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A close run contest!

Photo 01- The winner of an autumn days Salmon fishing Mike Christie receives the trophy from last years winner Chris Empson
Close run contest!

The weather forecast was dire with blustery winds coupled with driving rain for our wild Trout competition but on arriving at the loch all was calm and very pleasant indeed. In fact the whole day turned out to be very nice with a mild swirling light wind with overcast skies for most of the day with no rain at all, so much for BBC weather then!

Photo 02 - The participants.
On the fishing front all eleven anglers started with much enthusiasm and it was not long in fact his third cast when club stalwart Les Robson hooked into an early fish! As the morning wore on Stevie Nimmo struck gold with a fine Trout keeping him in the running. Elsewhere newly joined up member Mark Sleight bagged a lively specimen whilst later in the day experienced loch fisher Mike Christie won his battle with a hard fighting specimen and in the last 15 minutes landed yet another giving him 2 for the day.

Other anglers had opportunities to land fish as the Trout pulled but did not fully connect leading to the expected blue cloud above as Anglo Saxon expletives gushed forthwith great gusto! Yes that’s fishing you take the rough with the smooth and in the beautiful setting that is St Mary’s loch it’s not that difficult! Six hours absolutely fly’s by when you are engrossed with the challenge of catching trying to get the better of our wily stock of wild Trout and in a flash it was weigh in time!

Photo 03  -Second place Les Robson with warming spirit!
So to the weigh in at the Tibbie there were fish to be weighed on our newly purchased digital scales offering much increased accuracy over the mechanical type and as it turns out the increased accuracy was needed to differentiate the competitor’s weights as there was little to differentiate them by sight alone.

In first place was Mike Christie with two Trout weighing 14 ounces and ten drams. In second place was Les Robson with one Trout weighing 12 ounces and 10 drams and in third place was Stevie Nimmo with one Trout for 12 ounces and four drams. Mark’s Trout in fourth place hit the scales at 9 ounces and 4 drams and for a first time outing on St Mary’s this was a considerable achievement. Mike Christie wins the autumn day’s Salmon fishing whilst Les Robson scooped a bottle of his favourite tipple black rum and Stevie Nimmo bagged the fly box and flies to add to his armoury.

Photo 04 - Always in the running third placed Stevie Nimmo with a selection of flies and box.
As usual we are indebted to Kath, Lisa and the team at the Glen Cafe for a splendid breakfast which just set us up for the day and to Alastair and Marie-Therese at the Tibbie for a hearty barbeque at the end of the day so copious that we struggled to devour it all in spite of ravenous appetites! Yes a day with fine fare, good weather, absolutely first rate company and all that Mother Nature has to offer where information was freely exchanged without having to cross a palm with silver! Angling the way it should be, it’s what makes us what we are! A day without equal! Thanks to all who attended and see you next year!

Club members should bear in mind that the heavy Trout competition runs until the last day of the Trout season and the heavy Pike cup until the end of September so if you bag a heavyweight, weigh and photograph it and let us know.

Desecrators of the countryside!

The article in photo 05 was brought to our attention yesterday by loch keeper Aaron. It shows half a dozen gas canisters, some commercial plastic fat containers and other assorted items of rubbish thought to have been thrown over Megget Bridge. The club has extended to the village hall committee an offer of help to remove this rubbish and I have an empty van on Saturday for some tree work so could take this rubbish to the recycling facility in Gala. This is Muppet behaviour of the highest order, if any reader has any knowledge of this outrage please notify the police on 101 or contact us here at the club. More next week.

Photo 05 - The article in the Selkirk Advertiser.
Great service!

Yes I was asked last week how much income we get from promoting our recommended dealers! Well here is the short and long answer we get nothing whatsoever in cash or kind. Our recommended dealers have been recommended because of members telling us of great service, discounts and most importantly a great and varied knowledge of our great sport.

Invariably they do not sell fancy goods and are out and out tackle dealers with Turnbull’s in Galashiels also dealing in firearms! Yes we do not ask for money to promote these outlets we are simply offering a service to anglers telling them where they can go to receive service of the highest order. You will also be able to purchase our permits from these establishments. We are happy to promote our recommended dealers in return for service of the highest order given to their customers. It’s as simple as that!

