Sunday, 29 June 2014

Motion approved!

Poto 01 -Mike Wood with his Trout photo tagged "Simon Cowell" see Mike!
New loch keeper!

Our new loch keeper commenced his duties yesterday and we now revert back to the usual loch keeper phone number which is 07724523777 if you cannot get through on this number then please phone 07980350031 or you can e mail on

Motion Approved!

The proposal that we offer a reward to anyone coming forward with information leading to the arrest of the unsavoury individuals who are plundering our lochs has been approved in principle by the club committee. What has not been decided yet is the amount we offer. The proposals with regard to the monetary value received so far range between £100 and £500 and when you think of the potential damage that could be caused by these fish thieves £500 is not a huge amount of money to stop them in their tracks! We are also currently wrestling with the wording on our leaflets and reward poster but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We must however come to a decision soon!

Our meeting with the enforcing authorities has faltered in that the police officer who is chairing the forum is currently on holiday however we hope to move forward this week. It is imperative that we have maximum and sustained support in helping us to combat this menace, clearly the people who operate in this manner are deviant is some way not holding the values that we do! Our culture is to practice sustainable fishing and for those who want a barrow load of fish then plastic fisheries should be your destination!

Photo 02 From the bottom up MW.
Update on fishing guides!

I am pleased to reveal that a local club has now made operating commercially using their permits to be a contravention of the club rules! Yes like us they have taken this step to stop people making a living under club permits which is a right and proper way to act! These waters were given to clubs as a way of providing a recreational activity to the ordinary working man at very little cost.  Rightly if there was any money to be made it would and should be made by the riparian owner.

This is now the current situation in that a guide or instructor may operate commercially only after negotiating with the riparian owner and the cost of such permission will be considerably greater than the price of a day permit which is only as it should be. This arrangement is the way forward! Many clubs have been found to be asleep in this regard ignoring what is commercial gain being made under their permits, one could only hope that they will awaken and to use the oft used saying “smell the coffee”!

I take my hat off to Lamington Angling Club who has water on the Clyde. They have banned fishing guides from using any of their waters. Yes they found that fishing guides were publishing photos of their catches on their websites to advertise their prowess and finding that in subsequent days anglers came looking for the spot where the two pounder was caught. Yes commercial gain taking precedence over angling protocol.
Photo 03 Kirkstead looking up dusk MW.

The bottom line as far as we are concerned is that we will under no circumstances tolerate unqualified fishing guides on our waters! We may allow fishing guides whose qualifications we deem acceptable to operate on our waters at a reasonable price. Currently we would charge around £120 plus £8.00 day permit for the “pupil” payable in advance and we will issue a letter of consent for the guide to operate commercially. The guide if asked must show the letter to any angling club member who asks to see such permission!

We will not carry out continued improvement works on our waters only to have some opportunist fellow to come along and make a packet on the back of our hard work! If these people want to operate commercially then they must be prepared to operate in an environment that has been commercially framed! Angling clubs are now taking back the initiative and not before time! If you know of any other clubs taking a stand against the generation of personal income on club waters please drop us a line with details.

Photo 04 - nice 12 part of my pair last week.
The wider world in my view!

A week to forget!

Of course I speak of Lord Snooty and what must be the worst week in his term of persistent bungling so far! Close friend and senior adviser Andy Coulson wretched spawn of the ill fated News of the World rag found guilty in the phone hacking trial. Lord Snooty was warned by the opposition, by Puppet Clegg and even right thinking Tories that Coulson was a wrong un, still he went ahead and employed him! He also incurred the wrath of the trial judge for jumping in feet first commenting before the trial had ended!

Photo 05 - Plump 7 other half of my pair from last week.
As if that was not enough he stood in open opposition to the appointment of former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean Claude Juncker to the post of president of the European Commission. No hint of diplomacy, like a bull in a china shop he managed to alienate the UK from the rest of Europe in a few days!

He thought he had the support of enough member states to successfully oppose his appointment in fact barring Hungary he had none! We are now alone in Europe in danger of being pushed to a point where the only option is to leave and the possibility of achieving the much talked about reforms is virtually nil! Instead of being a part of the EU we are now merely an annexe awaiting expulsion! Lord Snooty has demonstrated as never before his political judgement skills are nonexistent, and worse are a detriment to the country!

Not being a member of the EU would not be in the country’s interest, millions of jobs are dependent on full participation in the EU, Lord Snooty must be held accountable if we have to leave Europe! The best interests of this country would undoubtedly be best served by being willing participants in the market! The fact remains that the UK has no standing in Europe thanks to Lord Snooty; Angela Merkel is queen of Europe, Lord Snooty but a bungling butler!

So the Tories are in complete disarray with the events further splitting the party. Clearly the Tories are unelectable as are the Labour party; the Puppets are now a non entity and UKIP a group of racist bigots! September the 18th is increasingly becoming a very important date for the future of Scotland! Leave the madness behind, vote for independence!

