduce a charge of £5.00 for a replacement key as this is now costing us significant amount of money.

Regarding the use of the Bowerhope road a sign will be erected next week stating that “No unauthorised vehicles are allowed”. This has become necessary following on from instances of inappropriate camping and anglers leaving litter. Anyone intent on using the road should in the first instance contact our loch keeper and all anglers should go out of their way to ensure that you leave absolutely nothing behind! Following these rules will allow continuation of our access to this road!

Memberships may be renewed from 01/01/2015 until 31/01/2015 with a further period of two weeks allowed for members experiencing issues which have prevented application during the month of January. Nearly everyone these days has internet access and public librarys have internet facilities for those who do not. Reminders will be posted here on our newspages throughout the month of December 2014. Please note the timescale late applications will be treated as new members and be subject to the £20.00 joining fee!

Our new pier!

We now have most of the materials that we will require to construct our new pier to allow easier access to our boats. We intend to use a floating structure that will fall and rise with the aid of submersible barrels filled with water to suit rising and falling with metal hoops over around six tanalised substantial posts. This is a tried and tested design and there will be a significant amount of welding to be done and with this in mind I will bring up a MIG and see how it operates on our generator.

We obviously will require help with this project so please get in touch if you think you may be able to help. Our particular problem at the moment is in securing the wooden posts into the loch bed. With the best will in the world and of course muscle a sledgehammer would not allow deep penetration into the loch bed which is absolutely crucial for the long term stability of the project. Current thoughts are hiring a JCB to push or hammer the posts in but if you have any further ideas please let us know.

Of course we have the necessary permission from SNH as putting in place our structure is not a new project but simply replacing our old pier. We have not been able to make much progress in the last 2 years due to the implementation of the flood protection scheme which will see our loch take on a new lower level. Until we can visually see this level which may become apparent later this year and certainly early next year all we can do is weld up the metal walkway.

Inter club competition.

Our team fishes tomorrow evening (Monday) however Pete Young is not currently feeling too great so he has had to call off. Stevie Nimmo his partner also had to withdraw due to the pressure of work. Resultantly we had to call on the stand in team of Lawson Simpson and Alasdair white who are both extremely competent anglers and will represent the club to the best of their abilities. Tight lines for tomorrow lads we are all rooting for you!


Yes this week we parted company with one of our “blue” boats which was their original colour in gel coat out of the moulds. They have adorned a multitude of colours over the years and are currently mostly green. Our competition winner Mike Christie plans on making some close season modifications along the lines of our Lowes boat which has flotation chambers and modifications to increase rigidity. Its planned home is to be Talla reservoir where the lads fish for Trout. Good luck with the mods and we are sure she will serve you well as she has us!

Photo 02 - A sight that makes it all worthwhile!

The wider world in my view!

Guilty as charged!

The political scene at the moment is the worst I have encountered in the whole of my reasonably long life. Never before have I heard of so much doom and gloom, such little faith in the ones we are supposed to look up to! The worrying thing however is that it is not just me it’s almost everyone I come across! Invariably the words Cameron, Milliband and Clegg seem to trip a switch that leads to a feeling of hopelessness and negativity1 It’s as though we have lost all hope in politicians! How you may ask has this come about?

My own theory is the development of the professional politician whereby none of these people have ever held down a “proper” job for any length of time coupled with an ability to display crass incompetence with whatever they encounter! Yes all these people moved on from being political researchers to becoming leaders of the respective parties and in the case of Lord Snooty the man who shapes the future of our country!

These three people have not a single idea of what it is like to have to budget for the weeks outgoings, to receive a letter from the bank telling that unfortunately the account has been overdrawn! These people are completely removed from the trials and tribulations of everyday living, their millionaire status protect them from that! Perhaps they would be more palatable if they showed a drive and determination to do what was right for the country but instead they excel only at bungling, embarrassing the country on the world wide stage!

Lord Snooty will go down in the annals of history as a supreme bungler aided by a cabinet of prize bunglers. When the mood was for leaving Syria to the Syrians Lord Snooty wanted to plunge the country into war! Of course Snooty ended up eating humble pie yet again for the umpteenth time! Snooty looking for the patriotic voter espoused he was sorting out the mess caused by the previous government failing to mention that his pals the highly irresponsible bankers must bear the brunt of what caused the financial crash! Snooty is also responsible for delaying the recovery by strangling growth to the point we are now where we should have been three years ago! And don’t forget that in between times they managed to create a new class of working poor caused by the million new jobs created in the private sector mainly low paid part time supermarket jobs and zero hour contracts! Puppet Clegg rubbished the good name (if they ever had one) of politicians by abandoning their pre election pledge to abolish tuition fees when he saw what will be his one and only chance of power! Causing havoc in the rank and file of the party the party more akin to leaning towards the left now find themselves decimated and classed as Tory in all but name! The legacy of Puppet Clegg is that it is acceptable to employ any negative virtue in order to get your day of glory, lying and deceit are now inextricably linked with the word politician thaks to Puppet Clegg!

And so to weak and insipid Ed Milliband the little heard leader of the Labour party who never seems to have a view on anything and is always without policy and behind the game! When the Labour party should be miles ahead in the opinion polls they are neck and neck with the bunglers and puppets! Milliband is a man without charisma a man incapable of conducting himself in a lowbrow debate without tripping himself up! Oh there are a few very promising talents like Rachel Reeves and Douglas Alexander (not to be confused with Tory collaborator Puppet Alexander) in the Labour party but they are being krept down by incompetent fools!

Personally I would recommend none of the above fools, the local loudmouth in the town’s pub would be a better bet because of the ineptitude of these people.  Farage and UKIP have been allowed to flourish, racist bigots though they are! There is no future in UKIP, the anti establishment vote was simply to reflect the discontent of the electorate with the established buffoons! Further evidence of this is that even in the respective parties leadership challenges are now taking root and in my opinion they can’t happen quickly enough! Lord Snooty, Puppet Clegg and Weak Milliband are the most god forsaken individuals ever to have darkened their party’s doorsteps they are the low spots in their party’s history. No this is not politics, it is simply yet another soul destroying scene in the tragic comedy that has been the last four years. I’m out, its independence for me! Lord Snooty, weak Ed Milliband and Puppet Clegg today revealed as the most unpopular leader ever have been tried on charges of lying, incompetence and bungling to the detriment of the country. The verdict is guilty as charged!

Total wipeout!

I was much gladdened but not surprised to see the complete and utter demolition of Puppet Clegg following the local and euro elections! Soundly punished for entering into a sordid affair with the Tories, Puppet Clegg felt the wrath of the voting public! They currently have only 7% of voters less than a third of their 2010 result, there have been many calls for his resignation and indeed it may yet come.

If I was asked for a suitable replacement then Puppet Farron would be my choice as at least he seems prepared to speak his mind rather than bleat Tory propaganda like a demented power hungry parrot. However for the benefit of the country Puppet Clegg should remain as leader to ensure the complete and utter destruction of the party so it may rise again with a new leader and new ethics based on truth! Puppet Clegg, an insignificance in the history of British politics!

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