Sunday, 27 April 2014

A close run contest!

Photo 01- The winner of an autumn days Salmon fishing Mike Christie receives the trophy from last years winner Chris Empson
Close run contest!

The weather forecast was dire with blustery winds coupled with driving rain for our wild Trout competition but on arriving at the loch all was calm and very pleasant indeed. In fact the whole day turned out to be very nice with a mild swirling light wind with overcast skies for most of the day with no rain at all, so much for BBC weather then!

Photo 02 - The participants.
On the fishing front all eleven anglers started with much enthusiasm and it was not long in fact his third cast when club stalwart Les Robson hooked into an early fish! As the morning wore on Stevie Nimmo struck gold with a fine Trout keeping him in the running. Elsewhere newly joined up member Mark Sleight bagged a lively specimen whilst later in the day experienced loch fisher Mike Christie won his battle with a hard fighting specimen and in the last 15 minutes landed yet another giving him 2 for the day.

Other anglers had opportunities to land fish as the Trout pulled but did not fully connect leading to the expected blue cloud above as Anglo Saxon expletives gushed forthwith great gusto! Yes that’s fishing you take the rough with the smooth and in the beautiful setting that is St Mary’s loch it’s not that difficult! Six hours absolutely fly’s by when you are engrossed with the challenge of catching trying to get the better of our wily stock of wild Trout and in a flash it was weigh in time!

Photo 03  -Second place Les Robson with warming spirit!
So to the weigh in at the Tibbie there were fish to be weighed on our newly purchased digital scales offering much increased accuracy over the mechanical type and as it turns out the increased accuracy was needed to differentiate the competitor’s weights as there was little to differentiate them by sight alone.

In first place was Mike Christie with two Trout weighing 14 ounces and ten drams. In second place was Les Robson with one Trout weighing 12 ounces and 10 drams and in third place was Stevie Nimmo with one Trout for 12 ounces and four drams. Mark’s Trout in fourth place hit the scales at 9 ounces and 4 drams and for a first time outing on St Mary’s this was a considerable achievement. Mike Christie wins the autumn day’s Salmon fishing whilst Les Robson scooped a bottle of his favourite tipple black rum and Stevie Nimmo bagged the fly box and flies to add to his armoury.

Photo 04 - Always in the running third placed Stevie Nimmo with a selection of flies and box.
As usual we are indebted to Kath, Lisa and the team at the Glen Cafe for a splendid breakfast which just set us up for the day and to Alastair and Marie-Therese at the Tibbie for a hearty barbeque at the end of the day so copious that we struggled to devour it all in spite of ravenous appetites! Yes a day with fine fare, good weather, absolutely first rate company and all that Mother Nature has to offer where information was freely exchanged without having to cross a palm with silver! Angling the way it should be, it’s what makes us what we are! A day without equal! Thanks to all who attended and see you next year!

Club members should bear in mind that the heavy Trout competition runs until the last day of the Trout season and the heavy Pike cup until the end of September so if you bag a heavyweight, weigh and photograph it and let us know.

Desecrators of the countryside!

The article in photo 05 was brought to our attention yesterday by loch keeper Aaron. It shows half a dozen gas canisters, some commercial plastic fat containers and other assorted items of rubbish thought to have been thrown over Megget Bridge. The club has extended to the village hall committee an offer of help to remove this rubbish and I have an empty van on Saturday for some tree work so could take this rubbish to the recycling facility in Gala. This is Muppet behaviour of the highest order, if any reader has any knowledge of this outrage please notify the police on 101 or contact us here at the club. More next week.

Photo 05 - The article in the Selkirk Advertiser.
Great service!

Yes I was asked last week how much income we get from promoting our recommended dealers! Well here is the short and long answer we get nothing whatsoever in cash or kind. Our recommended dealers have been recommended because of members telling us of great service, discounts and most importantly a great and varied knowledge of our great sport.

Invariably they do not sell fancy goods and are out and out tackle dealers with Turnbull’s in Galashiels also dealing in firearms! Yes we do not ask for money to promote these outlets we are simply offering a service to anglers telling them where they can go to receive service of the highest order. You will also be able to purchase our permits from these establishments. We are happy to promote our recommended dealers in return for service of the highest order given to their customers. It’s as simple as that!