An admission of guilt!

Yes David Mundell the lone Tory in Scotland finally admitted that the Con-Dem reforms to benefits are causing the violent increase in the use of food banks as was reported in the herald this week! Non payment of benefits or payments six months late are forcing poor people to use this last gasp service before descending into outright destitution. The problem however is the intransigence of those who initiate such policy and can see no wrong in what they are doing Diddy Ian Duncan Smith being the main perpetrator. One lone Tory cannot right the wrongs of the Con-Dems, if the will was there one lone Tory MP could not initiate a corrective change! It is the cumulative thinking of a group of heartless buffoons that is causing the poor, weak and disabled to suffer more than ever! Only a mass eradication of these Con-Dem fools can solve the problem! Get them out quick before Scotland is turned into a nation of paupers!

Outrageous moneylenders!

Yes Wonga the market leader in pay day loans have been fined £2.6million for sending out threatening letters on headed note paper purporting to be various legal firms. The loan sharks which is exactly what they are sink to new lows carrying out fraudulently practices! The fine imposed is just loose change to these sharks and will have no effect on their operation so great are their profits!

How refreshing then to read in the Guardian that the law society has referred the matter to the city of London police to be investigated for fraud. This of course must go ahead as we have here a company content to prey upon those who have been brought to their knees by the punishing Con-Dems! The ideal outcome of course should be that all such loan sharks should be wound up and the huge profits confiscated and given to hard pressed councils to restore some of the many essential services we have lost due to the bungling Con-Dems.

At the very least they should be dragged through the judicial system and very heavily fined for their illegal and fraudulent practices!

The World Cup!

There has been some desperate football but also some footballing skills of the highest order! Some surprises such as the exit of Italy, Spain and Portugal all fancied to progress to the knockout stages but the bottom line was that quite simply they were not good enough! Brazil vs. Chile last night did not see Brazil at their best but nevertheless dished up some edge of the seat excitement, just what the world cup should deliver. Can’t wait for tonight’s matches!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

£100.00 Reward!

Photo 01 The gill net and contents as found!
£100.00 Reward!

You will remember late last year we made known the fact that our precious fish stocks were under attack by foreign “anglers”! If we were not convinced by that episode then an occurrence this week has left us in no doubt. Two Pike anglers fishing off Summerhope burn where it enters the loch whilst pulling in their rigs hooked a tangled monofilament gill net trapped in which were 3 decaying Perch.

The Perch were we estimated to be about 2 weeks after death and the tangled mass was absolutely rank! Les took it upon himself to take out the decaying fish and give the net a good scrub to make it easier to untangle. I untangled it on Sunday and it is indeed a large monofilament gill net at 20metres long and one metre deep with the mesh size being around two inches square. We sent the net to Glasgow University specifically to professor Colin Adams who headed the recent survey to detect any Arctic Charr population in the loch as they have significant experience in the use of gill nets.

Photo 02 - Another view of the tangled net!

Professor Adams told us that the net was of a variety common in south Asia and not readily available in this country. It is a gill net not of the type used for scientific survey but instead wholesale fish catching! It is suited for catching small to medium sized fish and would be unlikely to catch some of the larger residents of the loch which at least is some good news! It is not as we had first thought suitable for catching Eels.

So it is now confirmed that we are under attack yet again by persons unknown who are absolutely intent on decimating our fish stocks. It is difficult to try and work out where this net was set in the first instance as it obviously has broken free of its securing structure wherever that was. This find has moved the poaching incident on to an altogether different level and it is clear to us that we desperately need the intervention of outside agencies to assist us in catching these fish stealing imbeciles!

Photo 03 - The net untangled showing length and depth!

We were supposed to have a meeting with the police, river Tweed bailiffs and the countryside officer from the police. This meeting has not taken place nor have we been informed that it will do so in the near future! I have been authorised by the club committee to expedite this meeting and to inform all club members and visiting anglers that if you see anything suspicious please contact us immediately on 07980350031. We would ask locals to also report any unusual occurrences.

So in the meantime we will step up night patrols and are constantly scanning the loch for unusual activity. Our officials living on the banks of the loch are keeping their eyes peeled and we are most grateful for their assistance. It may be that we have to review our policy on allowing night time fishing as that would make anyone seen on the banks or on a boat an immediate and credible suspect of being up to no good. We will now issue along with all permits leaflets that make crystal clear anyone guilty of breaking our rules or the rules of the land will be subject to the heaviest penalties that we can initiate!

 To the people who are committing these crimes -  we will pursue you whatever the cost and woe betide if you are caught red handed in the act carrying out these despicable acts!

We will also erect numerous signs making our intentions clear in different languages so that anyone caught can’t turn round and say we didn’t know! It will take a mammoth effort to track down these thieves but we must be up for the task lest we end up fishing in a barren expanse of water. All anglers must keep their eyes open to detect the possibility of illegal angling!
Photo 04 - The severed Pike heads underwater!

