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The bar for 2014 has been set - HIGH!

Photo 01 - Elliot displays his cracking 3lbs 8oz Brown Trout.
The bar for 2014 has been set - HIGH!

It’s that man Fraser again, yes club treasurer Elliot Fraser was out on the loch on Saturday in what were near freezing conditions which for the end of May was very disappointing. That said however, Elliot was soon among the fish with a three quarter pounder in the boat within 5 minutes and swiftly returned. He got another three fish in the first hour but when he came across to the Bay of Plenty where I was fishing or rather blethering to Stevie Nimmo he let out an almighty roar.

Thinking he was in some kind of distress we sprinted to the source of the sound and lo and behold here was Elliot with an absolute stonker of a fish! A Brown Trout tipping the scales at 3lbs 8oz as fat as a bull in absolutely tip top condition! He had thought at first he was hanked on the bottom, but when the bottom moved he knew he was in contact with a special fish. Eventually he subdued the leviathan and had it in the bottom of the boat in a well of water waiting to be photographed.

Elliot won the heavy Trout cup last year and has now set the bar high for this year, it will take a very good fish indeed to trump his one caught yesterday. What needs to be kept in mind is that Elliot puts in the time in all kinds of conditions and duly reaps the rewards when the opportunity arises, many outings of course result in nothing more than near misses and the utterance of a series of Anglo Saxon expletives!

A great angler landing a great fish, his second best Brownie ever, it’s just as it should be! Oh and the reason for the commotion – unselfishly he wanted to return the fish alive to the loch which he did unlike some of the trophy hunters in the angling scene – Respect!

So there you have it the weight to beat this season 3lbs 8oz.

Photo 02 - Elliot's Brownie fat as a pig!
Utterly clueless!

On arriving at the lochs yesterday three vehicles were noted at the graveyard swim behind the barriers erected to restrict vehicular access! I went down to speak with them as it turns out around eight individuals many wearing high visibility vests. They said they were camping and on looking no fishing equipment was seen.

At this point a local worker phoned to say that they had been seen cutting wood with a chainsaw, when I questioned them about this they freely admitted cutting wood but it was dead wood! Certainly a huge branch of a tree that was present last week had now gone. Our sign at the roadside was lying on the grass having been pulled out but the campers insisted it was not their doing!

Of course it could easily have been carried out by persons unknown but it nevertheless begs the question - what will it take to stop these people from entering upon and setting up camp on what is essentially private land! Usually a barrier across an entrance road would suggest to most reasonable people that vehicular access is forbidden, but clearly for some this is not the case!

I will be asking the committee for approval to purchase some heavy duty posts and a quantity of concrete and reinforcing bar to concrete into the ground to further reinforce our message. The campers were asked to leave which they did without any fuss. My gut feeling was that these were not bad or stupid people however I cannot help but wonder how these people cannot deduce the meaning of non verbal signs.

On the same track over on the far side of the loch concern was expressed about the number of campers camping on the far side of the loch close to livestock and in what essentially is the occupier’s garden. There is no shortage of camping sites on the roadside and of course the Tibbie Shiels Inn has a proper site with facilities to cater for campers. Enjoying the countryside comes with certain responsibilities on this occasion these responsibilities were laid aside! There really are no excuses for camping next to livestock or in people’s gardens! We will erect a sign at the mast before the bridge at the bottom of the loch stating that no unauthorised vehicles are permitted to use the road!

Who is watching us?

I had a look at our stats for the news pages yesterday and there are some interesting points. Around 90% of our readers are from the UK with the other 10% being taken up by the USA, Canada and South Africa. A surprising number of people visit us via mobile devices with Android the largest with 11% and i phone with 2% of total views. Most users use internet explorer (46%) with Google Chrome in second place (29%) and Firefox with (14%) other browsers Safari, Bing etc make up the rest.

70% of our visits happen between 8 and 11pm on a Sunday with another 20% on a Monday at various times. 919 people visited us last month and the trend is increasing slowly with approx 8 new readers per month. From conversing with various people we have - 1 shopkeeper, 3 tackle dealers, 3 gamekeepers, 2 publicans, 1 member of the Scottish Parliament, 8 joiners, 4 engineers, 11 council workers, 5 factory workers, 4 university lecturers, 4 nurses/carers 3 company, directors, 2 bus drivers, 4 farmers, 2 welders, 1 lawyer, 3 legal assistants, 2 policemen, 2 building labourers, 1 accountant, 1 USA fishing guide, 2 fishery workers, 4 company directors, 2 gas engineers, 8 various self employed people, 1 green keeper, 1 Environment Agency Bailiff, 1 biologist, 2 electric workers, 1 ecologist, 1 computer engineer, 1 Serco prison van officer, 2 journalists and that’s just the ones that readily come to mind. A wide and varied reader base which is just great!

Photo 03 - how did the branch grow so crooked!
The wider world in my view!

As expected!

The local and European elections took place this week and at my local polling station cobwebs were evident portraying the level of activity there! Yes a huge turnout was never on the cards and in England where the local elections took place the rise of UKIP showed no signs of letting up as all major parties suffered at their hands.

Lord Snooty was given a bloody nose as the people reacted to outright bungling and crass incompetence causing them to lose over 230 seats. The puppets, again as expected were almost annihilated with the catastrophic loss of over 300 seats which is just as it should be and despite the protestations of puppet Clegg there were red faces and discontented puppets all around. Here the puppets and incompetent Tories received their just rewards for incessant deceit and persistent ineptitude!

What must be a great concern however is the poor showing of Labour in only gaining 330 odd seats when it was widely accepted they would easily reach the 500 mark. If ever there was a clear marker for ditching dithering, directionless Ed Milliband then this was it! It is obvious that the electorate cannot under any circumstances see Milliband/Balls as a credible government. At a time when Con- Dem bungling has reached crisis point with the “recovery” about to crumble they should be miles ahead in the opinion polls, but they are only marginally ahead by two points!

It is now crystal clear to wannabe Labour voters that unless there is a quick change of leadership then their votes will be cast elsewhere! It must be obvious to Labour MPs that they have no chance whatsoever of becoming the government. The outcome of the Euro’s will be further bad news for the main political parties and puppet Clegg is almost certainly bound to face a leadership challenge. In fact a group of disaffected puppet MPs have now called for puppet Cleggs resignation and this will be further boosted by the predicted lamentable performance in the Euro poll results expected later today!

My message to puppets in turmoil as to what action to take would be – Keep Puppet Clegg, it will assure your descent into oblivion which is what is required! Good riddance! Theresa May another hard line right winger “Butcher Thatcher” clone is looking for the head of Lord Snooty as more and more blue nosed Tories call for proper Tory policy in light of their pathetic results in the local elections.

It would then be prudent for Labour MPs to call for the resignation of indecisive Ed as they now see their jobs are under threat, currently Labour are unelectable! All it will take is a few pre election sweeteners from the Con – Dems directed at middle England to rub out the two point lead and plunge the country into another five years of try it and see politics with the inevitable destitution that will bring!

I personally have had enough, a Labour supporter all my life I am now going for independence, not for many of the laudable reasons mentioned by oor Eck and company although they are indeed worthy aspirations. No my aim in seeking independence is quite simply to get away from the punishing and incompetent Con – Dems. A group of Bullingdon Club posh boys completely removed from the trials of everyday life that we have to endure!

Yes a new start whereby a new fairer society may be constructed where everyone will be cared for, no more punishing the weak, disabled or working poor and a society whereby the country’s wealth is distributed in a much more equitable manner. A new start is on the horizon lets grab the opportunity and take up the challenge! Roll on the eighteenth of September!  

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