J & A Turnbull  -Bank Street Galashiels
Fishers - John Street Penicuick

More great service!

We received this week through Ian our midweek bailiff a letter of thanks from a customer who had hired a boat for a couple of days with his family. It was partly a fishing trip and partly some family time afloat. They actually caught Trout which was super and added to their trip but they were appreciative of the help and advice given to them by Ian and were absolutely enthralled by the peace and beauty of their surroundings! It’s nice every now and then to receive the odd compliment given to our officials, perhaps the best indicator that our relentless crackdown on Muppets is bringing benefits to all right thinking anglers and the local residents!

The wider world in my view!

A momentous day comes closer!

Reading through Scotland on Sunday I happened upon the latest of many recent opinion polls on the campaign for independence. It seems now only a 2% swing is now required to attain independence and dislocate ourselves from the wretched creators of the poor, the Con-Dems! Yes among the hundreds of thousands who are undecided at this time the yes campaign must yet again focus and swing the small number required to putting their crosses in the appropriate box.

Clearly now independence is most definitely on the cards! It seems droves of Labour supporters are now defecting to choose independence in favour of never ending opposition as Milliband steers Labour to becoming more and more unelectable. His speech seeking UK unity looks likely to backfire and send even more Labour supporters to what will be a defining moment in Scotland’s history! Just like the pompous uttering’s of Lord Snooty and minister without a clue Gideon Osborn, Milliband served only to boost support for independence!

We can only hope the better together campaign continues to send naive out of touch posh boys up here to further sink their cause! Scots are a proud people and do not take well to being told what is good for them by a bunch of Eton posh boys who have never had a proper job or know what it is to have to think before buying the weeks shopping. It is stomach churning listening to these fools telling us that we are better off when we are all educated enough to know this is not the case!

No longer will we have to watch as they punish the poor in society, as they tell us we are not working hard enough, as they tell us that a part time job on the minimum wage is a starting point on a road that leads to prosperity when in fact it leads nowhere. As they tell us zero hours contracts will benefit us in the long run whilst greatly benefitting the already rich by getting work on the cheap!

The whole point of a Tory or Con-Dem administration is firstly to line the pockets of their own kind whilst trying to convince “hardworking families” that they are the authors of their own destruction by drinking too much beer or playing too much bingo! Tories have never favoured the less well off; they seek ultra capitalism prioritising moving the private sector into institutions that should remain in public ownership like the NHS! They see only a ruling moneyed class and hordes of peasants who if they can survive will benefit their cause but if they cannot then that is too bad!

Independence offers Scotland a chance to be in charge of their own destiny, to end the rich poor divide foisted on us by these diddys in Westminster! There is the opportunity to take back into public ownership the banks, the railways, the utility companies, the pharmaceutical companies in fact to reverse all recent privatisations spawned by “Butcher Thatcher” and see an end to the ridiculous spending on overinflated wages and bonuses for the rich. It will take a brave country indeed to traverse this road but as soon as it is embarked upon others will follow suit as realism overtakes idealistic claptrap!

Already the SNP have plans to take back into public ownership much land held by the aristocracy, I fear it is not bold enough but it is at least a step in the right direction! Imagine listening or watching the news and being certain in the knowledge that the alternating comedic and punishing policies of the Con-Dems will have no effect on us, I can think of no better tonic!

However independence will not be the land of milk and honey that some say it will. No it will be bloody hard work and it will take a good span of time before the benefits become obvious. The economic predictors are good, clearly Scotland can make it alone, and say what you like the only politicians that are not a varying shade of grey are Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage. Yes these two seem to have personalities whilst the posh boys and puppets are largely directionless automatons!

There is the chance here to construct a fairer society where there will still be those who are rich but their wealth will be credible and no one will own half the country! There must be a clampdown on those who will not work and those who defraud the ordinary taxpayer such as you and me! The poor of the country will have their standard of living raised so there will be no need for pay day lenders or food banks both of which are now woven into our current society thanks to the Con-Dems and are a glaring reminder of just how unfair our society has become! There will still be much for the likes of me to moan about, after all perfection is never attainable but always a goal.

