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£100.00 Reward!

Photo 01 The gill net and contents as found!
£100.00 Reward!

You will remember late last year we made known the fact that our precious fish stocks were under attack by foreign “anglers”! If we were not convinced by that episode then an occurrence this week has left us in no doubt. Two Pike anglers fishing off Summerhope burn where it enters the loch whilst pulling in their rigs hooked a tangled monofilament gill net trapped in which were 3 decaying Perch.

The Perch were we estimated to be about 2 weeks after death and the tangled mass was absolutely rank! Les took it upon himself to take out the decaying fish and give the net a good scrub to make it easier to untangle. I untangled it on Sunday and it is indeed a large monofilament gill net at 20metres long and one metre deep with the mesh size being around two inches square. We sent the net to Glasgow University specifically to professor Colin Adams who headed the recent survey to detect any Arctic Charr population in the loch as they have significant experience in the use of gill nets.

Photo 02 - Another view of the tangled net!

Professor Adams told us that the net was of a variety common in south Asia and not readily available in this country. It is a gill net not of the type used for scientific survey but instead wholesale fish catching! It is suited for catching small to medium sized fish and would be unlikely to catch some of the larger residents of the loch which at least is some good news! It is not as we had first thought suitable for catching Eels.

So it is now confirmed that we are under attack yet again by persons unknown who are absolutely intent on decimating our fish stocks. It is difficult to try and work out where this net was set in the first instance as it obviously has broken free of its securing structure wherever that was. This find has moved the poaching incident on to an altogether different level and it is clear to us that we desperately need the intervention of outside agencies to assist us in catching these fish stealing imbeciles!

Photo 03 - The net untangled showing length and depth!

We were supposed to have a meeting with the police, river Tweed bailiffs and the countryside officer from the police. This meeting has not taken place nor have we been informed that it will do so in the near future! I have been authorised by the club committee to expedite this meeting and to inform all club members and visiting anglers that if you see anything suspicious please contact us immediately on 07980350031. We would ask locals to also report any unusual occurrences.

So in the meantime we will step up night patrols and are constantly scanning the loch for unusual activity. Our officials living on the banks of the loch are keeping their eyes peeled and we are most grateful for their assistance. It may be that we have to review our policy on allowing night time fishing as that would make anyone seen on the banks or on a boat an immediate and credible suspect of being up to no good. We will now issue along with all permits leaflets that make crystal clear anyone guilty of breaking our rules or the rules of the land will be subject to the heaviest penalties that we can initiate!

 To the people who are committing these crimes -  we will pursue you whatever the cost and woe betide if you are caught red handed in the act carrying out these despicable acts!

We will also erect numerous signs making our intentions clear in different languages so that anyone caught can’t turn round and say we didn’t know! It will take a mammoth effort to track down these thieves but we must be up for the task lest we end up fishing in a barren expanse of water. All anglers must keep their eyes open to detect the possibility of illegal angling!
Photo 04 - The severed Pike heads underwater!

As I stated previously this is not only an issue that affects us it will affect each and every fishery in the area so all fishery managers should be aware of this problem and increase surveillance. Earlier I had asked the chairman of the Border Federation of anglers to make this problem known to the Tweed bailiffs but as expected nothing happened, we will now bypass this organisation and deal with it ourselves as we should have done in the first place!

And as if the above was not enough, Fraser Patterson and mate Steven Hodge noticed in the depths whilst very successfully fly fishing for Pike the severed heads of two Pike. The photo’s are disturbing to say the least, one was estimated as a 5 or 6 pounder whilst the other a low to mid double! We do not allow barbarism such as this in our country. Quite clearly these fish were taken for the pot which is contrary to our rules which state all Pike must be returned unharmed to the loch.

We have always had poaching on the lochs but it was usually just a wayward fellow who thought he could get a Brownie for nothing. What we are experiencing currently is a different situation altogether! We seem to have “anglers” who choose not to comply with the rules of the club. “Anglers” who care not for the future of our fishery, “anglers” who know nothing of the sport side of fishing only the catch at all costs ethos and to hell with the consequences of such actions!

I will ask the club committee this week to consider my proposal to allow £100.00 of club funds to be set aside for use as a reward to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of these fish thieves! Their decision will be made known next week!

Photo 05 - absolute carnage at the hands of butchers!

It’s going to be a busy week!

Old friend returns!

Yes yesterday I met up with member Mike Wood a hardworking member of the club who seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I had tried on a few occasions to contact him to no avail and we began to have concern for his wellbeing. Our feelings were not unjustified as it turns out Mike was quite seriously ill but is now recovering and looking well but has yet to face a major operation! Well like a bad penny he turned up yesterday having spent the night fishing the Yarrow and early Saturday catching Perch at the bottom of the loch. You can see his photos covering his expedition and he was kind enough to photograph my very hard fighting Pike for me. Good to see you Mike and stay in touch.

Great places to stay!

We bring you this week an update on places to stay in Cappercleuch. You may not have considered bed and breakfast or hiring a cottage for the week but it is a great alternative to roughing it. You can have the best of food, fresh bed linen and all mod cons at your disposal for a very reasonable price. I know all the vendors and they are first rate people closely associated with the club. Check out the links below We will run a feature highlighting all the places to stay in the area soon.

We will create an accommodation page on our main site where this information will be easily accessible.
The wider world in my view!

The rosy garden is turning brown!

Yes it’s an oft used saying that everything in the garden is rosy! This is the picture that the Con-Dems tried to paint for us following the economic crash caused by their posh banking pals! Of course it has been unravelling for a while now with lies and spin used in great amounts to try and cover up the farce that they call the recovery. The latest harbingers of doom are that minister without a clue cocaine snorting Gideon Osborn has borrowed more money this year than he did last year! Yes the dimwit’s prediction that they would borrow £9.3 billion pounds is overshot to the tune of the current borrowing of £13.4 billion! Well you didn’t expect him to get it right did you? It’s like everything else these clowns have predicted its all fanciful nonsense!

Diddy Iain Duncan Smith is about to bring further overspending to the table. A leak to the BBC states that the expensive employment and support allowance is so much over budget it is going to break through the self imposed government cap. The fiasco that is the introduction of the personal independence payment is to be rolled out further to the whole country? No just to a few more job centres. Yes people waiting 6 months and more for the money they need to survive it’s just not on! This government has got to be the most clueless and heartless ever! There have always been lying scheming politicians but this Con-Dem government seem intent on setting new standards! Lord Snooty and Puppet Clegg promised to sort out the mess caused by their banking pals, look behind the rosy picture and you will see the country has slipped further into the abyss! Time to get these clowns out before it’s too late!

World cup!

Some really good football on view excepting Italy’s dreadful performance of course damn they were poor! I must admit to favouring Linneker et al for the commentary side of things, ITV’s Adrian Chiles is but a buffoon! Failed breakfast presenter, failed One Show presenter and by his performance on the world cup failed football presenter!

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