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Why it's always safety first!

Why it’s always safety first!

Photo 01 - Wild conditions yesterday!
It's called the “silent loch” in folklore and like a massive pipe organ she can thunder like a mighty battleship as well as singing the most delicate notes! We were reminded of this yesterday as the day started with what were ideal fishing conditions being overcast with a mild wind making for a nice ripple to camouflage the delivery of a fly.

Our trolling guru Elliot Fraser arrived and launched the boat on to what looked like a very promising water. However contrary to the forecast for the day the wind gradually increased in strength delivering some very heavy gusts that saw my usually stable Nash pod upturned completely. At this point on the loch there were white horses all over the place and I thought it looked like a very inhospitable place for a boat!

Speaking with Elliot later he said that the conditions on the loch yesterday were the worst freshwater conditions he had ever experienced in his angling career! I had thought the conditions were bad but when he relayed the size of the swell and how the Lomond boat was tossed on the water’s surface it quickly became apparent just how bad the conditions were! His Mariner engine only making slow progress against the wave he decided land was the better option.

A day’s angling curtailed to a couple of hours due to the severe conditions and once again the silent loch roars changing from a mild mannered water into a life threatening inferno of water! The change in conditions came in the matter of a few minutes and believe me Elliot is an experienced boat angler regularly fishing the large lochs of Scotland and the sea. Of course he had all the required safety equipment and took the safe method of return, close to the shore. Mind you in the midst of this trauma he still managed to bag a couple of Broonies the best of which was around a pound and a quarter(scales taken), well done mate!

If you are fishing in a boat and experience a sudden deterioration in conditions leave open water immediately motoring into the wave diagonally and head for the shore and make your way back hugging the shore. If you feel that even this method is fraught with danger, beach the boat tie it securely to an immovable object and phone our loch keeper. This is why we insist all anglers wear lifejackets! Personal safety must always come first!

What to expect!

With the Muppet season already underway we thought it pertinent to put together a few guidelines for visiting “anglers”. Of course this does not apply to decent dyed in the wool anglers who comprise the bulk of our visiting clientele. We will be continuing and indeed stepping up our crackdown on Muppet’s! Leave litter and expect to be banned from ever returning this is a step up from the past where a warning would be issued, so make sure you leave nothing and take all your rubbish home!


It’s not long now, our annual competition open to all comers fishing on St Mary’s Loch. Scheduled for Saturday the 26th of April, the competition will take place between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00. Registration and breakfast at the Glen Cafe from 09.15 onwards with the weigh in at the Tibbie Shiels Inn 16.30hrs, this will be followed by a barbeque and presentation of prizes. The prizes will be

1st A days Autumn Salmon fishing on the Upper Pavilion on Tweed along with the Westbrook Challenge gold cup to keep for a year.

2nd prize a bottle of your choice from the Tibbie Shiels.

3rd prize is a box of flies suitable for fishing on St Mary’s loch.

 If you would like to enter mail entry fee has been capped at £16.00 for the last four years – a great day out pitting your wits against some very astute wild Trout!

Photo 02 - Song Thrush provided music for most of the day!
Spring is here!

Yes it became apparent earlier this week when a blackbird rendered his melodious fluting song at 04.15 in the morning. Ordinarily I would have been fuming to have been woken up at this time but the calming song given by this fellow just set me up for the day ahead. Queen Bumble Bees are hovering above grassy banks looking for abandoned mouse holes in which to set up a nest to rear the years young and Swallows are beginning to appear in numbers. Wagtails both pied and grey abound at the loch whilst the little warblers have just made an appearance. No sightings yet of the revered Osprey but it must be soon likewise the Cuckoo! In ever increasing numbers of fields almost bleached white lambs are to be seen gambolling and messing about.

Early morning there is a cacophony of sound with Blackbird Thrush and Robin creating the most melodious sounds with other species chiming in at random. It is likely that our Pike are on the brink of spawning but as yet we have no confirmation of this event. Grass is beginning to grow trees are budding and the ubiquitous Daffodil springs up in the most unexpected places. The fellow above in between looking for worms sang his heat out an absolute treat! It’s a great time of year when nature awakens and colour once again decorates the countryside, love it, revel in it but most of all enjoy it! 