As I stated previously this is not only an issue that affects us it will affect each and every fishery in the area so all fishery managers should be aware of this problem and increase surveillance. Earlier I had asked the chairman of the Border Federation of anglers to make this problem known to the Tweed bailiffs but as expected nothing happened, we will now bypass this organisation and deal with it ourselves as we should have done in the first place!

And as if the above was not enough, Fraser Patterson and mate Steven Hodge noticed in the depths whilst very successfully fly fishing for Pike the severed heads of two Pike. The photo’s are disturbing to say the least, one was estimated as a 5 or 6 pounder whilst the other a low to mid double! We do not allow barbarism such as this in our country. Quite clearly these fish were taken for the pot which is contrary to our rules which state all Pike must be returned unharmed to the loch.

We have always had poaching on the lochs but it was usually just a wayward fellow who thought he could get a Brownie for nothing. What we are experiencing currently is a different situation altogether! We seem to have “anglers” who choose not to comply with the rules of the club. “Anglers” who care not for the future of our fishery, “anglers” who know nothing of the sport side of fishing only the catch at all costs ethos and to hell with the consequences of such actions!

I will ask the club committee this week to consider my proposal to allow £100.00 of club funds to be set aside for use as a reward to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of these fish thieves! Their decision will be made known next week!

Photo 05 - absolute carnage at the hands of butchers!

It’s going to be a busy week!

Old friend returns!

Yes yesterday I met up with member Mike Wood a hardworking member of the club who seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I had tried on a few occasions to contact him to no avail and we began to have concern for his wellbeing. Our feelings were not unjustified as it turns out Mike was quite seriously ill but is now recovering and looking well but has yet to face a major operation! Well like a bad penny he turned up yesterday having spent the night fishing the Yarrow and early Saturday catching Perch at the bottom of the loch. You can see his photos covering his expedition and he was kind enough to photograph my very hard fighting Pike for me. Good to see you Mike and stay in touch.

Great places to stay!

We bring you this week an update on places to stay in Cappercleuch. You may not have considered bed and breakfast or hiring a cottage for the week but it is a great alternative to roughing it. You can have the best of food, fresh bed linen and all mod cons at your disposal for a very reasonable price. I know all the vendors and they are first rate people closely associated with the club. Check out the links below We will run a feature highlighting all the places to stay in the area soon.

We will create an accommodation page on our main site where this information will be easily accessible.
The wider world in my view!

The rosy garden is turning brown!

Yes it’s an oft used saying that everything in the garden is rosy! This is the picture that the Con-Dems tried to paint for us following the economic crash caused by their posh banking pals! Of course it has been unravelling for a while now with lies and spin used in great amounts to try and cover up the farce that they call the recovery. The latest harbingers of doom are that minister without a clue cocaine snorting Gideon Osborn has borrowed more money this year than he did last year! Yes the dimwit’s prediction that they would borrow £9.3 billion pounds is overshot to the tune of the current borrowing of £13.4 billion! Well you didn’t expect him to get it right did you? It’s like everything else these clowns have predicted its all fanciful nonsense!

Diddy Iain Duncan Smith is about to bring further overspending to the table. A leak to the BBC states that the expensive employment and support allowance is so much over budget it is going to break through the self imposed government cap. The fiasco that is the introduction of the personal independence payment is to be rolled out further to the whole country? No just to a few more job centres. Yes people waiting 6 months and more for the money they need to survive it’s just not on! This government has got to be the most clueless and heartless ever! There have always been lying scheming politicians but this Con-Dem government seem intent on setting new standards! Lord Snooty and Puppet Clegg promised to sort out the mess caused by their banking pals, look behind the rosy picture and you will see the country has slipped further into the abyss! Time to get these clowns out before it’s too late!

World cup!

Some really good football on view excepting Italy’s dreadful performance of course damn they were poor! I must admit to favouring Linneker et al for the commentary side of things, ITV’s Adrian Chiles is but a buffoon! Failed breakfast presenter, failed One Show presenter and by his performance on the world cup failed football presenter!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Attention required!

Please note that from today our loch keeper's number is temporarily disabled until Saturday the 28th of June 2014. Please make contact with the club by phoning 07980350031 or e mail
Notification will be made here and on our main site when Mr Xxxxx takes up the post. see below

Photo 01 - One of two new signs to be erected on the Bowerhope road.
Attention required!

Yet again earlier in the week we found ourselves without a loch keeper as Aaron had tendered his resignation from the position. Yes due to personal issues our young loch keeper felt he could no longer offer the club his services to his usual high standard. We were devastated to hear this but we agree with him that family comes first and by resigning his position he can fully concentrate on family matters.

Naturally we extend our thanks to Aaron for his hard work on behalf of the club and wish him well for the future. Aaron also said that he would not become a stranger to the area and once he finds his feet has every intention of coming back to the lochs helping the club out as he can which is great news indeed! So another chapter in the history of St Mary’s loch closes and another begins!

