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A rubbish day!

Photo 01 - Frank & Stevie on the Little Yarrow tree planting!
A rubbish day!

Yes our first task today was to remove the rubbish dumped by persons unknown into the Megget. The containers found consisted of six calor gas bottles the 25kg variety, two 25 litre containers that held concentrated soy sauce with Chinese markings on them and two 25 litre containers that held cooking oil. In addition to this were a large quantity of juice and mineral water bottles plus some assorted general rubbish! We previously a few months ago found 3 x calor gas bottles over at the sculptures probably from the same perpetrators these having floated directly across from the Megget water!

Speculation on the source of this illegally dumped rubbish would tend to point to a catering establishment/mobile burger van. The only possibility of tracing the fly tippers would have been through the serial numbers on the calor gas bottles but as you can see from the newspaper article reproduced last week no one seems to be bothered in the slightest!

Our water being used as a dumping ground and none of the regulatory bodies shows the slightest interest! This is an abysmal situation and one that makes a mockery of all the fine words uttered by SEPA and their like! I don’t know the effects of cooking oil/soy sauce on watercourses but the facts of the matter are that an instance of illegal fly tipping has taken place and as stated by Doreen Davies in the newspaper article this has happened before!

The perpetrators of this dumping incident now have more reason to believe that this is a safe place to get rid of their rubbish without having to pay as commercial operations must do. It could be the case that next time they would try to get rid of their used engine oil in the same manner, where does it stop? Now this is the second time dumping has taken place as mentioned in the newspaper article and it is suspected the same people were involved!

What is the point of having regulatory agencies if it turns out they are paper tigers completely unprepared even to go through the motions! The regional council actually sent someone up in a van to inspect the items dumped but he left taking none of the rubbish away! Yes both the agencies above have had their budgets slashed by the blundering Con – Dems but these agencies must be prepared to act in situations such as these, having services such as mentioned is part of the reason we pay general and council tax!

The Con – Dems have rolled back the state and this is the result and couple that with council incompetence and we have a joke scenario where nothing gets done apart from irrelevant projects pushed on by a few zealots. From the people of the area and our angling club there is a resounding vote of no confidence in these agencies it seems its DIY from now on! We have sent a mail to Doreen thanking her for her prompt action in removing these items from the water preventing a possible pollution incident. It is a serious state of affairs indeed when a member of the public has to carry out the work of the regulatory bodies, the future looks rather gloomy!

Ps there were no problems in presenting the items for recycling.

Photo 02 - The rubbish left by "anglers"!
More rubbish!

A group comprising three individuals were noted at the graveyard possibly fishing but on coming back to check their permits they were absent. Yes they had packed up in a hurry leaving in their wake all manner of rubbish! They had gathered up some rubbish and put it into a pail but this had toppled over scattering the contents everywhere! Uneaten food, tissue paper, disposable barbeque, tent pegs, carrier bags, an almost full spray tin of interior car valet foam for cleaning car seats (apparently used to stimulate a fire due to the propellant) and a myriad of bottles and among them the ubiquitous mark of a Muppet, Buckfast and MD 20/20 both get crazy quick products!
Photo 03 - Muppet juice!
We do not know if these people were fishing but on checking, none of our outlets had issued permits in the last two days. Even if they were fishing they were not anglers, anglers do not leave such rubbish! Frank Gillespie and me collected 4 carrier bags full and the pail mentioned above full of alcohol bottles empty of course!

Since we do not know their identities we cannot really ban them but let me say that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated! If angling is to move forward then we need to root out these wasters that desecrate our countryside, root out people such as the bully boy’s, people who are incapable of thinking of others, of respecting the property of others! Angling has indeed a way to go to establish a culture of appropriate behaviour, only when we have crossed this bridge will we be able to hold our heads high!

Tree planting!

Yesterday Stevie Nimmo, Frank Gillespie and me headed off to the Little Yarrow with some trees to fill in a void just before the wooden bridge at Riskinhope. This is the end of the tree planting season and our trees being planted were mostly Hazel which can tolerate very wet conditions and the leaves were bursting forth. We made very good progress in spite of some very stony ground and we soon had the area filled.

Photo 04 - A "nest" maybe a type of Gull!
Stevie suggested that we should move on to Kirkstead to carry out our annual maintenance session, Frank and I agreed. There is some tremendous growth taking place with trees bursting out of the poly protectors. However it was not all good news there were a number of fatalities in particular one variety of tree with a silver grey bark which seemed to populate the dead list!

One specimen I examined had what looked like gnawing marks at its base possibly suggestive of attack by rodents of which there are many in the area. We need to identify this species of tree as for whatever reason it is not thriving in this area. Unfortunately none of these specimens managed to get to the open leaf stage which would have made identification easier. Our only hope is to find a tree with similar bark in one of our other plantations and identify this.

Photo 05 - There's a tree in there somewhere!!
Some of the trees were found to be completely smothered by rough grass yet still were thriving. We cleared all the vegetation within the tubes to give our trees the maximum opportunity to spout forth and flourish and on over two hundred trees this was back breaking work! At the same time we hammered in stakes straightened tubes and removed tubes and stakes made redundant.

I think we will look to replacing the trees lost with Willow whips which we can source easily from the banks of the loch. It was hard work, but we all agreed time well spent, with lads like Frank and Stevie there can only be one direction for the club - onwards and upwards! To Frank and Stevie yet again the club is indebted to you both!

The wider world in my view!

The Royal mail fiasco!

It’s reared its head again, the huge loss to the taxpayer caused by puppet Cable and minister without a clue Gideon Osborn. These two fools rushed through the privatisation of the Royal Mail which should never have taken place in the first place and sold shares at £3.30 and now they stand at over £5.30! Yes a shambles if ever there was one, just another blunder in the seemingly never ending series of blunders perpetrated by the bungling Con – Dems that ends up hitting the working man in the pocket! In total the loss to the taxpayer £750 million not a lot in terms of Con _ Dem bungling!

However it seems that underneath the front page bungling more sinister actions have taken place much of which only recently came to light. According to The Independent, Daily Mirror and the Daily Record minister without a clue Gideon Osborn’s best man has profited hugely from dubious dealings! Yes Peter Davies close friend of the clueless chancellor has seen his firm boost its profits by £36 million from the sell off!

You couldn’t make it up; his old pal’s firm were one of 16 firms given priority in purchasing shares on the basis of being long term stable investors! True to form twelve of these investors sold their shares only days after the sell off making huge gains from their long term investment! Postal workers who were given shares must hold on to them for at least 3 years before selling! You will of course see a recurring theme here in one law for the rich and one for the poor!

This is how a Tory government works, it has always been their way to favour the affluent and punish the poor! Puppet Cable was hoodwinked not really a difficult task and is only guilty of crass incompetence! Minister without a clue Gideon Osborn and ultimately Lord Snooty are guilty of criminality! Of course when Snooty was questioned on this he parried the criticism off by spouting about the free market etc! He has got off with it purely by the actions of Milliband’s weak opposition! Any competent opposition would have at the very least got a public inquiry into the whole business!

This is the madness of Westminster with lying, corruption and staggering incompetence taking place on a daily basis. We need to exit this circus and focus on Hollyrood for the sake of all the people in Scotland, vote for independence! Let’s take charge of Scotland’s destiny!
A thinking newspaper!
I refer to the Sunday Herald which "came out" today and laid its cards firmly on the table in favour of independence! I bought this paper today for the first time and was impressed by what I read. In short they said the referendum was "the chance to remake our society in a more equal, inclusive, open and just way". They got it in one! Respect!!

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