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An eye opener and some Thank you's!

Photo 01 - Mr Xxxxx, Lisa & Aaron and our donation.
An eye opener and some thank you’s!

I mentioned last week about the gear lever on our Mariner engine being broken by some visitors fishing the loch.  On looking at the damage it became apparent that to effect a repair would be a difficult business due to the fact that some of the plastic handle was missing. The gear change shaft was intact and true so we decided to order a new plastic handle and be done with it!

I phoned up the agent with the engine number so the correct part could be sourced and was somewhat taken aback when he told me that the part I was after was unavailable! Rather he informed me that the plastic handle was not available as a separate part it comes only with the shaft attached. He said that the plastic handle was moulded on to the shaft and it was this part that would be required to restore the gear change facility.

Photo 02 - Our new engine in bits!

Further compounding my woe was the fact that we would also need 3 O rings and a power head gasket as unbelievably the complete engine would be required to be separated from the driveshaft! Now I am no engine designer but why did the manufacturers not put splines on the gear change shaft and marry this to a preferably metal shaft with a bolt to tighten the splines on the shaft as is seen on motorcycles and other vehicles. In such a case the worst case scenario is replacement of the broken arm.

Clearly there is an ulterior motive here, why else would such a simple task as replacing a handle turn into complete engine removal with all ancillaries associated with the process. I will tell you if you have not already worked it out. It is purely and simply a matter of income generation. Such a procedure carried out by an authorised service agent working on the basis of £60.00/hr would generate a bill in excess of £300.00 once parts & V.A.T. were applied.
Photo 02 - Believe me, you do not disturb Elliot when he is in thinking mode!

Yes over £300.00 for replacing a plastic handle! It is nothing short of scandalous, each O ring sourced from Mariner is £3.68 which if they were sized and bought generically would buy you over 300 rings! When you mention the word marine expect the normal price to be ratcheted up by anything from a factor of 3 to an unlimited figure! The agent from whom we sourced the parts is completely beyond reproach he has to buy from the manufacturers. So we are now facing the prospect of removing the engine from our barely two year old out board which will take a number of hours, endless photographs and illicit much cursing I have no doubt! An absolutely ridiculous situation that beggars belief!

Anyway yesterday when our club treasurer Elliot Fraser arrived he had a look at it and uttered some cautionary phrases, but at the same time in his own inimitable way immediately sized up the job in hand. After some prevarication he decided the job was a goer and I quickly sourced the tools required, the chap on the phone said “just remove the power head and the shaft is lying there just waiting to be replaced”!

A gross underestimation if ever I heard one. The job entailed removal of all fuel lines all control cables all electrics and removal of the fuel tank! A laborious procedure which took just short of four hours but on start up later in the day smiles were all around!

Here we have a club official who came to open his account for the 2014 season but on seeing our predicament chose instead to jump in and help us out! Yes laying his rods aside this lad who works extremely hard as a precision engineer all week effectively gave up his day off to pull us out of the mire, this is way beyond normal duty towards the club. We without a functioning engine in the morning by lunchtime we had one finely fettled Mariner engine that was capable of changing gear. Our Hidea is currently at a marine engineers in the Glasgow area being modified under warranty following a recall, and who arranged this? Yes Elliot Fraser yet again. Elliot we salute you the club simply would not function without members such as you!

Again on the maintenance front Mr Xxxxx and Aaron were busy repairing last season’s damage to our boats. They were diligent in this work sealing every screw hole and righting any wrong that they discovered. It took three Saturday sessions to complete this work and like Elliot above there was no compulsion to carry out this work, their time was freely and willingly given! Naturally we are indebted to these lads; their work has allowed the club to be ready for the coming season.

So once again the club extends grateful thanks for the work all of you have carried out for us, it is people like this that make us a club rather than just a bunch of anglers!

Aaron, Elliot and a big thank you from the club!

The Muppet season has started!