The thought of consigning to the rubbish the posh boys and puppets gladdens my heart  as it will the hearts of the millions oppressed by these fools and it is this that will guide my pen to the box marked yes for independence!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Some hints for our competition next week!

Photo 01 _ Elliot with a cracking 2 pounder!

Some hints for our competition next week

I’ve gathered a few tips from our Trout fishing squad to give you a few pointers to try and win in the battle with our formidable head of Brown Trout resident in the loch. At this time of the year start off with a floating or intermediate line with the aim of fishing the first 6 feet from the surface down. Most will choose to fish submerged flies consisting of an attractor (Zulu, Kate McLaren) on the point and two traditional flies further up Hares Lug/March Brown or an early season nymph such as the pheasant tail.

The stunning Brownie in the photo above had in its stomach when gutted 3 nymphs and some indiscernible digested food. Stevie Nimmo also bagged a very nice Trout around a pound and a half both Elliot and Stevie lost some fish! Very encouraging for next week! Go for a leader length of 9ft or more. Naturally if Trout are seen rising then match the hatch if you can or select an early season fly from your selection such as a March Brown or a spider.

If none of the above stimulates interest then get out the sinking line and try this allowing varying lengths of time before retrieving the line to cover different depths. Fish the margins all around the loch remembering that at some points on the loch you can be in 50ft of water 20 yards from the shore. Have a look at the bathymetrical map on our main website before coming it will give you some early pointers as to where to fish.
Photo 02 - A closer look at Elliot's Fish!

Finally immerse yourself in your surroundings and allow the birdsong to relax you and your fly will be presented sweetly. If at the end of the day your tally is nil do not despair, you have spent a day in the most beautiful surroundings that Mother Nature has to offer trying to outwit our most wily residents and lost, but there will be other days! Happy fishing and tight lines to all!

Oh and remember to have an orange goldhead in your box it has proved to be a game changer in the past!

Boat hire on Saturday 26/04/2014

Due to our annual competition being held on the above day general boat hire will be suspended. However if after 10.00hrs there are boats left, hire will be permitted.


Only a week to go until our Westbrook challenge cup is handed to the winner of our competition on Saturday. Fished by any legal method you can just turn up on the day have a hearty breakfast, fish and enjoy the banter of the post mortem at the Tibbie Shiels Inn along with a barbeque. So if you are free come along and enjoy a day pitting your wits against our wild Brown Trout and believe me they will challenge your skill! Below are the rules for Saturday –

Timetable is as follows


(1) Registration at Glen Cafe 09.00 -09.55 please let us know during registration if you would like to be ferried across the loch.

(2) Fishing 10.00 – 16.00 on St Mary’s loch, weigh in 16.00 – 16.30

(3) Presentation of prizes16.30, barbeque 16.40 onwards.


You may use any legal method by rod and line which will include fly, bait and spinning. Complete rules below.  Fish will be evaluated by weight; the highest total weight will be the winner. Some scales from every Trout caught will also be most beneficial.

Competition Rules


(1) There is to be a bag limit of 4 Trout then catch and release.

(2) No Trout under 8 inches may be taken.

(3) Fishing shall be by any legal method using rod (one) and line.

(4) No Trout shall be passed to another angler (Bag sharing).

(5) Pike and Perch to be returned to the loch unharmed.

(6) The organisers may inspect all tackle and fish caught.

Boats will be available for disabled anglers and those with limited mobility in the first instance any remaining boats will be given to other anglers as required. If the need for boats is greater than boats available a straw poll will be the arbiter.

(7) Parking in designated areas only, please avoid blocking farm gates and entrances.

(8) Any angler found to be in breach of competition rules shall be disqualified.

(9) Fishing shall commence at 10.00am and finish at 16.00hrs with all catches to be weighed in by 16.30hrs at the Tibbie Shiels Inn.

(10) Fishing to be confined to St Mary's Loch only.

You are advised to carry a mobile phone with you in case of difficulty. A ferry boat will be available from 09.30hrs for anglers wishing to fish the far side of the loch.


