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Wild Trout Competition update!

 Photo 01 - Buds appearing at Bowerhope.

Wild Trout Competition.

Our annual competition takes place on Saturday the 26th of April 2014 on St Mary’s loch. The prizes are as follows, first prize the Westbrook challenge cup to keep for one year along with an autumn day’s Salmon fishing on the Upper Pavilion on Tweed, very kindly donated by Major Sir Neil Westbrook! Second prize will be a bottle of your choice kindly donated by the Tibbie Shiels Inn. Third prize will be a selection of flies suitable for fishing the lochs. For the first time boats will be available in the first instance for any angler with limited mobility thereafter to any angler decided by a straw poll if necessary.

The competition is open to all and competitors may use any legal method to try and tempt a Trout. The tickets are £16.00 and include breakfast along with registration at the Glen Cafe (09.00-10.00 fishing commencing at 10.00) and a barbeque following the weigh in (16.30) at the Tibbie Shiels Inn. Anyone wishing to enter simply contact us at or use any of the contact numbers on our main site.

Our campaign on unqualified fishing guides!

I heard back this week from the MSP who is taking forward our case to see these people regulated and have all fishing guides without qualification banished to improve the standing of these people. He has asked for further information on many fronts as well as the local scene with estimates of the numbers of unqualified guides in the area.

He also asked for a resume of the situation overseas and since we have established contact with an American fishing guide who is deploring of the situation in this country I will mail him to get his views. This means a lot of extra work for me at a time when my hands are full but visiting anglers deserve only the best service available, having areas populated by unqualified and unaccountable fishing guides does in no way meet this need!
Looks like a good product!
I found this on a fly fishing forum and was drawn to it as it is a motoring product. It turns out this product is being used by fly fishermen all over the country in place of commercially available fly floatant products which are quite expensive! It comes in a wide spray form and the preferred option is to decant 20-30mls into a small container and carry this with you. You get a 150ml bottle for the price of a small bottle of commercially available floatant and as the label says try it on your windscreen as well. Available from motoring accessory stores.
From our recommended dealers!


Looks like being a great day and note extra discounts will be available to those attending. Some products that caught my attention -
Ron Thompson fly line great price -
Leeda Fly Reel -
Clothing combo at a super price and a freebie! -

 Remember these items can be ordered online and you will have them in a couple of days without getting out of bed!

Photo 02 - Nice ripple Upper Bowerhope.
The wider world in my view!

The puppets last stand!

If you were a supporter of the nefarious puppets then Wednesday night was a blacker than usual night for you. Puppet Clegg and UKIPs Nigel Farage went head to head in a live debate over the countries membership of Europe. Puppet Clegg’s performance was embarrassing to say the least comprising of a mixture of personal attacks, electioneering, irrelevancies, multiple repetitions and downright lies!

Yes slick operator Farage demolished the puppet as he did in the first debate and anyone making a decision on Europe on the basis of this debate would resolutely place a cross next to the UKIP candidate. Puppet Clegg has yet again done the country a great disservice in giving the impression that there is no real argument to remain in the EU! The sad fact of the matter is that Farage and puppet Clegg are both third division players and the fact that the so called heavyweights soppy Lord Snooty and weak Milliband chose not to enter the debate merely lend more weight to the UKIP perspective!

Unsurprisingly Puppet Clegg took the opportunity to try and claim the coalition with the Tories had worked for the UK, on the day the Lib Dem president Puppet Farron admitted the party was wrong to support the implementation of the punishing “Bedroom tax” as it indeed does penalise the weak and disabled and fails to meet any of its objectives! Puppet Clegg went into these debates as a charlatan and a liar and he exited with both aspects being heavily reinforced!

How the puppet must rue the day he decided to take on Farage with the view of improving the standing of the Lib – Dems. The end result was exactly the opposite with any wavering voters now firmly crossing off any of the puppets standing for election. Total wipe-out is no longer a possibility it is a certainty! Puppet Clegg will pay a heavy price for his arrogance and treachery and his party an even bigger one – total oblivion! There is a lesson here for other politicians and it is to at all times be honest and truthful, Puppet Clegg chose to put his personal interest above the needs of the country. It follows then that the retribution exacted by the public be swift and savage, so it will be! Puppet Clegg will rue the day he agreed to this debate, he was unequivocally crushed and shown up as a lying puppet!

Another mess!

They were warned at the time that the sell off price of Royal Mail was far too low and the move would cost the country hundreds of millions and this week it came to pass! They could not sell it off quickly enough ignoring the views of economists who said speed would lessen the value to the country. Yes the inept Con – Dems palmed off to their city pals an opportunity to rake in millions of pounds in clear profit and this they did!

No matter how much spin is put on the debacle it cannot be ignored that yet again the country has been sold short! Puppet Cable’s protestations are completely engulfed by his sheer incompetence. Yet again we see a situation where the moneyed classes are given a huge opportunity to make a real killing whilst the poor of the country languish in the gutter! This obnoxious administration is content to ignore the poor and needy pushing us up into 4th place in the league table of the most unequal countries in the world! This is what you get when a bunch of Eton posh boys are given free rein to impose their will on the country! They would have gotten more if they had sold the Royal Mail on e bay! Tories look only after their own kind!

It is becoming ever clearer that the country cannot endure another Con – Dem coalition the cost of having another four years of government by buffoonery would bankrupt the country! Unfortunately a Lab – Lib-Dem/UKIP coalition would be only marginally better! The answer is quite simple and ever more Scots are opting for it, it is of course independence! Yes we can go it alone and leave the madness of the fools mentioned above and move towards a more equitable and prosperous alternative!

Arrogant woman!

Of course I am referring to Maria Miller the culture secretary who was caught out using the MPs expenses system in an inappropriate manner. Yes Lord Snooty’s new “clean” method of politics has already been blasted out of the water by this arrogant woman who thinks she is better than the average Joe Public!

She hindered investigation into the allegation that she had misspent around £45,000 on accommodation for her disabled parents. The investigating committee (comprising of mainly MPs) surprisingly found this to be unproven and have asked that she make a public apology and pay back only £5,800. Well she did apologise but it was not willingly given, taking all of 31seconds! Compare that to a situation if you or I had wrongly claimed £45.800 in benefits, methinks we would be seeing the inside of a remand cell! The Daily Telegraph however has telephone recordings that suggest there was more wrongdoing and will over the next few days release further information.

Shame then on Lord Snooty who insists the matter has been closed in a satisfactory fashion. The matter is far from being concluded there lies in here another premier league scandal and all praise to the Telegraph for uncovering and acting on the information obtained! Maria Miller is a “Butcher Thatcher” clone who like her thinks she is accountable to no one. She is about to find out that this is not the case! She is a cabinet minister who should be a model for others to follow!

She has fallen short of what is required, the only option for Snooty is to sack her immediately! The bottom line however is that politicians cannot be trusted to police their own, an independent regulatory and investigating body is urgently required! Yet another case of Lord Snooty saying one thing and doing another, just a bunch of charlatans and duds!


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