I was left somewhat dismayed yesterday as Aaron and Mr Xxxxx told me of the exploits of some visiting anglers. They left a mess with litter everywhere described as being like a bomb site! There were the usual Pike packs beer tins food waste and underwear and jogging bottoms in the water! It turns out they had bought their permits from the Glen Cafe (they are in no way to blame for this!) and our lads got their details from the counterfoil. The lads decided they had no alternative but to ban them from any further fishing on our lochs. Of course this was completely the correct decision and they will be added to our list of banned anglers. It looks as though the Muppet season has started!

St Mary’s Village Hall!

As you can see from the photo above Aaron and Mr Xxxxx went along to the cafe yesterday for breakfast and to present to Lisa of the village hall committee our annual donation of fifty pounds. It’s just a small gift to say thank you for putting up with us!


Over the years I’ve often been asked why we do not employ paid advertising on our websites given the relatively high traffic flows we attract. Well I can’t think of anything more infuriating for browsing anglers than flashing ads at the side of the page and videos playing when you simply want to read content! We shall leave the circus type advertising to others, you want to read of the club and the wider world, come visit us in an ad free zone! It’s a whole heap of aggravation for a few pence, not worth it in my book!

The wider world in my view!

Look before you leap!

Yes of course it’s those bumbling Con – Dems again. With their philosophy of punishing the poor and lining the pockets of their well off pals they have no affinity to working class Britain. They have seen their flagship policy of the “Bedroom tax” descend into chaos meeting none of the objectives that heralded its implementation. As revealed by a BBC investigation only 6% of people affected (poor people of course) have been able to downsize sinking the number one priority!

The policy that was to save the country hundreds of millions looks like costing the country millions instead once implementation and backup systems are taken into account. I remember well the smug faces when the policy was unveiled amidst a furore about benefit cheats who were costing “hardworking families” huge amounts of money!

In fact the only people who were tripped up by the invidious tax were the disabled, the poor and the unfortunates in life! This shameful policy which typifies the Con – Dems brought many to their knees and many more to food banks as they struggled to make ends meet, many being pushed into rent arrears. The austerity obsessed Con – Dems oblivious to the human element in the equation foresaw only rising party fortunes as they whipped the unworthy poor by supposedly standing up for hardworking families!

It would have been a great vote earner if they had first researched the situation and laid down the groundwork prior to jumping in feet first! Like most of the Con – Dem policies it has turned out to be a complete farce, another in a never ending series of blunders on the world stage raising mirth whenever the UK is mentioned! If we as a country ever had any standing in world affairs we now have none, the Con- Dems bungling on a scale that sees us being compared to countries of third world tin pot dictators who pioneered the “let’s see what happens” mode of politics! The solution for us Scots however is out there and gaining support by the day- vote for independence on September the eighteenth to purge ourselves of these court jesters!

The new royal photo!

I saw it on the news this morning and it’s an ok photo taken by a professional photographer of course! It shows the family and dog at their home of Kensington palace which we the public funded improvements to the tune of £2,000,000! Neither of them have proper jobs so in my mind that makes them nothing more than benefit scroungers!

A puppet show!

I tuned in midweek to the Farage/Clegg debate for some light entertainment. Puppet Clegg was the clear loser and strangely enough I support his stance. Europe is vital for jobs in this country with so many companies relying on the market for exporting goods. I know that many of you are fed up of the silly rulings that come from Brussels but there are many pieces of legislation that protect workers in this country and curb the inane policies of the Con – Dems!

 Clearly some sort of reprofiling is required Puppet Clegg however is not the person to spearhead such a campaign. His failure to answer directly questions from Farage was embarrassing and quoting incorrect facts crass in the extreme, surely he has access to researchers who can check information. He further banged on about honesty – a little rich from the archetypal lying politician!

He talked about some guarantees and made a few promises, but how can the British public trust anything the lying puppet says! This fool speaks only the words of one who kneels! The campaign to remain in Europe will fall with the Puppet at the helm; a more credible figure with a degree of integrity is needed. The public deserve better, our place in Europe is too important to be left in the hands of this shifty lying puppet!

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