The first prize has been graciously donated by Major Sir Neil Westbrook the owner of the Upper Pavilion beat on the River Tweed, the beat is immediately below Boleside and contains the famous pool “Carey Weil” as fished by Sir Walter Scott. The prize will be a full days fishing to be arranged at a mutually convenient time during the months of October/November 2011. This prize is a huge coup for us as a club and the winner will be guaranteed a once in a lifetime event, with the chance of connecting with some very heavy Salmon during the months when the river is at it’s most productive! In the event your day turns out to be unfishable due to the level of the river, you will be offered another day at a mutually convenient time. If you are unsuccessful in catching a fish we will either give you another autumn day (subject to availability) or a day at the Springer’s the following year.

Photo 03 - The winners Cup!

To remind you of your halcyon day you will be presented with the Major Sir Neil Westbrook Challenge Cup (above) which is a high quality trophy standing 12 inches tall and electroplated with pure 24 carat Gold (the photo does not do it justice)! The cup is yours to keep for one year. We will have it engraved with your name as a permanent reminder of what we are sure will be a superb day!!

The second prize is a fly box brimming with a great selection of professionally tied flies specially selected for use on St Mary’s loch. No more cursing because you don’t have a wide enough range of flies.

The third prize is a bottle of your choice at the Tibbie Shiels Inn situated at the head of St Mary's loch.

So there you have it in a nutshell, a super days fishing, good food and the chance of some great prizes amidst friendly banter!

Better be quick!
If you are looking for a value brolly bag or just some boilies check out ALDI's offers below These went on sale on Thursday so you had better be quick! 


The wider world in my view!

None so blind as........

Ace windbag Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers are currently revelling in the perceived recovery from the financial crash caused by the reckless actions of the country’s banks. Yes at every opportunity they are just bursting to tell to all that will listen that the long term economic plan is working. Naturally I was intrigued by these boasts and thought long and hard regarding them.

They claim to have increased employment by over 1.4 million jobs during their term of office to date. I have no doubt that their figures do indeed confirm this. However as previously mentioned a significant proportion of these jobs are low quality, low skill dead end jobs in many cases not paying enough to sustain the people carrying them out. A survey carried out by the TUC which was reported this week claims that there may be as many as one million people employed on zero hours contracts! This is great for employment figures but means utter desolation for the people employed on these contracts with no security, no possibility of being accepted for a mortgage or loan and no prospects whatsoever to plan a future as young people must do! In effect worthless employment!

As expected from the perennial bunglers there is manipulation of data afoot which is about all you could rely on with this accursed Con-Dem administration! Their attempt to reform the benefit system has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster! People being left for weeks without any money whatsoever, as officials stumble around trying to make sense of the convoluted “reforms”!

Yes the universal credit system has now been delayed by 3 years in deference to the massive problems experienced. The assessments for the PIP payments shown up as a complete fiasco with patients suffering from terminal disease being classed as fit for work! On this front they promised much but as per usual delivered nothing! They pontificate much on a few specific cases but the overall picture is that of a few posh boys blundering through some hair brained ideas and in the process ruining the lives of countless working class people!

The working classes are of no interest to these fools, all they are concerned with is lining the pockets of their own kind, this is the way of the nasty Tories! The long term economic plan (more properly described as a series of unrelated random factors) they initiated was quite a simple one involving running the country down with increased austerity giving more to their own kind, punishing the working classes and then leaving the economy to go the only way it could – upwards! After all when things reach rock bottom there is only one way to go! Yes years of unwarranted austerity to no end and there is more to come. They will only be content when the public sector is completely destroyed! These Con-Dems have caused irreparable damage to this country it now needs to stop!

A diminished armed forces with no considered planning leaves us out of the top rank of attack and defensive forces! Persistence with Trident costs this country billions of pounds when what we should really be doing is moving towards multilateral scrapping of these weapons of mass destruction! Oh I know they say but look at the Russian situation! The Russian situation is none of our business and let’s be realistic here, Russia has deactivated more nuclear arms than we have in total here, there is no military solution to the problems being experienced in the Ukraine! Economic sanctions have had and will have very limited effect

This country needs to wake up and smell the coffee! We are not a significant force, we can muddle in with NATO and swap words of what we could do to our hearts content, but the bottom line is we could do next to nothing! Warmonger Bungling Bill Hague utters profound and bold statements as if anyone was listening to him, marked as a prize buffoon his words are empty! We are a small island a mere shadow of what we once were in every respect. Our main function over the last four years has been to be the court jester of the world in a seriously poor tragicomedy!

