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The Swims of St Mary’s Loch part 5

Photo 01 - Like us Pike come in all shapes & sizes!
Photo 02 - Showing the full extent of the deformity!
The Swims of St Mary’s Loch part 5

In the last of his series on the swims of St Mary’s Loch Archangel gives the lowdown on the remaining well known swims of the loch. Of course there are many perfectly good fishing spots which did not make it on to the list , as always after some rudimentary research to see if the area is private or 150ft deep go and have a go. Many thanks to Archangel for this most interesting treatise on the swims of the loch.

This weeks swims Brambles in purple & Kirkstead field in green.
Megget point

In theory this should be a very good spot ti intercept Pike on their travels and travel all over the loch they most certainly do as the clubs tagging study proved conclusively a few years ago. This is the narrowest part of the loch as the Megget relentlessly pushes vast amounts of silt and gravel into the loch one day separating the loch into two smaller ones in a few thousand years time.

I have never caught a Pike here although as far as my memory serves me I have only fished it on four occasions. This is one of the most exposed swims on the loch and when a decent wind gets up you say goodbye to your bivvy. Because of the deposition of gravel and silt the gently sloping bank is long gome there being a few yards of shingle then its a sharp drop into 60ft of water. I know of pike being caught here but it doesn’t appear to be a popular swim maybe for the reasons mentioned above.

Verdict – A swim for the occasional excursion.

The Brambles

A very rarely fished area just up from the Village Hall and as the name suggests well populated with Bramble bushes which in early winter will feed you well several times over if you forget your piece. Rosehips and spiny Hawthorn are also here in abundance. As to fish well I’ve had a few jacks here but this swim borders on the very deepest part of the loch and a depth gauge or ledger floay is advised just to check the depth of your intended swim. Plenty rocky outcrops here so losing tackle is always a possibility here.

Verdict – Its always somewhere else to try.

The Kirkstead Field

Next to the main road you will need to fish against the prevailing wind but don’t let that put you off. Fishing along the roadside can be a tricky business as drivers not familiar with the road occasionally enter yhe loch here so have your wits about you. Best fished from the field and in a wind a heavier test curve onyour rod will help 3-4lbs is best.

There is a big hole in this area which seems to attract perch and hence pike. I have had some nice fish here over the years and its always on my list. Some big boulders here and some sharp edges as it holds a lot of that slate like rock that splits easily leaving a razor sharp edge so be aware and keep your line clear of the bottom. Moving nearer to the mouth of the Kirkstead burn the bottom gradually slopes away and you can wade a good distance out in normal loch levels. Weed growth aplenty at this swim so the complete food chain is in operation here and all species can be caught here.

Note if you arrive here by boat and a wind gets up you need to move quick as the ever advancing waves will prevent you from launching you boat and you will be stuck.

Verdict – I like this swim very much, give it a go.

Rodono reed bed

The grassed area which is fenced off is private so do not fish there but just towards te top end you will see some reeds and a nice grassy area ideal for your bivvy. A shallow area that in normal loch levels you can wade out around a hundred yards. Populated by small boulders and straggly weed this is a nice spot in which to ponder the wonders that Mother Nature gives us and more importantly it is a good area to fish.

Casting to the drop off into deeper water can bring some good results assuming of course the pike want to play. Anglers using poppers have had some success here as have trolling anglers. Bank wise aim for a good spread of baits with at least one bordering on the deep water and your chances are maximised know not the reason why but I have never had much luck fishing towards the big lay by but maybe that’s just me.

Verdict – very nice swim productive on its day.

Boathouse wall end.

This to me is one of the most attractive sheltered swims on the loch but I have not enjoyed the rewards given to me by other swims. It is of a nice depth of 5 15ft has plenty of weed growth and not too many snags as you get further out. Plenty of areas on the bank to get snuggled in if the weather plays up. I’ve caught hundreds of fish 100yds further up but here I could count my catches on one hand. I really do like this spot but cannot offer any hard evidence for it being included in my favourite swims.

Verdict – potential lies here uncovering it however seems problematic.

Upper Bowerhope

Situated on the far side of the loch only really accessible by boat this is a quiet and pleasant swim where you could fish all day and not need to speak a word to anyone. To the right (bottom end) there lies a pebble base merging into a medium sized boulder bottom whereas on the left there are sandy patches and weed beds. Assuming fishing distance is around 20-40yds you will be fishing in 25-40ft of water which in my book is ideal.

I have not fished this area as much as I should have, like the wall end mentioned above it just cries out to be fished. In the summer on a calm day the  area can be very calm with the tips of weed growth showing and the gentle ripple as a trout breaks the surface for a meaty snack. I have managed some nice fish here but my tally should be much more. Choose a sunny day with enough bacon and bangers to nourish you and wash down with a couple of cool beers – paradise!

Verdict - put it on your list of swims to fish.

All shapes and sizes!

Referring to photos 01 & 02 caught by Stevie Nimmo yesterday this Pike has a scoliosis of the spine which in humans is a serious anomaly 85% of cases are of no known origin (idiopathic). I would have loved to see this Pike swim as all streamlining is lost which is vital in an ambush predator!