Indeed another chapter has already begun in that Mr Xxxxx our bailiff has agreed to take on the duties and responsibilities of loch keeper. Many of you will have already met Mr Xxxxx and for those who have not you will find him to be a most affable fellow. Mr Xxxxx and Aaron brought vigour to the club in detecting illegal anglers, Muppets and fools in general; Mr Xxxxx was instrumental in setting up the enforcement process and aims to continue this valuable work! Like Aaron Mr Xxxxx is an easy going chap able to get on with all characters but when the situation demands can adapt to any demeanour.

Mr Xxxxx is an all round angler able to fish in any discipline with competence but is particularly focussed on angling for Pike! There’s not too much that he has not encountered so if you have any queries regarding setup, area to fish or tips in general then Mr Xxxxx is your man. Mr Xxxxx is also a keen motorcyclist always having one or two bikes in his stable so feel free to pick his brain regarding the latest acquisition. Mr Xxxxx is also a computer engineer so if you have a few pc glitches you need to speak with him.

We have worked with Mr Xxxxx for a good while now so any settling in period has taken place a long time ago, we are at ease with each other. The contact number for Mr Xxxxx will be the same as before and it is our aim to transfer this number so it always remains the same whoever is in post. We will get some e mail details worked out and these will be posted here on our news pages and on our main site for your convenience. One story ends as another begins it’s the absolute way of the world!

Note Mr Xxxxx takes up his duties in approximately 2 weeks time in the intervening period please use mobile number 07980350031 or

Notification will be made here and on our main site when Mr Xxxxx takes up the post.

Bowerhope Road on the far side of the loch!

Our sign forbidding unauthorised vehicles on the Bowerhope road is now in place! Guidance for anglers is as follows – please only use this road if it is absolutely necessary and to use this road you must be a member of the club and contact our loch keeper before attempting to do so! Visitors to the club must not use this road but can access the fishing on that side of the loch by means of a boat.

We have taken this step to curtail the number of vehicles using this road which has to be maintained by the residents at Bowerhope. Potholes develop at an alarming rate and whilst the owner pays for the materials required to rectify this the tenants carry out remedial work with no direct recompense.  The fishing is completely open but anglers are reminded that any trouble, leaving of litter etc will result in your permit being rescinded and you being barred from fishing at the lochs for a minimum period of a year!

We rely on good relations with all riparian owners we will not allow thoughtless individuals to jeopardise this!

Photo 02 - Delightful colours on the Bowerhope road!
A barometer for St Mary’s!

Yes it’s that time again when stalwart member Fraser Patterson has his first week of the year on the loch. Fraser has for the last 6 years spent two sessions a year fishing the loch for all species day and night giving us a super year on year review of how the loch is fishing. The information we get is invaluable as we have here a picture of the loch looking back for years. We look forward to hearing of his exploits and we will publish the results when we receive them.

The loch wakes up!

Yesterday and indeed the last two weeks have seen the loch fully awaken from her slumber with all species showing on catch returns. Yesterday Stevie Nimmo and Pete Young got among the Trout and Stevie showed an affinity for Perch catching 8 and on one cast had 3 Perch on 3 flies! Five Pike were taken yesterday to 9lbs and a further four fell to midweek anglers. I managed a small Pike and a small Eel yesterday. Yes the loch is certainly waking up! Oh and I nearly forgot the spoilers of a good day at the lochs the dreaded Midge was also out in great numbers. Get down to one of our recommended dealers for some repellent and a net. Believe me they will ruin your day if you do not have some protection!

Recommended dealers locally - Fishers in Penicuick and Turnbull’s Bank Street Galashiels.

Photo 03 - the loch yesterday.

Yesterday an angler with a foreign accent was noted catching a small Pike of around 2lbs from the bottom of the Lowes. Lisa from the Glen Cafe noticed this and went to speak with them and the partner of the foreign angler became a little shirty! Lisa called loch keeper Mr Xxxxx and the party were warned about improper behaviour, returning Pike unharmed and staying in proximity of rods that were fishing!

The sad part was that the Pike at the centre of the carry on was not looking good after Mr Xxxxx insisted it be returned it remained belly up in the water! Allowing a Pike to be deep hooked is a common ploy with foreign anglers keeping the Pike visible and when confronted by our enforcement team say that every effort was made to return the fish but unfortunately it didn’t make it! They then suggest they might as well take it home and make use of it!

Anyone found with a dead Pike can expect to be questioned at length and the dead Pike will be taken by the investigating official! Once again we are indebted to Cath, Lisa and staff for their vigilance in trying to protect our fish stocks and weed out Muppets!

Osprey disaster!

