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Trout aplenty!

Photo 01 - Stevie Nimmos First Trout a 10inch female Scales taken.

Trout aplenty!

After the disappointing opening day perhaps the real opening day was Friday or Saturday going by the numbers of Brown Trout caught. The photo above shows Alasdair Whites 1lb 2oz trout caught would you believe on the Loch o the Lowes! Very few Brown Trout are caught on the wee loch so this was a super achievement! Not content with that capture he further went on to catch a nice three quarter pounder on St Mary’s loch.

Yesterday we had two anglers fishing for Brown Trout lifetime member Les Robson and stalwart member Stevie Nimmo and at the end of the day both had caught Trout Stevie had three and Les two all the fish were of takeable size. It was particularly good to meet with Les as he has been laid flat by various medical conditions and has just returned to the fishing after taking ill in August 2013! Yes when the time and conditions are right the Trout will oblige and engulf your offering!

Maintenance work or a good moan!

As usual at this time of year the inspection of the boats take place and the remedial work planned. The last two weeks and next week will see the remedial work on our boats carried out and yesterday Aaron, Mr Xxxxx and me pushed on with the repairs. A significant amount of damage is caused by carelessness in allowing the boat whilst moored at a fishing swim to be repeatedly hammered against the rocks

Similarly on our Mariner engine already we have had to replace the propeller the original one being hammered into a shape that struggled to propel the boat after running on the rocks. The whistles attached to our lifejackets seem to disappear with depressing regularity. These devices are attached for safety to draw attention to one in difficulty and if it’s not there then the person in difficulty may then be in severe difficulty! Most years we encounter a broken oar where the oar has been used as a lever between the boat and a rocky outcrop to try and force the boat off the shore instead of getting out and pushing it off!

We have reinforcing metal panels on the transom of all our boats to prevent fibre glass damage caused by screwing the engine directly on to the fibre glass. How is it then we find circular markings and in one case a circular hole on the fibre glass when there is a central plate designed specifically to accommodate engine clamps! Some routine work is unavoidable but much of our work at this time of year is caused by fecklessness or sheer carelessness! So next time you hire a boat and engine please take care of it as if it were your own. Speaking on behalf of Mr Xxxxx and Aaron “we would much rather be fishing” a sentiment which I echo wholeheartedly! Thanks to Aaron & Mr Xxxxx for their invaluable help yesterday.

Photo 02 - Viper brought out by the sunshine!
Attention Trout anglers!

We need to remind Trout anglers here that we require scales to be taken from any trout caught over 8 inches in length irrespective of whether you keep or return the fish, there is really nothing to it. Scales on a fish are like our fingernails they grow back and the taking of them from a live fish will cause only momentary discomfort!

 Check out our main website for the procedure explained and I will post a link when the Tweed Foundation upload their video on how to take scales. Please parcel your scales half a dozen at least in absorbent paper and post in our tag return box or give to any club official. Please also write the length of the fish from which the scales were taken on the paper.

The wider world in my view!

A huge boost for the yes campaign!

Yes it came midweek when minister without a clue, posh boy Gideon Osborn gave his budget speech outlining how he plans to further aid the rich and in true Tory style take more away from the poor and disadvantaged in our society. There was nothing here that gave the poor anything to see their miserable standard of living raised. Instead he moved further to widen the inequality gap reinforcing the two tier society that he and Lord Snooty created. Not an ounce of shame did he display as he further pummelled the poor with plans to cap welfare spending even further! Now since the Con-Dems assumed power it has become clear that it usually takes less than a week for the whole lot to cave in and leave red faced Tories and Puppets everywhere! We shall see how this one unravels in the next few days!

Trying to claim credit for the “recovery” if it could be seen as such, it is not because of their policies but in spite of them! Yes the USA and Japan have shown more and demonstrably robust growth unlike the UKs not built on a housing bubble or consumer credit. These two countries very rarely mentioned by the Con – Dems show how recovery from a recession should be handled.

The Tories in Scotland have now proposed the reintroduction of prescription charges in a backwards step into Victorian times. Yes leader dizzy Ruth Davidson called for a return to the “sick tax” where the poor of the country are forced to choose between food or medicine. Of course there is no chance of this coming to pass as the Tories are to Scotland what Butcher Thatcher was to the miners!

Arrogant posh boy and vile mouthpiece Grant Shapps tweeted following the so called budget saying that the poor should revel in the fact that the Tories had given the poor “what they wanted” cheaper bingo and beer! What an out of touch ass! On Thursday the Tories tried to laugh it off as a big joke but it was anything but that, it was a condescending patronising swipe from a posh boy who has no idea of what it is to live on the breadline! it shows just what the posh boys think of us working classes, oh yes before we get pie eyed on beer and playing bingo we have a use in working relentlessly on a part time contract for the minimum wage to fill the wallets of our "betters"!

In Scotland the Tories are toxic seeking only to keep the two tier society they have created. I have no doubt whatsoever that thousands of Scots following the revelations of the week will have decided that independence is the only way forward. For a socially fairer Scotland and more importantly freedom from the blundering oppressive Tories and clueless lying puppets, a vote for independence is required!

Russia vs. the rest of the world!

Not a day goes by that we do not hear of more political grandstanding by Lord Snooty or Bungling Bill Hague on how they are going to punish Russia for acceding to the wishes of Crimea and taking them under the Russian umbrella! The sanctions implemented thus far have not even caused a raised eyebrow in the Kremlin and indeed why would they!

The sanctions are feeble and will achieve nothing; with every puny action the west is increasingly seen as a bunch of weak bureaucrats unable to form a common and effective response! The rhetoric of Bungling Bill and Lord Snooty is unhelpful to say the least both of whom are rank second division players not suited to dealing with a heavyweight like Russia!

Indeed the actions of Russia may be a cause for concern if their action does not stop with Crimea. If it does however then the matter should be laid to rest it is quite frankly none of our business! Bungling Bill and bombastic Lord Snooty in typically clueless mode nearly had us intervening directly in Syria but thankfully common sense of the people prevailed. Russia has the means to hit Europe hard by limiting gas and has economic links with many European countries to the tune of billions of pounds! Of course any type of military intervention would be catastrophic for the whole of mankind!

When I see these posh boys posturing and thumping their inflated chests it causes me huge concern they do not seem to realise that talk is cheap but actions have a price! To Bungling Bill and Lord Snooty I would say please keep out and try and put your own house in order, the very fabric of the UK is crumbling about our ears thanks to your policies!

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