Sunday, 15 June 2014

Attention required!

Please note that from today our loch keeper's number is temporarily disabled until Saturday the 28th of June 2014. Please make contact with the club by phoning 07980350031 or e mail
Notification will be made here and on our main site when Mr Xxxxx takes up the post. see below

Photo 01 - One of two new signs to be erected on the Bowerhope road.
Attention required!

Yet again earlier in the week we found ourselves without a loch keeper as Aaron had tendered his resignation from the position. Yes due to personal issues our young loch keeper felt he could no longer offer the club his services to his usual high standard. We were devastated to hear this but we agree with him that family comes first and by resigning his position he can fully concentrate on family matters.

Naturally we extend our thanks to Aaron for his hard work on behalf of the club and wish him well for the future. Aaron also said that he would not become a stranger to the area and once he finds his feet has every intention of coming back to the lochs helping the club out as he can which is great news indeed! So another chapter in the history of St Mary’s loch closes and another begins!

Indeed another chapter has already begun in that Mr Xxxxx our bailiff has agreed to take on the duties and responsibilities of loch keeper. Many of you will have already met Mr Xxxxx and for those who have not you will find him to be a most affable fellow. Mr Xxxxx and Aaron brought vigour to the club in detecting illegal anglers, Muppets and fools in general; Mr Xxxxx was instrumental in setting up the enforcement process and aims to continue this valuable work! Like Aaron Mr Xxxxx is an easy going chap able to get on with all characters but when the situation demands can adapt to any demeanour.

Mr Xxxxx is an all round angler able to fish in any discipline with competence but is particularly focussed on angling for Pike! There’s not too much that he has not encountered so if you have any queries regarding setup, area to fish or tips in general then Mr Xxxxx is your man. Mr Xxxxx is also a keen motorcyclist always having one or two bikes in his stable so feel free to pick his brain regarding the latest acquisition. Mr Xxxxx is also a computer engineer so if you have a few pc glitches you need to speak with him.

We have worked with Mr Xxxxx for a good while now so any settling in period has taken place a long time ago, we are at ease with each other. The contact number for Mr Xxxxx will be the same as before and it is our aim to transfer this number so it always remains the same whoever is in post. We will get some e mail details worked out and these will be posted here on our news pages and on our main site for your convenience. One story ends as another begins it’s the absolute way of the world!

Note Mr Xxxxx takes up his duties in approximately 2 weeks time in the intervening period please use mobile number 07980350031 or

Notification will be made here and on our main site when Mr Xxxxx takes up the post.

Bowerhope Road on the far side of the loch!

Our sign forbidding unauthorised vehicles on the Bowerhope road is now in place! Guidance for anglers is as follows – please only use this road if it is absolutely necessary and to use this road you must be a member of the club and contact our loch keeper before attempting to do so! Visitors to the club must not use this road but can access the fishing on that side of the loch by means of a boat.

We have taken this step to curtail the number of vehicles using this road which has to be maintained by the residents at Bowerhope. Potholes develop at an alarming rate and whilst the owner pays for the materials required to rectify this the tenants carry out remedial work with no direct recompense.  The fishing is completely open but anglers are reminded that any trouble, leaving of litter etc will result in your permit being rescinded and you being barred from fishing at the lochs for a minimum period of a year!

We rely on good relations with all riparian owners we will not allow thoughtless individuals to jeopardise this!

Photo 02 - Delightful colours on the Bowerhope road!
A barometer for St Mary’s!

Yes it’s that time again when stalwart member Fraser Patterson has his first week of the year on the loch. Fraser has for the last 6 years spent two sessions a year fishing the loch for all species day and night giving us a super year on year review of how the loch is fishing. The information we get is invaluable as we have here a picture of the loch looking back for years. We look forward to hearing of his exploits and we will publish the results when we receive them.

The loch wakes up!

Yesterday and indeed the last two weeks have seen the loch fully awaken from her slumber with all species showing on catch returns. Yesterday Stevie Nimmo and Pete Young got among the Trout and Stevie showed an affinity for Perch catching 8 and on one cast had 3 Perch on 3 flies! Five Pike were taken yesterday to 9lbs and a further four fell to midweek anglers. I managed a small Pike and a small Eel yesterday. Yes the loch is certainly waking up! Oh and I nearly forgot the spoilers of a good day at the lochs the dreaded Midge was also out in great numbers. Get down to one of our recommended dealers for some repellent and a net. Believe me they will ruin your day if you do not have some protection!

Recommended dealers locally - Fishers in Penicuick and Turnbull’s Bank Street Galashiels.

Photo 03 - the loch yesterday.