Many of our local readers will have read of the sad story the three chicks at the Peebles site were found dead due to the absence of the mother. The male bird continued to feed the chicks but it is thought they succumbed to the wet and the cold! Yesterday we spoke with Tony Lightley the environment and heritage manager with the Forestry Commission. He said that there were 5 nests in the hunting range of the lochs so what we thought were one bird could have been many different ones. His tip for differentiating male and female – the female bird id bigger than the male and has a dark bib which is absent or very faint on the male. We would ask anyone around the lochs who finds an Osprey carcass to contact Tony on 07808900115 or


I received an e mail this week from Linda Fitzpatrick the curator of the national fishing museum who had been asked by a group of welsh walkers walking the loch last week inquiring what the wooden structures were on the east bank of St Mary’s loch. They were of course referring to the sculpture called Shinglehook. The structure is now in disrepair with two of the floating structures nowhere to be seen and the wooden part on the bank reduced by a quarter by fire raising Muppets! I am told it cost £15,000 and its value now as firewood and scrap metal must be around £100.00. Seems like a great waste of money in my book! Take a look at the museum’s website it’s very interesting.

The wider world in my view!

I’m voting Tory!

Never throughout my working life have I ever considered the above! It is completely anathema to me, voting for a group of snobs whose only aim in life is to increase their personal wealth and those of their pals! However a poll conducted by the Daily Record and now plastered all over the internet reported that if it looks likely that Lord Snooty will be returned to Westminster as leader of a Tory government then the small majority the Better Together campaign hold will be reversed and the Yes campaign will gain independence by a margin of four or five points!

Regular readers will know the above is exactly my motivation to seek independence yes freedom from the arrogant poor punishing and state dismantling Con-Dems! Actually even for the above reason I could never vote for a Tory, I find them to be completely and utterly repugnant in thought word and deed! That so many will switch their vote however is heart warming I take great comfort in the fact another season of Snooty et al would be completely unacceptable to the majority of Scottish people!  September the eighteenth looms ever closer, it becomes more interesting by the day!

A new level of bungling!

It seems the Con-Dems have redoubled their efforts to reach new highs in the incidence of governmental bungling! Yes the great prison fiasco where already overcrowded jails are being prepared to take in even more prisoners following the closure of 6 jails closed for reasons of saving money! The fact the public will be at risk as a result of these blunders is of no consequence!  Another example of doing before thinking!

The crisis at the passport office is another black joke! 300,000 people are on standby to have to cancel the trips/holidays due to cutbacks in the civil service dealing with passports. Lord Snooty says there is no crisis merely a surge in applications for passports. You couldn’t make it up! Example number 2 is a long series of blunders

Bungling Bill Hague is currently trying to be the face of compassion campaigning with peace envoy Angelina Jolie whilst at the same time straining at the leash to jump in with the yanks for a possible re invasion in Iraq. Luckily colleague dithering Philip Hammond has decimated the armed forces to such an extent that never mind invading another country they could not put on a minor military parade! This fool given free rein will have this country plunged into a war we cannot win, looks like its bungling all the way to the wire- god help us from the bungling fools!

England vs. Italy

A super match worth staying up for, England was very lucky not to have 4 goals against them, line clearances and the post denying the Italians. Viva Italia!
Next week _ we give some guidelines on how to use an outboard motor some of the sights we have witnessed have left us reeling and completely dumbfounded!
Good with food!
Yes on blethering with Stevie and Pete yesterday we found we both had chicken and bacon wraps as a bite. They looked as though they were the same but mine was from ASDA at £2.00 and Stevie's from the Co-op at £2.80! Yes the Co-op boast is that it's good with food, not so good on the price then!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Of the dry fly!

 Photo 01 - A duck that didn't make it!
Of the dry fly!

It has been on many occasions and by countless authors been described as the pinnacle of fly fishing for Trout! To land your fly gently in front of a rising Trout, to wait in eager anticipation, to savour the moment when the water boils underneath your fly and your imitation is sucked in as your line goes tight is a series of events that stimulates piscatorially like no other! The added excitement when using a fly of your own design is just the icing on the cake!

Yes all aspects of fishing are enjoyable but for me the dry fly is the big diamond among the crown jewels that is angling. I have never considered myself a good fisher merely a competent one, it is on this basis I offer a few hints. There are many experts around the quiet ones are usually genuine the loudmouth ones with photos for every occasion are usually bums!

I started my career with the dry fly on the Gala River catching lots of parr, small Trout (essential for practice) and some very good Trout indeed. Later I moved on to the Tweed and have fished both these rivers off and on for most of my angling life. If you are about to embark on you angling journey with the dry fly here are a few pointers that may be of benefit to you.

Firstly survey the area you intend to fish and note where Trout are rising and what they are taking. A fly on the water does not mean they are rising to that fly, sometimes during prolific hatches Trout will feed exclusively on one particular species completely ignoring others. Note also different rates of current on which your line will lie when casting to your intended Trout. This is important as your line will be affected by line drag.