Yes this administration’s biggest achievement has been embarrassing this country by recreating two new classes of poor people and seamlessly at the same time hugely increasing the rich/poor divide! Not the epitaph of right thinking people methinks! You will have surmised by now that I detest this coalition of fools and jesters and you would be perfectly correct.

I utterly detest their aspirations to revert to a Victorian economy, their complete lack of concern for the poor and needy but most of all I detest their smug, arrogant stand offish manner of implementing their class dividing policies.  Indeed there are none so blind as those who will not see! I don’t often pray but I pray that these fools are removed swiftly before they do for the under privileged of this country once and for all! Let’s get this rotten out of touch administration out!

HAPPY EASTER to all our readers!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Why it's always safety first!

Why it’s always safety first!

Photo 01 - Wild conditions yesterday!
It's called the “silent loch” in folklore and like a massive pipe organ she can thunder like a mighty battleship as well as singing the most delicate notes! We were reminded of this yesterday as the day started with what were ideal fishing conditions being overcast with a mild wind making for a nice ripple to camouflage the delivery of a fly.

Our trolling guru Elliot Fraser arrived and launched the boat on to what looked like a very promising water. However contrary to the forecast for the day the wind gradually increased in strength delivering some very heavy gusts that saw my usually stable Nash pod upturned completely. At this point on the loch there were white horses all over the place and I thought it looked like a very inhospitable place for a boat!

Speaking with Elliot later he said that the conditions on the loch yesterday were the worst freshwater conditions he had ever experienced in his angling career! I had thought the conditions were bad but when he relayed the size of the swell and how the Lomond boat was tossed on the water’s surface it quickly became apparent just how bad the conditions were! His Mariner engine only making slow progress against the wave he decided land was the better option.

A day’s angling curtailed to a couple of hours due to the severe conditions and once again the silent loch roars changing from a mild mannered water into a life threatening inferno of water! The change in conditions came in the matter of a few minutes and believe me Elliot is an experienced boat angler regularly fishing the large lochs of Scotland and the sea. Of course he had all the required safety equipment and took the safe method of return, close to the shore. Mind you in the midst of this trauma he still managed to bag a couple of Broonies the best of which was around a pound and a quarter(scales taken), well done mate!

If you are fishing in a boat and experience a sudden deterioration in conditions leave open water immediately motoring into the wave diagonally and head for the shore and make your way back hugging the shore. If you feel that even this method is fraught with danger, beach the boat tie it securely to an immovable object and phone our loch keeper. This is why we insist all anglers wear lifejackets! Personal safety must always come first!

What to expect!

With the Muppet season already underway we thought it pertinent to put together a few guidelines for visiting “anglers”. Of course this does not apply to decent dyed in the wool anglers who comprise the bulk of our visiting clientele. We will be continuing and indeed stepping up our crackdown on Muppet’s! Leave litter and expect to be banned from ever returning this is a step up from the past where a warning would be issued, so make sure you leave nothing and take all your rubbish home!


It’s not long now, our annual competition open to all comers fishing on St Mary’s Loch. Scheduled for Saturday the 26th of April, the competition will take place between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00. Registration and breakfast at the Glen Cafe from 09.15 onwards with the weigh in at the Tibbie Shiels Inn 16.30hrs, this will be followed by a barbeque and presentation of prizes. The prizes will be

1st A days Autumn Salmon fishing on the Upper Pavilion on Tweed along with the Westbrook Challenge gold cup to keep for a year.

2nd prize a bottle of your choice from the Tibbie Shiels.

3rd prize is a box of flies suitable for fishing on St Mary’s loch.

 If you would like to enter mail entry fee has been capped at £16.00 for the last four years – a great day out pitting your wits against some very astute wild Trout!