Yesterday an angler with a foreign accent was noted catching a small Pike of around 2lbs from the bottom of the Lowes. Lisa from the Glen Cafe noticed this and went to speak with them and the partner of the foreign angler became a little shirty! Lisa called loch keeper Mr Xxxxx and the party were warned about improper behaviour, returning Pike unharmed and staying in proximity of rods that were fishing!

The sad part was that the Pike at the centre of the carry on was not looking good after Mr Xxxxx insisted it be returned it remained belly up in the water! Allowing a Pike to be deep hooked is a common ploy with foreign anglers keeping the Pike visible and when confronted by our enforcement team say that every effort was made to return the fish but unfortunately it didn’t make it! They then suggest they might as well take it home and make use of it!

Anyone found with a dead Pike can expect to be questioned at length and the dead Pike will be taken by the investigating official! Once again we are indebted to Cath, Lisa and staff for their vigilance in trying to protect our fish stocks and weed out Muppets!

Osprey disaster!

Many of our local readers will have read of the sad story the three chicks at the Peebles site were found dead due to the absence of the mother. The male bird continued to feed the chicks but it is thought they succumbed to the wet and the cold! Yesterday we spoke with Tony Lightley the environment and heritage manager with the Forestry Commission. He said that there were 5 nests in the hunting range of the lochs so what we thought were one bird could have been many different ones. His tip for differentiating male and female – the female bird id bigger than the male and has a dark bib which is absent or very faint on the male. We would ask anyone around the lochs who finds an Osprey carcass to contact Tony on 07808900115 or


I received an e mail this week from Linda Fitzpatrick the curator of the national fishing museum who had been asked by a group of welsh walkers walking the loch last week inquiring what the wooden structures were on the east bank of St Mary’s loch. They were of course referring to the sculpture called Shinglehook. The structure is now in disrepair with two of the floating structures nowhere to be seen and the wooden part on the bank reduced by a quarter by fire raising Muppets! I am told it cost £15,000 and its value now as firewood and scrap metal must be around £100.00. Seems like a great waste of money in my book! Take a look at the museum’s website it’s very interesting.

The wider world in my view!

I’m voting Tory!

Never throughout my working life have I ever considered the above! It is completely anathema to me, voting for a group of snobs whose only aim in life is to increase their personal wealth and those of their pals! However a poll conducted by the Daily Record and now plastered all over the internet reported that if it looks likely that Lord Snooty will be returned to Westminster as leader of a Tory government then the small majority the Better Together campaign hold will be reversed and the Yes campaign will gain independence by a margin of four or five points!

Regular readers will know the above is exactly my motivation to seek independence yes freedom from the arrogant poor punishing and state dismantling Con-Dems! Actually even for the above reason I could never vote for a Tory, I find them to be completely and utterly repugnant in thought word and deed! That so many will switch their vote however is heart warming I take great comfort in the fact another season of Snooty et al would be completely unacceptable to the majority of Scottish people!  September the eighteenth looms ever closer, it becomes more interesting by the day!

A new level of bungling!

It seems the Con-Dems have redoubled their efforts to reach new highs in the incidence of governmental bungling! Yes the great prison fiasco where already overcrowded jails are being prepared to take in even more prisoners following the closure of 6 jails closed for reasons of saving money! The fact the public will be at risk as a result of these blunders is of no consequence!  Another example of doing before thinking!

The crisis at the passport office is another black joke! 300,000 people are on standby to have to cancel the trips/holidays due to cutbacks in the civil service dealing with passports. Lord Snooty says there is no crisis merely a surge in applications for passports. You couldn’t make it up! Example number 2 is a long series of blunders

Bungling Bill Hague is currently trying to be the face of compassion campaigning with peace envoy Angelina Jolie whilst at the same time straining at the leash to jump in with the yanks for a possible re invasion in Iraq. Luckily colleague dithering Philip Hammond has decimated the armed forces to such an extent that never mind invading another country they could not put on a minor military parade! This fool given free rein will have this country plunged into a war we cannot win, looks like its bungling all the way to the wire- god help us from the bungling fools!

England vs. Italy

A super match worth staying up for, England was very lucky not to have 4 goals against them, line clearances and the post denying the Italians. Viva Italia!
Next week _ we give some guidelines on how to use an outboard motor some of the sights we have witnessed have left us reeling and completely dumbfounded!
Good with food!
Yes on blethering with Stevie and Pete yesterday we found we both had chicken and bacon wraps as a bite. They looked as though they were the same but mine was from ASDA at £2.00 and Stevie's from the Co-op at £2.80! Yes the Co-op boast is that it's good with food, not so good on the price then!

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