What in effect this means is that the greater the difference in flow the more your line will be affected and the more your line is affected the less time your fly will lie in a realistic manner before being dragged by the faster water flow. This may mean that in some situations your fly only remains presentable for a few seconds and in that case it needs to be presented with clinical precision so that when covering the intended Trout your fly is not affected by line drag!

When lining up to stalk a Trout choose your position carefully to minimise the effects of line drag. This may mean that you have to stalk the Trout from almost directly below. It is best to be either left or right of the fish to avoid your fly line from landing on top of the fish thereby spooking it. A Trout has a field of vision of around 320 degrees so you should aim to be in the forty degree blind spot. Try and land your fly around 3ft above the spot you noted the fish rising in, by doing this you will almost certainly cover the fish. Fish do not rise vertically to take a fly but rather move forward to catch the fly and drift back to the holding lie.  Invariably you will make a dogs breakfast from the odd cast but do not hurriedly retrieve the fly simply let it fish out and re cast. There is also the possibility of hooking a Trout that hitherto has not been spotted!

The disturbance generated by ripping in line at high speed will almost certainly put down any rising fish in the area downing your sport for a time. Of course when selecting your fly use the motto “match the hatch! Which simply means - select a fly similar to that which you have observed the Trout taking. Do not over apply floatant some flies I have seen have been so heavily clad in paste as to make them look nothing like the undressed fly. Used sparingly and couple this with air drying by false casting then your fly should last a good length of time.

If you catch a fish carefully examine your fly as often they will unravel after the fish has mangled them. It would not be the first time I ended up fishing with a bare hook with a grizzle feather attached flying in the wind! You might want to fish 2 dry flies not an uncommon method these days. My method is to tie the additional fly on to the bend of the primary fly with a minimum of a foot of leader material. Others use the leader rings which come in diameters of 1mm which does not sink your leader and allows for a length of leader to be attached. You really need to try out both methods and see which one you prefer. These are not guidance in tablets of stone merely my thoughts on fly fishing for Trout in rivers. Tight lines!

Photo 02 - Plundered nest!
Lindean Competition!

Alasdair White and Lawson Simpson headed off to Lindean Reservoir on Monday evening to fish against a team from Jedburgh Angling Club. Lawson got his limit including a 3.5lbs specimen. The turning point of the night came in Lawson’s boat when a rising Trout showed itself directly in front of the boat! Lawson cast to the left and the Jed angler to the right. The air was electric for a few seconds and then there was an explosive rise to the Jed anglers fly and after a protracted struggle a 5.5lbs Rainbow came to the net wiping out our chance of progressing! We are extremely grateful for the way these lads represented the club and extend our thanks to them. Angling without having to cross another’s palm with silver – Peerless!

Bogus web sites

I mentioned a few years back of the forwarding website that takes application for rod licences and forwards them on to the Environment Agency. For this they take a fee of £5.00 for short term licences and £14.00 for yearlong licences. This outfit always comes up first on the searches for rod licences and the listing uses the words rod licence and environment agency. Immediately below is the official Environment Agency website where you only pay the licence fee! Two years ago there was much ado in the press about this site and the agency said that they would be dealing with this matter. I had occasion to use the EA site a few days ago and nothing much seems to have changed. The forwarding site is still the top listing and the official EA site in second place. If it has been dealt with it has been done in a most peculiar manner! Rather worryingly there is also a forwarding site for those seeking to submit a tax return to the Inland Revenue and they charge £100.00 for so doing. Work needed here methinks!

Seek and ye shall find!

From photo 01 you will see a duck egg that had moved on to become a small bird removed from the nest and the developing chick devoured, the blood in the shell points to flesh and the likely culprits members of the Corvid family! Again in photo 02 the whole nest had been removed and presumably the contents devoured. Yes it is indeed cruel but the birth of new life is an opportunity for predators to feast and feed their own young. Nature is a balance and whilst some things we may find unsavoury the majority is indeed pleasurable!

Whilst blethering to Stevie Nimmo and Pete Young yesterday our attention was drawn to an aerial commotion. A couple of furious highly vocal Oystercatchers were mobbing our Osprey. The Osprey was little bothered by their attention the pursuing birds keeping a safe distance lest they be sliced into pieces by the powerful raptor. Stevie had noted the Osprey sitting in a tree next to the boathouse no doubt pondering its next fishing foray!

On the way home Les noted a Sparrowhawk and of all things it was chasing a male Mallard Duck. Sparrowhawk’s are formidable predators often seen taking Blackbirds and smaller species but prey the size of a Duck! Of course we did not see the conclusion of the hunt but I am sure in my own mind the Duck would prove a tad too feisty for the small predator! A countryman is never devoid of things to see and marvel at, a new drama unfolds itself every few minutes. Seek and ye shall find!


The wider world in my view!

Another pounding!

Poor old Puppet Clegg and yes he has aged considerably over the last few weeks after disaster after disaster befalls him! The by election this week saw the Tories keep their seat but only after having their majority slashed by almost 10,000 votes! Other placed parties either made modest gains or stood still but the nefarious puppets were yet again totally humiliated and for the ninth time in nine elections forfeited their deposit!