The wider world in my view!

There’s some sense here!

Whilst sitting minding the rods yesterday I tuned into oor Ecks speech at the final SNP gathering before the historic referendum on September 18th later this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but as he progressed i found myself captivated by what he said. He appealed to disaffected Labour supporters (and there are many) to vote for a free Scotland where political parties may reform and start afresh dispensing with the poor creating Con – Dems in Westminster!

Yes he even said that there was a strong possibility of Labour pipping the SNP in the first election in an independent Scotland! Pushing him away from the idea that a vote for independence was a vote for him or the SNP rather a yes vote was for a Scottish government with the direction of Scotland being in the people’s hands. He also pledged that his cabinet would be comprised of women to the point of 40%.

A demagogue certainly but also a shrewd operator homing in on the fact that independence lies wholly in the hands of wavering Labour voters many of who are currently lost in space trying to ascertain just what Joann Lamont is standing for! This message will be repeated many times as the SNP hammer home the message that the Tories in Scotland are dead in the water and Lib – Dems are extinct. It’s a clever move that will surely draw the yes and no campaigns neck and neck; it does make the independence mantra Seor Alba much more of a reality! Roll on the Eighteenth!

A waste of time!

Trailing in like the cows tail Lord Snooty finally gave in and discretely asked pompous and arrogant culture secretary Maria Miller for her resignation (secretly)! After countless calls for her resignation by the public, opposition parties and even blue nosed Tories she finally and grudgingly accepted her failings and resigned! What she could not see was that she enjoyed a privileged position of having a high wage, numerous benefits that come with an MPs salary and still wanted more whilst the poor of the country buckle under this incompetent government with no betterment in sight!

She has set back parliament, delayed the investigation of the matter, disgraced the standing of MPs if indeed they had any prior to this debacle and shown herself up as a typical arrogant out of touch Tory with her fingers in the till getting off only due to the fact that her peers investigated her and wrote off most of the money to be repaid!

However for Lord Snooty the consequences are much more severe. He has been shown up yet again as a weak dithering leader of a party split in two misjudging the will of the people completely! When resolute action was called for he was found to be dithering, when straight talking was called for he spoke with a forked tongue and this the man that has called for firm action in negotiating with the EU  to get a better deal for Britain!  His chances of success – nil!

Lord Snooty is probably the weakest most indecisive Prime Minister the country has had the misfortune to endure. A cabinet absolutely bursting with ace bunglers such as Minister without a clue Gideon Osborn, bungling Bill Hague and inept Theresa May bungling comes naturally! He claims to have united the two feuding parts of the Tory party, but all he has achieved is to paper over the split only to be opened again following the trouncing they will get in the Euro elections! UKIP will take a heavy toll on these fools which is only as it should be!

He claims to have spearheaded the recovery when in reality the recovery is so fragile being built on consumer debt it could fall at any minute! He has increased employment but the quality of that employment is about as low as you could get with hundreds of thousands in no hope low paying jobs! Target after target has not been met, this is government by bungling! Joke policies like the Pie tax implemented one after the other then quietly scrapped! The country filled with people devoid of hope and full of despair is more reminiscent of a scene from Dante’s Inferno than a country that’s “healing”! I won’t go on but this government has been by far the worst in living memory!

They have widened the rich/poor divide; imposed policies that will see the poor get poorer and created a new class of people now designated the “working poor”! The only things they have achieved are a massive growth in food banks, in payday lenders and in the numbers of the “working poor “and unemployed poor! A shameful epitaph if ever there was one and laughably they see it as success! There is nothing to commend these fools, nothing to say that we should vote for them again they must be ousted at the earliest opportunity they are but a vile, out of touch, devoid of compassion and thoughtless administration.

For the people of the UK the situation is dire, you are stuck with them! We Scots however can ditch them at a stroke on September the eighteenth by voting for independence! This administration has been a complete and utter waste of time, all talk and no action and where there was action it was the wrong action at the wrong time in the wrong place invariably embarrassing the country on the worldwide stage! Punishing the working classes is their only successful policy! Use your vote wisely on the eighteenth vote for independence and free yourself of these duds!

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