Photo 02 - Song Thrush provided music for most of the day!
Spring is here!

Yes it became apparent earlier this week when a blackbird rendered his melodious fluting song at 04.15 in the morning. Ordinarily I would have been fuming to have been woken up at this time but the calming song given by this fellow just set me up for the day ahead. Queen Bumble Bees are hovering above grassy banks looking for abandoned mouse holes in which to set up a nest to rear the years young and Swallows are beginning to appear in numbers. Wagtails both pied and grey abound at the loch whilst the little warblers have just made an appearance. No sightings yet of the revered Osprey but it must be soon likewise the Cuckoo! In ever increasing numbers of fields almost bleached white lambs are to be seen gambolling and messing about.

Early morning there is a cacophony of sound with Blackbird Thrush and Robin creating the most melodious sounds with other species chiming in at random. It is likely that our Pike are on the brink of spawning but as yet we have no confirmation of this event. Grass is beginning to grow trees are budding and the ubiquitous Daffodil springs up in the most unexpected places. The fellow above in between looking for worms sang his heat out an absolute treat! It’s a great time of year when nature awakens and colour once again decorates the countryside, love it, revel in it but most of all enjoy it! 


The wider world in my view!

There’s some sense here!

Whilst sitting minding the rods yesterday I tuned into oor Ecks speech at the final SNP gathering before the historic referendum on September 18th later this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but as he progressed i found myself captivated by what he said. He appealed to disaffected Labour supporters (and there are many) to vote for a free Scotland where political parties may reform and start afresh dispensing with the poor creating Con – Dems in Westminster!

Yes he even said that there was a strong possibility of Labour pipping the SNP in the first election in an independent Scotland! Pushing him away from the idea that a vote for independence was a vote for him or the SNP rather a yes vote was for a Scottish government with the direction of Scotland being in the people’s hands. He also pledged that his cabinet would be comprised of women to the point of 40%.

A demagogue certainly but also a shrewd operator homing in on the fact that independence lies wholly in the hands of wavering Labour voters many of who are currently lost in space trying to ascertain just what Joann Lamont is standing for! This message will be repeated many times as the SNP hammer home the message that the Tories in Scotland are dead in the water and Lib – Dems are extinct. It’s a clever move that will surely draw the yes and no campaigns neck and neck; it does make the independence mantra Seor Alba much more of a reality! Roll on the Eighteenth!

A waste of time!

Trailing in like the cows tail Lord Snooty finally gave in and discretely asked pompous and arrogant culture secretary Maria Miller for her resignation (secretly)! After countless calls for her resignation by the public, opposition parties and even blue nosed Tories she finally and grudgingly accepted her failings and resigned! What she could not see was that she enjoyed a privileged position of having a high wage, numerous benefits that come with an MPs salary and still wanted more whilst the poor of the country buckle under this incompetent government with no betterment in sight!

She has set back parliament, delayed the investigation of the matter, disgraced the standing of MPs if indeed they had any prior to this debacle and shown herself up as a typical arrogant out of touch Tory with her fingers in the till getting off only due to the fact that her peers investigated her and wrote off most of the money to be repaid!

However for Lord Snooty the consequences are much more severe. He has been shown up yet again as a weak dithering leader of a party split in two misjudging the will of the people completely! When resolute action was called for he was found to be dithering, when straight talking was called for he spoke with a forked tongue and this the man that has called for firm action in negotiating with the EU  to get a better deal for Britain!  His chances of success – nil!

Lord Snooty is probably the weakest most indecisive Prime Minister the country has had the misfortune to endure. A cabinet absolutely bursting with ace bunglers such as Minister without a clue Gideon Osborn, bungling Bill Hague and inept Theresa May bungling comes naturally! He claims to have united the two feuding parts of the Tory party, but all he has achieved is to paper over the split only to be opened again following the trouncing they will get in the Euro elections! UKIP will take a heavy toll on these fools which is only as it should be!