Yes puppet Clegg was almost in tears when reluctantly talking of the absolute hiding dished out by the voters! It is of course too late for puppet Clegg but the message must surely have sunk in that blatant lying by politicians will not be tolerated. The puppets once an honourable party are now akin to the dirt on our feet. Their future as the third party in the country now rescinded, relegated to the list of has beens! What has taken place is only right and proper, getting into bed with the bungling and punishing Tories comes with a price. The puppets are currently paying that price and its turning out to be a very heavy price indeed! Eradicating the deceitful puppets from the political scene is now the number one priority, let’s get them out!

The shame of it all!

Embarrassing point of the week has to be the warning from Europe that the UK needs to fix the housing crisis, put in place a strategy to reduce the defecit in a way that does not strangle growth. Put in place a strategy whereby young people gain more relevant skills for the future. Make the banks lend more money and put in place measures to prevent the recklessness of 2008 ever recurring. End child poverty and poverty in general something which the Con-Dems have made worse.

At the current rate of conversion to the new personal independence payments it will take these fools 44years to complete the transfer meantime people have to exist with handouts from food banks! Yes yet again it’s a damning indictment on these try it and see what happens fools! The absolute shame of it all being yet again embarrassed on the world stage as the posh boys bungle on ever onwards with not a hint of strategic thinking. I mean the above are not the extreme minutia of advanced economics but plain common sense!

Much of what Europe has pointed out was in the Con-Dem manifesto which suggests that they have accomplished nothing! Of course that is not true in fact they have done a great deal! They have managed to demonise the poor and disabled and punishing them by removing the financial support needed to survive! They have pushed national borrowing up by 120 billion pounds whilst giving tax cuts and share deals to the very wealthiest in UK society. They have on paper created a million worthless jobs comprising of part time and zero hours contracts! Oh yes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, they have bungled through 4 years of hell as far as working people are concerned. A vote for Tory only makes sense if you earn more than a million/year! Vote Tory or for the puppets at your peril!

D Day!

The fact that we are here today and pretty much free to do as we wish is in a large part due to those who took part in the D Day landings. We will forever be in their debt. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them! RIP

The World Cup!

England play Italy on Friday, my prediction – Viva Italia!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Important news for members.

Photo 01 -Emergency life sprouting from a fallen tree in case the parent didn't make it!
Important news for members!

Many members still seem to be unaware that hiring a boat is now free of charge and that applies to the big Arran’s as well. We would ask that members make their wishes known to Aaron so as to avoid taking a boat that has already been pre booked. Due to replacement keys having to be given out to members who have lost their keys we will no introduce a charge of £5.00 for a replacement key as this is now costing us significant amount of money.

Regarding the use of the Bowerhope road a sign will be erected next week stating that “No unauthorised vehicles are allowed”. This has become necessary following on from instances of inappropriate camping and anglers leaving litter. Anyone intent on using the road should in the first instance contact our loch keeper and all anglers should go out of their way to ensure that you leave absolutely nothing behind! Following these rules will allow continuation of our access to this road!

Memberships may be renewed from 01/01/2015 until 31/01/2015 with a further period of two weeks allowed for members experiencing issues which have prevented application during the month of January. Nearly everyone these days has internet access and public librarys have internet facilities for those who do not. Reminders will be posted here on our newspages throughout the month of December 2014. Please note the timescale late applications will be treated as new members and be subject to the £20.00 joining fee!

Our new pier!

We now have most of the materials that we will require to construct our new pier to allow easier access to our boats. We intend to use a floating structure that will fall and rise with the aid of submersible barrels filled with water to suit rising and falling with metal hoops over around six tanalised substantial posts. This is a tried and tested design and there will be a significant amount of welding to be done and with this in mind I will bring up a MIG and see how it operates on our generator.

We obviously will require help with this project so please get in touch if you think you may be able to help. Our particular problem at the moment is in securing the wooden posts into the loch bed. With the best will in the world and of course muscle a sledgehammer would not allow deep penetration into the loch bed which is absolutely crucial for the long term stability of the project. Current thoughts are hiring a JCB to push or hammer the posts in but if you have any further ideas please let us know.

Of course we have the necessary permission from SNH as putting in place our structure is not a new project but simply replacing our old pier. We have not been able to make much progress in the last 2 years due to the implementation of the flood protection scheme which will see our loch take on a new lower level. Until we can visually see this level which may become apparent later this year and certainly early next year all we can do is weld up the metal walkway.

Inter club competition.

Our team fishes tomorrow evening (Monday) however Pete Young is not currently feeling too great so he has had to call off. Stevie Nimmo his partner also had to withdraw due to the pressure of work. Resultantly we had to call on the stand in team of Lawson Simpson and Alasdair white who are both extremely competent anglers and will represent the club to the best of their abilities. Tight lines for tomorrow lads we are all rooting for you!


