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Some hints for our competition next week!

Photo 01 _ Elliot with a cracking 2 pounder!

Some hints for our competition next week

I’ve gathered a few tips from our Trout fishing squad to give you a few pointers to try and win in the battle with our formidable head of Brown Trout resident in the loch. At this time of the year start off with a floating or intermediate line with the aim of fishing the first 6 feet from the surface down. Most will choose to fish submerged flies consisting of an attractor (Zulu, Kate McLaren) on the point and two traditional flies further up Hares Lug/March Brown or an early season nymph such as the pheasant tail.

The stunning Brownie in the photo above had in its stomach when gutted 3 nymphs and some indiscernible digested food. Stevie Nimmo also bagged a very nice Trout around a pound and a half both Elliot and Stevie lost some fish! Very encouraging for next week! Go for a leader length of 9ft or more. Naturally if Trout are seen rising then match the hatch if you can or select an early season fly from your selection such as a March Brown or a spider.

If none of the above stimulates interest then get out the sinking line and try this allowing varying lengths of time before retrieving the line to cover different depths. Fish the margins all around the loch remembering that at some points on the loch you can be in 50ft of water 20 yards from the shore. Have a look at the bathymetrical map on our main website before coming it will give you some early pointers as to where to fish.
Photo 02 - A closer look at Elliot's Fish!

Finally immerse yourself in your surroundings and allow the birdsong to relax you and your fly will be presented sweetly. If at the end of the day your tally is nil do not despair, you have spent a day in the most beautiful surroundings that Mother Nature has to offer trying to outwit our most wily residents and lost, but there will be other days! Happy fishing and tight lines to all!

Oh and remember to have an orange goldhead in your box it has proved to be a game changer in the past!

Boat hire on Saturday 26/04/2014

Due to our annual competition being held on the above day general boat hire will be suspended. However if after 10.00hrs there are boats left, hire will be permitted.


Only a week to go until our Westbrook challenge cup is handed to the winner of our competition on Saturday. Fished by any legal method you can just turn up on the day have a hearty breakfast, fish and enjoy the banter of the post mortem at the Tibbie Shiels Inn along with a barbeque. So if you are free come along and enjoy a day pitting your wits against our wild Brown Trout and believe me they will challenge your skill! Below are the rules for Saturday –

Timetable is as follows


(1) Registration at Glen Cafe 09.00 -09.55 please let us know during registration if you would like to be ferried across the loch.

(2) Fishing 10.00 – 16.00 on St Mary’s loch, weigh in 16.00 – 16.30

(3) Presentation of prizes16.30, barbeque 16.40 onwards.


You may use any legal method by rod and line which will include fly, bait and spinning. Complete rules below.  Fish will be evaluated by weight; the highest total weight will be the winner. Some scales from every Trout caught will also be most beneficial.

Competition Rules


(1) There is to be a bag limit of 4 Trout then catch and release.

(2) No Trout under 8 inches may be taken.

(3) Fishing shall be by any legal method using rod (one) and line.

(4) No Trout shall be passed to another angler (Bag sharing).

(5) Pike and Perch to be returned to the loch unharmed.

(6) The organisers may inspect all tackle and fish caught.

Boats will be available for disabled anglers and those with limited mobility in the first instance any remaining boats will be given to other anglers as required. If the need for boats is greater than boats available a straw poll will be the arbiter.

(7) Parking in designated areas only, please avoid blocking farm gates and entrances.

(8) Any angler found to be in breach of competition rules shall be disqualified.

(9) Fishing shall commence at 10.00am and finish at 16.00hrs with all catches to be weighed in by 16.30hrs at the Tibbie Shiels Inn.

(10) Fishing to be confined to St Mary's Loch only.

You are advised to carry a mobile phone with you in case of difficulty. A ferry boat will be available from 09.30hrs for anglers wishing to fish the far side of the loch.


The first prize has been graciously donated by Major Sir Neil Westbrook the owner of the Upper Pavilion beat on the River Tweed, the beat is immediately below Boleside and contains the famous pool “Carey Weil” as fished by Sir Walter Scott. The prize will be a full days fishing to be arranged at a mutually convenient time during the months of October/November 2011. This prize is a huge coup for us as a club and the winner will be guaranteed a once in a lifetime event, with the chance of connecting with some very heavy Salmon during the months when the river is at it’s most productive! In the event your day turns out to be unfishable due to the level of the river, you will be offered another day at a mutually convenient time. If you are unsuccessful in catching a fish we will either give you another autumn day (subject to availability) or a day at the Springer’s the following year.