He claims to have spearheaded the recovery when in reality the recovery is so fragile being built on consumer debt it could fall at any minute! He has increased employment but the quality of that employment is about as low as you could get with hundreds of thousands in no hope low paying jobs! Target after target has not been met, this is government by bungling! Joke policies like the Pie tax implemented one after the other then quietly scrapped! The country filled with people devoid of hope and full of despair is more reminiscent of a scene from Dante’s Inferno than a country that’s “healing”! I won’t go on but this government has been by far the worst in living memory!

They have widened the rich/poor divide; imposed policies that will see the poor get poorer and created a new class of people now designated the “working poor”! The only things they have achieved are a massive growth in food banks, in payday lenders and in the numbers of the “working poor “and unemployed poor! A shameful epitaph if ever there was one and laughably they see it as success! There is nothing to commend these fools, nothing to say that we should vote for them again they must be ousted at the earliest opportunity they are but a vile, out of touch, devoid of compassion and thoughtless administration.

For the people of the UK the situation is dire, you are stuck with them! We Scots however can ditch them at a stroke on September the eighteenth by voting for independence! This administration has been a complete and utter waste of time, all talk and no action and where there was action it was the wrong action at the wrong time in the wrong place invariably embarrassing the country on the worldwide stage! Punishing the working classes is their only successful policy! Use your vote wisely on the eighteenth vote for independence and free yourself of these duds!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wild Trout Competition update!

 Photo 01 - Buds appearing at Bowerhope.

Wild Trout Competition.

Our annual competition takes place on Saturday the 26th of April 2014 on St Mary’s loch. The prizes are as follows, first prize the Westbrook challenge cup to keep for one year along with an autumn day’s Salmon fishing on the Upper Pavilion on Tweed, very kindly donated by Major Sir Neil Westbrook! Second prize will be a bottle of your choice kindly donated by the Tibbie Shiels Inn. Third prize will be a selection of flies suitable for fishing the lochs. For the first time boats will be available in the first instance for any angler with limited mobility thereafter to any angler decided by a straw poll if necessary.

The competition is open to all and competitors may use any legal method to try and tempt a Trout. The tickets are £16.00 and include breakfast along with registration at the Glen Cafe (09.00-10.00 fishing commencing at 10.00) and a barbeque following the weigh in (16.30) at the Tibbie Shiels Inn. Anyone wishing to enter simply contact us at or use any of the contact numbers on our main site.

Our campaign on unqualified fishing guides!

I heard back this week from the MSP who is taking forward our case to see these people regulated and have all fishing guides without qualification banished to improve the standing of these people. He has asked for further information on many fronts as well as the local scene with estimates of the numbers of unqualified guides in the area.

He also asked for a resume of the situation overseas and since we have established contact with an American fishing guide who is deploring of the situation in this country I will mail him to get his views. This means a lot of extra work for me at a time when my hands are full but visiting anglers deserve only the best service available, having areas populated by unqualified and unaccountable fishing guides does in no way meet this need!
Looks like a good product!
I found this on a fly fishing forum and was drawn to it as it is a motoring product. It turns out this product is being used by fly fishermen all over the country in place of commercially available fly floatant products which are quite expensive! It comes in a wide spray form and the preferred option is to decant 20-30mls into a small container and carry this with you. You get a 150ml bottle for the price of a small bottle of commercially available floatant and as the label says try it on your windscreen as well. Available from motoring accessory stores.
From our recommended dealers!


Looks like being a great day and note extra discounts will be available to those attending. Some products that caught my attention -
Ron Thompson fly line great price -
Leeda Fly Reel -
Clothing combo at a super price and a freebie! -

 Remember these items can be ordered online and you will have them in a couple of days without getting out of bed!

Photo 02 - Nice ripple Upper Bowerhope.
The wider world in my view!

The puppets last stand!

If you were a supporter of the nefarious puppets then Wednesday night was a blacker than usual night for you. Puppet Clegg and UKIPs Nigel Farage went head to head in a live debate over the countries membership of Europe. Puppet Clegg’s performance was embarrassing to say the least comprising of a mixture of personal attacks, electioneering, irrelevancies, multiple repetitions and downright lies!