Yes this week we parted company with one of our “blue” boats which was their original colour in gel coat out of the moulds. They have adorned a multitude of colours over the years and are currently mostly green. Our competition winner Mike Christie plans on making some close season modifications along the lines of our Lowes boat which has flotation chambers and modifications to increase rigidity. Its planned home is to be Talla reservoir where the lads fish for Trout. Good luck with the mods and we are sure she will serve you well as she has us!

Photo 02 - A sight that makes it all worthwhile!

The wider world in my view!

Guilty as charged!

The political scene at the moment is the worst I have encountered in the whole of my reasonably long life. Never before have I heard of so much doom and gloom, such little faith in the ones we are supposed to look up to! The worrying thing however is that it is not just me it’s almost everyone I come across! Invariably the words Cameron, Milliband and Clegg seem to trip a switch that leads to a feeling of hopelessness and negativity1 It’s as though we have lost all hope in politicians! How you may ask has this come about?

My own theory is the development of the professional politician whereby none of these people have ever held down a “proper” job for any length of time coupled with an ability to display crass incompetence with whatever they encounter! Yes all these people moved on from being political researchers to becoming leaders of the respective parties and in the case of Lord Snooty the man who shapes the future of our country!

These three people have not a single idea of what it is like to have to budget for the weeks outgoings, to receive a letter from the bank telling that unfortunately the account has been overdrawn! These people are completely removed from the trials and tribulations of everyday living, their millionaire status protect them from that! Perhaps they would be more palatable if they showed a drive and determination to do what was right for the country but instead they excel only at bungling, embarrassing the country on the world wide stage!

Lord Snooty will go down in the annals of history as a supreme bungler aided by a cabinet of prize bunglers. When the mood was for leaving Syria to the Syrians Lord Snooty wanted to plunge the country into war! Of course Snooty ended up eating humble pie yet again for the umpteenth time! Snooty looking for the patriotic voter espoused he was sorting out the mess caused by the previous government failing to mention that his pals the highly irresponsible bankers must bear the brunt of what caused the financial crash! Snooty is also responsible for delaying the recovery by strangling growth to the point we are now where we should have been three years ago! And don’t forget that in between times they managed to create a new class of working poor caused by the million new jobs created in the private sector mainly low paid part time supermarket jobs and zero hour contracts! Puppet Clegg rubbished the good name (if they ever had one) of politicians by abandoning their pre election pledge to abolish tuition fees when he saw what will be his one and only chance of power! Causing havoc in the rank and file of the party the party more akin to leaning towards the left now find themselves decimated and classed as Tory in all but name! The legacy of Puppet Clegg is that it is acceptable to employ any negative virtue in order to get your day of glory, lying and deceit are now inextricably linked with the word politician thaks to Puppet Clegg!

And so to weak and insipid Ed Milliband the little heard leader of the Labour party who never seems to have a view on anything and is always without policy and behind the game! When the Labour party should be miles ahead in the opinion polls they are neck and neck with the bunglers and puppets! Milliband is a man without charisma a man incapable of conducting himself in a lowbrow debate without tripping himself up! Oh there are a few very promising talents like Rachel Reeves and Douglas Alexander (not to be confused with Tory collaborator Puppet Alexander) in the Labour party but they are being krept down by incompetent fools!

Personally I would recommend none of the above fools, the local loudmouth in the town’s pub would be a better bet because of the ineptitude of these people.  Farage and UKIP have been allowed to flourish, racist bigots though they are! There is no future in UKIP, the anti establishment vote was simply to reflect the discontent of the electorate with the established buffoons! Further evidence of this is that even in the respective parties leadership challenges are now taking root and in my opinion they can’t happen quickly enough! Lord Snooty, Puppet Clegg and Weak Milliband are the most god forsaken individuals ever to have darkened their party’s doorsteps they are the low spots in their party’s history. No this is not politics, it is simply yet another soul destroying scene in the tragic comedy that has been the last four years. I’m out, its independence for me! Lord Snooty, weak Ed Milliband and Puppet Clegg today revealed as the most unpopular leader ever have been tried on charges of lying, incompetence and bungling to the detriment of the country. The verdict is guilty as charged!

Total wipeout!

I was much gladdened but not surprised to see the complete and utter demolition of Puppet Clegg following the local and euro elections! Soundly punished for entering into a sordid affair with the Tories, Puppet Clegg felt the wrath of the voting public! They currently have only 7% of voters less than a third of their 2010 result, there have been many calls for his resignation and indeed it may yet come.

If I was asked for a suitable replacement then Puppet Farron would be my choice as at least he seems prepared to speak his mind rather than bleat Tory propaganda like a demented power hungry parrot. However for the benefit of the country Puppet Clegg should remain as leader to ensure the complete and utter destruction of the party so it may rise again with a new leader and new ethics based on truth! Puppet Clegg, an insignificance in the history of British politics!