However the fact remains we have here a Pike who is probably over three years of age and by the look of it and Stevies catch report it is in good condition! This Pike must have adapted its strategy to balance out this abnormality since it obviously can still hunt, it is no longer of an aerodynamic shape so new mechanisms must have been developed to cope with this. Nature is indeed a most wonderful thing! If anyone catches this unmistakeable Pike please weight it and take a couple of scales from the area just below the dorsal fin so we can have her aged.

Six days to go!

Time really does fly, only six days to go until the 2014 season opens for Brown Trout, if your gear hasn’t had the mandatory examination then you had better get cracking! On our front is the good news that a 5lbs Brownie was caught last Sunday at the bottom of the Lowes and was reported to be in good condition. Spend the next week working out final tactics for the assault and see you on Saturday irrespective of weather!

Photo 03 - Huge swell again yesterday!
The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty and his band of clowns & puppets!

I thought it might be an appropriate time to review the reign of Lord Snooty and his band of clowns and puppets thus far. I remember it well the promises of a better society how they would control borrowing, reduce immigration, slash unemployment, support business and end the culture of benefit cheats. The Lib – Dem puppets also stated that they would curb the right wing tendencies of the Tories and bring about a fairer society!

The ravages of time has as expected humbled the two sets of fools good and proper! They claim unemployment is down and indeed it is but it has replaced the number of workless poor by increased numbers of working poor. Yes these people on the minimum wage working less than 20hrs/week thanks to the pals of the posh boys splitting up low paid no hope jobs into the part time version of the above! People who cannot survive on the pittance paid forced to go cap in hand to ever increasing numbers of food banks invariably sponsored by churches to prevent malnutrition!

Indeed on the financial front the story is the same as conveniently the posh boys fail to mention borrowing is up this year by 49billion pounds! They harp on about cutting the defecit by 30% but never mention the borrowing figures! They see the poor of the country as an acceptable sacrifice to meet their aims with no protestation from the puppets! They cannot seem to grasp that whilst there are scroungers claiming benefits and indeed they should clamp down on these people multinational companies avoid paying tax by hiring dubious accounting firms to legally avoid this! Of course the money lost to creative accounting is phenomenal when compared to the working class scrounger!

And moving on to immigration the figures released a few weeks ago saw a rise of 38,000 for the last measured year. The whole thing has been a bad joke, a wasted four years that has achieved nothing in addressing inequality and decreasing the numbers in poverty our society has not moved forward one inch! Four years of lies and gross incompetence now sees the country classed as one of the top four in the world as far as inequality is concerned no movement forward its all reverse back into Victorian times!

Whatever overcame the voting public to elect an administration of fools actually they just assumed power, individuals who have never held down proper jobs and frankly would largely be unemployable in the market. The standing of the United Kingdom has been irretrievably plunged into the depths by these Dodoes’s! Apart from incompetence and ineptitude this administration will for the most part will be entirely forgettable probably with the exception of the “pie tax” which raised much mirth on the worlds stage!

The current situation we are now in is however very serious indeed! We have people earning tens to hundreds of millions even when they mess up when millions of under employed scratch around trying to eke out a miserable living! This cannot be a correct mode of living, where some have so much money they know not what to do with it and others the much larger part are on the brink!

The problem of course is an old one and it is simply greed! Ever since Butcher Thatcher let out the virus the inequality gap has drastically widened. A country where the words fairness and equity do not exist, a country where it is considered ok to tramp all over your neighbour to increase your personal wealth, a country where those who have entice more and those who do not have more taken away! It’s a pretty poor snapshot of current society and rather depressingly it will not change!

Under the current system all that happens is a minor redistribution of wealth with piecemeal amounts given to the working classes and vast amounts given to the rich! Every government possibly with the exception of the last Labour government pay only lip service to issues of poverty and inequality invariably just maintaining the status quo. These Con – Dems are just a parliament of fools there are no better words to describe them!

The puppets announced today that they are giving the poor a further £500 in tax allowances after supporting measures pushing poor people into abject poverty. The public (I hope) are not that stupid to be taken in by this nonsensical election carrot. The millions of poor in this country could not suffer another dud administration! Puppet fortunes have fallen like lead balloons with lost deposits in five of the eight by elections recently held! The electorate do not forget liars and Puppet Clegg has had a taste of government and will now rightly face oblivion!

My solution to avoid another bampot administration is to vote for independence. I can see some benefits in being independent but the main reason for my intended vote is to move to a more socially fair government, a government whilst far from being perfect does have a social conscience and can see the need for shortening the inequality gap. Yes there is much to sort out, the yes campaign needs urgently to move up a gear in their publicity campaign to convince undecided voters that there is a fairer society to be grabbed, if they can do this then we will become independent!

Police corruption!

I wouldn’t think too many people would be surprised by the latest revelation with regard to the Steven Lawrence case. Whilst it is distasteful and extremely disappointing we all know it goes on and until human beings are replaced by programmable robots it will continue to do so not only in the police but in all walks of life! To err is human!

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