J & A Turnbull  -Bank Street Galashiels
Fishers - John Street Penicuick

More great service!

We received this week through Ian our midweek bailiff a letter of thanks from a customer who had hired a boat for a couple of days with his family. It was partly a fishing trip and partly some family time afloat. They actually caught Trout which was super and added to their trip but they were appreciative of the help and advice given to them by Ian and were absolutely enthralled by the peace and beauty of their surroundings! It’s nice every now and then to receive the odd compliment given to our officials, perhaps the best indicator that our relentless crackdown on Muppets is bringing benefits to all right thinking anglers and the local residents!

The wider world in my view!

A momentous day comes closer!

Reading through Scotland on Sunday I happened upon the latest of many recent opinion polls on the campaign for independence. It seems now only a 2% swing is now required to attain independence and dislocate ourselves from the wretched creators of the poor, the Con-Dems! Yes among the hundreds of thousands who are undecided at this time the yes campaign must yet again focus and swing the small number required to putting their crosses in the appropriate box.

Clearly now independence is most definitely on the cards! It seems droves of Labour supporters are now defecting to choose independence in favour of never ending opposition as Milliband steers Labour to becoming more and more unelectable. His speech seeking UK unity looks likely to backfire and send even more Labour supporters to what will be a defining moment in Scotland’s history! Just like the pompous uttering’s of Lord Snooty and minister without a clue Gideon Osborn, Milliband served only to boost support for independence!

We can only hope the better together campaign continues to send naive out of touch posh boys up here to further sink their cause! Scots are a proud people and do not take well to being told what is good for them by a bunch of Eton posh boys who have never had a proper job or know what it is to have to think before buying the weeks shopping. It is stomach churning listening to these fools telling us that we are better off when we are all educated enough to know this is not the case!

No longer will we have to watch as they punish the poor in society, as they tell us we are not working hard enough, as they tell us that a part time job on the minimum wage is a starting point on a road that leads to prosperity when in fact it leads nowhere. As they tell us zero hours contracts will benefit us in the long run whilst greatly benefitting the already rich by getting work on the cheap!

The whole point of a Tory or Con-Dem administration is firstly to line the pockets of their own kind whilst trying to convince “hardworking families” that they are the authors of their own destruction by drinking too much beer or playing too much bingo! Tories have never favoured the less well off; they seek ultra capitalism prioritising moving the private sector into institutions that should remain in public ownership like the NHS! They see only a ruling moneyed class and hordes of peasants who if they can survive will benefit their cause but if they cannot then that is too bad!

Independence offers Scotland a chance to be in charge of their own destiny, to end the rich poor divide foisted on us by these diddys in Westminster! There is the opportunity to take back into public ownership the banks, the railways, the utility companies, the pharmaceutical companies in fact to reverse all recent privatisations spawned by “Butcher Thatcher” and see an end to the ridiculous spending on overinflated wages and bonuses for the rich. It will take a brave country indeed to traverse this road but as soon as it is embarked upon others will follow suit as realism overtakes idealistic claptrap!

Already the SNP have plans to take back into public ownership much land held by the aristocracy, I fear it is not bold enough but it is at least a step in the right direction! Imagine listening or watching the news and being certain in the knowledge that the alternating comedic and punishing policies of the Con-Dems will have no effect on us, I can think of no better tonic!

However independence will not be the land of milk and honey that some say it will. No it will be bloody hard work and it will take a good span of time before the benefits become obvious. The economic predictors are good, clearly Scotland can make it alone, and say what you like the only politicians that are not a varying shade of grey are Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage. Yes these two seem to have personalities whilst the posh boys and puppets are largely directionless automatons!

There is the chance here to construct a fairer society where there will still be those who are rich but their wealth will be credible and no one will own half the country! There must be a clampdown on those who will not work and those who defraud the ordinary taxpayer such as you and me! The poor of the country will have their standard of living raised so there will be no need for pay day lenders or food banks both of which are now woven into our current society thanks to the Con-Dems and are a glaring reminder of just how unfair our society has become! There will still be much for the likes of me to moan about, after all perfection is never attainable but always a goal.

The thought of consigning to the rubbish the posh boys and puppets gladdens my heart  as it will the hearts of the millions oppressed by these fools and it is this that will guide my pen to the box marked yes for independence!

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