Yes slick operator Farage demolished the puppet as he did in the first debate and anyone making a decision on Europe on the basis of this debate would resolutely place a cross next to the UKIP candidate. Puppet Clegg has yet again done the country a great disservice in giving the impression that there is no real argument to remain in the EU! The sad fact of the matter is that Farage and puppet Clegg are both third division players and the fact that the so called heavyweights soppy Lord Snooty and weak Milliband chose not to enter the debate merely lend more weight to the UKIP perspective!

Unsurprisingly Puppet Clegg took the opportunity to try and claim the coalition with the Tories had worked for the UK, on the day the Lib Dem president Puppet Farron admitted the party was wrong to support the implementation of the punishing “Bedroom tax” as it indeed does penalise the weak and disabled and fails to meet any of its objectives! Puppet Clegg went into these debates as a charlatan and a liar and he exited with both aspects being heavily reinforced!

How the puppet must rue the day he decided to take on Farage with the view of improving the standing of the Lib – Dems. The end result was exactly the opposite with any wavering voters now firmly crossing off any of the puppets standing for election. Total wipe-out is no longer a possibility it is a certainty! Puppet Clegg will pay a heavy price for his arrogance and treachery and his party an even bigger one – total oblivion! There is a lesson here for other politicians and it is to at all times be honest and truthful, Puppet Clegg chose to put his personal interest above the needs of the country. It follows then that the retribution exacted by the public be swift and savage, so it will be! Puppet Clegg will rue the day he agreed to this debate, he was unequivocally crushed and shown up as a lying puppet!

Another mess!

They were warned at the time that the sell off price of Royal Mail was far too low and the move would cost the country hundreds of millions and this week it came to pass! They could not sell it off quickly enough ignoring the views of economists who said speed would lessen the value to the country. Yes the inept Con – Dems palmed off to their city pals an opportunity to rake in millions of pounds in clear profit and this they did!

No matter how much spin is put on the debacle it cannot be ignored that yet again the country has been sold short! Puppet Cable’s protestations are completely engulfed by his sheer incompetence. Yet again we see a situation where the moneyed classes are given a huge opportunity to make a real killing whilst the poor of the country languish in the gutter! This obnoxious administration is content to ignore the poor and needy pushing us up into 4th place in the league table of the most unequal countries in the world! This is what you get when a bunch of Eton posh boys are given free rein to impose their will on the country! They would have gotten more if they had sold the Royal Mail on e bay! Tories look only after their own kind!

It is becoming ever clearer that the country cannot endure another Con – Dem coalition the cost of having another four years of government by buffoonery would bankrupt the country! Unfortunately a Lab – Lib-Dem/UKIP coalition would be only marginally better! The answer is quite simple and ever more Scots are opting for it, it is of course independence! Yes we can go it alone and leave the madness of the fools mentioned above and move towards a more equitable and prosperous alternative!

Arrogant woman!

Of course I am referring to Maria Miller the culture secretary who was caught out using the MPs expenses system in an inappropriate manner. Yes Lord Snooty’s new “clean” method of politics has already been blasted out of the water by this arrogant woman who thinks she is better than the average Joe Public!

She hindered investigation into the allegation that she had misspent around £45,000 on accommodation for her disabled parents. The investigating committee (comprising of mainly MPs) surprisingly found this to be unproven and have asked that she make a public apology and pay back only £5,800. Well she did apologise but it was not willingly given, taking all of 31seconds! Compare that to a situation if you or I had wrongly claimed £45.800 in benefits, methinks we would be seeing the inside of a remand cell! The Daily Telegraph however has telephone recordings that suggest there was more wrongdoing and will over the next few days release further information.

Shame then on Lord Snooty who insists the matter has been closed in a satisfactory fashion. The matter is far from being concluded there lies in here another premier league scandal and all praise to the Telegraph for uncovering and acting on the information obtained! Maria Miller is a “Butcher Thatcher” clone who like her thinks she is accountable to no one. She is about to find out that this is not the case! She is a cabinet minister who should be a model for others to follow!

She has fallen short of what is required, the only option for Snooty is to sack her immediately! The bottom line however is that politicians cannot be trusted to police their own, an independent regulatory and investigating body is urgently required! Yet another case of Lord Snooty saying one thing and doing another, just a bunch of charlatans and duds!