Photo 03 - The winners Cup!

To remind you of your halcyon day you will be presented with the Major Sir Neil Westbrook Challenge Cup (above) which is a high quality trophy standing 12 inches tall and electroplated with pure 24 carat Gold (the photo does not do it justice)! The cup is yours to keep for one year. We will have it engraved with your name as a permanent reminder of what we are sure will be a superb day!!

The second prize is a fly box brimming with a great selection of professionally tied flies specially selected for use on St Mary’s loch. No more cursing because you don’t have a wide enough range of flies.

The third prize is a bottle of your choice at the Tibbie Shiels Inn situated at the head of St Mary's loch.

So there you have it in a nutshell, a super days fishing, good food and the chance of some great prizes amidst friendly banter!

Better be quick!
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The wider world in my view!

None so blind as........

Ace windbag Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers are currently revelling in the perceived recovery from the financial crash caused by the reckless actions of the country’s banks. Yes at every opportunity they are just bursting to tell to all that will listen that the long term economic plan is working. Naturally I was intrigued by these boasts and thought long and hard regarding them.

They claim to have increased employment by over 1.4 million jobs during their term of office to date. I have no doubt that their figures do indeed confirm this. However as previously mentioned a significant proportion of these jobs are low quality, low skill dead end jobs in many cases not paying enough to sustain the people carrying them out. A survey carried out by the TUC which was reported this week claims that there may be as many as one million people employed on zero hours contracts! This is great for employment figures but means utter desolation for the people employed on these contracts with no security, no possibility of being accepted for a mortgage or loan and no prospects whatsoever to plan a future as young people must do! In effect worthless employment!

As expected from the perennial bunglers there is manipulation of data afoot which is about all you could rely on with this accursed Con-Dem administration! Their attempt to reform the benefit system has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster! People being left for weeks without any money whatsoever, as officials stumble around trying to make sense of the convoluted “reforms”!

Yes the universal credit system has now been delayed by 3 years in deference to the massive problems experienced. The assessments for the PIP payments shown up as a complete fiasco with patients suffering from terminal disease being classed as fit for work! On this front they promised much but as per usual delivered nothing! They pontificate much on a few specific cases but the overall picture is that of a few posh boys blundering through some hair brained ideas and in the process ruining the lives of countless working class people!

The working classes are of no interest to these fools, all they are concerned with is lining the pockets of their own kind, this is the way of the nasty Tories! The long term economic plan (more properly described as a series of unrelated random factors) they initiated was quite a simple one involving running the country down with increased austerity giving more to their own kind, punishing the working classes and then leaving the economy to go the only way it could – upwards! After all when things reach rock bottom there is only one way to go! Yes years of unwarranted austerity to no end and there is more to come. They will only be content when the public sector is completely destroyed! These Con-Dems have caused irreparable damage to this country it now needs to stop!

A diminished armed forces with no considered planning leaves us out of the top rank of attack and defensive forces! Persistence with Trident costs this country billions of pounds when what we should really be doing is moving towards multilateral scrapping of these weapons of mass destruction! Oh I know they say but look at the Russian situation! The Russian situation is none of our business and let’s be realistic here, Russia has deactivated more nuclear arms than we have in total here, there is no military solution to the problems being experienced in the Ukraine! Economic sanctions have had and will have very limited effect

This country needs to wake up and smell the coffee! We are not a significant force, we can muddle in with NATO and swap words of what we could do to our hearts content, but the bottom line is we could do next to nothing! Warmonger Bungling Bill Hague utters profound and bold statements as if anyone was listening to him, marked as a prize buffoon his words are empty! We are a small island a mere shadow of what we once were in every respect. Our main function over the last four years has been to be the court jester of the world in a seriously poor tragicomedy!

Yes this administration’s biggest achievement has been embarrassing this country by recreating two new classes of poor people and seamlessly at the same time hugely increasing the rich/poor divide! Not the epitaph of right thinking people methinks! You will have surmised by now that I detest this coalition of fools and jesters and you would be perfectly correct.

I utterly detest their aspirations to revert to a Victorian economy, their complete lack of concern for the poor and needy but most of all I detest their smug, arrogant stand offish manner of implementing their class dividing policies.  Indeed there are none so blind as those who will not see! I don’t often pray but I pray that these fools are removed swiftly before they do for the under privileged of this country once and for all! Let’s get this rotten out of touch administration out!

HAPPY EASTER to all our readers!

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